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Found 740 results

  1. Does anyone here like Human and Pony romance stories. *Gasp!* Duh duh duh! Banish me to the moon for my heresy! Yes, romance stories between a sapient alien pastel MLP FIM Pony and a Human. I do, because I love stories that explore xenophilia between other sapient beings. Do you like Human and Pony romance? Do you have no strong feelings one way or the other? Or do you dislike Human and Pony romance?
  2. You write a fanfic (about anything that is not mature) and it becames so popular that Hasbro want to make a couple of episodes based on your fanfic, what will be you reaction?
  3. I don't know if this has been brought up before. Oh well. So, some stories opt to happen separate from the mane six (apart from the possible easter eggs, I suppose) and instead focus on an entirely different cast. So, when you hear about an OC only fan fic, what impression does that alone convey? Have you also read one yourself? How's your experience with such fan fic? Positive? Negative? Any recurring patterns?
  4. Does anyone hear contribute to the community? By contribute, I mean do fanwork like fanfiction, art, animation, cosplay, ect. Personally, I don't. I am a terrible artist, not willing to write fanfiction, and have no knowledge in cosplay.
  5. Exactly what the title says, what drives you to make music/literature/visual art? For me it's not so much the process as it is the end product. I get a sense of accomplishment from looking at my art and remembering how much time and effort I put in to make them look awesome. I like the process for different reasons. Drawing is like meditation for me, it's a time when I can shut out the world and just concentrate on the piece of paper in front of me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd go insane if I didn't draw on a regular basis. So, why do you create?
  6. Do you hate fan fiction depicting Ponies as monsters? Such as stories where our lovely Ponies go around enslaving sapient races and to top it off also commit genocide on other sapient races? I hate them. The only 'logical explanation' (these are magical Ponies we're talking about here) that these once good Ponies from alternate universes have been corrupted by an "evil force", well at least a being that loves treating others with cruelty and malice if the concept of good or evil truly exists. Otherwise, it's just canon defilement. Unless, there's some 'good' reason to destroy a sapient species even when they're on their knees begging for mercy and peace. I personally don't think so. If you have your enemy on their knees crying and they are literally begging for you to spare them, and you kill them. You are a monster.
  7. I first learned of the brony community years ago when a good friend of mine told me he liked mlp after making some vague mentions of it in the past. The first thing he did was send me the Upheaval Breaking Point fanfic and said that it was really good. So just out of curiosity, I listened to the first few chapters and found myself, oddly enough, enjoying the story. Soon after, I found myself actually watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and discovered that I liked the show. Is it weird that I sincerely enjoyed upheaval? How many others like or have listened to this? Thanks- Frostbyte Here a reference....
  8. How big would you say the ponies are? I always imagine them as about half the size of a human. If they are full sized that would mean Celestia is twice the size of a full grown horse.
  9. Here is something I have started. I don't know when I will have time to work on it. Down by the dock, the fog rolled in thick off the water. It was night and the temperature was dropping, which caused the humidity in the air to condense into water. The ports of Manehatten were often busy late at night. After all, ships might come into port at any hour. However, ships usually waited until morning to unload or leave port. Therefore, while it wasn’t unheard of to see ponies at the docks at night, it was not common either. Most ponies avoided the docks at night in any case, due to the underhooved activities that went on there. Daring Do pulled her trench coat collar higher and her large fedora hat lower. Not that any pony would recognize her. She was supposed to inspect some incoming cargo, keeping in mind that “cargo” didn’t have to be legal. That was why it was best to not ask too many questions. Do learned early in her career as a freelance archeologist that sometimes knowing too much was a bad thing. Some of her contacts had informed her that a certain object was arriving and that she could purchase it. Do tried to keep to the shadows as much as possible, avoiding the street lamps. She listened to the waves lap against the dock, the creaking of the ropes that kept the boats tethered, and, in the distance, the occasional late night delivery truck. She took a circuitous path between warehouses, eventually coming to a port near the end of the dock. Sticking close to the corner of a building, Do watched the shadowy figures as they unloaded crates from the docked ship. Two ponies carried the crates from the gangplank while another pony took inventory. She slowly approached the figures. When she stepped into the circle of light cast by a nearby street lamp, the pony taking inventory saw her and called to the others. The other two ponies put down the crate they were carrying and all three came to her. “Who’s that?” the first one said, as he hefted a pry bar in this forehooves. Never one to show fear, Do stopped and cleared her throat, “I was told you ponies might have an item for sale.” “These items aren’t for sale. Check one of the shops in the morning,” the first pony said. The other two ponies tried to flank Do, trying to be intimidating without looking like they wanted to attack her. They wanted merely to scare her off. Daring Do slowly pulled a small bag from inside her coat and showed it to the characters. She opened the bag and revealed a wad of money. The first pony came up to her, stepping into the light as well. He was certainly a rough looking pony, with a few days’ worth of beard and a tooth pick in his mouth. He looked at the bank notes, then at Do, trying to see her face hidden under her hat. “Mm, yes, perhaps we can make a deal here.” He motioned for the other ponies to keep an eye out for others while he directed Do to step up to the crate. “Looking for anything specific?” “Yes,” Do said, keeping her voice low, “A map.” “Yes,” the pony harrumphed. “You were the one I was to meet. Here,” he took his pry bar and opened one of the crates. Inside, on top of the other items, was a wooden case. He opened the case and showed it to Do. Inside the case was a stack of old papers, specifically, maps. She reached out to examine them but the pony that showed them to her snapped the case shut. “This isn’t a library. Take it or leave it. I ain’t got all night.” “Fine,” she said and hoofed the bag of money to the pony. He quickly counted the money and nodded. Daring Do was about the take the case when she was stopped by a shout from somepony. “Everypony freeze! Keep your hooves where we can see them!” “The police! We’ve been had,” said one of the ponies who had been moving the crates. “Relax,” said the first pony, as four officers surrounded the group. “There ain’t no crime in moving cargo at night.” “But there is a crime against smuggling ancient relics without going through official channels,” said the lead officer as he produced a badge. “Now everypony back away from the crates and sit down.” Daring Do didn’t like the situation. She could plead ignorance. She could simply deny any involvement. There was no evidence against her. The maps weren’t yet in her possession. On the other hoof, these alleged smugglers would probably implicate her in their activities. Would they confess to taking her money, thus admitting to selling contraband? Did they have more to lose or more to gain by admitting that? Do didn’t want to take any chances. She saw the pry bar on the dock and stomped on it as hard as she could. Like stepping on a rake, the pry bar flipped up into the air. Do’s aim was perfect. The pry bar flipped end over end and struck the light above them, breaking it and casting the area into shadow. The other ponies began speaking all at once. The police were yelling orders and the alleged smugglers were scrambling to escape. Working on the memory of where the crate was, Daring Do ran to it, opened it, felt inside for the wooden case, grabbed it, and attempted her escape. As she ran, she placed the case in her bag and snapped it shut. Somepony, presumably one of the police, made a grab for her. She slipped out of her coat leaving the officer with a hoof full of empty jacket. Luckily for Do, the police were too busy trying to apprehend the others. Perhaps they were expecting only the three alleged smugglers and weren’t prepared for her arrival. In any case, she ran to the edge of the dock and jumped off. She could only guess at how far the surface of the water was. She spread her wings and glided above the water. It was too risky to go higher, in case there were pegasi covering the air. She heard the police shout after her. A pegasus pony took off after her. Do could hear the officer’s flapping wings. She flew around the back of a ship and then circled around to its front. When she got there, she circled around the front of the next one. This was the last ship on this end of the pier. She flew out over the open water, hoping to get lost in the dark. She flew as fast as she could and didn’t look back. It felt like she was flying for hours, but it was probably just a few minutes. To her left, off in the distance, she saw the lights of the city. She pulled up and stopped, hovering in the air. Panting heavily, Daring Do caught her breath. She had no idea that she had flown so far away from land. Looking around, she couldn’t see anypony following her. It seemed that she had shaken the police. She felt her bag to make sure the wooden case was still with her. Sighing in relief when she felt the bulge of the case, she started flying back toward the shore. Despite the cool night, Do had worked up a sweat. Now that her pulse was slowing, she began to feel chilly. She was exhausted by the time she made it to the shore. This part of the shore was near the edge of town. Do found a road to land on. At this hour, there was no traffic. She walked back into the city to her hotel. Lucky for her there were no police waiting there. Apparently the police had been staking out the docks for the smugglers, and weren’t looking for her. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She went inside, ignoring the pony at the front desk. Her room was on the second floor. The stairs reminded her of a lost temple. Her mind was already thinking about where her map would lead her. But for now she was too tired. She entered her room, locked the door, collapsed onto the bed, and fell asleep. The dawn would bring a new day and the start of a new adventure.
  10. Over the past year (give or take), I have been working piecemeal on directing a 4 chapter portion of a fanfiction called Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly by Firesight Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly story link. Anyways during one of our earlier chats on Discord, I created a short script for a promotional "commercial" that we planned on eventually posting on YouTube (or similar), it has taken quite some time, and we still have a few things to iron out, but shortly before Christmas, I got some rough sketches from our commissioned artist. Just for fun, I spent a few hours putting together on powerpoint a first draft animatic sort of sequence using our dialogue and music as well as the artists sketches and some images I borrowed from the story itself. I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Firefly commercial animatic rough draft.mp4
  11. I will post here my short animations, beginning with an announcement about my story and the end of the G4 series.
  12. Today, The Adventure of New Leaf, the Fossil of The Prewar Times, in the Equestrian Wastelands continues Here
  13. A fanfic author reading, being satisfied with, self-editing and self-doubting their latest chapter repeatedly, to the ongoing impatience of their readers, 1867, colorized Fan fiction is the unsung champion of fan content, in this fandom and any other. It is perhaps the easiest art form to create - after all, all you need is a keyboard and an imagination. It's for this reason that fan fiction is the king of fan content, with visual art, its queen. Literature is literally everywhere, and our fandom was boisterous enough in its creativity to create its own website dedicated to the art of written works, Accessible as it is for beginners, however, it is a difficult art form to master, because frankly, writing is hard. Instead of capturing a single scene or theme, you are stringing together many, while working to capture your reader's imagination through using your own, (typically) without the aide of attention-grabbing artwork, animations or music. You juggle pace/passage of time, character interaction and growth, description, proper language mechanics (grammar/usage), plot (depending on the genre you're writing), and so on. Even the most seasoned writers are always improving and defining their writing the more they write. There is good news, though. Fan fiction is even more accessible than traditional writing, because your characters are already fleshed out for you, and more importantly, your audience already knows them well. While the writer of an original novel must struggle with the creation of original characters, then labor to make their audience care about these characters by giving them developed personalities and motives, fan fiction writers' struggle comes from replicating the personalities already established, and building off of them in a meaningful way. This is typically easier, and less time-consuming than doing everything from scratch. I'd like to point out that fan fiction is not a 'poor man's alternative to writing', as many people outside fandoms still ignorantly believe. Fan fiction is simply a genre of writing, one way to write, just as poetry and classic story writing are. Derivative works based on past works are what make up a large portion of our creative culture, in and outside the professional business. There are writers who've been hired to essentially write fan fiction to expand the greater universe for franchises like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons, and if our century-old copyright laws ever get updated to properly include the internet, we could see the day fan fiction becomes a viable job opportunity. Alright, that was a lot of exposition. Let's have another exploitable book meme - you've earned yourself a treat for making it this far! Enough novella, yes? Let's get on with some structured tips. Tip 1: All writers have a 'voice', their own unique writing style, which they discover naturally the more they write. An author's writing style is like their cutie mark, their passport, their ID, their name tag or their belly button. It is entirely unique to them, and it tells you what genres that writer thrives in writing, as well as what patterns they may use throughout their stories. It is how they start stories off, it is how they describe things, it is in the vocabulary they use. Discovering your writing style is a major milestone in your growth as a writer. If you're just starting out, you probably don't know what your voice is yet, and that's perfectly fine. It doesn't happen right away, and probably won't until you have numerous stories in your library. One trick to finding your voice through fan fiction is writing short stories, and sticking to just canon characters. Pick a character, maybe two, from the show and create a oneshot around them. It could be anything. The simpler the story, the clearer it will become for you to discover what you gravitate towards in your writing, because you won't have to worry so much about character development or a greater plot. Heck, you may even find you enjoy oneshots and, like me, only have one story over 10k words to your username. Tip 2: Write your canon characters like you're writing a script for the show, and only deviate from this when necessary. You're writing fan fiction, and as we've already hit upon, that means you are writing characters that your audience already knows well. If your canon characters are off-key, out of character, it will be obvious. Nailing your canon characters is, I would say, one of the more important things to master in fan fiction writing, because at the end of the day that is what a lot of people read fan fiction for - they're not there just to read about your original character, they want to see more content with the characters they enjoy. Writing in-character isn't hard, you just need to be mindful of your character dialogue and character actions. Unless you're writing an Alternate Universe story, you are taking that character from the show and thrusting them into whatever premise you have in mind, not borrowing that character's basic concept and molding it outside realistic proportions. As we got into earlier, your first few stories should focus mostly, if not entirely on canon characters, so this is great opportunity for you to hit your stride in in-character writing. If you're not sure how a character would react in a certain situation, just look to the show for examples of when they may have reacted to a similar situation, even if it's only similar in the type of emotion they're feeling. Tip 2.5: Always have insertable memes in a lengthy rant topic, or your readers may get spooked and press that back page button. Tip 3: 'Show don't Tell' is as equally valid in fan fiction as it is in other story writing. Grammar/mechanics are a muscle memory skill that will improve the more you write and read. I decided at the start of this topic that I wasn't going to go into detail about grammar/mechanics, or the absolute basics of writing. All of that stuff can easily be looked up, and most of you have probably learned about it in school. That said, I did want to make a few points about these things on a more general scale, for those who may be foggy, or are unclear on what certain things mean. 'Show, don't Tell' is a cornerstone for immersive writing, and everyone should be doing it. To 'show' is to describe things in the moment, to describe a character's thoughts through body language, their movements through specific description. 'Telling' is when you sacrifice opportunity for description for using words . 'Telling' is the biggest pitfall for people in writing, asides grammar, and is extremely boring to read. 'Angry, Spike picked up the scroll and threw it across the room.' This is telling. You're sitting in a bar and telling your friend about something trivial that happened last week. Nobody wants to read writing like this, Karen. 'His teeth clenched and his chest filled with heat, and so Spike seized the scroll and hurled it clear across the room, his harsh grip having crumpled it behind repair.' This is showing. You describe emotions and actions instead of naming them, and you invite your reader to picture the scene, themselves. Grammar/mechanics, as well as a wider variety of vocabulary are all things that will improve the more you read and write. Self-editing is important, but it's also important to have someone else look over your work when possible, as we often miss things when reviewing our own work. An outside eye will often be able to find patterns of word usage, errors and areas of improvement a lot more effectively than you can. Tip 4: Decide on a POV, or Point of View, and stick with it. Stories can happen one of three ways. First Person, in where a given character is narrating the story from their point of view. Second Person, in where a character is addressing you, the reader. Third Person, in where you, the author, or a third party character narrates from their point of view. Most stories stick with one of these categories. You can juggle multiple points of view from different characters, even having more than one type of POV in a single chapter, but this is some advanced sh*t and I would not recommend it for beginners. Third person is usually the easiest way to write for beginners, as it allows you the most freedom in description. First person is a great alternative for recollection, if your story is heavily character-based, and second person is...kinda weird, actually, I haven't seen second person that often and can't speak from experience on how to write it. Tip 5: Read in order to write. Reading other writers' works can inspire new ideas, widen your vocabulary and help you discover your own writing style. I will be the first to admit that I still struggle with this one, as I tend to write stories more than I read them. The trick to remember is that you don't necessarily need to read fan fiction to become inspired for the one you're writing. As long as what you're reading is a story in some regard, it has the capacity to inspire. That said, something with a similar tone or genre will definitely have more obvious similarities to pull ideas from. There's an old saying that says to never be the smartest person in the room - surround yourself with people as smart, or smarter than you. I believe the same concept applies to reading works. Always try to read something of equal, or higher quality than what you're writing, because that is where you'll find true growth. Never feel discouraged by finding authors farther along than you - they, too, were once where you are. More things I struggle with. Tip 6: As you build your vocabulary, use description to paint atmospheres into your scenes, concerning both the environment and the characters in them. This is called 'tone', and is incredibly immersive for your readers. The more you read and write, the more adept you'll become at using description to paint scenes. By describing certain things you'll be able to give off feelings for your reader, immersing them in the world you're creating. Take an excerpt from a story of mine, which aims to depict the cold and gloom of a rainy night, and the feelings of comfort and warmth that come from being inside. ~ Rain Curfews, by yours truly Final Tip: Write every day, at least a little, to keep your skills sharp and always improve upon your writing. Even if you don't end up publishing everything, write a little every day. I started writing fan fiction at thirteen, largely self-taught, and I was horrible. Come years later, I can look back and actually see how far I've come. Determination will get you far in life, and writing is no different. If you have the motivation to start even one story, do it. You might find you really enjoy it, and will start to carve out your own section of literature in this feelsy, colorful fandom. I'll be adding to this once I think of anything else to add. Let's call this a first draft. Heh, writing terms!
  14. I wonder what people like the most when it comes to fan fiction If you have a fav story leave it in the comments!
  15. It has been two whole years since I've found Kendroth. I know he has been a pain but he has a good heart, better than expected given how I found him. You'd think if he is such a traditionalist, he would burn down villages and eat ponies off the bat but he is far from that dipiction. Made everyone realize those stories were either exaggerations, purely fiction or the exceptions to dragon culture. No one is truly sure. Kendroth is the only dragon we have seen and I am hoping I can talk to Thor or, if it comes to it, Loki, to see what they know. After all the good Kndroth has done for me these past two years, I have to send him away. Not as a punishment, despite what SOME of my students ignorantly believe, but as a way to teach him about friendship. You can only do oh so much when you're tied to the hip to a paralyzed stallion. I won't leave him blind sided, he will have access to my accounts to be able to buy food and such, I'll even keep contact with him via connected Grimoires and I do plan to visit him- no matter where- every now and again. I hope he understands and will some day appreciate it.
  16. Setting: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. October 31st, 2018. 12:00 AM. Characters: Vincent (Purple Guy. Is reformed in this story. The narrorator of the story); Mike Schmidt; Fritz Smith; Scott (Phone Guy) 1st Person narrative. It’s the 31st of October... by far it is the worst day out of all days. I had been attacked by Jack-O-Chica and Phantom Freddy during day shift. The day shift! Thankfully we are closed during October. For a reason unknown to me however, they haven’t attacked me during night shift yet, and it’s already 12 AM (night shift starts at 8 PM). For some reason Mike and Fritz have shown up although they aren’t required to. Scott, my absolute best friend, came in from the sister location a couple days ago as well. I’m the only one required to stay here. This old place is prone to fires from electrical mishaps, and it’s not like I have anywhere else to go anyway. I go to the office to check on the guards. Mike is alseep with his hat off his head, placed neatly on the desk. That’s odd for him. He doesn’t sleep during night shift, and he never takes off his hat unless he’s switching to a beanie. Fritz is leaning against the wall in one of the corners, looking half asleep. He’s probably in Pokémon land again. Scott is on the floor, likely asleep. Geez, what’s with them and sleeping? Did they forget to sleep at their house or something? Seeing that theyre generally ok, I head back to work. As I am sweeping the stage, I feel a water drop hit my head. I look up. I sure hope we dont have a leaking pipe... Plip! There it goes again. I grab my ladder and tools and head into the ceiling. It’s a leak alright. I begin to fix the pipe. It only takes me a few minutes to fix it. As i look around for any more problems, I see tiny, white, glowing eyes. Only Fredbear is able to go into the ceiling, so he’s probably just watching me and making sure I’m ok. ”Hi Fredbear.” I say. He doesn’t respond. I think his voice box is broken again. He starts to walk toward me, and I hear other steps behind him as well. I can tell he’s not by himself. At this point I start to get a little nervous. “Uh.... what’s going on? Is everything ok?” I don’t get a response. As they get closer, I can tell it’s not Fredbear. It’s Mike, Fritz, and Scott. Theyre all walking toward me like zombies. Mike’s eyes have changed for some reason and he is not wearing his hat. Fritz isnt wearing his glasses. He doesnt have food, drinks, or games with him, unlike usual. Some of the wires from Scott’s phone are hanging loose. Mike speaks slowly in a low tone. “We... will get revenge... William...” Hey, he’s never called me that! “That’s not my name, Mike. Whats gotten into you guys??” Perhaps some of the Crying children have possessed them... They are drawing near. I run to another part of the ceiling. I can still see Mike’s glowing eyes, and they are locked on me. They start chasing me, insulting and shouting at me as if I had killed them. I eventually run into a corner, and as i try to flee, they corner me. I scream. “Someone! Anyone! Help!” I can feel the adrenaline pulsing through me. Nobody came to help, not even Fredbear. “We’ve got you now, William! It’s the end of the line for you; time for your sins to finally be paid!” The three guards say in unison. I fall onto the floor and curl up, expecting the worst. “You know what, William?” says Mike. I look up at him, still shaking in fear. He has this odd grin on his face. He closes his eyes and laughs. He opens his eyes again, and theyre back to normal. “Gotcha!” he says. The guards start laughing. “We had you fooled so good!” laughs Scott. “You shouldve seen the look on your face!” ”Basically what they just said.” says Fritz, being his usual lazy self. I’m too traumatized. I faint. The next thing I know I’m in the office in the swivel chair. “I think we took it too far.” says Scott. “Agreed.” says Mike. “Are you ok, Vincent?” Mike asks. “Yeah.” I reply. I check the time. 7 AM. Well, that was something. I hope you guys have a better Halloween than I did, haha!
  17. I like to make special showcase videos for hard to get characters in the MLP Gameloft game. I just got Chrysalis, I hope you enjoy it, I feel it fits the Halloween theme of the month XD
  18. To Love as His Own - Slice of Life, Drama 5,000 words - Completed A prequel to The King of Love Bugs, this modest oneshot follows on the coattails of the S6 Finale, giving a story after the story. Summary: Standing on the ruins of Chrysalis's fallen empire, newly-crowned King Thorax has a long overdue meeting with his former peers. Amidst their discussions, the reborn changelings are met by one of Chrysalis's leftover offspring. Scared and confused, the young drone shuts down towards all but Thorax, who consoles the nymph, and demonstrates the power of sharing love between changelings. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Continues off the S6 Finale, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Insights on the changelings, their powers, relationships and their way of life. If you were on the fence about trying the much longer-winded King of Love Bugs, this story is a good appetizer.
  19. The sneak peak reveal of Captain Blueberry Buckaroo with Princess Luna Lastly, here is Luna and really completely home made from scratch Blueberry Pie... crazy things happen after the pie was unleashed!
  20. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  21. What are the worst Mlp fan fics out there? I'm thinking of reading some and I really don't want to run into piece of shit fan fics
  22. Hello once more and this is it! The final chapter is here!!! im sorry it took long to write it out,I had to think on it hard! Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided Chapter 3 *DISCLAIMER* I don’t own this characters,they belong to there respected owners. *As Deadpool leaves Themyscira in ashes he flies toward the Watchtower in space* Deadpool: Damn,I hate green! Deadpool Voice 1:Can it change colors? Deadpool voice 2:No you idiot,there is only yellow and green! Deadpool voice 1:But what if there’s a red lantern! Deadpool voice 2:Impossible! Deadpool:Hey Guys,If were gonna stop these jerks we have to work together capeesh? *Deadpool gets hit by the JLA Javelin* Deadpool: OW!!! Watch where your going dumba- *The Driver shoots Deadpool and he falls over,but Deadpool starts to fly again.* Deadpool: Damn,are we public enemy #1? *Cyborg flying the Javelin aims all weapons at deadpool* Cyborg: Are you the one who destroyed Star City?!? *Deadpool makes a microphone* Deadpool: Indeed! Deadpool voice 2: We are a complete idiot... Cyborg: I WILL AVENGE YOU GUYS!!! Batman:Cyborg! Control yourself! He wants you to try to kill him! Cyborg: *heavy,angered breathing* You’re right batman. What do we do? *Batman examining Deadpool* Batman:We will- Robin: BATMAN!!! *deadpool fires a SAM missile at them* Deadpool:Sayonara A-Holes!!! *Superman flies and chokes Deadpool* Superman: How could you kill my friends? Deadpool: *ack* sorry pal,I have to... Superman: FOR WHAT?!? Deadpool: I’m not gonna tell you... Deadpool voice 1:oh... Deadpool voice 2:crap. *Superman Flies straight down with deadpool until the hit the ground then Superman punches Deadpool all the way to Metropolis,deadpool lands on the Dailyplanet globe* Deadpool:Oh spine...*straightening spine* oh man!!! That hurts. Deadpool voice 2: here he comes... Superman: What do you have to say for yourself Mister? *Deadpool roundhouse Kicks Superman,But his foot and shin brakes* Deadpool: OH GOD!!! Your stronger than Colossus! *Superman looks at deadpool intensely* Superman: you must’ve never heard of me.Sorry I have to do this,but I’m not gonna risk having my friends killed by a psychopath. *Superman uses his heat vision on Deadpool,then after he melts deadpools eyes and brain to mush,he drops Deadpool on the roof.* Superman:It’s finished. Deadpool: S-save... Superman: How?!? Save who?!? Deadpool: MARTHA!!! They will kill M-martha!!! *Superman looks at deadpool intensely then he snaps Deadpools neck* Deadpool: Your attempting to kill me like Zod? HA! Superman: You are not human! You’re a sick psychopath! *Deadpool twists neck around* Deadpool: So what boyscout. *Superman grabs Deadpool and slams him through the daily planet,going through repetitive floors he then throws Deadpool Into space.Deadpool soon flies into a Space bar...* Lobo: And then I said to ‘Im,”P*ss off boyscout!” *Everyone is laughing at Lobos joke until deadpool crashes into Lobos Spacehog* Deadpool: Daaaaamn!!!! How far did he throw us? Lobo: ‘Ey dumbasz! *Deadpool looks at lobo* Lobo:Did you dent my baby? Deadpool: Shi- *Lobo grabs Deadpool with his hook and chain.* Lobo: Who are you and why are ya here? *Deadpool points at Superman in the distance* Lobo: It’s the boyscout! *Lobo wraps Deadpool in his chain* Lobo: ‘Ey it’s supes! Ready for another round of Kickasz!?! Superman: Lobo I don’t have time for this. Lobo: Aw why not? Superman: I don’t have time for games! Lobo: I do! *lobo jumps onto Superman,and they start fighting.Meanwhile deadpool escapes by flying onto lobos bike* Deadpool voice 1: Awesome we stole a space bikers motorcycle and got away with it! Deadpool voice 2:We will regret this later... Deadpool:Nah! Now let’s go to the space station! *deadpool flies for an hour until a strange green orb grabs Deadpool and carries him to Oa,home of the green lanterns.* Deadpool: I’m gonna puke,there’s to much green! Deadpool voice 2: Wait is that? Deadpool voice 1: Oh you owe me big time! I was right,there are other colors! Deadpool voice 2:Crap... *The orb places Deadpool in the center of the green court,but it’s not just the green lanterns,it’s all the lanterns* Guardian 1: Wade Wilson! You are stand before us today because you have killed the Green Lanterns of Earth. Guardian 3:We have seen what you will do in the future,and we must destroy you once and for all. Deadpool voice 2:They think that they can kill us? Deadpool voice 1:Shhhh it’s getting tense! Guardian 2:With all the lanterns powers combined,we will destroy you! *All the lanterns are combining their lantern powers together that can reduce even Doomsday to ash.* Deadpool voice 2: What are we gonna do?!? *Deadpool looks around,and notices the central battery.Its pulsing with more energy than 100 nuclear power plants.Then,deadpool had an idea* Deadpool voice 1: That’s it! Deadpool voice 2: great idea! Deadpool: Let’s do this! Reader,if I die,remember me! *As soon as they fire the ray,Deadpool teleports out of his shackles and quickly makes a heart shaped mirror then reflects the Ray towards the core* Deadpool: Psyche!!! Guardian 1:NO! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!?! Deadpool:Yes! *Grabs everyone into a huge orb* Atrocitus: HIS WILL IS TO DAMN STRONG!!! *Deadpool releases the orb as soon as the reactor blows up* Superman: ENOUGH!!! *slams Lobo Into wall* Lobo: all you want boy scout,I can’t die...ARGH!!! *Superman melts lobos eyes and brain then throws him into the sun* BOOM!!!!!! *Superman turns and sees that Oa has exploded,as soon as he gets there,Oa has vanished...only an knocked out deadpool.Superman,whom Is furious,he takes deadpool to the Watchtower.There he is locked up with Amazo,Doomsday,Darkseid,and Joker.* Joker: Wake up! God dang it wake up!!! Deadpool: Oh crap! I dreamt that I blew up a planet! Deadpool voice2: we did that. Deadpool: Really that’s awesome! Joker: and I thought I was crazy... *deadpool turns* Deadpool: AGH!!! It’s It!!! Deadpool voice 1: Nah he’d be dancing if it was It. Joker: *Laughing* It? That clowns got nothing on me! Deadpool: How did I get locked up with Joker,Thanos,A giant rock monster,and a wrestler in yellow and green tights?!? Amazo: You want out? Deadpool: Of course Dumb A**! Amazo: I’ll help ya...if ya get us out. Deadpool: Deal! But first,you guys got to distract supes while I destroy these a-holes! *Amazo,Joker,Darkseid,And Doomsday make a deal and develop a plan.* Deadpool: is all I gotta do is to walk out the laser door cell because I can’t die,I kill the guard and take his passcode,and help all you guys out. Amazo: Exactly Darkseid: Dont Fail is deadpool,or you’ll regret it: Joker: No pressure pal! *Deadpool walks through the laser grid,and the guards see him.* Guard 1: Dammit Prisoner Red is out! Fire! *Deadpool jumps behind a crate* Deadpool: Dang Superman! He took my gear! Deadpool voice 2: Time for brains then...if we have any. *deadpool jumps onto a guard,steals his rifle and shoots the other guards. He grabs the passcode and types it in the computer and all of DCs villains come out.* Amazo: All right guys let’s go kill these super jerks ! *they are attempting to bust down the door* Cyborg: Batman! A riot in the cells! Batman: Dammit!!!*turns on intercom* Batman on intercom: ATTENTION ALL INHABITANTS OF THE WATCHTOWER,A RIOT HAS BEGUN IN THE DETENTION CELLS,ALL HANDS ON DECK TO ASSIST IMMEDIATELY!!!! *The door opens and a war starts out between all the heroes and villains of the DC universe!* Deadpool: now where is is the armory... Deadpool voice 1: armory? Deadpool voice 2: Yes an armory. Deadpool voice 1: Why? Deadpool: FOUND IT!!! Deadpool: *reads* Batman’s storage...*gasp* Deadpool voice 1&2: BATMANS ARMORY!!!!!! *Deadpool shoots the computer that is locking the door and the door opens* Deadpool: Damn bats,it’s a mini batcave in here! Deadpool voice 1: Take it all!!! *deadpool grabs a variety of weapons and gadgets along with armor* Deadpool: I think we’re ready! *deadpool looks up* Deadpool: oh we are taking that! *deadpool jumps into the armor suit* Deadpool: So how do we activate? Deadpool voice 1: push all the buttons! Deadpool voice 2: or turn the key. *deadpool turns the key.* Hellbat Armor: Hellbat online. Activating weapons. Displaying HUD. Preparing Kryptonite..............Welcome Mr.Wayne. Deadpool:I’m in love... Batman: *Throws batarang at joker* I think we’re weakening them! *deadpool jumps out from the floor,killing the Wonder Twins* Deadpool: SUPRISE MUTHAF***ERS!!!! Batman: There’s only one way to settle this. Cyborg follow me! Cyborg: Right away! *Batman and cyborg walk into the watchtowers control room* Batman: Cyborg,we have to destroy the watchtower. Cyborg: We can defeat them Batman! Batman: no we can’t! Not when he’s wearing my hellbat armor! That armor is meant to takedown Darkseid and his army,its armed with kryptonite,and has over 100 features to stop any enemy. Cyborg: Damn Batman... all right I’ll self destruct the base... Batman: not yet,I’ll tell you when! Stay here! Deadpool: *Singing let the bodies hit the floor whilst destroying some of the minor DC characters.* Deadpool: -Hit the....FLOOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!! *spinning around activating flamethrowers* Batman: *Pushes button* Alfred self destruct the Hellbat! Alfred: Right away sir.*Pushes button* Deadpool: This is fun! Hellbat: self destructing in 5...4... Deadpool: oh SH**!!!!! Hellbat: 3...2...1...goodbye Mr.Wayne. Kabam!!!! *huge crater is in the Watchtower,multiple people flying out And dying* Batman: Cyborg,activate the force field! *cyborg activates the force field and the vacuum stops* *the rest of the heroes look at deadpools dismembered body.* Superman: do you think he’s dead Bruce? Aquaman: *Pokes deadpool* he’s more dead than my father that’s for sure. Batman: he should be,no one can survive that. Superman: he’s not dead... Batman: How? Superman: he’s immortal and cursed to live for an eternity. Batman: We have to remove the curse as soon as possible,is Dr.Fate and Zatana still here? Dr.Fate: Yes Batman,ill see what I can do to remove this curse. Zatana,come help. *Dr.Fate and Zatana are attempting to remove Deadpools curse of immortality* *In Deadpools head* Death: Wake up Wade. Deadpool: Huh? Oh hey babe. Death: why are you here? You’re not dead. Deadpool: not yet at least. Death: Wade,pull yourself together. Deadpool: I don’t want to leave! Death: Your mission isn’t done yet. Deadpool: Aw Shi- *Deadpool wakes up but still dismembered * Deadpool: T! Oh Dammit I’m still alive! Atom: It is Impossible! Zatana: *barfs* Dr.Fate: Oh dear God... Batman: *picks up head* Why are you here? Deadpool: isn’t it quite obvious? I wanted your help! Batman: Help you?!? For what?!? Deadpool: These people are gonna kill my mom,her names Martha. Batman: *Stares intensly* F*** you! *Throws Deadpools head and Deadpools body catches it* Deadpool: Not gonna happen Batsy! *reattaches head* Superman: Time to finish this! *flies at super speed towards Deadpool.Deadpool pulls out a knife and stabs Superman in the heart.* Superman: K-krypt-onite... *Deadpool puts a kryptonite grenade into Superman’s heart and explodes into a bloody mess* *Batman,Supergirl,Atom,Aquaman,Cyborg,Dr.Fate,Zatana,Superboy,Shazam,Teen Titans,Partially the Doom Patrol,Red Hood,Deadman,booster gold, yell in anger and rush toward Deadpool.* Deadpool: We are... Deadpool voice 1:So Deadpool voice 2: Fu**ed *Deadpool runs as fast as he can,avoiding grenades,bullets,lasers,knives,batarangs,and more* Deadpool: Sh**,sh**,sh**,sh**!!!!! *deadpool runs into the control room* Deadpool: What are we gonna do?!? Deadpool voice 1: Push that big red button! Deadpool voice 2: Hurry! Push it!! *as soon as they open the door Deadpool pushes the button* Batman: No!!! *An explosion that is equivalent to 50 nukes goes off,then the watchtower falls towards Gotham.* Batman: I don’t know who you are but I will find a way to kill you!!!!!! *Strangles deadpool* Cyborg: Everyone! Get to the javelins! *The Watchtower is falling rapidly and flips to its side* Cyborg: Crap! We’re not gonna make it! Dr.Fate: I’ll create a portal to-*Clonk* Doomsday: AGGHHH!!!!!!! Cyborg: aw hell naw!!! Batman: *punch* you’ve killed my friends! *punch* you’ve stole my equipment! *punch* your a genocidal psychopath!!!! You deserve death! Deadpool *cough* You’ve got that right! *punch* *The Watchtower collides into Wayne enterprises* *a few hours later news reporters go to the scene* Vicki Vale: We’ve arrived at the scene and it’s the JLA Watchtower that has collided into Wayne Enterprises,no bodies were found yet,but we expect that the JLA is dead. *batman crawls out* Batman: Alfred...I’m injured,please call the Batmobile here.... Alfred: Right away sir! I’ll prepare the med lab for you. Damian: Alfred is my dad ok? Alfred: I don’t know master Damian,but he’s injured from the crash. *A meteor crashes by Wayne manor* Nightwing: Alfred,I’m going to check out the meteor with batgirl. Alfred: Be careful master Dick. Batgirl: do you think Bruce is ok dick? Nightwing: of course! He’s Batman! Batgirl: but how did the Watchtower explode? Nightwing: I have no idea. *the see the crater,but nothing was in it.* Nightwing: there’s nothing here... *Ace barks in the distance,then gets shot* Both: ACE! *Damian stares out the window,wondering if Bruce is ok* Deadpool: *whispers* ok where’s that clock... Deadpool voice 1: clock? Deadpool voice 2: the clock has the batcave entrance behind it. Deadpool voice 1:ohh Deadpool: found it! *Deadpool goes into the batcave,and sees Alfred.* Deadpool: old man ahead...*sneaks* *deadpool points pistol at Alfred’s head* Is this where Bat boy lives? Alfred: Ah,so you managed to find the Batcave. Tea? It’s chamomile. Deadpool: No! I want to know how to blow up this s***-hole! Alfred: May I recommend the toilet? Deadpool: *trying not to laugh* N-no! Alfred: Oh well. If you are going to blow this place up,you have to figure it out. Deadpool: Your distracting me! Alfred: I beg your pardon? Deadpool: Zip it old man! *Pulls grenade pin* its time for... Damian,Batgirl,And Nightwing: Stop Right there! *Damian throws a batarang at the grenade,and the grenade explodes in Deadpools hand,causing Alfred to die.* Nightwing: You idiot! That was a impact grenade! Alfred’s dead because of you! *deadpool shoots nightwing in the head* Deadpool: Blah,blah,blah! You were a boring character anyways! Damian: YOU SONUVAB**CH!!!! *Grabs staff* Batgirl: DAMIAN!!! *Deadpool stabs Damian with his katana* Deadpool Voice 1: WE KILLED A CHILD!!! Deadpool voice 2: This will hurt our resume.... Batgirl: I HATE YOU!!!!!! Deadpool: *flips batgirl over and falls of the railing onto the floor* OOOHH.....!!!! That’s gotta hurt! Deadpool: *looks over* Hey...uh... are you dead? *Batgirl flips Deadpool off* Deadpool: ok she’s dead...God I hope that wasn’t sexist. Deadpool voice 2: we should blow this place up. Deadpool voice 1: YAY!!! *Deadpool looks around and finds some bat-C4 and sprays it on the roof along with more C4* Deadpool: Perfecto! *runs outside * 3! Deadpool voice 2:2! Deadpool voice 1: 1!!! *as the batcave explodes,Wayne Manor caves into the batcave.batman looks and sees the explosion* Batman: NO!!! *batman cracks and fixes his bones and wraps his wound up so he can get revenge.* Deadpool: *Singing Burn Baby Burn* *supergirl flies in and grabs Deadpool* Supergirl: Why did you kill Kal?!? Deadpool: Who? Supergirl: SUPERMAN MY COUSIN!!! Deadpool: ohh...he tried to kill me!!! *supergirl tells and throws Deadpool into the rubble,and as she flies down to kill him,she grows weak because of the spreaders kryptonite that was in the batcave* Deadpool: Aww her weakness is jewelry! Deadpool voice 2: now that’s sexist... Deadpool: oh...uhm... goodbye! *blam* Deadpool: So,is our mission done? Batman: NO. Deadpool: *Turns and sees Batman* WHY WONT YOU JUST DIE?!? Batman: I WILL AVENGE MY FAMILY!!! *Batman lunges at deadpool,bloodlusted and adrenaline fueled,he doesn’t care what happens now. Batman beats down deadpool with all of him martial art skills,weapon skills,the environment and literary beats Deadpool to a pulp.* Batman: YOUVE TAKEN EVERYTHING THAT I EVER LOVED!!!! WHAT DO YOU LOVE DEADPOOL?!? WHAT IF I KILLED EVERYTHING YOU LOVED?!? Deadpool: Heh...that’s funny....I don’t love anything except Death.... *Enraged Batman beats Deadpools head to a mere mush.then he stops* Batman: *Sits on a metal chair,and starts to cry* kill me deadpool. All I loved is gone. I don’t want to live no more....please... Deadpool: *pulls out double katanas and cuts Batman’s head off,then a loud clap of thunder is heard,all of DCs heroes and villains are dead.then...* The One: congratulations Wade Wilson. You have killed this Universe that was full of darkness,where the heroes are close to villainy. And thanks to you Deadpool,you stopped a War,a war about your universe and this universe. I know make you my herald of the Marv- Stan Lee: Hold up there pal! Deadpool: What? Stan Lee: Do your saying that in this comic you wrote,you killed every single member of the Justice League and The rest of the DC Universe? Deadpool: Yes! Were you not paying attention? Stan Lee: Yes I was paying attention,I’m saying that I like it!!! It will make a Fantastic comic series that will make Marvel,and Deadpool better! Though it needs some tweaks but I’ll make it work,I’ll get my workers and have ‘em right it out how it should have been! Deadpool: just don’t mess it up Stan! Stan Lee: I wouldn’t mess it up! Have a great day Mr.Wilson! Deadpool: Too bad I didn’t kill the DC universe though. Maybe one day it will happen. Deathstroke: *on a building* It just might happen Wade... THE END! Be on the look out for... Dead Man Wilson! (Old Man Logan Deadpool fanfic series) Forgot to mention since RoosterTeeth is done with RvB (I think) I’m gonna start a fanfic about a newer RvB series! Im calling it Red vs Blue:The Sequels (or something)
  23. Note:I’ve already written this in my notes if you want another please tell me! Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided part 2 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the right to these characters, this fan fiction is only meant for fun and entertainment,it is not to be takes seriously.(unless you agree with me that Deadpool can kill the dc universe). Deadpool: WOW this town is cleaner than Manhattan! Deadpool Voice 1: you can eat off this concrete! Deadpool Voice 2: I wouldn’t recommend that... Deadpool:Anyways our first priority is to find some decent Mexican food! Let’s see... Deadpool voice 1: Look a random stranger let’s ask him! Deadpool:Great idea! [Deadpool approaches the figure wearing a trench coat] Deadpool: hey random stranger,know a place where I can get some decent Mexican food in town? ???: get away from me freak! Deadpool:that’s not very nice...wait why are you wearing goggles? ???: I might as well freeze you now so you won’t bother me later! Deadpool&both voices:FREEZE? [The Man freezes deadpools feet] ???:HA! You’ll stay there until I finish my job! [The Flash comes running towards the figure] Flash:Captain Cold! I thought you were in prison! Captain Cold: yeah? Well newsflash I’m out! Deadpool: Captain Cold? Pfft even Bob had a better villain name than you! Captain Cold: You shut up or I’ll—!! Flash:you’ll do nothing! You trapped this innocent bystander in ice! Deadpool voice 1: INNOCENT BYSTANDER?!? Deadpool voice 2: Maybe he hasn’t heard of us. Deadpool voice 1:true true Captain Cold: Say Freeze,Fla—- [Flash slows down time to a stop] Deadpool:Woaaahhh Flash:WHAT? You can move fast as well?!? Deadpool voice 1: that watch doohickey that Stretchy-pants gave us!* see previous issue Deadpool:That is it! Flash thinking: this man is an idiot,he’s talking to no one!Anyways gotta take care of Captain Co- Flash:WHAT? [flash sees Captain colds head cut off and C4 strapped to his chest] Deadpool:what? I killed your enemy! Flash:you weren’t supposed to KILL HIM!!! You strapped C4 to his chest too?!?!? Deadpool:Yess....? Flash: How could you?!? You are a sick man,you deserve prison! [deadpool pushes the time stopping device] Deadpool: you want a fight,lightning boy? Well, you got one! Flash:I have no idea how you can stop time,but I will put you in a prison! [Deadpool and Flash fight each other for a few minutes,verbally and physically.But finally the fight came to an end.] Flash:*Heavy breathing* I don’t understand, I hit you literally a million times in the key pressure points in the human body,and yet, your still alive and not even Deadpool: *straightening jaw* OH MAMA THAT HURT! But my explanation is simple.*Deadpool pulls out a .50cal desert eagle* Deadpool: I am cursed to be immortal and I can’t die. Flash:We can help you, remove this curse! Deadpool: nice try flash.*Cocks desert eagle* I love being how I am! *BLAM* [the town watches in horror that the flash has been killed] Man 1: No the flash is dead! Woman1: Kill the Red man! Deadpool voice 1&2: We need to leave now! [deadpool steals a vehicle from a citizen] Deadpool: dang I never thought he was a big deal! [an arrow hits the cars hood] Deadpool voice 2: an arrow? Deadpool voice 1: HAWKEYE?!? [the arrow starts beeping rapidly] Deadpool: oh Deadpool voice1&2: Shi— *KABOOM* [deadpool flings out the windshield] *Crack*! Deadpool:oh man I’ll feel that in the morning! Arrow: You killed flash! Deadpool: yeah yeah I know big deal! Arrow: A BIG DEAL? He was my friend! Speedy:And mine! Artemis:mine as well Deadpool:dang that’s a lot of pointy sticks. Arrow:Ready,aim... *Deadpool readys his katanas* Arrow:FIRE!!! *Deadpool teleports behind speedy and kills him by slicing him in half* Arrow:SPEEDY!!! *Artemis shoots a net arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: dang I’m stuck! Arrow: I will avenge Barry!!! Deadpool:BAMF!!! *Deadpool teleports begins Artemis and steals an explosive arrow,then activates it and stabs her in the eye with it* Artemis:AAAGH *pulls it out and throws it at deadpool* *BAM* Deadpool:OW THAT WAS MY HAND! Arrow:Disgusting... *Arrow shoots an arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: HEY watch it fake Hawkeye! Arrows thoughts:Hawkeye? That sound like a name an idiot would pick. *deadpool throws a sleep gas grenade at Arrow and Artemis* Arrow:DUCK!!! *Artemis was to late to dodge,buy arrow dodged it,yet he caught a whiff* Arrow:*sleepily* no Artemis... *Deadpool throws a frag at Artemis* *Deadpool pulls a baseball bat* Deadpool:Sweet dreams,Hawkeye rip-off! *KLONK* [a few hours later in a empty warehouse surrounded by the police] [also Deadpool has been attacked frequently by flashes and arrows enemies so deadpool trapped them all in here] Police Chief: Stranger,we have you surrounded!!! Surrender the nuclear weapons and the villains along with our heroes to us!!! Deadpool:HECK NO!!! Deadpool voice 2:are we gonna nuke the town?!? Deadpool voice 1:AWESOME!!! Deadpool:Yes of course we’re gonna nuke this town!!! Arrow:You sick monster! This town has millions of innocent people! Deadpool: yeaaahhh I’m just doing this because these KNOCK OFF CHARACTERS KEPT TRYING TO KILL ME!!! Like shark man over there! King Shark:it’s king shark idiot!!! Deadpool : blah blah blah!!! Most of you guys are copying one another as well,such as yellow spandex boy and white lightning dude! Zoom: we aren’t copying each other! Godspeed: you will die for this mortal! Anyways it’s almost 12 and I am past my I’m pushing this button right n- ???: WAIT!!!! Deadpool: what the hec—YOU!!! ???: yes it’s me...GREEN LANTERN!!! Deadpool: I will gladly kill my past with you! Arrow:Hal what’s he talking about? Green lantern:We were played by the same actor,Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool: Yes But I DONT want Ryan playing you EVER AGAIN!!! Ryan PLAYS ME FOR MY MOVIES!!!Green Lantern:Let’s do this man to man*makes a sword* Deadpool:agreed.*unsheathes katanas* [Deadpool and Green lantern have a sword fight for a while until] Deadpool:your dead Hal,give up! Green lantern: HA! All I needed to do was distract you long enough! Deadpool:for what? John Stewart:For this Deadpool! Deadpool: DANG IT YOU FREED THEM! John Stewart:Exactly,Hal districted you long enough for— Deadpool:that’s enough of activating the nuke! All: NOOOOOOOO—- *KABAAAAAAM*!!!! [Wonder Woman was passing over Star City when the nuke went off] Wonder Woman:By Themyscira , what happened?!? [Wonder Woman Spots deadpool on the edge of the city,and she decides to take him to Themyscira to heal him to see if he knew,because he was still alive] Hippolyta: DIANA! You know men can’t come to Themyscira!!! Wonder Woman: I know mother but this man was still alive at Star City when it was destroyed.This man may have answers to what happened.i need to know so I can figure out who destroyed the town and warn Batman and Superman about this new threat. Hippolyta:Very Well.As soon as you get your answer drop him off somewhere. Wonder Woman:I will. [A week later] Deadpool:ugh my I still regenerating? Deadpool voice 2: Well we are still dizzy from the explosions. Deadpool voice 1:And our ears are ringing a bit. Deadpool voice 2:but other than that,we’re great! Deadpool:Great!!! Let’s go get some Tacos!!! [deadpool wanders around the medical facility of Themyscira for a bit] Deadpool: Wow this place isn’t very advanced,all I see is stone,quartz and other minerals.Oh look the Exit! [Deadpool opens the door] HOLY! I AM IN HEAVEN!!! Hot Ladies are everywhere!!! Deadpool voice 1: score!!! Wonder Woman: You! [deadpool turns around] Deadpool:Hello there miss...? Deadpool voice 1: Miss Captain America? Deadpool voice 2:Shut up! If we call her something stupid we’ll ruin our chances with her! Wonder Woman: I need your help mr— Deadpool:Wade.Wade Wilson at your service! Wonder Woman:WILSON?!? [Wobder Woman throws Deadpool towards the wall and points her sword towards his neck] Wonder Woman: I don’t need your help no more,you are related to Slade Wilson! Deadpool voice 1&2: WE HAVE A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE!?!?!?! Deadpool:Woah,woah,woah,woah! I have a brother here?!? Wonder Woman:Do not play dumb man! Did you and Slade destroy Star City along with my friends!?! Deadpool:Well I have never seen my brother Slade but yes! I destroyed the city! Wonder Woman:ENOUGH!!! [Wonder Woman Slices deadpools throat] Deadpool: I have no idea why,but that actually tickled! Wonder Woman: By the Gods! How..? Deadpool:Sorry,I can’t die no matter what,and you girls are officially my enemies! *deadpool unsheathes his katanas* Let’s dance girlfriends! [Deadpool and Wonder Woman fight vigorously while killing some of the Amazons and Deadpool continually getting trapped by them he cleverly outsmarts them until] Wonder Woman: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS FIGHT!!! [Wonder Woman slices Deadpool’s arms off and kicks him to the ground] Wonder Woman: I cannot kill you mortal,but I can trap you for an eternity! Deadpool:Hey! I will not be trapped by women for an eternity! Wonder Woman: You are beaten,your arms have been amputated from you body,I have won! [Deadpool rolls towards one arm and attaches it back,then grabs the other and reattaches it] Wonder Woman:By the Gods.... Amazon1:Gross... Deadpool: wait what is this in my pouch? Wonder Woman:I shall smite you demon! Deadpool:demon? Smite? A little Thor talk eh? Wonder Woman:CHAAAAAARRR— Deadpool:I wouldn’t do that if I were you! [the Amazons and Diana look at deadpool,and notice he has 15 pounds of C4 on his chest] Wonder Woman:Do it. Deadpool:Seriously? Wonder Woman:I know you won’t hurt yourself to kill us. Deadpool:Oh dang you caught me,I would never—PSYCH!!! Wonder Woman: NO YOU FOO- *KABLAM* Deadpool:ooooooooohhh man,that hurt. Deadpool voice 2:is she dead? Deadpool:hmm [deadpool checks her pulse] Deadpool:Nope we will kill her when she wakes up. [Wonder Woman looks at deadpool hazily,then stands up to protect her mother] Wonder Woman: *cough,cough* I must protect my mother! [Wonder Woman runs through the halls,they were filled with dead Amazonians.Then finally she sees Deadpool,on her mother’s throne] Deadpool: oh hey! I’ve been in here for about an hour or so.So how are you holding up? Wonder Woman:YOU HAVE DEFILED THEMYSCIRA WITH YOUR DEATHFUL LUSTS!!! I HAVE NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO CUT YOU TO PIECES!!! Deadpool: as much as I’d like that but now,I’m gonna hafta kill you! Unless you surrender your island to me I’ll spare your queen! [Diana looked and saw her mother was wrapped in the Lasso Of Thruth,deadpool must have taken it while she was unconscious] Wonder Woman: You are a demon. Deadpool: A handsome,witty,demon perhaps? Wonder Woman:No,and I will not surrender Themyscira to a man like you! Deadpool:Oh well.*BLAM* Wonder Woman: MOTHER!!! [Enraged Diana threw her sword at deadpool.missing his head the sword got stuck in the wall.Knowing her mother is dead,she kneels down and starts to weep for her mother] Wonder Woman: *sob* you wiped us out,demon,are you happy now? Deadpool:No. I need to get rid of one more bad fruit. Wonder Woman:Do it.Youve beaten me,and Themyscira.If your going to kill me,do it. Deadpool:Ok.*Slice* Deadpool voice 1:well that was easy. Deadpool voice 2:Maybe we should have left these people alone... Deadpool:They were enemies! We had to! Deadpool voice 2:ok so how are we gonna leave? Deadpool:I haven’t thought of that. Deadpool voice 1: what is this lump in our pouch? Deadpool: A lump? [deadpool opens the pouch] Deadpool:A RING!!!! Deadpool voice 2:A GREEN LANTERN RING!!!! We can use this to fly! Deadpool:Good idea! Let’s do it! [deadpool slips the ring on,and strangely,accepts him] Deadpool:thank you Ryan Reynolds! Because you played me and green lantern were practically the same person!Aw man we have to wear green! Deadpool voice 1:Hey it’s worth it let’s try out our new toy! [deadpool creates a clone of himself] Deadpool:Wow...neat Deadpool voice 1: Hey what’s that in the sky! [Deadpools construct disappears] Deadpool: it looks like,a satellite. Deadpool voice 2:A big satellite.Maybe a space base? Deadpool: let’s fly up there! [so deadpool grabs the Lasso of Truth,and Wonder Woman’s shield, deadpool flies to the space base,little does he know that it’s...THE WATCHTOWER!] The End of Part 2
  24. Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided Intro DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters,they belong to the respected owners. Deadpool,Peter,and Miles where watching Batman V Superman at deadpools apartment. Everything was going well until... Superman: MARTHA!!! Batman:WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!?!? Deadpool: LAAAME! What kind of plot twist is this?!? Peter&Miles: Shut it Wade! Deadpool: Fine Jeez! Lois Lane: It’s his mother’s name! Batman: Oh our Moms have the same name let’s be friends and send Lex to jail.(This is basically what happened,sorry I don’t remember what they said because it was terrible for me). Deadpool: What the heck? They were killing each other and they became friends just because their Mom has the same name?!? Peter: Yes Wade shut up I want to see what happens next. Deadpool: you haven’t seen this yet?!? It’s 2018! Peter: I’m to busy becoming the next Tony Stark (less ego) and being Spider-Man at the same time. Deadpool:makes sense. *Miles pauses the movie* Miles: I do agree with Deadpool though. Deadpool&Peter: About what? Miles: About Batman and Superman fighting then become friends by the time they notice they have the same name. Deadpool: I know, it’s stupid isn’t it? Miles: definitely Deadpool: Y’know, if I was Batsy I would kill Superman and kill Lex. Peter:What if they added this as a connection to another DC movie? Like the post credits at the end of Captain America? Or that time in Avengers 2 with the Vibrabium And Klaue? Deadpool: Peter,Peter,you have got to understand,this movie ISNT MARVEL!!! Miles:He’s got a point Peter. *Deadpool and the guys start arguing until deadpools phone rings.* *X-Men 90s theme song goes off* Deadpool:Oh I’ll be right back guys. ???: May I speak to Wade Wilson? Deadpool: I am his secretary mr... Deadpool voice 1: Mr CrabApple! Deadpool voice 2: Mr CrabApple? Only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool: CrabApple! I’m Mr.CrabApple! ???: Wade I know it’s you... Deadpool voice 2: See only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool voice 1: worth a shot... Deadpool: How do you know? ???: Wade look in your room... *deadpool opens door to bedroom* Deadpool: CABLE??? You son of a- Cable:Save it wade we got important work to do. Deadpool: where to this time my mutant friend? Cable: The Baxter Building. Deadpool voice 1&2: THE BAXTER BUILDING? Deadpool: Why? Cable:Reed has discovered a new multiverse interdimensional rift, and he needs someone who has a strong healing factor,and a IQ of a insane mercenary. Deadpool:Why me? Cable: YOU CANT DIE IDIOT. Deadpool: ooooohhhh Deadpool voice 1:hey if we are going we need a reward for portal jumping! Deadpool: yeah we’ll ask stretchy pants about that. Cable:ok Deadpool I’m teleporting us to the Baxter Deadpool: Wait, my tac- *teleporting sounds* Peter:Where did deadpool go? [About 5 seconds later] Deadpool:-oos!!! *falls down* Ow! Mr.Fantastic: Ah cable you have arrived with Wade. Cable:yes of course can we hurry this up? I haven’t got all night. Mr.Fantastic: Indeed I shall try to speed of the process of getting Deadpool to jump in the portal. Deadpool:hey stretchy pants! If I’m Hopping through the portal,I’ll need a reward! Mr.Fantastic: Very well, name your price. Deadpool voice 1: Ooh we should get a monster truck! Deadpool and Spanish food themed of course! Deadpool voice 2: that’s...not a bad idea but Spanish food themed really? Deadpool voice 1:hey man those tacos at San Mariás were el perfecto! Deadpool voice 2: hey I know but- Deadpool: Brain quit arguing! *Mr.Fantastic does the cuckoo finger* Cable: yes he is. Deadpool: ok we’ve decided! Mr.fantastic: what is it? Deadpool: a life time supply of Mexican food and a monster truck! Mr.Fantastic:that is it? Deadpool: no I need hi tech weapons if I’m gonna jump through that eyesore! Mr.Fantastic: I’ll see what I have. *a few hours later* Mr.Fantastic: I’ve gotten this Plasma pistol that eat through vibrabium,a couple of sleep gas grenades that can knock out the hulk within 15 seconds,and this time stopper device taken from one of Galactus’ heralds. Deadpool: Oooh what’s that shiny knife? Mr.fantastic: that knife is made out of an unknown green rock that emits radiation continually, Deadpool: hmm I’ll take it all! Mr.fantastic: ok you grab the equipment and I’ll type the coordinates of the portal. *a few minutes of typing later* Mr.Fantastic: Ok Wade jump through and when you get there call me on this interdimensional satellite phone and I’ll help guide you on the other side. Ok? Deadpool: yeah uhh sure Ok wade this is just like the time you jumped from space naked on live tv you can do this. Deadpool voice 1: when did we do that? Deadpool: I don’t know.Anyways,remember play with portals. Deadpool voice 2:speedy things go in.... Deadpool voice 1:Speedy thing come ou———- [Deadpool jumps through the portal,the portal fades from a rainbowish color,to black and grey. As if this universe is dark,bland,and in need of humor.Well deadpool is that humor] Deadpool: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *THUD* Ooohhh that hurt,that hurt bad. Deadpool voice 1:Sweet Baby Jesus!!! That was awesome!!! Ow! Deadpool:well everything we grabbed is in still in one piece! Deadpool voice 2: the tacos! Deadpool:oh God the tacos are smushed!!! Why portal logic, whyyyyyyy!!??!! Oh well we can always buy more,there is a city over there anyways. [Deadpool walks for about a mile while talking to mr.fantastic] Star City? What kind of city names themselves Star City? I wonder if the tacos are good. The End the intro