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Found 2 results

  1. Something has been really going on my nerves with this fandom, has been the constant finger pointing at Hasbro, whenever somebody got a C&D for their fan content. Notable victims of these where Mane6 with their Fighting is Magic game and JanAnimations and his webseries Buttons Adventures. The Fandom immediatly jumped the gun and started to point their fingers at Hasbro, saying how stupid they are, that the Fandom should boycott, or even suggested that MLP should be handled by another company, Disney being the one i hear of the most. Personally, i think people who are suggesting this don't know anything about Disney, or other companies that show cartoons. Hasbro is actually pretty tame when it comes to fan content, or showing episodes. For example, it's alot more easier to find My little pony episodes on the web, then shows like Gravity Falls, which are made by Disney and the times you find episodes of Gravity Falls, they are probably zoomed in or are mirrored to avoid copyright. Another thing is, that our fandom culture is so big, because Hasbro leaves almost everyone alone. It's known that a company like Disney has there eyes on pretty much everything and they are immediatly jumping the gun, if a fanwork only slightly resembles one of their trademarks. I am actually happy that we have Hasbro. Do you think another company would have a guy like Mike Vogel, who is in constant communication with the Fandom? I don't think so. What do you guys think? Should the MLP trademark go another company, or is it good where it is?
  2. One of the many great things about this fandom is the huge amount of fan-made art, music, animations, etc. I wanted to know: Do you think that you have to contribute to the fandom in any way?