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Found 16 results

  1. So, the video in "Hurricane Fluttershy" was AWESOME, lots of people said it reminded them of Fallout 3, and it certainly had the feel of a 50's cartoon. So, what were videos actually like from that time? I decided to youtube up something, and I found this. It's... Hilarious, in an appalling kind of way. My parents say they remenber being young - and being taught to "duck and cover" under the desks in the event of nuclear attack. Sheesh. Imagine children's cartoons trying to cover such serious things nowadays! (Well, actually, I dunno how much "Bert the Turtle" was considered a kids' thing, since cartoons=childish is a really recent stigma, but anyways...)
  2. So for long while now I've been a great fan of Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons and decided to make me my first fallout power armor suit before getting a pony style version of it made and well here it is nearly all completed with d.i.y. basic dry bearing joints which helps me be able to run etc in the suit and upgrades to legs and arms. I personally wanted Enclave as bad guys always have the cool looking stuff also first Hellfire power armor suit to be made by anyone as i like to have something unique but also do to this it was the hardest as some things had to be invented on the fly. God Bless Equestria god blew the Grand Pegasus Enclave FB@JammysSimplyDivineCreations
  3. As a fan of Fallout series and lore, I was fascinated by their story and their world that is different from ours. I'm also a history nerd as well. I was reading about the transistor that wasn't invented in their world till ten years before the Great War. I only do know that the Resource Wars were started because of oil and other resources to use for their own gain such as creating robots, cars, factories, guns, etc. My question for this topic. If the transistor was invented like our timeline did, would that prevent the Resource Wars and Great War? Or it wouldn't? Would the outcome be any different? That is my question and I was wondering if any of you fans here have a theory about this.
  4. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  5. Good afternoon fillies and colts! Novel Idea here with a very special surprise for all of you! We've got a ton of new content for all you kind folks. While I'll leave the screenshots on the main blog page here, I'm super excited to reveal new music courtesy of our Music Director, Corvus Productions! As you know, we here at the Manehattan Project believe that music is an integral part of the storytelling experience. For those of you who remember the ending of Mass Effect 2, think about the stirring score that pounds through your speakers during your mad dash to escape the Collector's Base. Listen to that and anything you're doing becomes epic! We're bringing this philosophy to Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! We're happy to reveal a remastered edition of the Smuggler's Run theme, the Mysterious Cave sketch and finally, the Rock Farm - Sector X. Check them out below! The Rock Farm - Sector X Mysterious Cave Smuggler's Run Theme - Remastered We're also releasing Chapters 15, 16 & 17 today from the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) audiobook! You can find the fully updated playlist here. We hope you enjoy this preview of things to come. Have a great day and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  6. We've got some fun previews today, though no pictures just yet. Plus the latest three chapters of the Fallout: Equestria Manehattan Edition audiobook are up on YouTube! Check out that and more at!
  7. This thread is just to talk about any and all of your adventures in america's wastes.
  8. So I'm thinking of starting a mod for Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Basically I want to create a full sized vault as true to real life as possible. All of the vaults that you can explore in game are down sized and many areas are blocked off so you never get the full affect of how massive these thing really were suppose to be. According to the Fallout Bible the vaults were designed to supporter 500=1000 people for 20 years. If that's the case my questions is how much food would you have to store and how much space would that require, or would it be more space efficient to use hydroponics or a combination of the two.
  9. There are spoilers for fallout 3 in here!!!! We all have these moments when playing a game: the tutorial. And it can be the most horrible thing of the whole game. Matter of fact is, it’s very easy to screw the tutorial up, at least when you’re a new company trying to make their first game Now, I’ve seen horrible tutorials. Some that take way to long before you are actually playing the game. Some examples are fable 3, far cry 3, red dead redemption, etc. Let me be clear, I love both all three of these games, but there’s no denying that it takes way to long before the real game actually starts. It took me a full month before I was done with the tutorial of fable 3, mainly because every time I started the game, I put it away after 5 minutes, going: Fuck this, it takes way to long. Mainly because I was so bothered by not having a sword or gun, while I was able to use magic I also got this feeling while first playing the intro of fallout 3. I did play this in one time trough, though. When looked at the tutorial/intro casually, it looks like any other tutorial. Until you dig a little deeper. And when you do, it’s one of the best intro’s/tutorial made But why is that? Well, if you’re like me, and you want to start the ‘’real’’ game as fast as possible, chances are you didn’t pay much attention to everything while in the vault. Maybe some small things, but not every thing that happens. You kill a few guards and get out as fast as possible To be honest, I didn’t see the tutorial of fallout 3 as something so good when playing the game. I only realized it later with a second playtrough But that isn’t all important. Trough all my thinking I realized something: the tutorial didn’t end when I left the vault. No, it extends way further. When you come out of the vault, you wander around a little, looking around and all that. Big chance you wander into Megaton first. It can be easily spotted. While inside, you figure out that if there is civilization here, there must be a merchant of some sort. You don’t have that much to sell, but because you killed some guards in the vault, and because you have yet to find a place to store it all, you decide to sell the loot. So you find the merchant, and she starts saying that she’s making a wasteland survival guide and needs your help. Now, you never had a quest before. The feeling of adventure seeps in. Chances are high you accept it. This is the real tutorial The things that merchant let you do for chapter 1, tells everything you need to know about the wasteland to survive. Go to a mall and look if there are stuff you can use. It shows you the loot (and dangers) these ruins have in them and let you learn a important aspect of the game: discovery Next you get tasked with collecting mines at a place called Minefields. Changes are, you needed a lot of stimpacks here. However, changes are you are more notorious for mines lying on the ground The last of the chapter is the radiation poisoning. You need to get yourself poisoned. It lets you experience what happens when you get radiated and what effects it has. These 3 things are the most important things to know about the wasteland: how to fight, how to obtain stuff and what to look out for. These are the basic things needed to explore the wasteland and do the quests. And because you had that boring intro in the vault that just wouldn’t end, you are just so glad to finally have an adventure. So glad that you don’t even notice it’s still part of the tutorial. Yes, totally optional, but the chances that you did just one of the quests that merchant gave you, are pretty high. And let me tell you: because I didn’t do the minefields thing at my first save, I got hit with so many of them. Second playtrough: not one got to me A great tutorial
  10. So basically, both Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition are on sale. I'm not planning on getting both, only one, so basically instead of looking at a bunch of put-off reviews online, i'm gonna judge based on how many MLP mods are available for each game. If anyone has an idea of which would be better when trying to create a Fallout: Equestria type feel, then please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Okay so I just bought Fallout 3 Goty off Steam I used to have it on Xbox 360 about 5 years ago. My question is what mods should I get for the pc version and why? My Pc specs are as follows: CPU: AMD Turion II P520 Dual-Core Processor 2.30 GHZ Graphic Card: Radeon 5440 HD RAM: 4GB OS: Win 7 Home premium Bear these specs in mind because I want the game to run at a smooth 60 fps so although I want custom or improved graphics I don't want any mods that will decrease frame rate below 60. Thanks in advance!
  12. First off, I apologize if this is a duplicate/horribly generic thread, but I figured a new one would help more than digging up an old thread that may or may not have the same question as me. Second off, I am a pc gamer, and I will be downloading more than a couple mods. (Though mostly designed to make the game look better, my Skyrim has ~70 mods installed) Alright, so I have been looking up reviews for both games, however that hasn't been really effective since reviews tend to happen when a game is released, not long after there have been multiple patches. I have heard that Fallout 3 is straight up amazing and fun to play, and I believe it. I have also heard that New Vegas is very fun, but it doesn't feel any better than 3, nor does it feel like anything more than a large dlc for 3. Would that even affect me since I never played 3? (Similarly, Skyrim was my first/only elder scrolls game, so I think it's amazing, but it was a disappointment to Oblivion players) Secondly, I keep hearing about how insanely-terribly-awfully bug infested New Vegas is, but again, would this even affect my choice if there are patches (official or unofficial) for the title that fix many of those bugs? In short, do the facts that I'm new to the series and have access to bug fixes mean that I should just go ahead and get New Vegas instead of 3?
  13. Hello everyone and every pony. I'm here to both ask you and tell you a theory I have on how you heal in Fallout 3. What are your thoughts on why you heal so much health on it when you drink the irradiated water? I will tell you my theory when I hear other peoples theories.
  14. I just recently bought the actual skyrim game with the CD and i was wondering if there is any cool skyrim pony mods? The same goes with fallout 3. I'm usually on top of mods such as mods for TF2,minecraft, killing floor, but i don't really know where a nice safe website is and i was wondering if anypony could help a fellow stallion out.
  15. So, this is Team Tragic the Garnering. We make Fallout trading cards, Tragic the Garnering cards to be exact. We'll post some here, eh? Tell us what you think. This is the Ghoulish Apocalypse deck, one of our latest works. It ranges from grim and scary occult scenes, to how the Warner Brothers interpret Point Lookout. More cards posted if anyone actually responds with an opinion. By the way, here is our tumblr! You know, it's what we do, where the cards are at.
  16. So here's a thing I wrote. It's a Fallout 3 fanfic, and literally the first thing I've written and ever shown to anyone. Criticism would be very much appreciated. Notes: When dialogue is enclosed in "<>", it's French. When dialogue is enclosed in "~" It's Russian. Also serves as quick way of telling apart characters cause I'm lazy. Also, I wasn't sure about the ending. Tell me what you think. STORY Frances DuBois stumbled across the dry plains of DC, vision still blurry and head still ringing from an excess of alcohol the previous night. “Gah!” He yelled as he tripped over a root and fell on the ground. “<Stupid DC, stupid trees, stupid stupid stupid…>” He grumbled to himself as he attempted to pick himself up from the ground, with little success. “<Goddammit.>” He grumbled as he rolled over on his back and stared up at the sky. Birds, most likely some mutation of crows or vultures, circled overhead against the green-gray sky. “<Go away!>” He yelled, to no one in particular, swinging his arm in the air. He sighed and sat upright. “<I need a drink…>” he mumbled, reaching for the vodka he kept tied to his belt. His fingers fumbled around the top of the glass bottle before pulling it from the strap and lifting up to eye level. “<Oh no, oh no oh no oh no…>” He saw that he was holding only the top of the bottle, and the rest of it had shattered when he tripped. “Gah!” He yelled, throwing the remains of the bottle at the ground. “<What the hell!?>” He yelled again, to no one in particular. Sighing and dropping his head, he lifted himself to his feet, almost falling again, but managing to catch himself. “<What did I have to do again…?>” He questioned himself, forgetting his objective. “<Ah! Right! Find Alexei!>” He exclaimed, remembering his mission. Frances set off eastward, the direction Alexei had last set off. “<Well, he last went this way. Can’t have gone far.>” He said to himself as he walked towards the rising sun. 1 HOUR LATER Frances once again found himself walking across dusty plains. The same he had seen all day. He sighed and fell down on his back. “<I need a rest.>” He groaned to himself. “<I’m bored. I’ll never find Alexei.>” At that moment, he heard a noise behind him. Frances jumped to his feet and drew the rifle slung across his back. A Mosin-Nagant M91/30, a prewar antique straight from Russia. He had saved up for a year to have the Brotherhood bring it across the pass. They were extremely rare in Canada, often only afforded by high-ranking starshinas. He lifted the rifle to his shoulder, aiming straight at a large bush where the noise had come from. “<H-hello?>” He yelled hoping for a response. Nothing happened for a minute or so, until another noise came from the bush, louder this time. Frances jumped and fired a shot at it. “~Hey, hey, careful!~” Another voice came from behind the bush. Frances sighed in relief and lowered the rifle. “<What the fuck are you doing? Get out of there>!” He yelled at the voice. Emerging from the bush came a tall young man, who seemed to be around the age seventeen. Frances slung the rifle across his back and crossed his arms in annoyance. “<Alex, what the fuck are you doing there?>” Alexei simply shrugged and motioned toward the bottle of vodka in his hand, now almost empty. “~I honestly don’t know.~” Frances simply sighed and dropped his face into his palm. “<Look, Alex… we need to get back to camp. We’re gonna start marching in a few hours, and the starshina’s gonna be pissed if you’re not back.>” Alexei tied his uniform at the waist as he began walking to catch up to Frances. After a few moments of silence he asked, “~So where’s camp, anyway?~” Frances froze as Alexei spoke. “<…goddamit. I don’t know.>” After a moment, he shrugged and continued to walk the direction he was going. “<Well, we aren’t gonna find out by hanging around here!>” He called back. Alexei laughed and ran to catch up to him. “~You’re an idiot, you know that?~” “<And you’re a vodka-swilling jackass, but somehow you managed to get here.>” “~Shut up, we’ve got a long walk ahead of us.~” Frances stopped and did a mock salute. “~Yes, sir!~” He replied in broken Russian, before playfully punching Alexei in the shoulder. “<You don’t order a superior officer around.>” he said in a serious tone. He looked Alexei in the eye for almost a full minute before breaking down and laughing. Alexei rolled his eyes. “~How are you older than me again?~” Frances simply continued walking. “<Alright then, seriously, let’s get going.>” They walked for a full minute before Alexei reached for the Vodka at his hip. “<If you drink that, I will shoot you.>” STORY