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Found 53 results

  1. You are with your favorite pony (whether you've just gotten to know them or you've been closer than lovers since forever, doesn't matter) when 1 day out of the blue, they challenge you to a fight. And their reason is, well it's pretty much Tyler Durden logic: "How do you know who you are until you've been in a fight?" and this horse is ready to throw down. So what do? Do you run away and disappoint your fave pony? Do you try to talk, negotiate, beg and plead your way out of a physical confrontation? Do you stand there as a bucking bag? Or do you take them on? And if it's the latter, do you think you could win or at least survive? And if that, how would engage this equine? Knock them out, beat them into submission, make them tap out or choke them out? And what strategy and fighting style would you try to employ in this contest of Homo Sapien versus Equis Magicae? So just to clear things up, no flying, no magic, no weapons, and no this isn't to the death either. It's a fair fight. A straight up test of fighting skill and endurance to find out who will be the last one standing. So now that the playing field has been leveled, do you still think you can best your favorite pony? Will your favorite pony just gallop right thorough you? Or will you still try to talk your way out, let them beat on you and frustrate them even more or just simply retreat and disappoint them?
  2. assuming that ponies and humans are interacting each other for long time, one day you get an invitation from your favorite pony and you must give her/him a perfect present! how do you react for getting the invitation? What present do you give her/him?
  3. Okay, so I already made the favorite pegasus poll, and now I'm wondering who everyone's favorite unicorns are. Like the last poll, just choose your favorite(s) and explain why you like them. If they're not on the list, just state which one you like. My favorites are Vinyl Scratch and Twilight Sparkle. Vinyl because she's an awesome DJ and i rly lyk her mane, also because I love electronic (mostly trance) music. Also Twilight because I'm most like her, I read a lot and I'm very academically focused.
  4. Like the title says. Did your opinions of who's your favorite ponies change over seasons 1 through 4, or over time in general? I actually liked Rainbow Dash's energy and tomboyish nature (mostly her arrogance and pride) when i first started watching the show, making her my favorite pony. Around the second half of the first season i started liking rarity more because of her clever dialogues and delivery and, of course, her song (that's one of my top favorites). I eventually gravitated to Pinkie in season 2, in which her character was a whole lot more developed (in my opinion anyway). Did something similar happen to you? Doesn't have to be with the mane 6, could also be any background pony / princess you have in mind?
  5. Just as the question says. Whether you're truly not invested in the characters enough to choose a favorite, that the pony you really like happens to change from day to day, or you are just simply plagued with indecision, anyone else here lack an all time favorite pony?
  6. Are there any moments in the show or episodes involving your favorite pony that dissapointed you or just made you go seriously WTF? For me it is Somepony To Watch Over Me because of how insanely out of character Applejack was in that episode. We know Applejack can in some circumstances be overprotective but that side was exaggerated way more than was justified without even the slightest semblance of a proper buildup to make any of it believable. I haven't had an episode piss me off this much since Magical Mystery Cure though to be fair this episode thankfully isn't as craptastic as that one.
  7. Hello, my name is Jack and I am a journalism student at Dalhousie University. I am doing an assignment that focuses on learning about the passions or obsessions of others and writing a short feature story about them. The story will only be seen by my professor and I would really appreciate if anyone could answer some of the following questions: How long have you been a brony? Why did you first start watching MLP? What drew you to the brony community? How do you participate and or contribute to the community? Who is your favourite pony? Thank you for your cooperation!!
  8. So what would your favorite pony have to do lose that position, and make them only your second favorite character or worse? My favorite pony is Applejack. She would stop being my favorite pony if she lost her mind and killed her family. Or if we're aiming for something more plausible to actually happen, I might like her somewhat less if she was revealed to be scornful or disapproving of Big Mac's closet fantasies of being a hero, or maybe she wasn't understanding of what he did in Brotherhooves Social. How about y'all?
  9. I was chatting with a friend recently about their first avatar, and ended with the conclusion that Fluttershy was their first favorite pony. Coincidentally, so was mine (wait for it), which made me think...what is the first thing that most of us look for in a favorite pony, and what do we value more? When I first started the show, Fluttershy was my favorite because she was the kindest of them all and was adorable and sweet (Coco's a little similar to her). Heck, even Discord couldn't corrupt her without poking her head to let the magic happen. But eventually, we learn more about other characters and realize there's more to a favorite pony than who's the most kind, and so we probably go through some phases in which we have a different pony as our favorite for a certain period of time. I've definitely grown fond of Pinkie Pie with her energetic, bouncy, crazy antics..gah! How about you? Unfortunately I limited the choices to the mane 6 and Princess Celestia since we see these characters the most and so it's unlikely that you were to like a different pony at first besides these folks. And Spike is not a pony...buuut, I think I'll throw him in there anyways.
  10. I'm sure that for many people their first favorite pony isn't the same as their current one. If so, how and when did it change? My favorite pony for the first couple episodes was Rainbow Dash, but then Fluttershy rose to become my favorite around the time Dragonshy came out. Fluttershy has been my favorite ever since, and always will be. Later on, Twilight became my second favorite. But within the last few months, Rainbow Dash once again rose to become my second favorite, now followed closely by Twilight. But of course, I love everypony. I don't actually have a least favorite pony of the Mane 6.
  11. So, here's a question. Lets look at things from the past to now. What was your original Favorite/least favorite ponies of the mane six? Who is your current least favorite/favorite pony? mane six only. List your reasons please (I've left starlight off for now as its a bit soon in the season to gauge her spot in the group. Similarly, Sunset is an EQG character not FIM so I left her off)
  12. See a there a topic/poll for Favorite Unicorn and Earth Pony. What your favorite Pegasus? So my are Derpy, My favorite before I even become a brony. Even she not part of the show, she a fan-made, Snowdrop. Also like Cloudchaser and Flitter. And Rainbow Dash is awesome, even she can be over the top. Night Glider Also like Night Glider.
  13. Here's a good question for you all. You're with your favorite pony/ponies. And their life is threatened by someone or something. How far would you go to protect her/him/them? I would do anything to keep my favorite ponies safe.
  14. like the title says, what two ponies would you most want to go on a roadtrip with? This shouldn't be about your favorite ponies, but rather the ponies that you feel would make the best companions for the trip. Also, two worst? Again, based not on personal preference, but on how well they would cope with the journey. Best: Twilight and Applejack. Whilst not my favorite ponies, these two would do incredibly well on a roadtrip for a few reasons. The fact that they are the most level-headed two out of the mane six would mean that important information, like directions, would be able to be relayed for me in precise, no-nonsense ways. At the same time, because they are two of the most stressed ponies on the show, I can imagine that they would appreciate the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip, regardless of what was planned along the way. Finally, I could imagine that both of them have a little experience tinkering with machinery, so if something went wrong with the car, I'm sure they wouldn't mind lending a hoof, and might even be able to get you back on the road. Worst: Rainbow Dash and Rarity. This depends a lot on where you are headed, however, because if you were headed to, say, an air show and a succession of high-end boutiques, and doing it in a fairly modern and quick car, I'm sure all would end well. But, me being a car guy, I'm trying to think of a more Hot Rod Powertour-type scenario of taking an old car halfway across the country. An old car that probably doesn't have Air Conditioning, and that would probably break if you pushed it too hard. I think you can probably see where this is going. Rainbow would most likely spend the trip commenting on how slow we're traveling and sleeping. Also, not sure how well she would do having to wait on the planned lunch and dinner stops after seeing her impatience to get lunch in The One Where Pinkie Knows. Rarity, while probably a decent navigator, would get very uncomfortable riding in a hot car witht the windows down staying in low-cost motels, and eating processed red meat and deep fried potato products the whole way. So, whilst they would still probably make it to their destination in good shape, they probably wouldn't enjoy the trip as much. Although, I'd jump at the chance to take any pony on a roadtrip, even these two. So, how about you guys? Who would you think would do the best, who would do the worst?
  15. Hey! Just a conversation thing I could stat. ^-^ My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie! Why? Well, when I was a kid growing up watching the 3rd generation Pinkie Pie was always my favorite! She was the "party pony" and I lived that title. Still to this day she's the party pony, but it's upgraded to the "Super Duper Party Pony" and that's awesome! Pinkie Pie is also relate able to me because of her optimistic attitude and when she gets sad, SHE GETS SAD! My personality is kinda like hers too, no, I don't throw parties, but I love to bake sweets... sometimes... So tell me, who is your favorite pony? And I look forward to hearing your thoughts down in the comments. *whispers* ~Love you guys <3
  16. I've been thinking about why so many people like Fluttershy and Luna, the two (arguably) most loved ponies. Luna is a redemptive character. Done. Check. Moving on. Fluttershy however, I can't really find anything engaging about her. I always tell my audience everything needed to base response, so I will say Fluttershy is my least favorite of the mane 6. I don't hate her, but she is the lowest on the like-o-meter. Twilight's a badass nerdchick, Pinkie is zany and (sometimes) funny, Rarity goes against girly stereotypes, Spike (might as well include him in something) is a guy in a female cast, Rainbow Dash is athletic and "cool". AJ is best po... I mean a great combonation with any other pony, a hard worker, and morally superior. Come at me haters. But Fluttershy is just... shy, I mean she has great dialogue, great episodes, etc like all the rest, but she never really stood out anywhere. The Cutie Map is the first time she a memorable main role in recent history. Then I realized many internet bronies, including myself, are quite introverted, and shy usually goes along with introversion. I must say, even though Fluttershy is my least favorite, she is probably my second most relatable out of the show (1st being Twi). Then I connected that further with the generally correct statistic that most people gravitate towards characters they can connect with. That's why people normally like Sally over Deathgaze Starkiller. So it would make sense to me if many bronies like Fluttershy because they may see a bit of themselves in her and feel empathetic. So is Fluttershy your favorite, because of reasons I listed? If not, is your favorite pony somepony you can relate to? Do you normally gravitate towards those characters in any entertainment?
  17. You have the chance to use the abilities of one of the Mane Six for one entire week, including abilities only touched on by the show, (such as Power Pony forms). Note: You will not turn into the pony you chose, simply use their abilities. For example: Fluttershy - The Stare, animal communication, Power Pony form - Saddle Rager (you will gain super strength and incredible rage), vampony form (you will gain her vampony abilities), low-level flight, etc. Applejack - lasso skills, "green thumb," strength and endurance, Power Pony form - Mistress Mare-velous (increased lasso skills, enchanted lasso, use of boomerang projectiles), etc. Rainbow Dash - supersonic flight, Sonic Rainboom, incredible endurance, agility, Power Pony form - Zapp (control over weather), etc. Rarity - gem finding spell, incredible sewing and seamstress skills, eye for design, levitation, Power Pony form - Radiance (you will gain her ability to create energy constructs), etc. Pinkie Pie - incredible energy, the ability to defy physics (alter gravity, climb up vertical walls, floating, etc.), Power Pony form - Fili-Second (you will gain super speed), dimension-peeking (similar to her fourth-wall breaking, you will see, but not travel to, other dimensions), etc. Twilight Sparkle - vast intellect and knowledge, the use of top-tier magic (you will use your hands and mind), low-level flight, teleportation, fast reading skills, time travel, Power Pony form - Masked Matter-Horn (you will be able to fire numerous energy beams from your hands), etc. I know these are not all of their abilities, the rest also applies as well as long as it is show-canon. Whose abilities do you choose? Why? Is it your favorite pony? What will you do with their abilities? EDIT: I think I submitted this in the wrong place before. Oops.
  18. by something or someone/somepony, what would you do? I'll answer mine later.
  19. I know we all have our favorite ponies, but we also have our favorite moments with them too! Of course, I love Fluttershy the most. My favorite moment with her would HAVE to be her in Filli Vanilli. I love Fluttershy's singing. I also love bringing Flutterguy back into the picture. Plus her face when the curtains fell.. Priceless! Classic Fluttershy I always loved.
  20. Something I've been wondering lately is if the writers have favorite ponies. I haven't been able to find out from my Google searches if they'd announced anything about it, though I doubt that they would have. So I've been trying to figure it out on my own. First I made a list of all the episodes written by each writer. (Well, somepony else on the forums already had a nice list made up through season three, so I just stole that and added season four. (No season five yet.)) Then I looked at who was the mane character for that episode and marked it down. My hope was that I'd be able to see some pattern, but alas, I found none. So now I turn to you. Do you have any thoughts on who might be the favorite ponies of each writer? If so, why do you think that? (In case you're interested, I also put my list in the spoiler below.)
  21. As the title says, out of all the episodes starring your favorite pony, what is you least favorite? I think a lot of Pinkie episodes are really good, but if I were to choose my least favorite it would have to be Baby Cakes. It lacks in comparison to the other Pinkie episodes. The babies were more annoying to me than funny. Also, whenever I watch this episode, it makes me not want to have kids if this is the result. So rant away!
  22. Now, let me phrase this a little better. What I mean is that, for getting an accurate view of the current views of everyone for their favorite pony, the stickied favorite pony thread doesn't seem like its a very good source. It began in 2011 and still retains all that info. However, since then most likely a vast amount of the individuals who have voted in that thread have left the site, and many have almost assuredly left the fandom. This means there's alot of "Junk" data in the thread's poll that makes it innaccurate. Additionally, alot of views on who the best pony change, and I doubt that everyone who had their views changed have taken the time specifically to come back to this site and that thread to alter it. It would be nice if it were possible to create a "Who is your current favorite pony" poll without it being seen as a duplicate for that reason, as, while I like RD as much as the next guy, I sadly very much doubt she would actually win a new, clean slate "favorite pony" poll as she was only at her height during 2011 (which is probably why she's number 1 in the stickied topic due to the 2011 votes remaining in the system)
  23. So, the game is simple. Say the pony above you is Sweetie Belle. You think of every pony that has any sort of DIRECT relation to Sweetie Belle (mutual relations wouldn't work because that would end up encompassing everything). So, you would think of Scootaloo, Applebloom, Twilight, Rarity, whoever else. If your favourite out of those is Rarity, you say Rarity. The next person does the same thing, but with Rarity. So you might start with Sweetie Belle and end up with Roseluck or someone. Get it? Good! Oh, and if you hit a dead end, just go backwards and find a second favourite or something. I'll start: Sweetie Belle
  24. Hey guys who is your favorite Pony and why are they your favorite