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Found 12 results

  1. A piece inspired by a Fallout: Equestria campaign in which I took part. It's a song about lost dreams, and poison in the soul. Balefire doesn't always have to burn from the outside in... This song is also available through
  2. Good morning everypony! First of all, for those unfamiliar with the project, here's a quick rundown: Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm is a story-driven DLC experience designed for Fallout: New Vegas. Inspired by the popular novel, Fallout: Equestria, Gardens of Equestria will combine the Equestrian Wasteland and the Mojave like never before. With an immersive storyline, over 80,000 words of recorded dialogue, custom music, new models, custom artwork, over 90 levels and an enormous new worldspace to explore, it is unlike anything before attempted in the Fallout: Equestria fandom. Novel Idea here with something you have all been waiting for. I know I have. Now, I could tease and play with the information and drive you all crazy, but instead, I'll just tell you what's going on. For those of you who attended Pacific PonyCon, you already got most of this information. For everypony else... it's time for the good stuff. We've got three major announcements today. Gardens of Equestria is moving to an episodic content schedule. Instead of releasing the entire game at once, we'll be releasing the game chapter-by-chapter, starting with "Gardens of Equestria - Prologue: The Watcher." We are currently aiming to release "Prologue: The Watcher" at the beginning of February 2017. Today, you get to see the Opening Cinematic of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm. This is the actual cinematic you'll be seeing in-game when you play the Prologue. So, let's talk about what this all means, shall we? Episodic Content! Why episodic content? Well, the truth is, the scope of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm is massive. An original worldspace, over ninety levels, four unique voiced characters, dozens of new weapons and armor and so very much more. In addition, we're a purely volunteer project. That means wives, husbands, kids, full-time jobs, college and a thousand other things. What that means is that because of real life, we likely wouldn't release anything for at least two years if we went for a full production model (and that's on the extremely optimistic side. In truth, it would probably be longer). I don't want to wait that long and I know you don't either. Going episodic means you'll actually get the content in a better timeframe. Yes, there will be delays and you won't be able to play the whole thing in one go (unless you wait until the very end), but the important thing is you'll be able to see what we have coming! What this means tech-wise is that you'll just be replacing the GoE files with the new ones! Upcoming Prologue Release! That's right folks! While our guests at Pacific PonyCon 2017 got to see a live playthrough of the "The Watcher," soon you'll be able to adventure there yourself! Get a mysterious message from DJ-PON3 and investigate the strange events in the cliffs north of Goodsprings. Not only that, but you'll get the first phase of the reality distortions! New billboards, new artwork, new music, a new radio station and so much more. Now, the thing to remember is that reality itself is changing! Things will get progressively worse until you put a stop to the chaos! So there's even more to come! While we were originally going to launch at the end of the month, we need just a bit more time to put the finishing touches on it. After all, I run this group with a mission of "Do it right and do it with style!" Watch for the release of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm - Prologue: The Watcher in February of 2017! The Opening Cinematic! After dealing with a surprising new enemy in a mysterious cave, you'll encounter a strange Spritebot. After a brief conversation, he'll head outside to give you a rundown as to just what has been transpiring to cause these strange shifts in reality... This cinematic will play in-game once you reach the correct moment of the Prologue, like the opening of Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout: New Vegas's DLCs! In the coming months, we'll have more information as to the release schedule of Chapter 1: Strangers in a Strange Land and Chapter 2: Small Advantages. Manehattan Live! First of all, a special thanks to the staff of Pacific PonyCon for having us and hosting the very first GoE panel. It was an amazing experience for all involved. Sadly, we had a miscommunication on the Manehattan side of the team and weren't able to record video of the panel. In addition, the audio we recorded didn't turn out very well (though our audio team did an awesome job salvaging most of it!). That's okay, because in the next few months, we'll be releasing interviews with the entire Board of Directors of The Manehattan Project! But wait, there's more! We're currently looking into doing panels for more conventions! That's right, so if you missed us at Pacific PonyCon, you might get a chance to see us in person at another major MLP convention! Once we have confirmed venues, we'll release more information, but we're currently aiming for at least two more conventions with a possible third! Interested in Doing Art or Modeling for Manehattan? Finally, we're doing an open call for any artists or 3D modelers who might be interested in joining our staff. We've got a lot of art assets slated for this game and we're looking for new talent to help us bring Gardens of Equestria to life. If you're interested in helping us out in art, modeling, scripting or think you can contribute to the project in another way, head over to our recruitment center and send in an application! Remember, if you're interested in a career in game design or a similar field, this is the perfect sort of project to have on your resume! And that's it for this week folks. We'll have more for you in the coming weeks, but today I'm going to leave you with a look of the brand-new Sunset Sarsaparilla Billboard you'll be seeing in This Coming Storm. This was designed by yours truly on Tuesday night! ...and if you're surprised it's Sunset Shimmer, you definitely aren't paying enough attention. Until next time, have fun! -NI
  3. Hello! I, RealityPublishing, am looking for dedicated artists who would be willing to help me complete a fan-game titled, "Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions". The game, in its bare, dulled state, is nearing completion (mechanic and story-wise). The only problem is that we do not have sprite of any kind. I made a post about this earlier and I am please to announce that 88% of the game is complete (minus what's needed for artwork) and is awaiting help. If you are willing to lend a hoof in making this project possible, please message me when you are confident. Details of the task will be labeled below: Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions is an original story based on the ever-popular, Fallout and Fallout: Equestria crossover. Though it features none of the characters in either, it will continue to provide the apocalyptic atmosphere many have loved about the original Interplay Fallout games (link below). The engine we are using requires "sprites" and needs each animation to be separated by a single frame (similar to the ToonBoom Animator or stop-motion animation style). Vector Animation is preferred at this time, but those who are comfortable with SFM (custom models may be needed) or any other style of art is very much appreciated and (depending on abilities) may be used to change the game's face altogether. I'm sure my demanding tone isn't very "ask-worthy" of me, but I sincerely do wish this game to be finalized and played by others. Please, and thank you for your help, -RealityPublishing LINKS: (Fallout Gamplay, It's a Speed-run, but good for the perspective)
  4. -Redirected from my Elements of Chaos thread- WARNING: this is very much not entirely mine; this fanfic is largely based on the video game Shadow of Mordor, but (obviously), completely pony-fied! No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy! Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria: A famed unicorn mage, legendary in his own lifetime, is approached by the ruler of a distant land to the north, a land of crystal and ice. This king, this unicorn king, brings a gift for our mage: a hat. A hat of the finest materials, fitting only for a king. In exchange for 'so fine a gift', the celebrated spellcaster grants Sombra an audience. The two sit and talk for many long hours, until they can reach an agreement: the mage will craft for Sombra a heart, a Crystal Heart, which will be used to defend his empire and keep it safe from the ravages of the north. The two meet in secret, in the crystal caverns beneath where Canterlot would eventually be built, and there, the Crystal Heart is carved. The two part as friends, Sombra headed home with his new treasure, and Starswirl the Bearded off on another adventure. When he returns from his latest exploits, Starswirl has possesses something new, something completely unheard of in all the lands: the Black Book. The book is evil, he knows this, and so to keep it from falling into the wrong hooves, he hides it away where nopony will ever find it, until he can safely find a way to destroy the thing. When he gets back to his castle, Starswirl discovers the Two Sisters waiting there for him, with horrific news: Sombra, once thought to be an ally, has revealed himself to be evil, and has found a heretofore unknown source of arcane power, which is allowing him to bend not only his own Crystal Empire, but also the greater part of Equestria to his twisted will. Mortified, Starswirl confesses to his two closest friends that he had helped Sombra to create the Crystal Heart, in an effort to help cleanse the land and make it safe for everypony. Just then, Sombra bursts into the castle, and in an unimaginable display of power, throws the Sisters to opposite ends of the Great Hall, rendering them unconcious, and grabs Starswirl, kidnapping him back to the Crystal empire. There, Sombra uses the power of the Crystal Heart to read Starswirl's mind, and forces him to teach the power-mad tyrant everything he knows. Among other things, Sombra learns of the Black Book, and forces the poor mage to reveal its location. Starswirl does this, but in a very roundabout way, causing Sombra to be gone for more than a week, searching for it 'National Treasure' style. While the king is absent, Starswirl breaks free of his prison and begins teaching the Crystal Ponies how to properly use the Crystal Heart. Sadly, just as they are going to truly purge the land, Sombra returns, full of dark magic, his eyes burning with flames, possessed by the power he learned from the Black Book. Outraged at what he sees, Sombra kills Starswirl right there on the spot, and then, using his newfound power, he hides the Crystal Heart where nopony would ever find it. -cut to the video 'The Fall of the Crystal Empire'- End part 1
  5. A very happy new year to all of you! We here at the Manehattan Project hope that the holidays treated you well. As for us, ironically half of us were sick during most of them and the other half spent a bit more time in Fallout 4 when we should have been working in GoE. Such is the way of gamers. But don't worry, we're almost completely back on track. We've made some internal changes to the way we're handling the workload that should bring things to fruition much sooner. At the moment, I'm happy to say that we even have a general goal for launch. While we're not ready to share that just yet, know that this is coming. Soon, the Manehattan Project will invite you to head back to New Pegasus and save two worlds. It's in that vein that I'm here today. We have a couple important openings I'm sure you will be interested in. Artist: The MLP and Fallout: Equestria community is filled with gifted and talented artists. Thankfully, many folks have given us permission to use their material, giving us the opportunity to create some truly awesome customized items for GoE 1. But there's still a lot of work to do. We're looking for someone with experience in GIMP, Photoshop or a similar program. It doesn't need to be extensive. There are two sides of our artistic endeavors: Retextures: We're looking for folks who are adept at changing existing in-game elements to fit the FO:E asthetic. For example, you would change the primary image file for the signs says "Overseer" to "Overmare." There are a lot of little changes that need to be made and we need someone to make this happen. We're also looking for people to create higher-resolution versions of the existing material (such as foodstuffs and drinks). Original Artwork: We're also looking for individuals to create original artwork for the various skill books, magazines, Ministry posters and other Fallout: Equestria-style material. We need them to be high-resolution (at least at Fallout 4's level) so we can reuse them for GoE 2. There's a lot of freedom in this role, but we do have a few critical projects. You'll be working hand-in-hand with our Lead Artist, Littlepip/FancyCat. In addition, if you already have some art like this (or know of people with art like this), please let us know in the comments! PMV/Visualizer/YouTube Effects Artist (After Effects): This is a completely new position we're just announcing today! We're looking for someone with some minor experience in After Effects. We have several big trailer projects (including a totally epic Launch Trailer for GoE 1) along with our music announcements. Heck, if you want to even add some cool effects to the audiobook videos, that would be great! All you need to have is After Effects and a willingness to make epic things. Those are the two big roles we have open at the moment. If you're interested, please drop us an application! Thanks to Reddit, we have our new Calamity tentatively cast already. Polyphonic is over the moon about this potential candidate. In addition, massive work has been done on the Rock Farm Sector 3. Let me just say that the Rock Farm is by far the most complex and ambitious level I've ever designed. It's utterly MASSIVE. (It's six stories tall with numerous labs and facilities on each level!). There's an enormous amount of custom material. I've actually created unique Maneframes for the Ministry of Arcane Science, the Ministry of Technology and joint MAS/MWT Maneframes for this, complete with custom glow colors and actual ministry logos. That's all with a completely recolored purple glow version of the glowing blue utility set from "Old World Blues." It's epic. Seriously. That's all we have for this week. But now that the holidays are over, the kid gloves are coming off. We're making this happen. We're going to give you an awesome reason to head back to New Pegasus...and make you wonder just what we have in store for you in GoE 2 in Buckston. Until next week folks, have fun and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  6. Guys... I just realized something. There isn't a general Fallout Equestria thread! *commence running in panic* Let me explain this: Fallout Equestria is a really long MLP and Fallout crossover writen by High Exalted, Lord Kkat. You really wouldn't expect something as lighthearted as MLP going with something as dark and depressing as fallout, but The High Exalted, Lord Kkat managed to pull it off excellently. The plot centers around Littlepip, who has just escaped from Stable 2 looking for an escapee, Velvet Remedy. They meet some people and do some shit until they discover the real villian- no, not gonna say anything more. Read (or listen) to it. Now. If you've read it already and this is entirely irrelevant to you, go gush about it below.
  7. As some of you may know, we are in the midst of developing a story-driven mod experience for Fallout: New Vegas called “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm," a mod featuring dozens of levels, an entirely new worldspace, custom music, fully-voiced NPCs, hostiles, and companions, and new weapons, armor, and enemies. It is the first chapter in an ongoing story that will continue in Fallout 4. However, our team has run into an unexpected hurdle. One of our scripters recently had to leave the project due to an excess of real-life demands on her time. In the wake of this development, we are looking for an experienced scripter willing to step into this role to keep us on target for our current estimated release date. You do not need to be a fan of MLP or Fallout: Equestria for this position. You simply need to have an understanding of scripting and some experience with working on quests, dialog or companions in the GECK for Fallout: New Vegas (or similar; e.g., Fallout 3, Oblivion, or Skyrim) and an interest in being part of the exciting accomplishment this opportunity offers, particularly for those interested in bulking up their portfolios for entry into the game industry proper. We're looking for a serious candidate who's willing and able to buckle down and work flat-out for the next two months, with the possibility of staying on for the continuation of our work in Fallout 4. If you're interested, please contact us! You can either do so through by applying at or contacting the project lead directly at With your inquiry or application, please include a sample of modding work you've done in the past as well as an explanation of your experience with scripting generally if you haven't worked extensively in the GECK. Thank you for your time.
  8. Greetings one and all. My name is Novel Idea, the Executive Producer, Lead Designer & Creative Director of the Manehattan Project, who is currently in development of a new story-driven mod experience for both Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 called Gardens of Equestria. The Manehattan Project team has some incredible talent, including professional game design and voice acting experience. And we're looking to expand! Some of you likely already know of the project, as we've been featured on Equestria Daily a couple times, mentioned by Kkat and we've worked hard to build a presence on the various FOE/MLP Reddits and FiMFiction. I'm here today because we need your help. Fallout 4 is only a few months away and as our workload increases, so does the need for help. We're currently looking to fill several different positions on the design team, tech team and even a few vocal spots. We're also looking for someone to be our PR Director. If you or someone you know is interested in any of these positions or even just want to help us test the game, please let us know by heading to There, you'll find some more detail about what we're looking for. Please note that the contact form has been working oddly, so you may just want to send us an email directly to the email listed on that page. If you have experience modding in Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, we'd especially love to chat with you! We're also looking for musicians, artists and modelers. Thanks for your time folks and have a great day!
  9. So we all know the Bethesda is coming out with Fallout 4 for October 23 2015. (from this most resent video posted thursday here) So my biggest question, to all those FEQ readers. Do you thing Kkat will make a follow up series based off of the new fallout game? Maybe a new fanfic to add the rest of the fallout equestrian universe? Post your thoughts below, and share to the rest of the pony fandom! P.S. Always Follow the form rulez~! P.S.S. Im so hyped for the game!!! (thank you for the move @PathfinderCS) Night Spark.
  10. Writing a fanfic (my 1st one), and it is loosely based on FoE and Shadow of Mordor. I could use some help, if you would be so kind.
  11. There are a lot of RPs here on the forums with Fallout and Fallout: Equestria. I myself have been participating in few of these RPs. I have noticed that some of these RPs happen in the regular Fallout world, not the MLP one. Where characters are not ponies or anything Fallout: Equestria related. Which do you prefer? Regular Fallout RPs or Fallout: Equestria RPs and why? For me, I prefer Fallout: Equestria, I just find it to have more feels in it and be more colorful (in a dark way).
  12. Procrastinated for too long. Here's the Fallen Caesar master, the Zebra gladiator of the Pit. Xenith.