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Found 17 results

  1. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Final Season Opening #2 Song: DOWN BY LAW Artist: THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE
  2. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #22 Song: Ashita o Narase Artist: Kavka Shishido
  3. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #15 Song: Masayume Chasing Artist: BoA
  4. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #1 Song: Snow Fairy Artist: Funkist
  5. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Ending #6 Song: Be As One Artist: w-inds
  6. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #16 Song: Strike Back Artist: BACK-ON
  7. Fairy Tail Ending #21 Song: Azayaka na Tabiji Artist: Megumi Mori
  8. Fairy Tail Final Season Opening #1 Song: Power of the Dream Artist: LOL
  9. If you know what Fairy Tail is, then you know what i'm asking :grin2: What would your magic be? I would be a celestial wizard that holds what's called the fantasy keys. I would have contracts with the phoenix, dragon, cerberus, griffin, unicorn, and pegasus.
  10. Fairy Tail Ending #22 Song: Landscape Artist: SOLIDEMO
  11. So, who is your favorite character from the anime Fairy Tail? My favorites: - Natsu - Happy - Gray - Gajeel - Pantherlilly - Erza - Laxus - Gildarts - Freed - Bickslow - Sting - Rogue - Lyon - Loki
  12. Made a little crossover between MLP and Fairy Tail, fusing Fluttershy and Natsu Dragneel together, since they are willing to go to great lengths to protect their friends... and because, pink hair Not really good at shadowing stuff though, so I left it out entierly instead :/
  13. UGH. I love both them so much. If I have a daughter I'm naming her Lucy ;3; and Serena is just overall best character on Pokemon
  14. Hey guys all I have to say is.... FAIRYTAIL IS BEST ANIME!!!!! Nightshade thinks so too! P.S. excuses the orange sploches... Slight drawing error!
  15. I don't know how many bronies who watch Fairy Tail noticed this, but they (both the show in question and MLP) both seem to have the same general concept. Let me explain a bit: 1. Both shows emphasis on friendship in particular, although both portrayed in different manners, and in different settings, there is no doubt that it is the key theme. 2. Whenever a character does something for a friend, around a friend's needs, or anything involving a friend, they get rewarded in the end (either by beating the big bad boss, or just getting a smile). 3. Friendship = Power. Is there anything else I missed, or misrepresented?
  16. I freaking adore this anime! So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!