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Found 27 results

  1. I know there are Pokemon threads, but I'm wondering if anyone else is playing the 1.1 or 1.2 patch of Pokemon Clover. You know that hard one made by 4Chan peeps with all of the offensive jokes and memes (most of which are old now considering the original version was from 2017)? Maybe even posting teams (though I know this game seems to have a way of discouraging using the same team for everything). Myself, I'm at the third gym and my team looks like this: AKBAR- Lv.27 Iguallah Na'Vi- Lv.26 Nonegative 3Chan- Lv.26 Clovour Stinky- Lv.26 Mudpants ChickFilA- Lv.27 Frieden Top Kek- Lv.26 Kekroach (Probably going to switch out Frieden for a Deemdow for the gym.)
  2. This is a fan-made project, that is not associated with Hasbro, Inc. in any way. This is a non-profit project and the developer will never make any money in any way from it. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro, Inc.. This is a fanmade Local Multiplayer Ponified Kid-Friendly Turn Based RPG based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. A unicorn pony, Twilight Sparkle receives a very important mission from Princess Celestia, the ruler of the magical land of Equestria. She and her assistant, a baby dragon named Spike are sent to Ponyville, where her task will be to meet other ponies and study about the Magic of Friendship. With their new friends, they'll go on adventures and solve various problems. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. ♥ PONIES! Discover the Magic of Friendship! ♥ Story and events heavily based on the TV series What happened in the show, will happen in the game along with RPG elements and additional plot. Didn't watch the show? Don't worry, you'll absolutely not get lost because of that! However, as the show can spoil the game, the game can spoil the show. ♥ Local Multiplayer (up to 2 players) Discovering the Magic of Friendship with a real friend or siblings will be better, than doing that alone! Explore Equestria, solve puzzles and fight together! ♥ Energetic Battle System As everything will be based on hit-boxes, each skill will have different usage. Every single projectile appearing on the screen will be a physical object, rather than just a part of animation. Some skills may also have interaction involved, like timed action, chain of buttons or simple button mashing when casting powerful abilities such as Twilight's Magic Nova. ♥ Each pony has a set of unique skills As each pony is different as the night is from the day, their abilities and specialties are different as well! ♥ Skill Tree Each pony will have a different path. Gain experience to improve or learn new abilities. ♥ Skill Assign System Each pony can assign 8 abilities, either active or passive. A good combination of active and passive skills may give decent (even unexpected) results. ♥ Resource gathering and crafting Collect materials to craft equipment; Combine equip-able gems to get better-quality ones; Collect herbs and plants to allow Zecora brew potions. ♥ Minigames and Puzzles Various minigames and solving puzzles to keep the boredom away! ♥ More PONIES! ... When you'll think, that you saw everypony already. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Twilight Sparkle A book-loving unicorn pony with extraordinary magical abilities. Represents the element of Magic. > high magical power and resistance > high MP Rainbow Dash An action-loving colorful pegasus pony. Represents the element of Loyalty. > high speed > weather control (elemental abilities) Pinkie Pie An extremely energetic and sociable earth pony. Represents the element of Laughter. > high speed > explosive abilities! > party-buffing singing abilities Applejack A brave, reliable, strong and mature earth pony. Represents the element of Honesty. > high physical power and defense > high HP > party-buffing abilities > lack of magical abilities > low magic resistance Rarity A unicorn pony with good manners and love for beauty. Represents the element of Generosity. > magical abilities dealing physical or magical damage > party-protecting abilities Fluttershy A kind and shy, with love for animals pegasus pony. Represents the element of Kindness. > low HP > doesn't attack on her own - animal-calling abilities > healing abilities > party-buffing abilities Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Each pony will have a Primary Set of Skills and Passives, some of them will also have a Secondary Set. List of Skill Categories: Legend: [ICON] Name of Category | Set | What resources the category focuses on Passives | Special | --- Each pony will be able to bring 8 skills in total to battle, so either an active or a passive skill can be equipped in these slots. Equipping Passives will simply raise pony's parameters or add special features like additional projectiles when attacking etc. at cost of a skill slot. A well thought combination of these skills can give decent results. Everypony will have Passives. Now let's talk about unique skill sets for each pony. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Twilight will have various spells, starting from simple telekinesis that will deal light damage by throwing various objects -> through magic projectiles that will deal magical damage -> to powerful Area of Effect Spells, that at high MP and EP cost, will bring some destruction to the battle field. Skills | Primary | EP Rainbow Dash will be able to use her wings to perform various tricks to deal more physical damage. Weather | Secondary | MP/EP Rainbow Dash will also be able to control weather to deal elemental damage as well as Area of Effect. Partying | Primary | MP/EP Pinkie Pie will always find an occasion to throw a party and battling with enemies is not an exception for her! She and her Party Cannon will show enemies how to party by dealing physical or magical damage. Blow up everything and party on! Songs | Secondary | MP/EP Besides partying, Pinkie Pie also loves to sing! As she sings songs during their adventure, she will learn to sing them in battle as well to raise parameters of ponies and more! Skills | Primary | EP Applejack is a strong farmer and she will show who has the power by dealing high physical damage or using her lasso to stun enemies. YEEHAWs | Secondary | MP/EP Applejack is an active pony and she will be showing her energy by motivating her friends and raising their strengths. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Rarity loves shiny gems. Besides using them for her creations, she also uses them as a weapon by dealing physical or elemental damage. Get ready for rains of shiny projectiles. FABULOUS! She can also use bigger gems to defend her friends. Animals | Primary | MP/EP Let's be honest, Fluttershy wouldn't even harm a fly and even if a situation requires that, she will have troubles with defending herself. However, her beloved animals will cover her! She will be able to call various animals to deal physical or magical damage. Calling a bear will cause some troubles to enemies! Support | Secondary | MP Nopony is as kind and caring as Fluttershy. She will do her best to help her friends in need by recovering their strength and protecting them. My Little Pony - The Game (v. -----) Not available. Estimated Release Date unknown. Niedostępne. Przewidziana data wydania jest nieznana.
  3. I've bumped into something - I'll need to place BOSS HP BAR somewhere, but the current HUD gave me a bad time organizing the layout. Sooooo yeah, I've been thonking on the HUD again, because why not. For a reference, this is how it looked like so far: I was trying to put it somewhere to the right, but the screen was getting somewhat clogged up. ...So I've tried to place is somewhere at the bottom - the spells were on my way. Also I was toying with the general design (see the top-left corner). Red for the HP Bar seems to work better, considering that other bars have colors based on the icons attached to them. The green was out of place there. But getting back to the BOSS HP Bar--- I've tried to move the spells to the top, to have everything in one corner... ...and here made some more science as well, to make it all more compact. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that IN ALL DESIGNS the breath bar disappears once Twi leaves water. You won't see that bar most of the time, hence why it doesn't have to be nicely attached to the rest of elements. Also I was thinking on the spell icons - maybe instead of these little bars representing energy, they could have that in their backgrounds? That seems to be making it easier to tell how much energy do the spells have. ...But it still appears kind of messy, doesn't it? So I took a suggestion I got ages ago into consideration - that Twi's face isn't needed there. I tried simplifying the design... ...and was checking if fancy boss hp bars would be a good idea... Looks cool! -I think, but it's too distracting, so I believe going with minimalist design will work better. As for the rest--- hmm... not sure, maybe trying something different? Let's flip some things! There, It looks really simple, but it doesn't cover that much of space. It's just practical and considering, that there may be many things happening on screen, I think this is what I'll go with, at least for now, hah; Pretty sure I'll be adjusting things again in the future. So yeah, this is what I got lately. What do you think about these funny designs? That's all for now! Thanks for visiting! Also I'm terribly sorry for my grammar and English in general, it's past 7 AM and I'm really, really tired. Going to sleep now.
  4. It's been a while ~ As you may know, I've been working on the pause menu. When it was ready, I was able to configure/update existing features, as well as add new ones to make it all work properly. So now I have bunch of updates! First of all, let's start with that Pause Menu I've been working on for a while I believe everything there is self-explanatory. If you're wondering how many languages will be supported - by 'default' I aim into supporting these two: English and Polish. However! I'm programming the game in a way, where all the text is stored in external .ini files and visuals are adjusted based on the text's real width where necessary, which should make it less painful to translate, so if anybody would be ever interested in translating the game to another language, there always will be that possibility. ------ but that all will come in the right time... or not... I'll see how it goes. The next thing, related to the Pause Menu is Spell Enhancing. In short, you get some-kind-of-magic stars through leveling up. These stars are used to enhance (upgrade) spells. Enhancing may: - increase damage - amount of projectiles - their duration - their speed - their size - "Area of Effect" - add special effects - or even change spell behavior - etc.. Each spell is different, so are their upgrades. For example, I've prepared a some kind of a tier table for the basic spell, the magic projectile: And now the recent thing I've been working on... Leveling UP now raises stats and stuff. Previously leveling up wasn't doing anything other than increasing your "Level" value. Now it does have an effect, as seen below: I also did some smaller adjustments in meanwhile, like optimizing the code here and there (including collisions ... again -- and I'm sure I'll still have to adjust these once again in the future..) ~ but that's something you won't find interesting. Oh and I also started working on the Everfree Forest. It's too early to show anything though, but sooooomething is happening there. And that's all I think... Well for some testing I also made Tom ...If Tom could throw a party, it would ROCK! An amazing addition, I'll throw it in the title. So now it's all I think. Thank you for visiting!
  5. Programming Pause Menu in progress... > also implemented 'pause' --- , so that everything stops while the menu is opened. > also added background && shading to Twilight's Profile Pic in the menu --- now it doesn't look that plain. > also configured fonts --- now that was time-consuming, I had to nicely align each character, then load that to the project properly. For example, here's my hand-drawn font for GUI with just few characters: The font used in the commands however, uses small and large cases, numbers and all the potentially needed characters for dialogues and such... It is also hand drawn, for the most part at least. I used an existing font to start with. ...Comic Sans turned out to be pretty good for a pixel font. Well, that's all for now! Thank you for visiting!
  6. Hmm.. so after few days of wondering on how things will work like, I think the pause menu will look like this: Of course the ABCDEF thing will be replaced by proper description of highlighted option/item/spell. What these below spells are? These determine the spell's tier. Basically you'll be able to improve them along with progress, sometimes it will be a slight change, sometimes a major difference in behavior and whatsoever. To give you an idea on how more or less it will work like, here's the table I've prepared for the basic spell: is TIER I is TIER II is TIER VI -and if someone is wondering what "A-F SPD" means, it stands for Auto-Fire Speed. This spell doesn't have auto-fire, hence [ - ]. This is what Element of Laughter specializes in, for example. Anyway, as you can see, not much changes there, as basically it's a 'default' spell. It gains damage, speed and size, but still behaves as a normal straight projectile. Note, that things may be changed in the future, as I suspect I'll keep re-balancing things over and over again along with progress (development-wise). I probably won't be updating this, nor posting more tables, because nu spoilers for you. It is meant to be discovered on your own. Thank you for visiting!
  7. Hello everypony! Finally the HUD has been reprogrammed! ~And length of the HP bar increases along with maximum HP! For some reason I always like that little feature in games, because that makes increasing max HP more interesting --- especially checking if you can go off-screen with this. I thought it all will take few hours, but it ended up taking two days, heh. Why it took so long? I had to replace most of the HUD graphics in game files and reprogram the HUD in general, mostly spell icons, due to their new switching animation. I also have optimized the code, now it's shorter, organized better, thus more efficient & readable. I also have added some script functions that will come in handy when programming features in the future. ...Also I discovered, that previously there were two typos in the code. It wasn't a big deal, as things still worked in the end without crashing the game, nevertheless it's of course better to not have any of this floating in the code. I guess this design will do, at least for now. And as always, thanks for visiting!
  8. Hello everypony! It's been a while, hasn't it? Last year turned out to be kind of busy for me, but hopefully this one won't be like this! I've been wondering on which project I should be working on and to this moment I have no idea. I've decided to poke this one first, but I think I may be switching between this one and MLP: The Game, as I'd really love to get these two done. My priority project will always be the first one I have ever started - MLP: The Game, but it's good to work on different things once in a while to avoid getting bored. I'm also having 999 other ideas for games and I'm trying my best to not distract myself with these. Okay, so let's get to the point. Mooooonths ago in one of the updates, @HereComesTom mentioned moving things in HUD: For a reference, here is how it looked like so far: The 'mana bar' he mentioned is the energy bar with Elements of Harmony seen to the right. For me it looked fine as it was, as I kinda didn't want to throw everything into one corner... until I realized how inconvenient it was in practice. You see, switching spells was confusing when these were on the right side, due to the order of them appearing mirrored. I thought players will eventually get used to that, but I couldn't really get used to it myself. Switching spells wasn't a big issue, but whenever I looked at HUD, it was confusing me. The order of icons wasn't really readable and I imagine it could get worse when more spells would become available. There was one thing I was sure of... That these have to be on the left side. So today I've been working on redesigning the HUD ... the whole day. I was moving things around and finally came up with this: SOME OTHER CHANGES I'VE MADE: - HP bar is now thicker, because I wanted to make it stand out more, to make it more noticeable even without really looking at it. - HP bar's length now grows along with maximum HP. - Spell icons have less details in order to save some space and make the HUD less spammy. - Spell icons have thicker energy bars, because I removed the long energy bar and used numbers only. I wanted to give those little bars more highlight and make these more readable. ...Though I had a feeling, that something was wrong. It seemed so... clogged. One of my fellow devs suggested me this: ---and that made me realize, that it's all messy indeed. Colorful bars and icons, big numbers-- all over the place, yet so close to each other. So I got to this again and decided to get rid of some details, as well as using smaller numbers to make it all look neater: Now only HP has big numbers, as it's the most important part of the HUD. I think it looks fine now, though knowing me, I'll probably end up redesigning it over and over again along with development. I was also thinking of something like this: --- buuut decided to have it all in one place. What are your thoughts? And as always, thank you for visiting!
  9. > Disclaimer < My little pony: Vengeance of Dark Lord is a fan-made, non-profit and open-source project, its not associated with Hasbro Inc. or its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, and claims no ownership of My Little Pony or any of its intellectual property; all online resources have given credit appropriately in the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Introduction < This is a fan-made RPG based on My Little Pony:Friendship is magic and D&D(Dungeons and Dragons) rulesets, enter & explore Equestria, experiencing the history and start your own. Adventure awaits... > Features < ★D&D rules based! ● Dual-classing: An Earth Pony traveling around the Equestria with her animal friends, singing the epic histories; an Unicorn knows the arcane knowledge with handy picking tricks; a Pegasus ranger soaring into the night sky, hooves and eyes upraised toward the moon and chanting the glory of the moon. [you can still specialize only one class and reach the levelcap (normally 20) of that class first] ● Real-Time Combat with Tactic mode: Inspired by Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Help the ponies fight against the monsters from the Tartarus, protect the homeland from the demonic havoc, command your squads and bring the final victory! ● Mind your decisions: Your choices matters, maybe it will change the path you take. ● Dungeons and Puzzles: You gaze down into the darkness downstairs, light the horn and carefully step down to a secret room with numerous strange symbol carved on the wall around you, and an old stone table with six empty holes. Your wisdom and logic is your big gun. ● Vancian Spells: As known as "fire & forget magic", powerful than standard unicorn spells but need to prepare in advance and limited use, can be replenished via rest(e.x. sleep, most common method), special items or spells. ● Semi-Blockchain Transaction: This is a school project formerly, so this thing exists. Anyway, you have a chance to earn Chromastal during gameplay, which is a special currency in game and it can purchase special items, inherit save data and other features! ● Ponies! Headcanon contained, enjoy your pones!(definitely no white-color text in this line) > Story < ℐn the north of Equestria, there has nothing but chilling icy plains and mountains; however, there's a story untold...once Crystal Empire was stood in that pure white land for centuries, until a fateful war broke out...and it vanished in the mid air. 𝒜fetr a millennia, Crystal Empire has returned, Twilight Sparkle and her friends was sent to investigate the situation. Soon, they find out the thing returned not only the empire itself... > Character Attributes < There're several characters in the game, here only show the Mane 6 and Princess. ※Score ability is up-balanced due to nature of video game Twilight Sparkle A unicorn from Canterlot, she has amazing magical ability and loves reading. She is also Princess Celestia's personal student, wielder of Element of Magic. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Caster Class: Wizard 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 10 Con: 11 Int: 18 Wis: 16 Dex: 9 Cha: 14 Skills: (+ = proficiency, ++ = double) Arcana+ History+ Insight+ Applejack A farmer pony that works and lives in Sweet Apple Acres, she is brave, strong and a little too straight, wielder of Element of Honest. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Tank, Assault Class: Fighter 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 17 Con: 16 Int: 10 Wis: 11 Dex: 13 Cha: 11 Skills: Athletics+ Survival+ Acrobatics+ Pinkie Pie A partymanic raised in Rock Farm and lives in Ponyvile helps Mr. & Mrs. Cake run a bakery. She is extremely energetic, happy wielder of Element of Laughter. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support Class: Bard 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 12 Con: 14 Int: 11 Wis: 12 Dex: 14 Cha: 15 Skills: Perception+ Acrobatics+ Performance+ Rainbow Dash A talented and a little arrogant flyer from Cloudsdale, she is the only pegasus to pull of a sonic rainboom, her dream is to join the Wonderbolts. She is also wielder of Element of Loyalty. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Assault Class: Rogue 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 14 Con: 13 Int: 9 Wis: 11 Dex: 18 Cha: 13 Skills: Acrobatics+ Stealth+ Perception+ Rarity A vain yet generous pony who is also a fashion designer that runs Carousel Boutique in Ponyvile, she is the wielder of Element of Generosity. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support, Healer Class: Cleric(Light Domain) 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 11 Con: 12 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Dex: 11 Cha: 18 Skills: Insight+ Persuasion+ Investigation+ Fluttershy A kind, gentle and blushful pegasus lives in a cottage near the Everfree Forest, she loves animals and taking care of them. She is the wielder of Element of Kindness. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Support, Healer Class: Druid 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 9 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 17 Dex: 10 Cha: 16 Skills: Animal Handling+ Medicine+ Nature+ Celestia Ruler of Equestria. Rules over the day and has great political ability. She is a kind and wise leader with over a millennium life, thus, she also has many legends and tales, often shaped as a sun goddess among the folks. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile Class: Arch Mage 17/Epic Cleric(Light Domain) 1 Score Ability(120): Str: 18 Con: 20 Int: 22 Wis: 24 Dex: 16 Cha: 20 Skills: Arcana++ History++ Investigation++ Insight++ Medicine++ Perception++ Survival++ Persuasion++ Nature+ Deception+ Luna Co-ruler of Equestria, Rules over the night and widely known for her past as Nightmare Moon. She is Celestia's younger sister and has the ability to enter other pony's dream, help them fight against the nightmares. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile Class: Arch Mage 20/Cleric(Moon Domain) 18 Score Ability(118): Str: 22 Con: 19 Int: 21 Wis: 21 Dex: 18 Cha: 17 Skills: Stealth++ Arcana++ Animal Handling++ Insight++ Perception++ Survival++ Intimidation++ Deception++ Nature+ Religion+ > Screenshots < > Downloads< Player's Handbook: (Recommend to read before you play!) English: Download from Education Domain(TW) [Not available yet] Download from gamejolt (link to gamejolt site) Download from google drive > Looking for help < Please check this post for details > Open source magic < > Team < Thanks for reading! Your brohoof & feedback is a big support!
  10. Spike’s Time Off is the third installment of Spike’s mundane adventures coming Summer 2018! Play the previous games here: Spike's Day Off Spike's Day Out DISCLAIMER Spike’s Time Off is an UNOFFICIAL fan-made game. My Little Pony and its characters belong to their respective owners. PROGRESS COMPLETE!!! PLAY IT NOW! Want to download Spike's Time Off? WINDOWS Mac OSX You can follow frequent development updates here and at DeviantArt | Tumblr | Twitter
  11. Hello everypony. I'm thinking about making a pony-themed RTS. If I decide to go through with it, I would like to aim for top-notch quality. I've come to this forum seeking input from the community and to gauge the level of interest in such a game. So what would you like to see? Have any cool ideas you'd like to share? Are just ponies OK or would multiple playable races be mandatory? How do you feel about hero units? Keep in mind, though, that the more complicated the idea is, the longer it will take to develop. Speaking of which, I expect development to take on the order of a couple of years. The tentative name I've come up with for this project is "Era Equestria". In my initial vision for this game, the player advances through 4 "eras" analogous to "ages" in Age of Empires: Era Disharmonia, Era Sororibus, Era Luminis, and Era Magicae. However, I'm considering discarding this system in favor of a more Starcraft-style progression in which the player must construct particular buildings before being able to construct others. I look forward to your input!
  12. Starting to build out all the actual tile maps to be used in the beginning segment of the game, up to the first badge and a little beyond, just to get players hooked and hungry for more. Now, while the completed Alpha won't be a thing until the entire game is playable start to finish, I do believe I can get the first part of the game out within the month of July. While everyone is enjoying the new story, learning the mechanics, interacting with the world, and getting that first badge, I'll be working on getting the demo in as many Let's Player's hands as possible by day and implementing the rest of the design notes by night. Time to put everything I've got into a super-polished build that'll make people go nuts when they try it. Time to make sure every 30 seconds of the game gives players a Ben & Jerry's sized chunk of fun to chew on. Time to get Battle Gem Ponies on the map! Read More:
  13. Hello everypony, I am magrose, also known as l-lAngryGamerl-l or misspink, who currently is in the process of making a mlp free to play multiplayer fan made game. The game is a impressive title game project currently called 'Pet-Pet pinto' where players will be allowed to create the pet pony he/she/they desire. Players must be willing to take care of his/her/their pet pony by feeding apples, oranges, hay, and more. You'll get to make presets for your pet(presets is the ability to digitally draw the color and markings for your character). Another feature will be similar to questing, but unique in its own way. You'll also get to meet other players, tame prey, and explore the worlds. This game will have its own lore and custom made maps. This means it will contain no intellectual property(mane 6 characters, villian characters, or copy righted names) of mlp friendship is magic. It is planned for the first release that players can at least play either a female/male character. It might be possible to add robotic character models in the future. If you are interested in being a member please do sign up on our forums here: We are still accepting applications so if you would like to be a moderator, drawing artist, etc feel free to fill out the form on our forums! We have a discord, you may gain access on our forums or join us here: The rigging, animations, and design of the player models are being worked on for better results. Here are some screenshots just to show that this is a real project. Hopefully a good release will be out by summer or sooner. There are plenty of updates for the future. Here are some previews of what we have so far but are also being edited. Check out our forum and discord for updated news. And yes we have a multiplayer serverworking. Currently we are under staff client only. Thank you fo taking the time to read, I hope to see you there! EDIT: This is a non profit fan project. EDIT: The game is online and running
  14. Part-timer Mom by Day... Dreamwalker By Night OVERVIEW Day Dreaming Derpy is a Paper Mario-inspired JRPG with an emphasis on the exploration of the Dream World and the interaction between Derpy and the residents of the Real World. While asleep, Derpy can use her abilities gained from her many part-time jobs to combat the nightmares that plague the dreams she explores along with the help of many unique, quirky characters. While awake, Derpy can prepare for her night-time ventures by working all around town to buy items and unlock new abilities she can use in the Dream World. SYNOPSIS FEATURES Over 10 unique allies! Hi-Bit Pixel Art! Paper-Mario-inspired RPG Gameplay Elements! Mother-Daughter Bonding! Strange Sense of Humor! PONIES!! SCREENSHOTS DISCLAIMER Day Dreaming Derpy is a My Little Pony fangame. My Little Pony and its characters belong to their respective owners. PROGRESS COMEPLETED! DONE, BABY! PLAY IT HERE! demo v0.1 released 1/15/17 demo v0.2 released 3/18/17 demo v0.3 released 6/7/17 demo v0.31 released 6/09/17 demo v0.32 released 6/14/17 demo v0.4 released 7/15/17 COMPLETE v1.0 released 1/16/18 COMPLETE patch v1.1 released 1/20/18 You can follow frequent development updates here and at DeviantArt | Tumblr | | Bandcamp
  15. For the last several years, I've been slowly building a fangame from scratch in Java called Weather Factory Meltdown---it's got an editor that lets you build your own levels, NPCs, and playable characters, and I've been slowly adding features to it for the last few years. For most of that time, I had it hosted on, but that site has been shut down in the last few months---I can't upload my latest version there! Does anyone know of another place where I could host a game that's been built in Java? I'm putting it together as a Runnable JAR File, and it's about 130 MB in size at this point.
  16. Hello everypony! I wanted to show off a new project that I've been working on by myself. Its a Pony Fps that I hope will someday turn into something more! I just started developing it a few days ago. I have no idea what I should call this yet, but i would like to hear anyponys opinion! Please tell me your thoughts! Thank you. Please have a look at this.
  17. This...isn't a fanfic at all, since there's no narrative. But since it's written, I figured this was the place to post it. Long story short: the game I have in my signature is something I've been working on for a long time, and while it might be a pipe dream, I'd someday like to submit it to Hasbro for official approval. Having worked on it for years, I've had a long time to think about what Hasbro wouldn't let me do in that game, no matter how hilarious, and every time I think of one that's funny, I try to write it down. ...I've by now accumulated well over a thousand of these, and it's now a very Skippy-ish or Mr. Welch-ish list, and I've posted a chunk of it here for your entertainment EDIT: as the first few posts indicate...well, the first draft needed work. So I've reordered, reworded, and/or replaced quite a few of these. I started with a hundred, but now I've gone on to 200. By the by, many of these tie into other Hasbro franchises and products, like Battleship, Mr. Potato Head, and Transformers (in its many incarnations), so keep in mind that those properties are all under Hasbro's umbrella. . . First things first; this list is intended to entertain, not to tie anyone's hands. As such, if Hasbro thinks some of these are actually good ideas, they (and anyone they give permission to) have my permission to use, create derivative works of, sell, and in general do whatever the heck they like with anything and everything in this list. The only exception is an original character named "Reverend Putter" who remains copyright to me; I'm using him as part of a separate game which Hasbro may one day want to license a card came for---but let's not get ahead of ourselves.... THE GRAND LIST OF THINGS HASBRO WON'T LET A BRONY DO WHILE ADAPTING A FiM GAME: 1) When naming OCs for the Canterlot Royal Guard, the following names are off-limits: Cannon Fodder, Red Shirt, Brown Pants. 2) Adding random tie-ins with other Hasbro franchises like Mr. Potato Head are okay. Making a GLaDOS Mr. Potato Head as a boss is not, until and unless Hasbro secures the rights for a GLaDOS Mr. Potato Head toy. 3) Pinkie-Swears aren't the kind of things I should need to bleep over. 4) No matter how common they are in actual horsemanship, or how funny their high-pitched voices would be, I may not have geldings in the game. 5) I may not base the guards of any castle in Equestria or beyond on the playable characters in Castle Crashers. 6) Fluttershy's pet Angel Bunny doesn't have a yen for Trix cereal. 7) Making a level where Canterlot Castle is attacked: okay. Making part of that level entail galloping through the servant's quarters and/or the royal chambers: okay. Changing the background music to an instrumental version of the viral "Bedroom Intruder" song upon entering these quarters/chambers: NOT okay! 8) Sorry, but a scene where Scootaloo rides on Arcee is out of the question. 9) Rainbow Dash doesn't have a pot of gold at the end of her tail or mane. 10) No matter how adorable or epic, I can't base the small, furry critters Fluttershy cares for on the cast of Hamtaro. 11) Not allowed to have a background pony say "Wilbur!" all the time and name him "Bamboo Harvester" while sitting in a pastiche of a Studebaker. 12) She-Ra, Princess of Power, is Mattel's IP. Therefore, her flying unicorn "Swift Wind" or anything named similarly cannot appear or be mentioned in the game. 13) Not allowed to depict unicorn blood as silver---in fact, not allowed to depict any blood at all, unicorn or otherwise, even if Harry Potter showed unicorn blood and still qualified for a family movie. 14) Killing a unicorn is a terrible crime that will get me cursed forever by Hasbro's attorneys. Whether there is a curse on the fictional character who killed the unicorn, however, is optional. 15) Not allowed to deliberately misspell "unicorn" during a narration and have the Transformer "Unicron" make a brief cameo, only to vanish when Twilight says, "Actually, the 'o' comes before the 'r'..." 16) Porting the game to the Nintendo 3DS is okay. Adding a minigame in the process that makes heavy use of the 3D features is also okay. Naming the minigame "Agh! My Eyes!" is not okay. 17) The mayor of Ponyville is named Mayor Maire, not "Geri Mandering"! (Say it out loud. I'll wait.) 18) Fluffy Ponies are not to make an appearance, even if I have a logically-flowing plotline where Twilight's magic accidentally causes hair growth. 19) None of Twilight's spells involve the words "Azarath metrion zinthos" 20) In all and any Battleship product placement, I cannot assume that the battle is taking place in the Bermuda Triangle. 21) Twilight Sparkle, as she is now a princess, has authority, not "authoritah". 22) If anyone utters the phrase "prince consort", the project is cancelled. 23) Having a minigame where Fluttershy gives veterinary treatment to animals is okay. Making a part of that treatment involve lancing a cyst is not. 24) Having a variety of gems as collectible items is okay. Naming one variety of gems the "Dosh Garnet" is not. (Say it out loud. I'll wait.) 25) Bringing back the Smooze from G-1 as a boss is okay. Defeating him by packing him into a magical steamer trunk is also okay. Having someone ask "What'cha gonna do with all that gunk? All that gunk inside your trunk?" is not. 26) "Human repellent" is not the ponies' natural musk. 27) Adding product placement for other products Hasbro makes is okay. Adding product placement for products I wish Hasbro would make (e.g. "Nerf Arenablast II for Wii U: the First Family-Friendly FPS") to try to pressure them into making them is NOT okay. 28) Even the omnivorous Spike, after claiming something vehemently and being proven wrong, is not allowed to literally "eat crow" for a visual gag. Even if he caught them trying to steal Applejack's corn. 29) Not allowed to have someone spoof Monty Python by having them complain that Twilight shouldn't be a princess just because she wrote her own magic and grew wings by saying "Making startling advances in a field of study and growing new appendages on account of it may be no small thing, but it isn't a reason to weild supreme executive power! I mean, if I went around saying I was emperor because I discovered the Higgs Boson and grew a prehensile tail, what would they do? They'd lock me away!" 30) Not allowed to incorporate any of Lauren Faust's trolling tweets into the game, especially not the ones about ponies' large intestines and the products and contents thereof. 31) It's Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor. Not Mi Amore Credenza and Shining Armoire. 32) Giving Fluttershy a spread-shot that involves birds is okay. Stealing Angry Birds sound effects and images for this attack is not okay, regardless of the fact that they are angry and they are birds. 33) Mac Tonight is not Princess Luna's court jester, knight-champion, or any other member of her royal court. 34) Spike is not an Amway salesman, and may not become one. 35) Fluttershy may not get her hens to be obedient by threatening them with the following phrases: "Jiblets", "McNuggets", "Chick Fillet", "buffalo wings", "extra crispy", "The Colonel's Secret Blend of Spices". (This is regardless of the fact that there was a Mr. Potato Head Show with a character named "Jiblets".) 36) There's an ancient legend that a unicorn will walk right up to a virgin girl sitting in a meadow, allowing hunters to then catch the unicorn. I am not allowed to incorporate this into the game in any way whatsoever. 37) Teaching kids about various subjects of science to make it an educational game is okay. Focusing entirely on medicine is not a good idea. Focusing entirely on proctology is right out. 38) As a demigoddess, Twilight may smite the wicked---but she's not allowed to say she's doing so in so many words. 39) Having money as a collectible item is okay. Having certain events unlocked when you collect enough is also okay. Making one such event "Buy Zecora a house in Ponyville, pay for her moving expenses, and then burn Everfree Forest TO THE GROUND, BABY!" is not okay. 40) Not allowed to create a pony version of Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: the Next Generation. Even if the pony version of Q went well. 41) Applejack may not commit insurance fraud, even if it is a plot point about depowering her Element of Harmony. 42) If I can find a way to make math fun, then I'm not only allowed, but encouraged, to add an educational math/calculator minigame. However, if I do so, I may not allow Pinkie Pie to divide by zero. 43) If I make a veterinary game with Fluttershy, not allowed to include enemas. 44) Add "Pistol Shrimp" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. Especially if he'd end up a caricature of mexican banditos. 45) Not allowed to create product placement for products that I know Hasbro will never license, e.g. "Mr. Potato Head's Microwave Seppuku" 46) Even though Mr Potato Head originally began as accessories you stick into a real potato to make a doll, not allowed to invent Mr. Potato Head's Microwave Seppuku as a minigame. Not even if I end with an aesop about playing with your food. 47) All the characters in the show are strictly herbivores. As such, none of them may ask "Where's the beef?" 48) None of the characters may say "Up yours!" even if it follows "Make 7". 49) Even if they're both bipedal reptiles with green bellies and purple everywhere else, Beast Wars Megatron cannot stand in for Spike, nor can Spike stand in for Megatron. 50) Not allowed to recreate the famous "butchering cow no comparison" scene from the Red Green show where they are discussing how disgusting it is to butcher a cow, and Red says "The cow is not an animal in the wild, it's...well, it's like a crop; it's like that apple. This is harvest time, that's all," to which Herald replies "There is no comparison! I didn't have to murder this apple first before I ate it!" and Red's snappy, gross-out reply is "No, with the steaks, we're doing the humane thing, which is to kill the cow first: you're eating that apple alive!" 51) Yes, Celestia is white. Yes, Luna is blue. Yes, Cadence is pink. No, I may not use this to recreate Charlie the Unicorn scenes. 52) Not allowed to kill a villain by dumping a large number of pogs in the ton-range onto them, just to make a gag about remembering them. 53) Spike, and any songs about him or starring him, are not and may not be allegories for marijuana as a reference to Puff the Magic Dragon. 54) The following technologies do not exist in Equestria: any forms of nuclear energy, the space program, matter/antimatter reactions, torpedoes, "rods from God", and socks. 55) Eddie Murphy won't be voicing any donkeys. 56) Bird is NOT the word! 57) The following creatures do not exist in Equestria: Slithy Toves, Morogoves, Mome Raths, Jabberwocks, Jub Jub Birds, and Bandersnatches. 58) Add "Hula Hagula" to the list of forbidden names. It's not just forbidden as a name for characters; it's also forbidden as a name for islands. Especially with what looks like one blue dancer introducing it, only for two more to pop out behind her. 59) Making that tennis player from the first episode featuring Apple Bloom appear again is okay. Having him say "Nothin' but net!" is not okay. 60) Not allowed to have "Beating a dead horse" be mentioned or acted out as a visual gag. 61) In real life, a horse's broken leg will often never be able to heal, and horses whose legs get broken are generally euthanized. I may not incorporate this fact into the game in any way whatsoever. 62) Unicorn magic is ~not~ unicorns using their horns to prod the laws of physics into submission! 63) First of all, the Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who series won't be in the game. Secondly, "Weeping Angel polish" is a terrible, terrible idea. 64) Even if the only recognizable lyrics are "Need more candy cane" and "The power is yet unknown", can't use a remix of Twister from The World Ends With You as background music for the help-Pinkie-Pie-fill-orders minigame, no matter how fitting. 65) When Luna was stuck on the moon for a millenium, she was not whaling. 66) Not allowed to use Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim as a form of torture, for the player OR characters. Even if it sounds like it's not real (it is real). 67) There are no microwaves in Equestria, and I'm not allowed to introduce them---even to teach kids never to put metal in the microwave. Especially not if the metal is pins stuck into a voodoo doll. 68) Having certain obstacles require inventory items to overcome, such as a special lock that only one, magical key can open, is okay. However, if one of the obstacles is water full of pirahnas, the item to get past it may not be bleach. 69) No plot points where Celestia sues a solar power plant for a cut of their profits. 70) In real life, foals are sometimes taken from their mothers at birth and raised by humans instead, a practice called "imprinting". Not allowed to incorporate this practice into the game in any way whatsoever. 71) Neither Rainbow Dash nor Fluttershy digivolved from Patamon and the digi-egg of hope. 72) Not allowed to name ANYTHING "Scrotch" 73) Using lasers as a weapon is frowned upon. Having the Baby Sea Ponies from G-1 pop in after using one and sing "Shoop da woop, shoop-shoop-da-woop!" is out of the question. 74) It's okay to tell kids not to mix certain chemicals, like bleach with ammonia or peroxide with nail polish remover. However, I am not allowed to tell them why with any level of specificity beyond "It's very dangerous", because if I tell them they can make poison gas and high explosives at home, they'll do it! (Bronies, don't try this at home---seriously, DON'T!!) 75) Not allowed to have any pony realize that they're all technically miniature horses, not ponies. 76) Furby may NOT be a boss! 77) Nor may Furby be a regular enemy, nor an NPC that threatens the player. 78) Having Rarity complain about "The Fickle Masses" when she's trying to sell clothing is okay. Having Pinkie Pie misspeak it as "The Fecal Masses" is not. 79) Equestria has no need for a High Lord Executioner, nor for a High Lord Everything Else. 80) I may not have any plot points that change #79. And even if I could, I wouldn't be allowed to have a thank-you letter from the school, showing gratitude to the Princess for giving them free glue. 81) Yes, there are three Cutie Mark Crusaders. Yes, they are from school. Yes, they are little. Yes, they are female. No, I may not give them Gilbert and Sullivan's "Three Little Maids From School" as a theme song! 82) Not allowed to drag God into the MLP franchise in any way, even if I hilariously refer to Him as "The Whatever From High Atop The Thing". (Especially not then.) 83) There is no "human cage at the zoo", and even if there were, it wouldn't be at maximum stinkage during feeding time. 84) The ponies aren't all speaking Korean. 85) Applebloom's catchphrase is not "Destroy, destroy, destroy!" 86) Provided the result doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities and fits with the fantasy setting, I may flesh out the ponies' religion. However, baptisms may not be performed with a Super Soaker, even if Super Soakers are Hasbro IP. 87) Cranky Doodle Donkey doesn't have chainguns, a green robotic alternate form, nor a rhino alternate form. 88) Nor does Cranky Doodle Donkey have a sword that he just plain never uses, even though he HAS it! 89) Not allowed to recreate the "Sunny Muffins" sketch from Robot Chicken. 90) Babs Seed's catchphrase cannot be any of the following: "Fer bootin' up cold!" "We're all gonna die" "SLAG!" 91) Add "Hookah Bazooka" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. 92) In real life, a stallion will fart loudly as an alarm signal to his herd. (I'm not making this up.) I am not allowed to incorporate this into the game in any way, shape or form. 93) Electricity doesn't exist in the Ponyverse, and I'm not allowed to introduce it. Especially not if I'm going to show Pumpkin Cake electrocuting herself because her parents didn't foalproof the outlets. 94) In real life, the unicorn myth originated because of medival-period misunderstandings in a traveller's description of a rhino. (I'm not making this up.) I am not allowed to incorporate this fact into the game in any way whatsoever. 95) Even if Twilight makes a mistake and upsets the populace, no one is allowed to say, "Hey, Twilight ascended to godhood---let's take HER name in vain!" 96) Have Derpy Hooves (possibly renamed "Derby Hooves") become an investor is okay, as long as I don't make any insinuation about the fact that her cutie mark is bubbles. 97) Pinkie Pie may not work as a collections agent. 98) Sweetie Belle is neither a robot nor possessed; she is a normal unicorn. (That's right, we did just say the phrase "normal unicorn". Get used to it.) 99) Applejack doesn't use a curling iron to cook bacon for her dog. 100) If the plot involves a rainy day with no school, then I am not only allowed, but encouraged (perhaps even required) to depict colts and fillies playing with Hasbro-created toys and games, even ones from the past. However, if I do so, I may not have anyone dump Beast Machines toys into the garbage just because I didn't enjoy the Beast Machines Transformers cartoon as a kid. 101) In addition to #100, no "TRUKK NOT MUNKEY!!" debates allowed. 102) No matter how appropriate it is for the Apple family to play it or how much fun I think it is IRL, "Apples to Apples" is Mattel's IP, and I may not have product placement for it. 103) Sweetie Belle can now use magic because of practice and just plain getting older, not by "taking a level in Wizard". 104) In real life, horses who are kept in a stable become pathologically bored and develop "stable vices"---things like "cribbing": biting a hard surface and sucking in air, which can damage their teeth. As such, there are real-life inventions that deliver a minor shock to the horse when he or she "cribs". ...I may not depict ANY of this in the game. 105) Even though Equestria is a pastiche of pre-electric America, and even if my own grandfather lived in that time and did this himself as a prank, not allowed to have anyone throw a cake of yeast into an outhouse. 106) Add "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. For so many different reasons...! 107) Not allowed to include the Bristol Stool Chart in any way, shape, or form. Even if I were allowed to do so, and even with the magical nature of Equestria taken into account, said charts wouldn't burst into flame when someone especially ugly passes by them! 108) Not allowed to have product placement for discontinued toylines from companies that used to be Hasbro's competitors, but were later bought out by Hasbro. Even if they ARE Hasbro's IP. 109) In the spirit of #108: Transformers are NOT a ripoff of Go-Bots! 110) In a Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook, it says only females may use a unicorn as a mount. I may not incorporate this into the game in any way whatsoever. 111) There may be "dire" versions of unicorns and pegasi in Dungeons and Dragons, but not allowed to have them in the My Little Pony universe! 112) Singing the "Modern Major General" song from Pirates of Penzance is not part of the promotion ceremonies in Equestria. 113) The Bagger 288 may not be: a level, an end boss, a regular enemy, a neutral NPC, or a playable character. 114) Nor is the Bagger 288 feuled by hate the way the Elements of Harmony are fueled by friendship! 115) Not allowed to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders performing any behavior that would make the Stallions watching them want to geld themselves to avoid having daughters. 116) Giving Hasbro the idea of licensing Friendship is Magic breakfast cereal is okay. Doing so by creating product placement for it before they actually license it is not. 117) Even if Friendship is Magic breakfast cereal existed, and even if the mane six were eating it, not allowed to have any characters point out the disturbing implications of them eating themselves. 118) If I need to say "Kids, don't try this at home!" more than twice in the same conversation, I'm not allowed to have that conversation. 119) Even if the word just means "rumors and gossip", I may not introduce the word "scuttlebutt" in the game. 120) Princess Cadence is NOT Shining Armor's "Battle Axe"! 121) Even if it IS legal, not allowed to have "Salvia" as part of a pony's name. 122) Nor will "Saliva" be allowed to be part of anyone's name! 123) Not allowed to make a running gag where a character says that the word "Unicornia" sounds like an eye disease. 124) There is a real-life fairy tale called "Seven Foals" where the foals are really the bewitched sons of a king, and they are turned back into humans by having their heads cut off. I may not incorporate this fairy tale into the game in any way whatsoever. 125) Lunar Eclipses don't turn Princess Luna invisible. 126) No matter what fan-theories may say, Pegasi and Alicorns don't have their wings stand up and become stiff when they are madly in love. 127) No creature in the Everfree Forest has boogers made of C4! 128) There was once a My Little Pony named "Pillow Talk". (No joke, it really once existed. Check the wiki.) She's not allowed to make a comeback. 129) Snips's special talent will NOT be gelding other stallions! 130) In real life, apples can make people gassy. I may not mention or imply this in the game, especially not from a rival fruitstand that's trying to ruin Applejack's business. 131) The game is a promotional piece and a community outreach, not a vehicle to pitch my ideas for Nerf: the Series! 132) Not allowed to quote Lord of the Flies. Especially not the hunting chant. 133) If a given problem's optimal solution is "pee on it", I'm not allowed to have that problem come up. 134) The name of the clergyman who was presiding over the funeral is "Mr. Waddle", not "Reverend Putter" (Note that Rev. Putter is a character copyright to me, used in a different game...which Hasbro may someday want to license a card game for, but let's not get ahead ahead of ourselves) 135) No one may open diplomatic relations with King Friday the 13th from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. 136) Any additional fantastic hooved creatures I want to add to Equestria must pass inspection. Centicores (creatures who are more or less to goats what unicorns are to horses) are okay. Heithrun, the goal of Valhalla from Norse myth whose teats produce mead instead of milk, is not okay. 137) Red Bull cannot turn earth ponies into pegasi, nor can it turn unicorns into alicorns. 138) Rainbow Dash cannot excrete Skittles. 139) First of all, not allowed to discuss mating, being in heat, or the estrous cycle, no matter how educational it might be. Second, even if I were, pegasi do NOT molt when they're ready to mate! 140) If rampant pollution is going to be present, it must be treated as a serious problem: NOT as a hilarious solution! 141) In the early 2000s, the Beast Machines Transformers toy line had a Maximal robot that transformed into a unicorn. (I'm not making this up.) This "Battle Unicorn" Maximal transformer may not be a character in the game. 142) While I am encouraged to have product placement for other Hasbro franchises like Mr. Potato Head, I am not allowed to create a legal nightmare by including both Superman licensed Mr. Potato Head parts and Captain America licensed Mr. Potato Head parts. 143) And I'm especially not allowed to have Superman Mr. Potato Head fight Captain America Mr. Potato Head. 144) Nor am I allowed to mix and match parts from the Superman Mr. Potato Head and Captain America Mr. Potato Head: not even if I call it a tribute to the big Marvel/DC Crossover Comics! 145) In reference to #143: if there's a fight between two Mr. Potato Head superheroes with a major difference in power levels between them, I'm not allowed to have anyone take bets on whether the one with less power will end up mashed or au gratin. 146) First of all, there are no telephones in Equestria. Secondly, it's not in Twilight Sparkle's character to flaunt her royal wealth by prank-calling 900 numbers. 147) Even if I were allowed to base a story arc on Ragnarok from Norse myth, not allowed to call it "Twilight Sparkle of the Gods" 148) The rays of a red sun do not sap Celestia's power. 149) The name "Robin Hoof" is taken. Besides, with more than one good princess on the throne, it shouldn't be necessary to rob from the rich and give to the poor. 150) Rarity's tail cannot be used as a spring to jump to higher locations. 151) If boorish behavior triggers an embolism or aneurysm in Rarity, that is a reason to remove that behavior from the story: it's not a segue to explaining the science behind an embolism or aneurysm to make it an educational game! 152) Adding a minigame where Twilight transmutes hay, fruit, etc. into meat to make food for pets is okay. Setting the game up so that she accidentally transmutes the hay/fruit into a cartoon bomb if you goof too many times is okay, too, provided it is of the black-ball-with-a-fuse-sticking-out variety: anything with fins, pineappling, biological payload, or radioactive material is out of the question! 153) Rarity's gem-finding magic can neither find nor accidentally detonate energon crystals or dilithium. 154) There was a villain from the Mr. Potato Head show named "Donkey Waddlefoot", who was never on-screen, except for a pair of hands with socks over them. Making a shout-out to him by adding a Donkey character is only okay if he loses the socks. 155) Remember how #86 says I can expand on the ponies' religion if it doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities? If they worship Unicron from Transformers, it offends sensibilities. 156) Rarity may not sell pea coats if I'm just going to make urination jokes about them. 157) Not allowed to open diplomatic relations with the King of Town from Homestar Runner, nor with Strongbadia. 158) Not allowed to make jokes about marijuana when I say the ponies eat grass. 159) Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel, does not scoop up field mice and bop them on the head. (Thanks for stealing that joke for Fluttershy's chapterbook, G.M. Barrow!) 160) GIJoe names aren't rejected My Little Pony names, nor are MLP names rejected GIJoe names. 161) The pet falcon Rainbow Dash rejected from "May the Best Pet Win" may not be named "Captain Falcon", nor may he have a Falcon Punch or Falcon Kick. 162) The demonic spellbook "Ars Goetia" doesn't exist in Equestria, and even if it did, it wouldn't be in Twilight's character to use it! 163) If I keep using the term "frisbee" in the game, the result will be that Hasbro will make me change it: NOT that Hasbro will decide to acquire Wham-O Toys to make the use of the term legal! 164) Even if a monster is about to eat some ponies, he's not allowed to call them "HORSE d'oeuvres". 165) If any story in the game has the moral "Never bring magic to a gunfight," I may not have that story. 166) Real-life livestock diseases, e.g. Hoof-and-Mouth Disease, Founder, and Mad Cow Disease will NOT be issues! 167) Having Snips and Snails playing with Nerf guns is okay. Having the victim of a large amount of nerf ammo being compared to World of Warcraft Retribution Paladins is not. 168) Even if the original 1980s Transformers cartoon did it, I can't depict ponies getting drunk on energon. 169) Starswirl the Bearded and Alpha Trion are two different characters; the issue is closed. 170) Not allowed to have a pony version of Taric from League of Legends. Especially not the "Armor of the Fifth Age" skin! 171) First of all, there are no cars in the TV show's continuity, even if there are car/pony toys. Secondly, when the toy's description says "Applejack drives her truck into town", it did NOT mean she crashes her truck through buildings in town! 172) Not allowed to use Bagpipe Music as a form of government-sanctioned torture, even if the 1998 Mr. Potato Head Show used it as a form of torture. 173) Snips and Snails aren't allowed to "melt stuff". Especially not Beast Machines toys. 174) When told there's no point to what they're doing, Snips and Snails aren't allowed to say "Points are for mares and fillies!" Reverse-sexism is still sexism. 175) When any character is called out on their "sexist attitude", the comeback may not be, "And you're a very sexy pony!" 176) Not allowed to give Spike the same verbal tic that Beast-era Megatron had---No. 177) Rarity's mother is not named "Hildebrand". 178) Yes, the Appaloosa episode implied salt overdoses from a saltlick were akin to being drunk. No, I cannot capitalize on this by having Pinkie Pie EAT a whole saltlick! 179) Diamond Tiara may not become the spokespony for the new "Rebelle" brand Nerf guns for girls! It must be a HEROIC character! 180) The ponies are not nudists---scratch that: I must not CALL them "nudists". 181) No city in Equestria is really the transformer Metroplex in disguise! 182) Nor are any coral reefs around Equestria Metroplex's beast form! (WHY would anyone have friggin' CORAL for a beast form?!?!) 183) First of all, there's only one moon. Secondly, Luna cannot transform the moon into a planet-buster weapon! 184) There is no relation whatsoever between Mini-con Twirl and Pinkie Pie. 185) The Vok will not make an appearance---they were scary enough for boys, not foisting them off on girls! 186) The Autobot Matrix of Wisdom cannot substitute for the Elements of Harmony, nor vice versa. 187) Shining Armor may not sing "You've got the touch!" 188) Having Rainbow Dash convert a cloud into a Rebelle Nerf "Stratofortress" is okay. Trying to add product placement for said "Stratofortress" as if it were a real product is not. 189) #136 said that any fantasy hooved creatures I want to add must pass inspection first. "The Devil's herd" of cattle from the "Ghost Riders In The Sky" country song is out of the question. 190) Quintessons, five-faced alien monsters who built the Transformers in the G-1 Transformers cartoon, have no place in a My Little Pony adaptation! 191) I can't get revenge on Hasbro for cancelling toylines I was looking forward to as a kid (e.g. a TransTech continuation of Beast Wars/Beast Machines) by having product placement for them and then tacking on "coming...never!" to the end. 192) Not allowed to make jokes about glue. Especially not implying that sniffing ponies can have psychoactive effects. 193) There is no tendancy for dog food factories and/or glue factories to appear in the vicinity of retirement homes, hospitals, prisons, and/or cemetaries. 194) Add "Public Execution" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. 195) Yes, Risk is Hasbro's IP. No, Equestria may not be a combatant in it. 196) Not allowed to have a giant ramhead crash Applejack's tractor. 197) Censors are human beings who ensure the content of a video or game is appropriate, but the word "censor" can also mean "a metal container that holds burning incense". I may not confuse the two. 198) If ponies are captured by some hostile force (e.g. trolls or goblins) and kept in cages, not allowed to label the cages "Live Glue" or "Live Dogfood". 199) The song "The Old Gray Mare", despite being horse-themed, is NOT appropriate for 6-10 year old girls. Or most bronies, for that matter. 200) Johnny Rottenapple from the 1998 Mr. Potato Head Show and Applejack's Apple Family do not and may not have anything to do with each other, and I may not base a pony character on Johnny Rottenapple, either. There are plenty more of these, but posting everything all at probably not such a great idea...
  18. Normally, there's a rule against posting a work that isn't your own, but I asked for and got special permission to post this: FIends from Dream Valley: Fiends from Dream Valley is an unfinished fan-project that was abandoned a year or two ago; it was a platformer that was going to repurpose some Generation-1 villains like Crunch the Rock Dog and Lavan in a G-4 setting, and it allowed the player to play as any one of the main six (except Rarity; she wasn't added to the game before the project was abandoned). Those who worked on FFDV have since gone on to other things; I know all this because I emailed the team who made it several months ago. Since it had so many similarities to my own fangame (there are links to mine in my signature), and since the original team's website no longer exists and it can't be downloaded anywhere else, I'm posting a copy of it here so anyone who's interested can download it from my Google Drive to have a look. The controls are the w/a/s/d keys to move and jump, spacebar to kick, the control key lets you switch between playable ponies, and the mouse is part of the game, too: clicking on doors in the background lets you go through them, clicking on some objects while playing as Twilight lets you use her magic to move them around, and clicking on some NPCs lets you speak with them (though not every NPC in the game can be spoken with; the little "hand" cursor lets you know which ones can and which ones can't be talked to).
  19. This game takes place in an alternate universe in which during the Luna and Celestia battle, Luna managed to avoid being sent to the moon due to the darkness inside of her. Celestia casts a spell altering her form and she takes the name of Owluna, after the creatures of the night. You play as Vinyl Scratch, with help from a former Lunar guard by the name of Moonshine. Together you go on a quest to twart Owluna's plans and save Equestria.
  20. For the last two and a half years or so, I've been programming and building a fangame...alone. At the moment, it's a platformer/shmup called Weather Factory Meldown, where you can play as any of the main six and switch between them on the fly, and you use the Elements of Harmony to fight your way past storm elementals infesting the weather factory. It's also got a level editor so you can create and share your own levels---I have another thread discussing it here: I would love to turn this into a game that lets players explore Ponyville at their own pace, has multiple levels showing off different locations in Equestria and beyond, has sidequests with fan-favorite background characters, and contains an epic story worthy of Friendship is Magic. But I know I can't make the game that awesome on my own. If anyone is interested in helping me, what I really need at the moment is feedback on the game and the editor. I'm planning on continuing development on the game engine and the editor, adding features like the ability to create your own playable characters, NPCs, items, dialog, and cutscenes. But before I can get to those fun, interesting, challenging features, I need to know what's user-friendly and what isn't, and what works for artists and level designers and what doesn't work. When you're the only audience for your own work---well, you tend to lose sight of how user-friendly your tools really are. Here's a link to the game itself, complete with editor, if you want a look: And some tutorials videos I put together for the editor: If you're interested in hearing more about how I got the idea for this game and where I'd like this game's future development to go, I have some youtube videos explaining that, too (note that nothing in my plans is set in stone): I've also attached a zipped file containing some images from the game, which can be used in the editor: WFM game Please let me know what you think; I'm looking forward to your feedback EDIT: I've updated to version 0.2.0, which has parallax-scrolling backgrounds. I've also added some speaker-NPCs, but I still need to add an inventory/equipment system, custom enemies, and a lot more.
  21. HELLO. I'M MAKING THIS GAME. Basically, it is a *HUGE* MLP RPG set waaay before equestria. It will feature: - Many playable party characters - A large story arc (I am a writer after all) - Hundreds of detailed NPCs (you can use your OC in-game) - Tons of different equipment and spells - A detailed world with rich lore, from the top of Korry Rock to the mines of Kaoz Anybody is getting hired right now. Anybody. (This will be made using RPG Maker 2003. I will probably write the story and compose the music.) I need help with sprites. As in i don't know how to make them take 2 spaces. *bumpitybumpitybumpity*
  22. Hello, everypony. My name is Pinkie Pie Rules, but you may call me Pinkie, PPR, or other variations. Now that introductions are through, I need to ask a teensy-weensy favor. I am founding this fan project out of love for two great universes; Super Smash Bros. and MLP: FiM. This game title will play like the standard Smash titles, with all the characters in the series to date making an appearance, as well as many, many new fighters. Amongst the new fighters, however, stand heroes from a world far on the other side of the universe - a world known as Equestria. I need your help to make this dream a reality. Current Team: Pinkie Pie Rules - Head, Supervisor, Writer, Moveset Creation ChangelingPhilosophy - Art and Spriting AppleGearRising - Brainstorming and Advisory Positions Needed: Spriting - We need people talented in making game sprites. To see the style needed to emulate, look up Gregarlink10's work on DA. Coding - A very needed position. We need coders to make the game work; preferably those fluent in GameMaker, which will likely be the system to code in. Music - A necessary part of any game; music is important. Voice Acting - For certain characters, custom voices need to be made. Currently Confirmed Cast of Characters*: - Mario - Link - Pikachu - Kirby - Fox - Villager - Sonic - Mega Man - Twilight Sparkle & Spike - Pinkie Pie - Applejack - Rarity - Fluttershy - Rainbow Dash - The Cutie Mark Crusaders (together as one) * The Full Game Roster is set in stone, to see it, you must join the team and agree to a non-disclosure agreement. Thank you for reading, everypony, and if you wish to join the team, post here and mention me in your post, or pm me. Remember, Friendship is Magic. Now, how about you help a friend in need?
  23. NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download Latest Version (0.8.0): http://www.gamefront...de_ver._0.8.exe: Patch released! Download, extract, and replace the files What is Super Smash Bros. Crusade? Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games have to offer. SSBC Development Team Falcon8r - Programming, General Development Phantom7 - Art and Graphics [May not be helping with development anymore] (Original poster of this thread) Dr. MarioX - Spriting Werekill - Miscellaneous [May not be helping with development anymore] Dettadeus - Minor programming, Miscellaneous Felipe_9595 - Character Balancing, Stage Programming Jaklub - General Programming, Online Mode (There are many other people helping out, but too many to list here. A full list will be included in the game's credits) System Requirements Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 DirectX 8 or later DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory Pentium or equivalent processor DirectX 8 compatible sound card 128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation) 960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors Character List Characters currently in Demo version 0.8: FAQs What types of / How many characters will be included in this game? -- We have quite a lengthy list of fighters (the character roster will total 80 characters, plus alternate forms). There will be plenty of 3rd parties and new representatives from Nintendo games, along with a bonus -- 1 4th party (not originally from a video game series) representative that appears frequently in video games, and that is Goku. What types of / How many stages are in this game? -- We also have quite a long stage list (app. 60-65) that includes a great variety of past (64, Melee, and Brawl) and original stages. The roster is being changed slightly, but will still be around 65 stages. Will this game include and Online Play feature? -- yes, the new version includes an online mode. A tutorial will be made in the future to explain how it works. What's this I hear about DLC? Is it like SSF2's expansions? -- After the game reaches version 1.0, there will be a series of patches under the name CrusaDLC. Each patch will contain five additional characters and a number of extra stages, and there will be 5 patches. This totals to 25 additional characters. One is already confirmed, four slots are reserved so that there will be one additional rep for Mario, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Kirby, and the last 20 are going to be decided by a massive poll. You might ask why these characters and stages aren't just added into the main game instead of being released as DLC. And I might answer that these are characters that would fit well in Crusade but are missing one key factor, such as having been on a Nintendo console (one of the requirements for the roster). The stages are really just whatever we have available and left over that fits. How many hours a day does the team work on the game? -- There isn't a set amount of time. Personally, some days I may not touch the .gmk, others I might work on it as long as I'm awake. I plan to devote a lot of time to Project: Crusade, but I have a life too, you know! As for the rest of the team, it's still pretty choppy. Which Smash Bros. game is SSBC going to resemble the most? -- Probably Melee. But some features showcased in Brawl are a part of this game (this does not include tripping!). Overall, though, it tries to be its own game, and it feels very much like that. What resolution does SSBC run in? 960 x 720. However, we do have plans for making HD versions of the game that will run in 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720. Will there be NASL in SSBC? Edges have a significant sweetspot area around them, mainly implemented to help out characters with shorter horizontal recovery. The sweetspot is approximately the size of Kirby's body. Also, note that you will auto-grab an edge if you walk off or roll off of it while DI'ing toward the stage. Lol can I do SHDJCFFL in SSBC? Uhhh, not exactly, but I'll tell you this. Double jumps can be short-hopped. There is fast-falling, but it doesn't cancel upwards momentum. L-Cancelling is in the game as of v0.8. Some moves will autocancel in their last few frames as well. Will there be [LOLrandom mehanic from other game series]? Mostly, the answer here is no. The game will have the mechanisms present in Melee, for the most part, but even these may only to be some extent. How many moves do characters have? Here is a full list: Jab Forward, Up, and Down Tilts Dash Attack Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, and Dair Forward, Up, and Down Smashes Grab Forward, Back, Up, and Down Throws Neutral B Side B and Smash B (on some characters, such as Samus and Ryu) Up B (and Smash Up B on few characters) Down B Edge Recovery Attack Final Smash(es) Examples of Smash B vs Side B - Samus Super Missiles vs. Homing Missiles, Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick vs. normal Hurricane Kick How much Hitstun will attacks cause? The hitstun is somewhere between Melee and Brawl, leaning towards Melee, and it depends heavily on the attack being used. Also, throws have an intrinsic 3 extra stun frames which is just enough to allow some combos to occur. Many attacks have extra inherent hitstun, like Snake's Knee and Ryu's Down Tilt, but most normal attacks do not have much. So, for instance, Up Tilt juggling with Mario is mostly dependent on your opponent's failure to escape. This is not to say there are no true combos; in fact, every character in the game so far has at least two true attack strings that occur at specific damage percents. This game is not too combo-heavy, but it has a few. However, there is a combo-counter that lets you know when you successfully perform an attack string. Are there Final Smashes / How do they work? Well, you have a Smash Gauge below your character's percent monitor on the screen, and this gauge fills up as you pound the living tar out of your enemies. It also fills up a little bit when you take damage, as well. When it's full, it will turn white and say ("FINAL SMASH!") That's your chance to pull out all the stops and unleash your character's ultimate attack. You can even adjust the amount of power the gauge will take to fill up in the VS Settings. The default is 200, but you can go as low as 50 and as high as 1000. 50 is a little ridiculous, though, so use wisely. Is this a Flash game? Nope. We use Game Maker 7 Pro, for specific reasons, like ease of programming and knowledge of the GM language. Will there be Mac Versions? Hopefully, but it may be a while before that's possible. As Windows (and Lynux) users, we'll have to get our hands on a Mac somehow in order to do that. How can I insert my own music into the game? Simply insert an MP3 (.mp3) audio file into the SSBC/music/(stage name) folder. The audio file will play at the stage that corresponds to the folder you inserted it in (obviously). The game will display the name of the file - without the extension - at the beginning of a match. You can insert multiple files, and they will be selected randomly during gameplay. Screenshots (0.8.1) Gameplay Videos (0.8)
  24. I know there's a possibility that some of you combination bronies/Mega Fans have already gotten your desired MM/FiM cross out of Mega Pony, who unfortunately beat us to the punch. However, there is another game in development out there that promises much more content than was offered in said game. Ladies and gentlemen... Plotline The events of our plotline take place between seasons 2 and 3 of FiM. After being imprisoned in stone in his most recent bout, Discord reaches out to other worlds, searching for a being almost as mad as himself for help. Locating Dr. Wily in Mega Man's universe, he calls out to him, offering a promise of great power. Naturally, the mad scientist hastily constructs a portal to Equestria—an easy task, with his knowledge of science—and finds a way to free Discord from his prison. When the Mane Six rise up to defend their land from this chaotic duo, they find themselves no match for Wily's foreign technology. Not only are they defeated, but once they are, Discord uses his own powers to seal their spirits inside their precious Elements of Harmony—the power source for Dr. Wily's new machines. The duo is a success: Discord is free to spread as much chaos as he pleases, since nothing stands in his way, and Dr. Wily has new Robot Masters that are stronger than ever to destroy Mega Man. Wily returns to Monstropolis and unleashes his Robots, and—like he has so many times before—Mega Man sets out to stop them... Notable Features Unlike most Mega Man fangames, which are more like the NES games of old in terms of amount of content and appreciation for storyline, Mega Man Disharmony is attempting to deliver something similar to the more recent Mega Man games: a retro-styled experience with the amount of content and attention to detail you would expect from a modern game. Things worth looking forward to include: > Not one, not three, but five playable characters > A shop system more like Mega Man & Bass's, featuring core upgrades rather than consumeables > Reappearance of the Buster Parts, not seen or used since Mega Man 8 > More dialogue and character interaction, including boss banter in the vein of Mega Man Powered Up, and a hub area visited between stages > An Endless Attack Mode like that of Mega Man 9 and 10 (Hopefully the first fangame to feature one!), featuring three bonus bosses Samples of Our Work Unlike most other Mega Man fangames, which utilize preexisting elements, our head has decided to kick it up a notch and create new graphics for even the preexisting characters. While this has led us to expend unnecessary time and energy, we are more than convinced the end result will be worth it. Here is a sample of some of the work that has been done so far. More will be available in the links below. The Team So Far Dameon R. Schnieder: Founder of the Mega Man Disharmony project. Primary sprite artist. Wrote the base storyline of the game. DarkBowser100: Primary (Only) programmer. Secondary sprite artist. VirtualSonic43: Secondary sprite artist. CHAOS_FANTAZY: Secondary sprite artist. Primary story developer/scriptor. DJKlzonez: Former head of the "Megamare" project. Music writer. Xemogasa: Music writer. Lamda Bamda: Guest sprite artist (Helped sprite Dash). FAQ What do you need for this project? As far as ideas go, Mega Man Disharmony is basically set. What we're looking for now is a group of competent team players, to help get things done. Right now, an experienced level designer is one of our top priorities (Level design is very important, especially in Mega Man, and we really only have one member attempting level design at the moment), but anything helps. Programmers, sprite artists, musicians...even an enemy concept would help. I am interested in helping this project. Where can I reach the developers? Despite the fact that it has not been recently updated, the Mega Man Disharmony Tumblr blog (Which also features a lot more graphical work) remains the best place to get in touch with the project head, Dameon Schnider. I can't offer what you're looking for, but I'd still like to help. What can I do? In a nutshell: tell someone who can. It is worth noting that we are trying to avoid mass popularity and the front page of Equestria Daily—we feel we don't have enough content to show big-time places like that, and with Hasbro being as C&D-happy as they are, you can never be too careful. However, if you know someone who could help the project and might be interested, tell them about us! Can you feature [insert pony here] in the game? I cannot disclose any information regarding the inclusion or exclusion of any pony, fanmade or canonical, at this time. If you have any further questions, I shall answer them to the best of my ability. With all the formalities out of the way...discuss.
  25. Hi so I have 2 fan game ideas but it seems for the time being I only have the budget (and attention span of the rest of my team) to make one. I will get the other done eventually but I would really like to know which of these I should make right now. 1. A guitar hero style rhythm game with where you play as Vinyl Scratch and you must save Equestria with your music by Guitar Hero style playing various songs from the show, as well as remixes of them. 2. a top-down rouge-like dungeon crawler game, In this one twilight effs up a spell and the Mane6 get teleported to a secret dungeon underneath the Canterlot castle, as they try to escape they find some deep and disturbing secrets about the princess. that's about all I'm going to spoil about the plots of either game, so please tell me which one I should start working on first. Thanks