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Found 12 results

  1. (Hope this is the right section to post this; if not, please correct me in your replies) A thought occurs: of ALL the fan animation content on Youtube, how come no one's done an MLP version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 using either Twilight and Celestia or Twilight and Starlight and set to the original music piece? That would be amazing!
  2. My friend John and I are working on a script for the sequel to Turnabout Storm: A fanmade crossover of MLP FIM and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. We're a little short on staff at the moment. We've got plenty of spots open for voice actors. We'll also be needing some quality checkers, animators, designs, and some ideas for the script because so far we're not making much progress. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and my friend John on skype midnightstarmlp and israelyabuki1995.
  3. Hello. I am making a Movie/ episodic series about the Solar vs lunar thing bronies made and I really need an animator and some voice actors to make this a really good fan animation . I also need a story-writer to make the story [ mostly on how the war began] so if you are good at animating or story writing then. If you want to be an animator you must send me an animation of a mlp If I like it then you might be chosen. And if you want to be an story-writer then do the same thing except write me a short mlp story. And if you want to be a voice actor than go here:// this will not be cancelled And yes there is singing!
  4. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and I'm cautiously excited for the reboot but I have been very skeptical about it since I was planning to do a reboot that would help me become a recognised animator and I wanted to continue the story of the original series. I'm of course taking about Sugar, Spice, Nice. It's about the Powerpuff Girls as teenagers. Now before you show your pitchforks and torches let me explain. This is a comic series is a follow-up of the Powerpuff Girls series. It is about the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and have reunited after splitting up due to their anxieties of the future. Now they continue to fight crime together and protect the city of Townsville, whilst also having the typical teenage problems in life. I know this concept is original as shit, but please understand that I just wanted the Girls to evolve as character and have it as a coming of age story. I always wanted to explore more of Townsville, Chemical X, what the Girls want to do with their lives and how they fear that no one will appreciate them becuase they're not little girls anymore. And there's plenty of dark and dramatic episodes such as the one I wrote called Don't Shoot the Sender When Blossom underestimates a monster's power and it ends up destroying half of the town, she feels incredibly guilty and the whole town, including her family, hate her for letting the monster destroy part of the town. A week passes and Blossom decides to make amends and starts by texting to her family and friends. But HIM takes advantage of this, and manipulates Blossom's cellphone to alter any text given from any sender, making her family and friend's forgiving replies appear threatening and cold to only Blossom. As HIM consumes Blossom's growing fear and sadness, he possesses TV reports, social media, newspaper to make things worse. And SSn isnt just all dark and gritty, there's a lot of comedy such as the episode called Mall-iCloud Due to a promise they made to Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girls go on the most typical girl's hobby ever, shopping. And only Bubbles is excited about it. However Blossom and Buttercup quickly find all the stuff they always wanted from video games to books and they go on a shopping binge. However, a bunch of robbers spoil their day and the Girls have to stop them. Or the episode USA Puff Yeah, where The Powerpuff Girls get invited to the U.S.A. (United Superheroes Association) where all the superheroes join together for a monthly meeting in Washington. So the Girls arrive and excitedly meet all their favourite superheroes, including Batman and Teen Titans. However, when they are placed in the teen superheroes section, they are angry that no one takes them seriously and consider them just another teenage superhero group because they are older. Heck, I'm doing a episode where the PPG celebrate their 16th birthday, and they do typical birthday activities such as fighting zombie birthday cakes, having a contest on who can overact the most in a Phantom of the Opera, dance battle each other like Scott Pilgrim, playing game shows parodies, reenacting the DC/Marvel Civil War, go in a limo only to find a family of badgers, do surreal, crazy stuff. You see I wanted to do this series so people can appreciate and like my work as an animator and artist but now that the reboot is out, Cartoon Netowrk has beaten me to it and now I'll just be another stupid fan with her retarded fanfiction. I want to liek this reboot as a fan of the PPG, but I can't like it becuase the show I have been Working on for nearly two years is all for nothing. People say I should be doing anyway and don't matter what people think, but seeing how the reboot is going to be good (which I'm glad for) what's the point?
  5. Hello! My name is Boosh and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios. We are working on an original series that involves our own characters and animation style, so we don't get copyrighted by Hasrbo! The team and I are currently looking for new background artists who can do both 2D and 3D backgrounds if needed. Please add me on Skype @ booshthebrony for more details about the project! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon! -Boosh PS. We are also in need of story boarders!
  6. I went to their panel at BronyCAN!!! The one Fan Animation that looked promising and it got cancelled!! It was even going to be the length of a full movie, it looked so cool!! Well, at least we're getting it as an audio drama. It'll be like 2/3rds of Patrick Troughton's tenure as the Second Doctor.
  7. Have you ever read, listen to or look at a fan project and find a couple of problems that you tend to get a little annoyed by and find it a bit hard to get immersed into the project? I tend to find these issues a lot when it comes to fan-made animations and audio dramas in particular. Issue #1 - With some voice actors you can hear their voices echo in the room they recorded their lines in. While this is a problem with the actor the bigger problem is the person who allowed these actors to be cast. Just today I was listening to an audio drama and I heard one of the main characer's voices echoing in the room they were in. When this comes up it's really hard to get immersed in this fan project and I end up wanting to ask whoever was in charge of editing this video "How could you and why would you accept recordings in this condition?". If I were in charge of a fan project and heard this, I would say to the actor "Listen, I can't work with this, I can hear the echo and when I hear it I don't believe that your character is performing on a stage in the center of town, I imagine her speaking in an empty room. "Listen, I can't work with this, I can hear the echo and when I hear it I don't believe that your character is performing on a stage in the center of town, I imagine her speaking in an empty room. Re-record your line in a place where there isn't an echo and send it to me or else I'm going to have to replace you." Issue #2 - When the voice actor or actress sounds nothing like the character he or she is supposed to be portraying. This is one of the most common issues in fan-projects within this fandom. I don't mind if it's a character that very rarely talks like Derpy, who's only ever talked in one scene, or BonBon who's voice seems to change with each appearance but when it comes to main characters or secondary characters who've talked for an extended amount of time on the show, that's when I take issue and find it rather hard to believe that it's the character they say they are. Take people in fan projects who try to voice Twilight Sparkle for example, I'm not saying you have to sound exactly like Tara Strong's portrayal of the but at least try to sound close to it! There was one audio drama where the person voicing Spike sounded like Louis from Left 4 Dead and I really wanted to ask why they cast that voice actor for Spike! Even today, same audio as I mentioned in issue #1, that voice actress was playing Trixie who was a main character in this audio. Now we've seen Trixie in the show, she's had two episodes where she's the antagonist and she's had a speaking role in Equestria Girls, that's plenty enough time to get really familiar with her voice. Again the actress didn't even sound close, I was actually thinking that she sounded like Peri from Classic Doctor Who. A word of advice people making fan projects, if the voice actor or actress can't even sound close to the character being portrayed, DON'T CAST THEM!! It can make the fan project a little difficult to get into.
  8. A little thread on how amazing fan animations are nowadays! I mean seriously! To be voice over of one of those..... that'll be the day. Show your favorite fan animations! Or your own!
  9. I have some series ideas for anyone who likes to make MLP Fan Animation videos or series based on them: My Little Ponies Play Video Games: Friendship is Gaming or Gaming is Magic: It's some like Taco Man Plays A Video Game, however, this series involves Twilight Sparkle and her friends being sent on series of experiments sent by Princess Celestia. The Six Ponies test out certain things called "Game Systems" which involve playing "Video Games". I got some lyrics to go for this series: Well, My Little Ponies Play Video Games, they'll play games you've never seen before, When My Little Ponies Play Video Games, you'll see games that you really adore. And it feels... so... good... when My Little Po-o-nies... Play Video Games... Well, My Little Ponies Play Video Games, and it's so much fun! Oh yeah, My Little Ponies Play Video Games, and it's fun! Let's Go, My Little Ponies Play Video Games, and it's so much fun! Come on, My Little Ponies Play Video Games and it's... Pinkie Pie: (finishes the song) FUUUUUUUUUUUUN! (normal voice) That taco guy did it, so why can't we? *Song ends* Some episodes for example would be: Applejack playing "Mad Dog McCree" on the Nintendo Wii Here is another series idea I've got: My Little Pony Theater 4000: It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000, only with Ponies. Another series where characters of the MLP:FiM Cast watch and make fun of movies either based on the "My Little Pony" Franchise or from other studios and franchises. Results of which MLP:FiM character or characters watches which movie may vary. The plot of this series is about a mad scientist, who just so happens to be a MLP:FiM Fanantic, along with his assistant, launch a Satellite into space called "The Satellite of Brony". However, they forgotten to send someone up into space inside of the ship, however, the mad scientist just so happens to have a plan for that. He invented a laser gun that acts as a teleportation machine that can teleport anyone he wants up onto the S.O.B. And he uses the gun to zap any number characters from the show, My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic, up to the S.O.B, where he forced them to watch movies that they've never seen before. Whether which movie is bad, good or really old, the Ponies must watch them if they want to go back to Equestria. Besides watching movies, they'll watch shorts or cartoon shorts. And that's all I've got! What do you guys think? Anyone interested?
  10. I know how hard it is to do an animation project. I've tried before and I've learnt the hard way that animation is never easy- But I know that the pony fandom is very generous and helpful, etc. and there are many talented people out there. Heck, even if your not the best animator in the world, if you know basic stuff, you can help! I have a bit of a story draft written and I could use your help. My OC is padlock keys and he's kinda modeled after Sherlock Holmes but not pony-fied really, he's his own person- Padlock is. And here's his bio and his draft. In the description of his bio there are links to artwork references that you could need/want so that isn't a problem either. Here's the current idea I have for my project: If anyone's interested please contact me! I also have Skype! I'm TheBigAnimation
  11. Project Cerulean I hope this message does not fall onto deaf ears. On February 25th, 2013, I began a project. A project that I am proud to call a idea of my own. A project that strays away from the usual theme of fan made content in regards to our beloved show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A darker theme. A sadder one. Rather than the usual cheerful, joyful, fun loving ponies we all have come to know and love this one is different. This one has a difficult life. Not a difficult life in the sense her special somepony broke up with her and she wallows in sorrow complaining about it, but because tragedy strikes in her life over, and over, and over, and over again. It's a heartbreaking story that is focused on pulling the viewer in and forcing them to have a sense of sympathy for the mare. No matter how cruel the viewers heart is, we plan to make them feel that sense in a way they simply cannot ignore. We are determined to see this project through to completion. We want to see this mare have a ending. We want to make this idea into something others will be able to enjoy. The amount of effort, time, and hard work we have put into this is astonishing. But our current team is lacking enough animators to make it truly happen in the way we want. I have sent messages to countless people and the response is always amazingly positive, supportive, and certainly a moral booster but there simply just is not raw animation power behind this to see it through. We have the creative genius but not enough animators to help us share it. So now I have come to you, members of the MLP Forums, to request any support you may be able to offer. Even if it is just a simple post of our link to our Master Log containing details about Project Cerulean so that people may see that it exists, perhaps we could find the animators we need to keep the dream alive. Please, any help would be appreciated more than you could ever realize. If nothing can be done on your end to aid us, please, at least give me a reply of some sort so I may know for certain this plea was heard. Here is the link to the Google Doc containing additional information. Sincerely, PlanetaryPenguin321 (Project Manager), CrimsonSw1ft (Writer) and the rest of the Project Team.