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Found 17 results

  1. Hi ! My name is Mary & I am a final year student from Ireland. Im looking at the popularity of My little pony and how it's revival saw the formation of the Brony fandom. Also interested in questioning the misrepresentation of them in society. I'd be very interested in looking to interview anyone who is willing to share their thoughts? I would not identify you by you real name ( username only). Please comment or PM if interested. I can email you any questions in advance should you want to read them.* Have sent a copy of proposed questions to the moderator who approved them* Kind Regards Mary
  2. So, lately the pony music community has been struggling for views. The most widely known and talented people have only a shadow of the fanbase of their elders, and there's a wide number of initiatives (like Horse Music Herald and Cider Party) who have been trying and failing to fix that. I'm just wondering what would make the wider fandom listen to pony music again, especially considering how it used to be our most popular community! As such, I've compiled some of the most common complaints I hear (and have now crossed my fingers this doesn't get moved to music as that'd kill the purpose of this thread entirely). And remember, though this is phrased as a poll of sorts, this is MLP forums! Discussion is very welcome, although a simple letter or two would make me just as happy. A - I don't know who the community's best and brightest are. They're just drowned out in the crowd! B - Too much generic EDM. I watched pony music for its unique flavor, and that seems missing. C - I have listened to a lot of modern pony music, and I just don't think the quality of any of it is up to par. D - I joined after pony music's heyday, seasons 2-3, so I don't even know who was popular back when people listened to it. E - You're asking the wrong person. I only listen to commercial music! It's the only good music, after all. F - I already follow a bunch of pony musicians. You crazy, mate? G - Other (please clarify)
  3. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A NCMares Q&A

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND NIGHTMARE NIGHT EVERYPONY!!! WELCOME TO OUR NIGHTMARE NIGHT NCMARES Q&A!!! Good evening everypony, and welcome to our Nightmare Night Q&A with NCMares! First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the MLP Forums staff and NCMares for your understanding regarding the rescheduling we had to do for this event; a last minute scheduling conflict came up and we had no choice but to push the event to today, but now that that's all out of the way we're all set for the main event tonight! So without further ado, let's get to this evening's event. Most of you I'm guessing already know who NCMares is, but for those few who may not, he's one of the best artists in the entire brony fandom, a longtime and frequent con attendee, and a really nice, stand-up guy all around! Below you will find just a small sampling of some of the fantastic work he's put out! You can check out all of NCMares' work by clicking on the link above, which will take you to his DeviantArt profile. Whether or not you're an artist or an aspiring artist in the fandom, please, ask away to your hearts content! As with all of our Q&A events, you can ask whatever you want, but understand that it is at NCMares' discretion to determine what he does and doesn't want to answer, so we cannot guarantee that every question asked will be answered. With the introductory formalities out of the way, let's get this show on the road! I'll start things off by asking a pretty basic question: So, NCMares, why ponies? What in particular got you into drawing our favorite, colorful, talking equines in the first place?
  4. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A Peruserofpieces Q&A

    Good evening everypony, and welcome to another Poniverse Fandom Q&A!!! This week our guest is Peruserofpieces, one of the fandom's most prolific plushie makers! This is our first time having a plushie maker as a guest, and if you're a plushie maker yourself or looking to get into it as either a hobby or business, this Q&A is most definitely for you. He's been to three BronyCons with his wares, and many other cons as well, so believe me when I say he's been around in the plushie-making biz for quite some time. The floor is open for the next three hours, so ask away everypony, our latest guest is ready to answer all your questions, so let's give Peruserofpieces a big, warm welcome and have a fun time one and all! Also, as a quick aside, don't forget to visit Peruserofpiece's DeviantArt profile here, where you can peruse his work as well as find out more about setting up commissions with him if you desire to do so. To start, I'll ask a simple and probably obvious question: When did you first start making plushies and what in particular made you want to pursue plushie-making?
  5. Good morning everypony! It’s time for yet another fandom Q&A, and this time we're welcoming back our old friend, MLP:FiM storyboard artist Ward Jenkins, who had the opportunity to work on the storyboards for this morning's new episode, "The Times They Are a Changeling"! So now's your chance to talk to Ward about his experiences in creating the storyboards for this week's episode, or whatever else you might want to ask (so long of course as he can contractually answer it)! To learn some more about Ward Jenkins, be sure to check out his previous Q&As here and here as well as his website, While a newcomer to My Little Pony, Ward Jenkins has an extensive background in illustration. Be sure to check out some of his work! As always, please respect that because Ward Jenkins works on My Little Pony, he may be unable to answer some questions about unreleased episodes of season 6 as well as other contract limitations. Let’s not try to worm any inside information out of our guest! Aside from these topics, feel free to inquire about his storyboard work on episode 16, his previous work experience, and his personal feelings and thoughts on all things pony, so go ahead and ask away everypony! To start things off, I'll get a question out of the way that I've been wondering since I learned you worked on this episode, Mr. Jenkins: In the course of doing storyboards for "The Times They Are a Changeling," did you have the opportunity to do storyboards for our new changeling character (and the first to have a developed character since Queen Chrysalis WAY back in Season 6), Thorax the changeling? If so, how was doing storyboards of him different from doing storyboards for ponies? Were there challenges with his more insect-like appearance or the holes that dot his body?
  6. Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to yet another Poniverse Q&A! Today we are joined by none other than the lovely SorcerusHorserus, fandom/comic artist on DeviantArt and the creator of one of the longest running MLP fan comics, Dash Academy! Trust me, when I say long running, I mean LONG running! SorcerusHorserus has been working on Dash Academy since 2011, can you believe that?! In addition, she's produced other comics, like Red Sorena, digital paintings, tutorials for aspiring artists, and has even dabbled in fan fiction. Needless to say, she's a very accomplished artist and we couldn't be happier to have her here with us today. Without further ado, let's begin; ask away everypony, ask to your heart's content (though I cannot guarantee that SH will be able to answer every question presented to her, particularly if they are spoilerish regarding her work or inappropriate). So, to start things off I'll ask a question on behalf of one of your fans who sadly could not join us, Giorgia Barbieri, who's off in far away Italy (and I'm sure this is a question that a lot of fans are wondering too). How did you come up with Dash Academy? Why these characters in this setting at this time, both canon, G1, fanon, and OC?
  7. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to the return of Poniverse Q&As!!! Today we have our first of two July fandom Q&As, both featuring MLP fandom artists from DeviantArt. This week, we're talking with the Spade-Sisters (who are not actually sisters, crazy right? ). This dynamic duo of artists are brigostre and MotherSalem, both fantastic artists in their own right but even better together! This team does it all, from drawing their own original comic series and doing commissions to even delving in animatic and full animation on YouTube, where they've found quite a bit of initial success in the pony fandom with their "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" vids. If you haven't checked out their work yet, you seriously should do so. It's wonderful stuff, and they're both more than deserving of a follow on DA and subscription on YT, as well as any other support they can get for their work. Who knows, maybe after this event some of you will even feel inclined to commission a piece for them or become a patron? But enough chat, let's get going shall we? First things first, I'll start things off with a question that's been on my mind for some time, directed at MotherSalem specifically: your OC, Alpha, has a very unique design, particularly in her colors/coat design. Is her coat designed to resemble an orca specifically, or was there another inspiration behind her design? Paper Child on left (brigostre's OC) and Alpha on right (MotherSalem's OC)
  8. Good morning, my little ponies – it’s time for our first fandom Q&A of season 6! Who better to kick off this season than an encore performance by season 6 storyboard artist, Ward Jenkins, who, awesome as it may sound, actually DID storyboards for the new episode this morning?!?! To learn some more about Ward Jenkins, be sure to check out his previous Q&A as well as his website, While a newcomer to My Little Pony, Ward Jenkins has an extensive background in illustration. Be sure to check out some of his work! As always, please respect that because Ward Jenkins works on My Little Pony, he may be unable to answer some questions about unreleased episodes of season 6 as well as other contract limitations. Let’s not try to worm any inside information out of our guest! Aside from these topics, feel free to inquire about his storyboard work on episode 4, his previous work experience, and his personal feelings and thoughts on all things Pony. With all that aside, ask away to your heart's content, friends! To start things off, I'll get an obvious question out of the way: What was your favorite part of storyboarding for episode 4, "On Your Marks," Mr. Jenkins?
  9. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday! It's my pleasure to present, as the next installment in our Fandom Q&A events, our second Fimfiction Q&A, with none other than the wonderful writer Mister Friendly! For those of you who may have missed the initial announcement thread, Mister Friendly has been featured many times on the coveted Fimfiction feature page, and is most well known for his Irony of Applejackverse, an alternate universe fan-fiction setting in which Applejack is a Changeling and struggles with her identity and whether or not to share her secret with her friends in the wake of the Changeling Invasion. His most popular stories include The Irony of Applejack and The Advent of Applejack, both set within this alternate universe, and in his writing he's proven himself to be a sterling example of what a truly creative and gifted writer can do with a few simple but very unique changes to an already great setting such as MLP:FiM's. Today, you have a chance for the next three hours to ask this fine fellow anything at all, whether it be about his head canon, the characters he writes about, tips for writing fanfiction of your very own, or just how in the world one manages to make Changelings simultaneously adorable, mysterious, foreboding, and menacing all at once! I'll start things off with a couple of pretty basic questions, but ones which I've wanted to ask for some time... What inspired you to select Applejack to be the star of this particular universe? When did you decide to make your story considerably larger in scope than the typical "X member of the Mane 6 is a Changeling" story? Did you know from the start that you would produce an epic, or was Irony of Applejack ever envisioned as a smaller story originally? Hurl your questions at him, my friends, like snowballs, cold, half-frozen, icy snowballs at the smallest kid in class! Also, if you would like to support Mister Friendly's writing, check out his Patreon by clicking on the following link: Support Mister Friendly. Writers like Mister Friendly are all too rare in this fandom, and the more support he receives, the more wonderful works of pony fiction he can produce!
  10. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A Ponies at Dawn Q&A

    It’s time for Poniverse’s next Q&A where things are going to get musical. It's my pleasure to introduce our next Q&A guest, none other than Ponies at Dawn! The folks over at Ponies at Dawn have been bringing the fandom some of the best compilations of pony music around since 2013! In fact, they’ve released over 200 songs over the course of 7 albums from dozens of different artists from around the fandom! And they’re not stopping anytime soon! In fact they’re in the process of working on their 8th album, Awakening. For the musicians here, be sure to also check out this document for details on how you can be part of their next compilation album, Awakening. Whether you’re a musician looking for tricks of the trade or just someone who loves to listen to music, this is a great opportunity to learn more about one of the fandom’s premier sources of pony music! So without further ado, let's kick things off with our first question: how did Ponies at Dawn get its start?
  11. Simon

    Fandom Q+A Jenn Blake Q&A

    Time for our last Q&A of Making Christmas Merrier! Today we're chatting with none other than IDW artist, Jenn Blake! Jenn Blake is a real life Rarity, having worked in the world of fashion design for more than a decade. Her first involvement in the world of Pony was when she was afforded the opportunity to work on sketch cards for IDW Limited’s release of the “Return of Queen Chrysalis” arc of the Friendship is Magic comic from IDW. Since then she’s done art for issue 16 of the My Little Pony: Friends Forever comic as well as variant cover artwork for issue 30 of the main series. Poniverse is extremely honored and excited to welcome Jenn Blake to MLP Forums today! Jenn Blake’s Q&A today is part of Poniverse’s annual Making Christmas Merrier charity drive in support of the BC Children’s Hospital. Each year, Poniverse raises money to help make the holidays special for all the children of the BC Children’s Hospital. If you would like to read more about this worthwhile cause, please check it out here. Donations can be made directly to the BC Children’s Hospital in support of Making Christmas Merrier here, or via PayPal through MLP Forums here. On top of spending part of today answering our questions here on MLP Forums, Jenn Blake has also generously donated some absolutely amazing signed prints all of which will be available for auction here: proceeds from these auctions go to benefit the BC Children's Hospital as part of Making Christmas Merrier. Shipping is free so be sure to wander on over to the Traders Exchange and find some prints you love! Without further ado, today's Q&A is open, toss your questions for Jenn Blake below and don't forget to bid and donate in support of MCM! How did you get involved in the My Little Pony IDW comics?
  12. Time for the Q&A we've all been waiting for! Poniverse is extremely honored to have season 6 storyboard artist, Ward Jenkins, with us today! A newcomer to the My Little Pony world, Ward Jenkins comes from a background in book illustration. I highly encourage everybody to get to know Ward Jenkins a bit by checking out his website and looking at some of his awesome work! You can find him at Ward's with us today to answer some questions as part of our Making Christmas Merrier charity drive. Each year, Poniverse collects money to purchase toys for the children at the BC Children's Hospital during the holidays. It's a fantastic cause and a great way to make sure even during stressful times every child at the BC Children's Hospital has a fantastic holiday season. For those of you not familiar with Making Christmas Merrier, please take a moment to look over this worthwhile cause and consider making a donation today! You can read more about MCM here. As Ward Jenkins is a staffer on season 6 of My Little Pony, I do want to take a brief moment to remind everybody that our guest will be unable to answer questions about specifics on season 6. He will be able to talk about his background, his personal thoughts on the show and fandom in general, and answer questions about his general illustration and story boarding process. Please be respectful of these limitations when asking a question and understand that our guest may not be able to answer every question today both due to time limitations and contract restrictions. All that aside, let's give a warm welcome and thank you to Ward Jenkins for taking some time for us out of his busy schedule! To get things started: How did you end up working on My Little Pony season 6?
  13. Comic by SFyr Welcome and thank you for joining us for Poniverse's November Fandom Q&A! I am extremely proud to welcome this month's Q&A guest, Silly Filly Studios, the creative minds behind some of the fandom's best animations like Snowdrop, Fall of the Crystal Empire, and, of course, Donut Steel. They've also recently announced the launch of their new original animation project, Starsign. If you haven't checked out their animations, I highly recommend them! I want to start off this Q&A by thanking SFS Animation for generously agreeing to spend some of their night with us! As always with our fandom Q&A's, the thread will be open for questions from 5 pm PST to 8 pm PST. During that time, some of the staff of Silly Filly Studios will be answering all the questions you guys throw at them! As an extra special bonus, we'll also be giving everybody a chance to win their very own plush of Snowdrop by Lunar Shy! Entering is super easy. All you have to do to enter is make a donation to Poniverse's annual charity drive, Making Christmas Merrier, before the end of the Q&A! Making Christmas Merrier aims to provide toys during the holiday season for the children at the BC Children's Hospital. You can read more about this event and the cause behind it here. If you're not able or do not wish to donate, you can also earn an entry by simply asking a question during the Q&A tonight! The winner of the plush will be contacted by private message here on MLP Forums within the next 24 hours for shipping information. The plush is a pre-order item so it is expected to ship sometime at the beginning of 2016. This thread will only be open for 3 hours, from 5-8 pm PST so be sure to get your questions in for Silly Filly Studios to answer! (Questions asked shortly before 8 pm may or may not be answered depending on whether our guests have time to stay). Without further ado, have fun, chat and ask all those questions you've ever had for Silly Filly Studios! First question time! Since there's a few of you, I guess I'll go with a practical question to start things off: How did each of you get involved in Silly Filly Studios and what do you do?
  14. Good evening everypony, how are you all this fine Saturday evening? Well, this event has been a long time coming, that's for sure, and I hope you'll all enjoy it very much! For those of you who may have missed the initial announcement thread, Chengar Qordath, Comma-Kazie, and Ponibius are joining us this evening for our monthly fandom Q&A. All three are truly exceptional authors and editors on Fimfiction, and together have created and fleshed out the main body of very popular stories in the Winningverse, originating with Chengar's insanely well-written ballad of the Winning Pony herself, Cloud Kicker, in The Life and Times of a Winning Pony (which, speaking as a fan myself, if you haven't yet checked out, GET ON THAT SILLY FILLIES, IT'S AMAZING! ). They've all got an immense, extensive, and varied body of stories worth checking out, and now's your chance to ask them anything at all, whether it be about their head canon, the characters they write about, tips for writing fanfiction of your very own, or just how in the world does one come up with a Winning Pony like Cloud Kicker in the first place. Since we have three guests this time, feel free to either clarify that any of them may answer or your question, or direct them at a specific guest, your choice. To start things off, I will get the ball rolling with a question I've been wondering since I first got into the Winningverse... What would qualify as a Losing Pony? :comeatus: Throw all your questions at them people, like peanuts at monkeys, the more the merrier! Also, if you would like to support Chengar Qordath's writing, check out his Patreon by clicking on the following link: Support Chengar Qordath. Writers like Chengar and his friends are all too rare in this fandom, and the more support they receive, the more wonderful works of pony fiction they can produce!
  15. Simon

    Fandom Q+A Horse Wife Q&A

    Welp, this thread has been a long time coming. I won't bore everybody with a long introduction cause we all want to get down to finding out all of Horse Wife's deep dark secrets asking polite and appropriate questions. For those of you living under a rock, TJPones, author of the beloved Horse Wife tumblr blog is joining us today for our monthly fandom Q&A. He'll be answering questions until 3 pm PST, so now's your chance to ask all those burning questions you have about everybody's favorite peanut butter loving horse. As always, I'll get the ball rolling with a question we all want to know the answer to... What the hell is with the peanut butter? Spam your questions below. All the questions.
  16. Hey guys! Today we have our monthly Q&A with Writers in Harmony! We're running a bit late, so I'll cut the intro post short. Today we're honored to have Minty Root an animator for Writers in Harmony and director of Dinky's Destiny answer questions, and we hope to be joined later by Cast, the head of Writers in Harmony. The Q&A will run until about 6:00 pm! To get things started, I'll ask Minty a question: What made you get into animating?
  17. Simon

    Fandom Q+A K.M. Hayes Q&A

    Welcome and thank you for joining us for Poniverse's first ever Q&A event! This month we'll be talking with K.M. Hayes, author of My Little Brony! If you haven't already had a chance to pick up My Little Brony, it's an awesome novel in which we follow a teenager's journey to becoming a brony and facing the challenges that it brings. I want to start this Q&A off by thanking K.M. Hayes for being an awesome guest! Not only has she so generously given us a few hours out of her busy schedule to chat, but she's truly been a pleasure to work with in setting this up and really made launching this Q&A series easy! Since this is our first Q&A, I do want to take a brief moment to familiarize everybody with how this will work. This thread will be opened at approximately 6 pm PST (9 pm EST), and will remain open for 3 hours. During that time you'll be able to ask whatever questions you wish (within the site rules of course!), and our guest will do her best to answer everybody's questions! As a special bonus, courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing, we will be giving out 2 copies of My Little Brony at the end of the Q&A to a couple of lucky bronies! All you have to do is ask a question during the Q&A and you'll be entered to win! (Winners will be contacted for mailing info after being chosen. If you do not wish to accept your prize, we will pick another winner.) The thread will be open from approximately 6 pm - 9 pm PST. At the end of the Q&A, the thread will be locked and you will no longer be able to ask any new questions. Questions asked before 9 pm may or may not be answered depending on how much time our guest can spend with us. Without further ado, have fun, chat, and ask whatever questions you have for K.M. Hayes! To get things rolling, I figured I'd start off with probably one of the more obvious questions for a writer, but still something we all want to know: What inspired you to write My Little Brony?