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Found 4 results

  1. So I was thinking, there's a TON of amazing fan works in the fandom, from fanfictions to fan games! But there's bound to be things people still want... So I got curious~ What is something you've always wanted to see? It can be anything, from a crossover to a rom hack, put it here! I'll start; I would really love to see an all-pony rom hack of the game Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town! I don't have the art skills even if I managed to hack the game unfortunately XD
  2. The term "Awesomeness Withdrawal" is there: It basically says, that you're having a blast with some work, but then, it either ends, you reach as far as it reached and have to wait some time for it to continue, or it's cancelled. And then, you have that bittrsweet feeling of you just closed a part of your life. Did any of you experienced it with pony related content, be it official, or fanmade? These are mine: Official Material: 1-S3 finale: Yeah, it's seems to be a common thrend to join the fandom in the middle of S3 , giving you the life joy you sought for long, but then, it comes the S3 finale. It came the bittersweet feeling of having a heartwarming of the series ending, but also the sadness of joining the fandom so late, and not enjoying long enough . Thankfully, it didn't happened 2-You catch up with the show, and this becomes a constant problem with the weekly schedule, YEAH, ALL THE TIME 3-This season , yeah, it had great episodes so far, but MIGHT AS WELL BE CALLED SEASON AWESOMENESS WITHDRAWAL : ONE WEEK LONG HIATUS, ONE TWO WEEK LONG HIATUS, AND THE WHOLE VACATION HIATUS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON . Good thing it's ending 4- The Friendship Games shorts are fun, but it's hads more of the AW with this hiatus , specially that almost, if not half of them were leaked 5-I've suffered this with the pony comics' Nightmare Rarity and Reflections' arcs, and I'm sure it'll come back to bite me again with the upcomming Siege of the Crystal Empiyah fanwork: -Motherly Scootaloo: All the time -Shinzakura's All American Girl: It's been a long time since it was updated -Seven Days in Sunny June: The reason of the above's AW, and these are updated weekly I think, giving more of AW's XD -Schemering Syntel, and My Little Arkham: Awesome stories, but the former was a one-shot, and the other was the first fic I've ever finished
  3. You heard right, if this goes well it could start a rather interesting precedent.
  4. Dear fellow ponies of the forums. Heed our call! We have noticed a slight trend going around the halls of Octavia. A trend in which critique seeking artists have gone empty handed in their quest for contructive comments. The problem is not the fact that some ponies do not wish to praise; it's the fact that advice and tips are often nonexistent inside the comments following a posting of art. Sometimes, artists value some of that harsh negativity or simply want to see the end result through another's eyes. So what we are proposing is a dedicated team of members who wish to lend helping hoof to those hoping to seek a proper critique of their art. To provide a positive, and well thought out, response in the discussions within Octavia's Hall. All we ask of you is to be able to provide positive criticism to pieces of art posted. Encourage our artists to make things better. We would very much appreciate members who wish to dedicate themselves to help make our forums even better. But that doesn't mean the other members should hold back on creating critiques, but these members who are approved are to provide quality critiques as well as encouraging members to make lengthier posts, with more quality than we have seen in the recent past. So who is with me? Who thinks they have the ability to provide quality critiques and help supply positive and supportive criticism on each piece of art posted on the forums? If you feel that you are qualified, please apply today at the following link: Link the to application