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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, since I found this Forum I really enjoyed the site aswell. This is why I thought About some Features that could really improove the Website. After you enter something in the searchbar make the things like "Matching users" or "Matching albums" etc. clickable Links that will lead you to all Search results of that category. Because I noticed that if you search for a more popular but older song (Hooves up high for example) that a Million remixes Show up but not the acual song itself. That feature would fix that Problem. Give me the option to configure who sees my Favorites and who not. Because some people love more privacy Not necessery but maybe quite nice to keep the Database updated: For the songs of the "archived artist profile" make a "Suggestion" button available where people can submit Thumbnails and Descriptions to make the song look nicer. That could also be done for the songs of "Various Artists" where an Artist could be suggested. After the suggestion is submitted, a Moderater could check if everything is in order and then just update the whole song by just the click of one button. That would make the Moderation of Songs way easier and it would be a collective effort. Maybe even reward users that have many approved Suggestions by giving them something cosmetic on thier Profile or even allowing them to approve suggestions themselves after a little Helper Application. I hope that these are some pretty nice suggestions. I know all of this would require some huge backend work. But it would definetly improove the Website in my opinion.
  2. I'm a bit bored right now and wanna draw, but idk where to start.
  3. I couldn't help but notice the song Shurrikane made has never added a DL link of this song: And it's not on either.
  4. I was kinda bored and I had nothing in my head to make a song out of so I just want you to request a character, a scene (has to be mlp related) and a song that as to be instrumental and as a lofi or trap kind of music I used to do (don't worry the songs are not just mlp they can be others) and if your request was successful go to this link next to the pic (the reason why I put character and scene is to make a song by it's vibe or feel) (and has to be from soundcloud or and has to be downloadable because if it's not I can't be able to remix the song you requested)
  5. I've noticed lately that the comment system on is quite a lax one. You can't really edit or delete them. Like, at all. Or directly reply to them. Normally this hasn't been so much of a bother to me. But a couple months ago I accidentally left my account open on a school device, allowing some troll to spread his shit all over my stuff. It's quite humiliating and image-killing, and I really wish I could delete those comments. But I can't. Although I realize it's probably not that serious, it would be a really nice feature to have. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please have this request in mind for any time.
  6. Where i can see favorite musician list?
  7. Hey, new user to the forums here. I create music and enjoy playing tunes made by other people as well. As a DJ constantly looking for new and old tunes, including those I may have previously overlooked, has been a huuuge help. But whenever I find a new artist I tend to like downloading EVERYTHING they've done. As it is now I have to download each song track by track, and I was wondering if the devs could implement a "Download Discography" feature per artist. That way I can quickly get an artists entire body of work! Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback!
  8. There was a thread about this, but it's from 2013 and not tagged as a request. I still don't see this as an option on the site, so I have to assume it was unresolved back then. playlists have a noticeable lack of a "remove" button if you accidentally add duplicates, add the wrong song, find a more updated version, etc. Any of the reasons you might want to edit a playlist. Is there a more complex issue behind this? If it is at all possible, I would really appreciate the time to look into adding one. Thank you!
  9. I wasn't able to find one, maybe I didn't search for it well enough, but is there a search function in place to find artists or songs? All that I've seen thats close to that is the long lists to search through, and I'd rather not do that just to search for one song. Is there a search function that I missed? Or if not, would it be possible to put one in? It would make it much easier to find things.
  10. If there is this thread is kind of useless but i was wondering if there is or will be some sort of radio. If there isn't i think it might be a nice idea to have some sort of radio show which can be run by a number of bronies that have time available and are willing to run it. It could feature songs from popular artists, newer artists and many more things. Possible question time to the people running it and events and such could be mentioned over it to the listeners. I just thought it would be cool to just tune in and let the radio run as it would be something i am interested in.
  11. A great feature to add would be the ability to play all the songs in a playlist to at least an easier way to navigate through it.
  12. So I'm writing a software called Autoshipper, basically it automatically ships two random characters, I don't know if I should have it be exclusively mlp, or not, and if not if I should include every mlp background character or what. Please give me advice.
  13. This probably isn't necessary yet since the latest remixes are mostly of "Hearts Strong as Horses" (which was added).
  14. So.. I,ve spend a /lot/ of time on lately and I've noticed that it can seem to very repetitive at times if you're like me and just let it play in the background. I've also noticed that songs sometimes seem to be in different places but the change is usually minor and could easily be a misunderstanding or coincidence in my case. So my suggestion is some sort of shuffle feature. Or, if there already is one, improving it a bit since, no offense, it doesn't seem to work too well. x3
  15. An api/json would be nice, much like EQBeats. It would be nice to work it into my current bronydatabase project.
  16. I'm sure that a number of these are planned and some may have been stated before. So I'll just put all my notes into a single post. Feature Requests & Suggestions: Infinte scrolling with the Discover page via ajax. Out of this list, this is the feature I'd like to see the most. A Read API: A JSON GET request for info A Write API: Ability to upload tracks via third party using an Auth system, possibly public/private key combo that is unique to each user An internal Like system in addition to the current Favorites system Add alphabetical searches to the Order list Add a "Classical" genre to the genre list Ability to 'ignore' certain artists so undesired songs won't appear in the user's searches Ability to directly message users on without having to go through the MLPForums Ability to specify a song as a remix and list the original artist when uploading/editing Have the Discover page remember the last search state that was active (the Type/ShowSongs/Genre/IsVocal/Order stuff) Ability to compat the lyrics section after it has been expanded Ability to shrink/expand the list of playlists on the sidebar Have a "Feed" section on the dashboard (possibly above the new songs and popular songs section) that shows the most recent songs of those who you are "Following". Add a replay button that starts the song over without having to re-cache it. Add a paypal/donation button to the about page and a bit of contact info for those who run the site (PM link, maybe email). Add search functionality/a search bar. Ability to delete comments made. Ability to drag and drop songs onto a playlist to add them to it. Add in a context menu (right-click) for tracks for a quick access to common commands, such as: Add to playlist Favorite Get Link (for sharing) View Artist View Album (if applicable) Download +Possibly a context menu for playlists as well - Add current song - Get Link (for sharing) Bugs & Feedback: When switching between ajax pages the active song loses it's highlighted state. Sometimes the music player freezes. Not the whole site, just the playing of audio When trying to save profile settings, having the "Sync my MLP Forums display name with" box ticked gives the error "The display name field is required". That's really all I have for bugs right now... the site is fantastic. Really looking forward to more personalization features!
  17. I mainly produce glitch hop/glitch music and I do not see it on the genre list. Could this be added? I think glitch is a fairly popular genre and would benefit many music producers. Thanks in advance!
  18. So in an earlier thread I asked about including "Equestria Girls" songs in the list of show song tags, and they were added. They seem to be removed in the new beta, though. :okiedokielokie:
  19. You know the things. You click on a number and the amount gets added to the song's star average. But will it work for I'd like to hear feedback from those that have used, and to simplify the ratings, I put them into a poll; so from a glance, people can know who wants Star Ratings and who don't. Blue~ Edit: Ahem. Excuse my mediocre spelling. My worst subject.
  20. There should be tags for remixes of songs from "Equestria Girls" (the movie), as they are coming out.
  21. It's not really a big deal I guess, but it would be nice to be able to click on a users avatar to see the full size version. If you hover over it, it glows blue like there is something that's supposed to happen when you click on it, but it has no function as of yet. As far as I can tell, only the small 50x50 version of an avatar is available to view... What I'm imagining is this: Click here: This pops up: