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Found 35 results

  1. FanOfManyShows

    Clothing Color

    What color of clothing do you usually end up wearing? Using myself as an example, I usually end up wearing black clothes.
  2. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone on Deviant Art , this time featuring Sunset Shimmer. Their idea was that, just after the events of "Friendship Games", Sunset Shimmer's brief turn as "Daydream Shimmer" puts her in temporary contact with her friends' powers. She then gets to have a fun day or so using them to do various things: creating a ballgown, acing a zoology test (with some help from Fluttershy's animal friends) , baking a masterpiece, lifting incredible weights, and winning the 100 yard dash with ease. The ballgown in panel 2 and the cake in panel 4 are my design The extra racers in the last panel were also created by me. Sunset Shimmer's gym outfit in the last 2 panels are the commissioner's design. All other designs/backgrounds are based directly on the show.
  3. I did this series for someone over on Deviant Art who commissioned me. For anyone who wants more info on each picture you can go here.
  4. So, the question is, how often do you go get a haircut? And how do you prefer your hair? I usually go to the stylist whenever I feel my hair has become very large, and personally, I prefer having short hair but sometimes I let it grow long enough before my monthly trip to the barbery
  5. All of these are commissions I've done in the past. #1- Original character reference sheet #2 and 3- MLP/Gundam 00 crossover. Making gundam armor fit pony bodies is rather difficult, but I managed! #4- Some Equestria Girls stuff. All the outfits are my design (except Rarity's). This one was rather fun; super0girly and all that (note: the Twi-Twilight here is "Sci-Twi")
  6. Guest

    Post fashion.

    Hi there, I love fashion and I hope you do too, so let's post some fashion related pictures and/or artwork. I'll start with one of my favorites, a brand called Dope Chef. And trust me, you've never seen anything like it. Also post recent purchases if you feel like it.
  7. I really wonder what caused the makers to use boots for the initial EqG characters, since most foot fashion that was directed towards women (as I know) usually consisted of high heels. Was it due to a fashion trend in 2013 where colourful or decorated boots have become the trend during that time?
  8. Hello darlings. Finally, the powers that be at Poniverse have decided to take this community in the fashionable turn that has been just way too long coming. I know everypony has been desperately pining for the day when the most fabulous pony has taken over our, shall we say, quaint group of ne'er-do-wells. Finally, the horrible wait is over, and I, very proudly I must add, hereby present: Rarity Forums: Chic Couture, Fabulosity, and Generosity for all! Oh my, what a perfect time to present my line of personalized handkerchiefs, embroidered by hoof, imported from the finest silk of Saddle Arabia, to my adoring public? I believe these are the happiest tears that any mare has dared to tear. Have fun at your new home, darlings. EDIT (2017-04-02): It was fun playing Rarity for a day, I hope you all had a fun April Fools
  9. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Is Rarity the Rihanna of MLP?

    So I was just recalling some clips from an old 2012 segment of Oprah and it got me thinking: Rarity and Rihanna seem quite similar. Both have compelling beauty, amazing voices, stay true to their origins whilst mixing with the "high life", and are serious about their dedication to fashion and clothing design. They also have had run-ins with selfish boys and whilst remaining cool over those who love them, can snap at times. Even their smiles and eyelashes look similar:
  10. Brony 4 Dead

    Fedoras: Hot or Not?

    I would say that I love fedoras but I know there is a lot of different opinions both being positive and negative. I made a small poll on this subject and like to hear the opinions that surround the idea of fedoras. GO!
  11. A lot of things have changed in my high school when it comes to fashion and what people wear... what does mlp forum think of the new styles? ...also what do you wear on the daily? Here's what I wore... dont mind the pillow
  12. Most subcultures have a particular fashion sense whether we speak of emos, hipsters, goths, or just about any other subculture really. By looking the part, it becomes easier to find others who are being unique in exactly the same way you are. Now then, what do you think epitomizes the brony/pegasister look? Or perhaps, what do you think high fashion might be within our subculture?
  13. Wind Chaser

    Best Pony Outfits

    Sure, they don't normally wear clothes, but that doesn't mean they don't ever wear clothes! I saw it appropriate, that since this forum is honoring World Fashion Day, to make a blog post about my favorite outfits from the show: Fashion, despite being a major part of Rarity's character and prominent in many episodes of the series, is often overlooked in its symbolism and expression of character. Many of the show's artists express enjoyment with designing outfits for the characters to wear on special occasions. I'd like to see how much this community appreciates it. Which outfits in the series are your favorites? What kind of fashion would you like to see in the series?
  14. Hi, to go straight to the point, I am working on a story and I have just begun to introduce my two main characters (both girls). I describe their personality and there and their eyes, hairstyle, you know, the usual stuff. I then felt like, if I really want my readers to be able to get an image of how these main characters look, how can I really do that. So being a guy that is not in to fashion and pretty much dress however I choose to, I found it hard to describe a Women´s figures. I´ve done some research and come up with that many girls follow some kind of figure shape, like Hourglass shape or triangle shape, when they describe their body and choose clothes. But does all girls do this or is it a question about if your in to fashion or not. I think that, if I can use these shapes in my story it would be a great help but I don´t wan to end up with only, you know, just perfect examples of model girls. I want it to sound realistic but still it´s very good to have some kind of scheme to work after. Thanks for taking your time to read this and a symbolic brohoof to you if you reply /) (Oh and I tried to find the right part of the forum to post this but I´m not sure I managed to, so if any admins move it, Thank you on forehand)
  15. Eloquence

    The Pony Fashion Thread

    This thread is for any and all discussion of mlp-themed fashion and outfits. By that, i do not just mean pony t-shirts to wear with jeans or what have you (though those are cute too). I mean FASHION, coordinated looks and outfits that even Rarity would be proud of! Handmade items adorned with subtle pony nods, outfits based on pony color schemes, things worn not just because ponies, but also because they just plain look good. Pictures are more than welcome, and this thread is not for any particular gender, so have at it
  16. I'm curious to see if any of you are interested in makeup or fashion - I'd love to see some photos of your makeup/fashion if you are. Especially if it's inspired by MLP! I guess I'm just curious about what some of you look like too - do you incorporate MLP into your everyday style? I really love extreme fashion and I wear a TON of makeup haha >_< <3
  17. CC_Maud_Pie

    Most Unique Hat You Own?

    Are there hats any of you own that you consider unique? Also, where did you get them from? Here are mine: Despicable Me hat from Universal Studios Hollywood: SnapBack from World of Disney Disneyland Paris. Not sure if this is the Cheshire Cat?
  18. CC_Maud_Pie

    My Little Pony snapback hats

    We live in a time period where due to influence of stuff like hip hop, snapback hats are becoming something that's highly demanded. On, snapback hats right now include Derpy face and her ears, DJ Pon-3 face and her ears and horn, one that has the word Brony on it, and one with all the characters. My question is, should there be ones for each of the Mane 6 that contain their faces the same way the Derpy and DJ Pon-3 does? Also, what other characters faces are worthy of a snapback appearance. I think there should be one for each of the Mane 6 and also one for Princess Luna because they're the most popular characters and that bronies that like to wear snapbacks will probably want to wear them. Just an idea since my understanding is that snapback hats are a big trend right now and that I've seen lots of people wear them.
  19. So..the official listing for the Rainbow Power Fashion Style Applejack and Daisy Dreams went up on Target's website back in August. It is now January and they still have not been released. The newer line is just now starting to come out at this point. Are these two doomed to never see a release in the US at this point? It has been about 5 years since we had last seen Applejack in a fashion style form. I just hope these were not canceled.
  20. I've done a topic about the best and worst transportation system. Now I'm doing one about shopping malls. Here's my best and worst so far. Best: - Westfield Valley Fair, San Jose: This was a hard one to pick but I went with this one. Why? Because the atmosphere is good and it's big. - Lloyd Center, Portland: Same as above except it has an ice rink. - Westfield San Francisco Centre: Good location; in the downtown area. Worst: - Hilltop Mall, Richmond: This mall is a dump. Not many good stores and I don't really feel safe in it. I know this happens in every mall, but this was the only mall I've witnessed a fight in it.
  21. So far there has been 4 generations of mlp. I haven't seen any of them except G4 but I do know some things about the other generations. I also know that Rainbow Dash was in G3 and G3.5 and she was a girly fashionista. So, which RD do you like better? And which generation of Mlp would you recommend to people who haven't watched mlp yet?
  22. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    How did *these* boots become a fashion?

    I surely wonder how did boots become a fashion trend for girls, by the time these dolls were produced ... ?
  23. So..There was the announcement of these two: However they appear to not be available. The listing for Daisy Dreams is active but she is not available. As for Applejack, it claims that she is "No longer available" What the buck is going on? Are these canceled?
  24. OOC A brand new day has risen and Celestia's sun was already shining brightly above the horizon. The day was proving itself to be simply marvelous. With sunny weather scheduled by Pegasi for today, it was a perfect opportunity to get some work done. And that was Rarity's plan for today. She had been simply yearning for a chance of dedicating herself to her work once more. Considering she's been really busy with important orders coming from various parts of Equestria, she felt somewhat at guilt she was neglecting her beloved, small town as of late. But not anymore. From the very morning white mare was extremely preoccupied with polishing the smallest details in boutique's visual sensations. Everything was simply shining! The floor was crystal-clean; multiple mannequins were wearing the most astounding ensembles she currently had on sale, both for mares and stallions; the main hall had a number of improvised cubicles designed for changing; the walls were dressed with brand new 'curtains', made from the materials she was willing to use for custom orders... even the ceiling had a few strings of colorful ribbons running under it. In a word, all the loose ends in the boutique were tied up perfectly! The boutique was already open for quite some time, yet Rarity wasn't discouraged. She knew far too well that sometimes it took some time for customers to start appearing. Deciding to make the best of that last moment of peace, she was carefully inspecting the tiniest details in interior's decor. Her tape measure was gently resting on her back, just behind her neck. She certainly felt more than prepared for handling any customer that would walk past her doorstep. That being said, she didn't have to wait long as, indeed, the very first customer of the day (hopefully) made it to the boutique. Without even paying attention who she's dealing with, Rarity greeted the newcomer with her usual catchphrase: "Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique!"
  25. I've been working on these two drawings since a few days ago, and I just finished these. Personally, I'm a big fan of Rarity and Flash, and of course for other ponies out there, but here I just want to focus on these two. Traditional artwork for Flash Sentry I like Flash Sentry because I find him a really cool character, even though he's not that interesting concerning about his personality according to canon results, but even so I tried to bring out something different from him were he's practically doing something. I imagine him that he's in a battle, in which he lost his helmet, and got a scratch, etc. but still has the guts to courageously continue the fight. Digital artwork for Rarity And Rarity, we all know the fabulous Rarity. I really like her because I can really relate to her when it comes to her admiration to fashion. I myself am very familiar with fashion, even for the women, so all her dress-making capabilities are not much of a mystery to me. I also added the gems in the drawing because that is her trademark design to her creations. So, I hope you like it guys