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Found 7 results

  1. A Discorded Queen Chrysalis snuggles everything she can in Ponyville, while Twilight is powerless to stop her or figure out why this is even happening in the first place. A collab with Tom117z.
  2. A comedy story written by DEI Caboose of, which I then proceeded to do a reading of.
  3. A mysterious swan annoys Celestia to no end. A Fanfiction by: The Abyss Narrated by yours truly, complete with music and sound effects. I hope you enjoy!
  4. Story Description: When Trixie makes a lewd remark to Starlight Glimmer during their 'medal of honor' celebration, Starlight blasts the showmare into the next room in an effort to shut her up. Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension but also Princess Luna. While Starlight is panicking back in Equestria, Trixie and Luna discover that they did not turn into humans upon passing through the mirror portal. Instead, they are now fillies. Saturdays suck. ===== This was a fun one to do, I must say. EDIT: I seem to have lost track of the 'embed' button for youtube videos here on these forums... where did it go?
  5. So here is a Fanfic reading of mine... sorry for my voice.
  6. Ok, this is a project I've been trying to get off the ground for months now. The project is a fanfiction reading of a TF2/MLP crossover called Walking Nightmare. Here's a link to the story : ------------------------------- Waking Nightmare Fan Fiction Reading Test.mp3 This is a test I put together to showcase how exactly everything was going to work together. Being this is a test, I had to pitch my voices for the sake of demonstration. (However, the two voices that aren't pitch shifted are the narration and the Medic's voice) Main Characters: Scout (Casted) Soldier (Casted: DexterousWings ) Heavy (Casted: Random Select) Engineer (Casted: Freddy Fazbear) Demoman (Casted: DoctorMcCrimmon) Spy (Casted: Bronyance) Pyro (in this fic is portrayed as a girl) (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Sniper (Casted: Random Select) Medic (Casted: Midnight Lustre) Twlight Sparkle (Casted: Gina M) Applejack (Casted: Gina M) Rarity (Casted: Valri Cat) Pinkie Pie (Casted: Songheart) Rainbow Dash (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Fluttershy (Casted: Gina M) Princess Celestia (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Princess Luna (Casted: Valri Cat) Derpy (Casted: Valri Cat) Spike (Casted: maydrock) Note: There are more characters that appear in the story later on and to avoid spoiling plot points. I suggest that you read the fic to learn about the other characters involved and see if you want to voice them. Information for sending auditions: You can send your audition entries to my email: Just put the character you wish to audition for in the subject. Note: This fic is a lengthy one, so there will be a long term commitment if you decide to take part in this.
  7. So, a while back, I wrote a submission to Thirty Minute Pony Stories called Missing You. That story was then edited, with the help of a friend, for publishing on FIMFiction. Said fic was somehow picked up by someone to be read on Youtube. I'm really amazed by the fact that someone was willing to read a story I wrote, and so I wanted to link it here so that more people got to see it. This guy is pretty damned good at reading stories too, and he's worth a subscribe on Youtube. I encourage it.