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Found 37 results

  1. okay, i know this topic might sound stupid, but when was the last time you cried? i mean like a serious sadness cry, a cry that meant everything? i honestly can't remember. and if i made you remember something sad and made you sad again, i apologize.
  2. I've been thinking about this question for a while now and I was wondering. Should I be adding what the character feels in a situation rather good or bad?
  3. (In advance, sorry if my English isn't so good. I just wanted to write something. I don't know what went wrong.) Memories from Another World Do you remember? This cool afternoon we spent? We walked in the woods, fallen leaves under our steps. Sky was shiny, hand in hand we wandered freely. I swore I saw a deer between flowered trees. "Impossible" you said, a bit amused. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This great evening we knew? With friends we watched a movie (it was awesome). Then we headed to a restaurant, they wanted to celebrate. It was your birthday, laughs and congratulations echoed in the room. I swore I saw wonderful candles on the cake, changing colors every second. "It would be super cool if true" you said, dreaming of it. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This lovely night we shared? We said goodbye to each other, we left. I parked my car, turned off the radio. For a moment, we gazed at the sparkling roof. Stars were so magnificent, we could make out the Milky Way. I swore I saw a shooting star, it was so fast and brief. "That would be so wonderful" you said, making a wish. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? Those impossible times we lived? 'Cause you don't exist, you're still a dream. Yet I know you're somewhere, you're dreaming too. We hope, even if it's hard to believe. Boundaries are so high, time and space won't help us. I swore I saw your smile, I don't know anything more beautiful. "I saw yours too, a very sincere one" you said with confidence. Well I think... You are right.
  4. Spike was all alone now. All alone in the middle of the night, as he wandered out of the city of ponyville, from the crystal castle that he called his home with his friend Twilight Sparkle. And he was happy that way. Spike was pretty angry about the situation in the castle that he was in. Him and Twilight got into a big fight today, about certain chores he had to do in the castle today. Certain books weren't ordered correctly, the table wasn't cleaned correctly, He forgot certain things while getting groceries, etc. He said to Twilight that he had enough of being treated like a slave around the house without getting a bit of gratitude for it and that he feels like Twilight never actually cared for him. Without even letting her talk, he stormed out of the castle and left. He didn't knew where to go. Just not in his old home where Twilight was. He actually didn't realized that he was walking towards the Everfree Forest, without actually looking ahead of where he was looking. Spike sighed "...Where To now?...I Can't go to the others, they will just bring me back to Twilight." He said, a bit of disdain in his voice. But he also sounded like he was a bit guilty himself of what he did. Did he act too quickly? Did he act too immature? Indeed he was still kinda childish with some of the decisions he made. Spike shook his head and got angry again. "Who needs her?" Spike just walked further, looking if he find someplace to sleep. What Spike didn't knew though, was that in one of the Trees high above the Everfree Forest, a very unique creature was looking down upon the movements the little dragon was making. He was unique in the sense, that he was so different to everything else in the forest. He was atleast 30 feet long, had scales and coils that reminded of a Snake, which where brown and had black spots all over it. His upperbody looked like that of a Pony though, with brown Fur, hoofs, a yellow mane and Green eyes. Yet, he had a forked tongue like a snake. Mesme Rize usually liked to stay up most of the night, because he was a sleeper for most of the day, where he could enjoy the warmness of the sun. But what he saw on the ground below, was more interesting then anything he has seen recently. "SSSSSSSSSSSSay...That isssssssssss certainly not a ssssssssight my eyessssssss make everyday." Mesme hissed curiously, as he looked at the little dragon walking slowly through the forest. He saw all sort of things in the forest, Manticore, Hydras, timberwolves, but not Dragons. Mesme really had to get a closer look at the little dragon that was walking around his part of the forest. Spike meanwhile, was now wondering if coming in this Forest was such a good idea, especially at night. This place was home to all sorts of creatures. *CRACK* "HUH?" He looked around with a lound gasp. A Timberwolve? But he quickly realized that he was stepping over a little twig that was laying on the ground. Spikes Dragonheart was pounding hard and he sat down. "Okay Can do're a big dragon." Spike tried to give himself courage, eventhough it was hard as he was panting. He didn't realize though, that from out of the leaves, a long brown and black spotted snaketail was coming carefully down. The tail of course belonging to Mesme Rize. While Spike calmed down little by little, he didn't notice that the Snaketail, was coiling around his little waist. "Huh?" Before Spike could even react and flee he was getting carefully, but quickly, pulled into a high tree. Spike was being sat onto a big tree branch, where he was looking nervously who was there. But he couldn't see anybody because of the darkness. "W-W-Who is there?" Spike carefully called out to whoever brought him here. Out of the darkness, Mesme was carefully showing his whole body to the nervous little dragon. Mesme was trying to make the most friendly face towards Spike, just to make him feel more safe. "Hello there little baby dragon. What are you doing here sssssssso late in the foresssssssst?" Mesme said carefully. Spike couldn't believe what was standing, or more slithering, right before him. It was something like a cross between a snake and a pony and it could talk. He always thought these creatures only existed in Twilights nerdy fantasy books. Spike Panicked. "HEEEEE-" Before Spike could call out Mesme covered Spikes mouth with his coils. Mesme got closer to him. "SSSSSSSSSshh, quiet little dragon. I am your friend and I will not hurt you. If you ssssssscream, the creaturesssssss of thissssss Foresssssst wake up and they will get you." Mesme explained to him. "I will let you go now, okay?" At first, Spike tried to still call out, but Mesmes coils where very thick. He listened to what the Snakepony was telling him. He wasn't sure if he could trust him, but he had a point. The monsters would get him. He carefully nodded his head and agreed. Mesme smiled and uncovered his coils from his mouth. "Good little Dragon." That was close, Mesme thought. He could survive in the Forest, but even he was nothing against an army of the creatures in this forest. Spike was trying to move his mouth. The coils around his mouth felt very strange, a bit like his own scales. Spike was still not sure what to make of this creature, it looked so intimidating. "W-W...What are you?" Spike spoke very carefully, still not sure what his intentions where. Mesme wasn't surprised that the dragon was still uneasy around him. He just need to get Spikes trust first, else he wouldn't say anything. "Well, little dragon, I am what you would call a Lamiapony. But you can call me a SSSSSSSSnakepony." Mesme giggled. He reached his tail out. "You can call me Messssssssme Rize." Spike saw how the Snakepony was shifting his elastic coils around and pointed his snaketail at him. It was fascinating, but also scary at the same time. Spike knew that Mesme could crush him very easily. Spike just looked at the Snaketail, not really sure what to make of it. Mesme raised his eyebrow. "What'sssssss wrong? Don't know how to do a Handsssssshake?" Mesme giggled, pretty much telling Spike what he was supposed to do with the tail. "You can grab it if you want. It won't bite, I promisssssssse." Mesme said jokingly. Spike himself was also raising his eyebrow himself. He was still unsure, but something about that Snakepony told him that he was not malicious or anything. He didn't knew if it was his own curiosity, the way Mesme laughed or something else. He carefully took the tail in his claws and slowly shook it. "H-Hello Mesme Rize...I-I am Spike." Spike smiled nervously. Mesme smiled happily at his little guest. Spike seemed to slowly warm up to Mesme as he was getting less nervous. "Pleassssssssure to meet you SSSSSSSSpike." Mesme said happily. "I never sssssssaw a baby dragon like you sssssso closssssssse before." Mesme looked Spike over. Spike was blushing a bit, as Mesme was looking at him like that. "Th-Thanks?" Spike saw Mesmes yellow mane and big green eyes very upclose. "Oh, sssssssorry." Mesme distanced himself from the little dragon. "I hope I wasssssssn't too upclosssssse to you." Mesme apologized to Spike. He sometimes had certain problems when it comes to the privacy of others. Spike was kinda glad that he wasn't so upfront, but atleast he was nice enough to apologize. "Oh, don't worry...i Didn't mind it that much." Spike was his usual tough act. He sometimes does this when he is unsure and/or nervous. Still, Mesme Rize didn't seemed dangerous for him. Mesme knew that Spike was bluffing, but it was still cute looking, with him doing the tough act. Mesme has a good eye with looking how others act. "Well, if you ssssssssssay ssssssso." Mesme giggled. But there was still a question that was going through his mind. "SSSSSSSSSo tell me, little SSSSSSpike. What are you doing here, all alone?" When Spike was hearing Mesmes Question, he finally remembered again, why he was actually this far outside the forest again. Twilight was treating him badly. Spike wasn't really in a talking mood right now, so he just came up with a lie. "Well...i-i Just felt like doing a little...late Night walk." Spike came up with that quick lie. Mesme could see that he was lieing and he was lieing like a little colt that just ate all of the cookies in the cookie jar secretly. Mesme questioned him. "SSSSSSSSSpike, you know you sssssssshould never lie to grown upsssssss." Spike blushed. He knew that he was caught, but it was also a bit strange to be patronized by this snakepony. He really didn't wanted to lose his face now. "B-But it's the truth...I-I Was walking here, b-because the Forest looked so interesting." "SSSSSSSpike, no one walksssssssss jusssssssst into the Foresssssssst." Mesme explained, not believing him one bit. He kinda wondered if there was a reason why he was lying to him. Was he supposed to keep a secret or something? Spike was now out of options to say anything that would save his face. He was now thinking to himself. Why does he care anyway? He dosen't know this creature, and he dosen't know him. Spike turned himself away from Mesme like a defiant colt. He didn't felt like answering Mesme. Mesme was wondering more and more what Spikes deal was. Suddenly, he was turning away from the snakepony, not answering to him in any way. Mesme came close to his face again. "SSSSSSSSSpike, what isssssss wrong?" Mesme said in a concerned tone. "GO AWAY." Without warning, Spike shoved Mesme away with his claws, getting irritated by the giant Snakepony. "Why would you care anyway? You don't know me." Spike was enraged. He wanted to go away, but he couldn't since the tree was very high. Mesme got shoved away, his eyes where large and wide a bit in shock. He heard the dragon say that he didn't know him and that it wasn't his business. "Well, maybe ssssssso..." Mesme sometimes had a habit to care too much sometimes. "But I know that I can't let you go through the foresssssssst all alone..." Mesme tried again to come a bit closer. "And maybe, I can learn to know you too." Spike was not sure what to say. He suddenly remembered what Twilight once said to him: "A stranger is sometimes a friend, that you just haven't met yet." He dosen't know if that was true and also, the anger grew in him again. "Stupid Twilight...why Is she treating me like this?" Mesmes eyebrows rose again. So it seems like he actually did had a problem with someone and that someone was called Twilight. "Who issssssss Twilight SSSSSSSpike?" Mesme asked further. Spike was trying not to cry in front of Mesme Rize. But it was really hard for him. "S-She raised me up and l-lives with me...b-but She just treats me like a S-Slave who wants to do her w-work...i-i am better without her." Some tears where running down. He dosen't know why though, as he hated Twilight...did He? Mesme was sad when he heard what Spike said. He had a fallout with a very close friend it seems. Things like this happen all the time, but Mesme was sure, that Spike was a bit overexaggerating. "Awwwwwww, come on now, SSSSSSSSSpike. SSSSShe ssssssstill lovesssssss you. You don't really mean that." But the way Spike felt like right now, he didn't wanted to hear any of that. "NO. S-She only never cared f-for me...she Just wants s-someone to take care of h-her work." Spike was still enraged. Mesme saw that Spike was not in the right mind to be negotiated with. He was like an enraged child, that you couldn't talk to. He had an idea though, how he can reason with Spikes problems. Mesme came close to spike and looked deep into his eyes. "Then let me sssssshow you that you're wrong." Spikes tears stopped immediately, as he noticed Mesme being close to his face again. What was Mesme doing? He already looked at him enough. "W-What are you doing now?" Spike said confused. Suddenly, Mesmes eyes start to change. His once green eyes where changing into various colorful hypnotic rings. Mesme had this ability since he was born. "SSSSSSShhh, jusssssst look deep into my eyessssss, little dragon." Mesme said calmly and soothingly to Spike, as he tried to hypnotize him. Spike saw the colors in Mesmes eyes. He didn't knew what was happening, as he got captivated by them, his mouth open in awe and his eyes reflecting Mesmes. "M-Mesme...what Is...this?" Spike had trouble speaking, as he felt himself getting relaxed. Mesme smiled, as he continued his hypnotic assault. "I will relax you SSSSSSSpike...jussssst Relax...there are no're sssssssssafe with me..." Mesmes voice was helping Spike to be calm. His Coils also started to wrap around the helpless dragon. Spike couldn't help himself. He kept looking into Mesmes Eyes, listened to his soothing voice, as his eyes where swirling with colors. Spike didn't noticed that he was slowly being wrapped up by the coils, as we was just making a cute little sigh, calmness washing over him. Mesme giggled. Spike looked very cute and helpless when he was hypnotized. "Yessssssss...good Little're sssssssso ssssssssssleepy...your Little eyessssssss are ssssssssso heavy..." Mesme came closer to Spikes face, almost touching his nose. The dragon was already wrapped up, since he was very small. Spikes mind was almost shut down. He was wrapped up in Mesme coils, as his body was covered by a very big cocoon. His eyes where only half open now, as he still tried to look into Mesmes eyes. "mmmmmmm..." His mouth was closed, turning into a cute smile. Mesme knew that Spike was almost under. Just a little bit now. "That'ssssss good...clossssssse Your eyesssssssss now...time To Can trusssssssst in me..." Mesme was putting emphasis into the word trust. Spikes eyes where almost closed. He tried to ignore Mesmes command, but he was just to weak and just begged for the comfort of sleep. "" Spike said, as he eyes closed now, his head laying on Mesmes coils, as he was sleeping and snoring peacefully. Mesmes eyes became normal again, knowing that the dragon was fully hypnotized now. Spike looked so peaceful, wrapped up in Mesmes coils. Mesme then whispered. "SSSSSSpike...relax...dream Of your passssst...dream Of the good timessssss that you had with your caretaker...timessssssss You felt ssssssafe and comfortable...with No worriesssssss..." Mesme then let Spike down from his branch a bit, as he rocked him in his coils gently back and forth, like Spike was in a crib. Spikes subconscious got Mesmes message, as he kept sleeping wrapped in Mesmes coils. Though, suddenly he begun to dream. It wasn't really a dream and more like a series of dreams, about events that happened in the past. Spike couldn't control these dreams, but he certainly could see them. In one dream, Spike saw himself as a little hatchling, not even a year old. He still couldn't move himself and could not talk properly. He was lying in the arms of a purple pony, who was still a filly and who was currently feeding him with a bottle. It was Twilight who was feeding him. "Awwwwww, you're very hungry are you?" Twilight giggled happy and filly like, as she kept on feeding him. Suddenly, the dream was flashing to the next scene, almost 3 years after the last. Spike got a bit bigger and could talk a bit more coherently. He was currently on Twilights back, in her old playing room in Canterlot, riding on her back. "YIPPEE" Spike was happy to ride around the room, with Twilight. She was ridding faster and went up and down. Then another dream. Barely a year later. He was sitting with her inside her bed during winter, as Twilight was reading a story to him. "Then I´ll huff and I´ll puff and I´ll blow your house in!." As Twilight said that, she was tickling Spikes tummy, which made him laugh. The last sequence, was not even that long ago. It was actually last month. Spike came down with the flu and had high fever. He was laying in bed, groaning, as Twilight was coming in with a wet cloth. "Oh Spike..." Twilight said concerned, rubbing the cloth on his hothead. "Don't worry. You'll get healthy again." Spike was coughing out. "Thanks...Twilight." The cloth was feeling incredibly good on his head, as well that Twilight was besides him. "I love you..." Spike said weakly. Twilight blushed a bit, but she smiled still at the complement. She nuzzled his little face. "I love you too, my little dragon." For the rest of the night, Spike was sleeping very peacefully in the embrace of Mesme Rize, staying in his hypnotic trance keeping him in this state. The next morning, Spike was opening his eyes again. They have stopped to swirl now, meaning he was out of the trance. But what was weird, is that he was on the ground now, his body not coiled up anymore. Spike was confused. "M-Mesme?" Spike talked out confused. What happened? He remembered those colorful eyes and a relaxing sensation...was It just a dream? He wanted to know what he did to him, that he had these visions of him and Twilight wher- "TWILIGHT." Suddenly he remembered. He ran away from his home and from Twilight. "What have I done?..." The dreams made him remember, that eventhough Twilight wasn't perfect, she was the most the kind pony he had. Spike was about to stand up and go home. Problem is, where was he supposed to go? He didn't remember how he came into the Forest. What should he do now? He was about to cry, when suddenly... "SPIIIIIIIIKE?" There was a very loud and concerned voice, very near Spike. Spike knew that voice. He jumped up and looked for the source of the voice. It couldn't be far. He then saw a purple figure with a horn and wings standing about 50 feet away from him. Spikes heart jumped for joy. "TWILIGHT." He ran towards the purple Pony, tears almost in his eyes. "SPIKE." Twilight galloped towards her baby dragon. She was in total worry over him the whole night and was searching him everywhere. They where both clashing and Spike was clenching her neck, while she held a hoof around him. "Oh T-Twilight..." Spike was crying into her shoulder, feeling the regret of the things that he said to her. "I-I am so so-sorry...i Didn't mean the-these things..." Spike was bawling uncontrollably into Twilights Shoulder. Twilight was crying a bit as well and rubbed his head. "shhh, it's okay. I am also sorry." Twilights voice was very calm. "I shouldn't have been so strict with you." Twilight realized herself, that she could have handled the situation better as well. Right now though, she was so glad to have Spike in her hooves again. Spike was Hugging Twilight, for what felt like forever. But after awhile, he let go of her neck, his eyes now dry. Suddenly, he remembered something. "But...what About Mesme?" Spike wondered what happened to the snakepony. Twilight was raising her eyebrows at Spikes question. "Mesme? Spike, who is Mesme?" Twilight wondered what he did in the forest the whole night. Spike was about to tell Twilight, when he suddenly saw high in the trees Mesmes face pop out of the leafs. Mesme could see that Spike made up with his caretaker, as he hissed happily and winked at Spike. Spike saw him but Twilight certainly didn't. He thought it would be better, if other ponies maybe didn't know. "Well...just A silly dream I had about Snakepony." Spike blushed. He knew that it wasn't a dream. Twilight raised her eyebrow but then giggled cutely. "Oh Spike, you have such a wild imagination. Snakeponies don't exist you know?" Twilight thought that they where only in storybooks. "I know..." Spike really wanted to show Mesme, but Spike knew that Mesme really didn't wanted to be bothered by others that much. He felt his stomach growling now, realizing that it's been a long time since he ate. "Well, but I am kinda hungry." Spike blushed and smile sheepishly. Twilight smiled and used her magic to lift Spike up. "Well, I guess we give the little dragon some gems to fill his tummy." Twilight giggled, as she started slowly lift off. "Hehe..." Spike looked around one last time. He couldn't see Mesme anywhere, as he probably hid himself again in the trees, not wanting to be seen. "Take care Mesme..." He whispered to himself quietly, as Twilight disappeared out of the Forest with Spike. Mesme still could see Spike flying away with Twilight, back to their place. Mesme was feeling very good about himself today, as he helped the little dragon finding his way back home. He will surely never forget this experience and he is sure the dragon won't. He lied himself down on the branch and closed his eyes to sleep. "It sssssssssure isssssssss good to be helpful."
  5. So, I noticed there's a Favourite Fansong thread but I want to know something else besides that: What's the song (or songs) that takes your mind towards the show, your friends in the community and that made an impact in your life? Explain why! Ilysabeth's Fluttershys ( This song brought me back into the fandom after I left ponychan due to personal issues. I listen to it every time I'm feeling down or very happy, and in fact it is the song that made me come back to these forums. deathaura's Tugging at the Heartstrings ( After I listened to this piece I wrote it down by ear and asked my mother to play it with me (she played Lyra's part in the piano). Around that time my relationship with my mother had been deteriorating to a devastating degree. It was a very bright moment for us, and since then everything started going better between us. TarbyRock's Ballad of Autumn Leaves ( This song turned my life upside down: I was very lonely, and bitter. I chose to write down its tabs and wait until someone would take me, then I'd play and sing this to them. It happened, and for that I'm grateful. (Note to the moderation team: I still do not fully grasp the semantics of this forum's sections, so if this topic is misplaced or does not fully differ from other threads, please remove it. Thank you! :3)
  6. as you can tell from the title. I would like to see how many people get feels from listening to music. This can range of crying to joy. I can`t even begin to tell you how many songs have made me laugh and cry or both at the same time. Maybe even leave a link too the song so we can see if anyone else gets the feels.
  7. I started re-watching the series from the beginning...again, and got to MMC. While I didn't care for that episode, or the alicornization of purplesmart, I'm gonna be honest...the feels during that scene with Sunbutt's ballad and Twi's ascension still pull at my heartstrings. I'm proud Twi has gotten that far, and that causes feels, but so does the fact that we'll never see unicorn PurpleSmart again. I liked her design without the wings and swan neck syndrome. Bittersweet feels. Are the feels of MMC still fresh with you guys? What causes the feels? Like or hate that we've seen Twi longer as an alicorn than a unicorn?
  8. ...Because the fandom could give two craps about it. I am currently in the middle of working on a long-arc Fruits Basket story that takes place post canon and revolves around Akito. I am determined to see this project through, as, I have had a bad habit of starting and never finishing fics in the past. So, I will be completing it, especially since I have a full timeline worked out for this one. But, the fandom will never get to know the ending. I don't know if anyone else had ever had this problem, but I can't get ANY feedback. And it makes me upset that I can only get twelve reviews for fourteen chapters but stories that are badly written, with horrible Mary-Sue OCs and reused, bad plots get like, twenty for two chapters. Now, I don't condemn these people. I can't. I was thirteen once and wrote bad stories, so I get it. But it's so frustrating to pour all this time, work and research into something that no one cares about. I guess what I dislike more is that this fandom seems to only like a certain select variety of fic. I can't speak for all fandoms on this, however, since I'm not in many, so I don't know if it's exclusive to this one, though I doubt it is. The Furuba fandom seems to only care about your story if: *You have a badly written self-insert Sue who only exists so you can have sex with your favourite guy (usually Kyo or Yuki). Sue always, always either replaces Tohru or is related to her in some way and for some stupid reason ends up in Shigure's house. *Your OC is a random member of the Zodiac who has no business being in the story, because you can't bend rules like that. Not in Furuba. And bonus points if they have an awful, tragic back-story and were abused by Akito. Readers eat that up. These characters are often self-insert sues as well and rely on one of the main guys to "help" them through it and then they bang. *You refuse to admit Akito is in fact, a woman, and write about how Male Akito just needs your Sue to break through to him and save this hot, damaged guy... *You write a happy, happy story about Kyo, Tohru and their kids. Screw everyone else in the story who made it work. It's all about KyoRu Babyees! Y'all get the idea. I'm tried of working and writing and staying up late only to get no recognition at all for a story I put SO much into. I feel like no one gives a crap about it and I hate feeling like this. Hell, I've even cried over it. So, I'm done. I give up. I'm going to finish it...For my friends only. The only problem with that is that they refuse to read any sort of sexual content, so I can't get feedback on the smuttier stuff, which I desperately need. Has any one else ever had this problem? What did you do? Is there anything I can do about it? Or am I just better off with this decision? It's not the first time I've given up on a fic because of lack of feedback, and I doubt it will be the last. ***Note: A TON of people on Reddit and one here has already tried to give me advice and convince me otherwise. No, it didn't work. No, I'm not going to listen because it's all stuff I've heard before. Point is, the Furuba fandom sucks, I don't belong in it and I'm out. I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you all for listening. Oh! And if any of you are ​Fruits Basket​ fans who are also sick of reading rubbish fics and want to read a GOOD story for once, I am more than willing to link my own. Provided you actually have something to say.
  9. Do you guys feel any particular way about these ponies who are exclusive to the toyline? Have you gotten attatched to one or some, in the way you'd get attatched to a pony in the actual series? In my own case, I'm so in love with a little blank flank filly named Star Dreams, who's toyline exclusive, and has been released 3 times-twice with some of the mane 6, and once with the CMC, so I've been curious as to her importance, since she's been released with the mane 6 and CMC. Not to mention, she's as cute as a button! I'm miffed that there isn't more merch of her, and I eagerly await the day when she'll graduate to at least being a background chara in FiM. I've given her a fanthread in the forums, and throw countless hours into writing fics about her. To me, she's more than just a toyline exclusive pony. Does anyone feel the same about any specific toyline exclusive pony?
  10. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Starts about 2 hours from this post This week we've got two childhood classics, get ready to board the old feels train and sing about some of those bear necessities We've also got the last MCM raffle for this year coming up, this week we cover the steam games section. All in the CMC_Clubhouse The Land Before Time 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET MCM Raffle winner stream (Steam Games) 7:30 PM EST 12:30 PM CET To all those that have donated to our MCM charity drive, you get a chance to win some stuff! From staff name changes to cute poni plush, join us in our announcement to see if you've won any of the prizes Jungle Book 8:00 PM EST 0:00 AM CET User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  11. By early days, I'm talking about S1 -S3. Year 2010-early 2013. I just want to know what you think and if you have felt the same thing as I have. I'm very strong and passionate about my obsessions. Like I get really serious about a series or hobby and my obsessions are long term. I've been a proud brony for 3 and a half years and I've been a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the first movie. I'm starting to feel effects of being involved in fandoms for a long time. It seems that these fandoms just kind of die and I feel like the only person who is still standing strong. A lot of people I knew in these fandoms when I first joined moved on to another obsession or fandom. The fandoms I'm in are getting old and I've been watching them be replaced by new ones. I've easily felt it every time I walk into a Hot Topic. Each time I walk in there are less and less pony merchandise and the wall where the MLP section was has been replaced by The Avengers and Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, MLP is still popular and the brony fandom is getting bigger everyday. Idk. I became a brony during season 2 when the fandom was at it's peak. I guess I just miss the fandom the way it used to be when I first joined. How do you feel? Do you miss that peak? When everyone shit themselves over Derpy, AliTwi, and EQG?
  12. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD I have been watching the anime, "Attack on Titan" lately, and it is REALLY intense. From people dying, to me shipping Jean and Marco and then Marco dying, to Eren being a Titan somehow, this show is filled with emotional moments. I usually end up holding in the feels until I am alone, not wanting anyone to see me squealing and ranting about stuff. But, the series is really good. I love how there is always a sense of "oh my gosh, I hope he doesn't die," that makes me always want to watch more. For some reason, I love anime with dark themes, such as "Deathnote" and "Tokyo Ghoul". What are your feelings about "Attack on Titan"?
  13. "Mister Anon? My school is hosting a daddy-daughter dance, but you know." The little Apple filly's puppy eyes widen as you look down at her. "All my friends are going, and I really wanna go too. Will you go with me? Please?" "Come again? You want me to go with you," she nods. "To a dance," she nods again. "As your dad?" a third nod. "All the other girls are going, and I don't want to miss out. Again," she looks away from you, quietly mumbling that last word. "Isn't there a pony that could take you? What about Big Mac?" "He's gone to go visit cousin Braeburn for the week, and there aren't that many folks around here that would want to do this. Besides, you always said if us Crusaders needed anything, we could ask you." You did say that once, as you were pretty much the de facto filly sitter whenever their sisters need to help Twilight out. Besides, those puppy dog eyes started to get to you. You knew you'd relent, one way or another. "Well, you are right about that." "So you'll do it!?" Her hopeful eyes bore into you. "Sure. Where are we going, and what am I doing?" "Oh Mister Anon! Thank you so much! I can just tell we are gonna have so much fun!" As best as somepony so small could manage, Apple Bloom vainly attempts to tug you towards Sweet Apple Acres, all while excitedly chattering about how great the dance was going to be. All while completely ignoring your questions. Chuckling quietly, you let yourself be lead down the path to the Apple's farm. They could wait until she calmed down. * * * So here you are, Anonymous the temporary dad. If anything, that is your biggest flaw: You really can't say no to any of the Crusaders. Sometimes you regret that flaw. But not tonight. While Apple Bloom has many good ponies that love and car for her, none of them are parents, and for the young filly to ask you to fill in that role, even for just a night, it stirs something in your heart. Something painful. Something joyous. You don't know what this feeling is, but you do know that there isn't anywhere in all of existence that you'd rather be. You are exactly where you want to be. In Ponyville's town hall, ears full of child-friendly music, dancing with the Apple filly. You're mostly flailing, badly imitating things you saw in music videos what feels like a lifetime ago back on Earth. Apple Bloom is keeping up with you, bouncing and stamping with the endless energy of the young. And she is smiling. Partly at how bad you are. Partly at how bad she is. Partly from being able to share bad dancing with someone. It makes your heart melt. Her smile is so honest and innocent. It lights up her face in a show of joy that makes you forget the hardships adapting to your new life, and be happy in this moment. But the night has gotten late and there is only one more song. A slow dance song to give everyone a chance to cool down before they head out into the night chill. All the other fathers begin to lead their girls through the slow steps, supporting and guiding them through the song. And you can't. All the other songs you two could just flail and stomp in time with each other. But you can't do that here - You're close to four times Apple Bloom's height. It is physically impossible for the two of you to do this dance as ponies do. And she knows it too. These are the last moments of your time acting as her father and you can't perform the final dance together. You watch as her smile dies as she looks around at the other fillies dancing with their fathers. There are no tears, but the unspoken sadness in her eyes is like a knife twisting in your heart. You can't let it end like this. Bending down, you reach your arms around Apple Bloom. Deftly you pick her up, keeping her simple dress from getting in the way. She gives a start as you lift her, but relaxes after a moment. You hold her to your chest and begin to move in time with the music. Slowly and gently you rock from side to side with the music. Apple Bloom snuggles into your torso and rests her chin on your shoulder. She closes her eyes and the corners of her mouth pull up. The filly is warm in your arms A pleasant, comforting weight. * * * The daddy-daughter dance was a big success. You really made Apple Bloom's night. Heck, you made her whole month. With the large moon overhead folks start heading home, and you're not the only one carrying a tired filly as you exit the town hall. Apple Bloom, half-asleep in your arms wriggles closer into your chest as a wave of chill air hits. She nuzzles her chin against your shoulder, murmuring sleep-talk that means nothing. It's a mile back to the farm, but Apple Bloom is light. The night is cold, but you keep each other warm through the walk. Back at the farmstead you sneak in with the sleeping filly. Applejack is reading on the couch when you enter the home. When she looks up you just raise your index finger over your lips. She gives you an understanding nob and a smile. Upstairs, Apple Bloom gives you a small whine as you let go of her to slip off her dress and tuck her into bed. With a gentle stroke of her mane, you give her a peck on the forehead. "Goodnight, Apple Bloom. Sleep well." She shifts the blanket tighter around herself as she settles into a deep sleep. "G'night, Anon." Gently you take your father's old stetson off and set it on the table beside the couch to enjoy the chill in the night air as you watch the moon crawl across the sky. Your sister was so upset when she couldn't go to the daddy-daughter dance this year. Big Mac wanted to be able to take her this year, but cousin Braeburn needed help, and Apple Bloom knew it. But even when he did, it was never quite the same and all three of you knew it. But something you never expected happened. Apple Bloom asked Anonymous to take her, and he said yes. At first you thought it was weird that she asked somepony who wasn't, well, a pony. But as you thought more about it, the more it made sense: He was always the friendly sort and willing to help out, even without needing to be asked to. He was very much like your pa. The door opening gets your attention and you see Anonymous carrying Apple Bloom in his arms. The little filly is asleep, pressed tight against him with a smile on her face. Glad she had a good time. The human motions with a finger on his lips so as to not wake her up. You nod in understanding and he takes Apple Bloom upstairs. He really is like you remember pa. * * * You wait on the couch while he's putting your sister to bed. You really did miss your father. With shame you look to the stairs as a thought overtakes you. Maybe Apple Bloom was onto something. Maybe Anon could be your-- Anonymous makes it way quietly back down the stairs, interrupting your thought as he moves over and sits on the couch next to you. "Ah take it y'all had a good time." "Yeah. She really seemed to enjoy it." "Thanks for tonight. You'd be surprised how hard it is for a filly without her daddy. Sure, she carries on and on with a tough exterior but--" "Don't worry about it, AJ. I'll always be here to help, even if it's just to play a father figure." "Y'all mean it?" "Of course I do, the Apple family has always been good to me so it is the least I can do in return." "Then maybe, if you don't mind that is. Maybe you could be," your speech trails off into a silence to put Fluttershy to shame. "Could be what?" "Maybe you could be my daddy too." You give a warm smile as the orange pony looks at you. A soft, silent chuckle works its way in your throat. You adopt one Apple you get them all. "Come on. Give me a break, AJ." Without a word she leans her head on your chest, "That were an awful nice thing ya done, Anon. We all miss our folks powerful bad, but lil 'Bloom missed out on so much. She was just a baby when they passed." Applejack snuggles in tighter. You realize she's lost something too, AJ isn't that much older than her little sister. At heart she's still a kid who lost her daddy too soon. Applejack may not be a little filly anymore, but she still feels her parents' absence painfully. If you can provide her with a little comfort it's nothing less than she deserves. You put your arm around her. She smiles, happy to be warm and accepted. "Want me to read something?" She doesn't lift her head from your chest, "How about Humphrey Hayseed and the Biggest Apple? It's there on the end-table." You reach over for the book she was reading next to her hat. It's a book for little foals. It must have been the book her father used to read to her. She looks up at you with big, adoring eyes. "Okay." "Once upon a time, Humphrey Hayseed grew a special..." * * * It's been two days since the daddy-daughter dance. You've actually been feeling rather listless and you're not sure why. "Anon!" Apple Bloom shouts as she flies into you like a wrecking ball. You've never been hit this hard by a filly before. Staggering under the impact, you just manage to grab Apple Bloom without falling on your butt. "Not that I mind surprise hugs 'Bloom, but next time can it be without the blunt force trauma?" She tilts her head and raises an eyebrow, "Without what now?" "Without you hitting me like a cannon ball." "Oh! Uhhh, sure. Sorry." You chuckle and shift her into a more comfortable position. "Now, we did establish that I do like hugs, but why exactly are you giving me a hug?" "Ah wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being my dad for the dance." The bashful look on her face is purest diabeetus. "You're welcome 'Bloom. I had fun and I'm glad you did too." You give the filly one last gentle squeeze before setting her down. "So did you have anything else that you were doing in town, or did you just come by to mangle me?" "Yeah, I was lookin' for Scoots an Sweetie, but then I saw you and remembered that I hadn't said 'thank you' yet." You give a nod and a smile. "Well how about I help you look for the other Crusaders? An extra pair of eyes should make things easier." Her eyes light up with the offer. "Sure! That'll make it much faster! 'Specially seeing as your eyes are so high up." "Well how about we get your eyes up high and make it even faster?" "Wha-- Whoah!" Slipping your hands around her barrel and under her ribs you swing Apple Bloom up and onto your shoulders. She leans against your head as you grab her legs to keep the filly steady. She laughs from above your head and points a hoof down the street. "Let's go d- ...Anon!" You're not sure what she stopped herself from saying... ...but you guess it doesn't matter.
  14. Scootaloo faces her demons and finally grieves for the death of someone she found dear. This is a story about how one girl pulled herself up after she hit rock bottom hard. Second place winner for the Weekly Contests group's 10th contest. Find the story here. Special thanks to my editors and pre-readers Asylum1388 Quill Scratch mikemeiers and Bad Dragon who has his own entry for this contest.
  15. I've been thinking of this topic a lot recently. What gives you the most feels? For me, the one thing that, every time I think about it, makes me shed a tear is absolute anger spawned from tragedy. That seething rage that comes from helplessness or death really gets to me. When nothing else matters, but the enemies demise. I guess the best example would be the scene where Goku first transforms into a super sayian.
  16. Visual novels. I don't tend to see much mention of them around here (as far as I'm aware), but I know there's others out there who like them and all. So, I wanted to make a thread about 'em, and a quick search didn't bring up anything, sooo here we are. If there really is another thread just like this, then I humbly beg your pardon! Do you play/read visual novels? Which ones have you played/read? Your favourites? Any you're looking forward to? Etc. EDIT: If you don't know what a visual novel is, just check out the Wikipedia page. That should hopefully give you an idea of what they are. :3
  17. Apologies if a thread like this exists. I've tried looking for it but I wasn't too sure what to look for. Anyway, I was wondering when the last time was that something just hit you straight in the soul. For me, it was last summer when the MH17 was shot down. The event itself was tragic but didn't really hit me emotionally, but on Facebook the (ex?) boyfriend of one of the passengers wrote a letter to her. From the letter, it was clear that the girl it was about and I would never be friends, and for the most part it didn't do much to me. But then the last paragraph began. The end of that paragraph just hit me like a fist to the face. I've translated the letter and added it in the spoiler below. In that last line, I felt all the anger, sadness, resignation and everything else this guy felt when he wrote it. I don't think anything's hit me harder before or since. Is there anything you've read or seen or heard that hit you as hard as this hit me?
  18. Mark uploaded a new video discussing how thankful he is for the people who support him, and for everyone out there. This video literally made me cry and think for a while. I love ya Markiplier, I will always support you!
  19. Just wanted to know what ships you love! Personaly, my main ship is Pinkieshy What about you?
  20. Hey guys.. been away in the forums for quite a long time.. i kinda stumble upon this site.. i didn't really need it.. made me feels fuzzy though, nice relaxing site.. I was thinking some of us might contribute to it,, (give others some hugs and love) Here's the site: maybe share it to people that needs some cheering up.. Your thoughts?
  21. I dare you! You can post your reactions too! It'll be fun, and I'll do it too! Okay, you go first, cause i cant think of a sad video. hehehehe
  22. This is basically a thread of nothing but pure sadness. Post any stories, pictures, or copypastas of anything related to sad MLP. NOTES: -No My Little Dashie -No "You will never" crap -Play the saddest song you can find -Think of this show ending -Find the most feelful content related to the show!
  23. Warning: May contain spoilers for games What game(s) made you feel the feels? For me it was Gears of war 3
  24. When I was just a child, I had a special skill to make friends with almost anyone I met. People enjoyed speaking with me, and getting to know me better, I was like a "friendship magnet". Upon my middle and high school years, I lost this ability. I became shy, nervous, and I easily made bad first impressions, and lost friends as the days went by. Eventually, I found myself alone, not a friend in the world to run to. I was sad, scared, and friendless. This eventually turned the shining personality I had inside out, no longer was I good at making friends, but good at losing them. Girls never really spoke with me, people would laugh and mock me, and the awkward days of the beginning of school only made this worse. Friends reuniting, and I would just stand in a corner simply twitteling my thumbs. Things got so bad, I would skip lunch and go to the library every day just to feel relaxed. When I would get kicked out of the library for going too much, I would just go and sit in the restrooms, it was a miserable time. I fell into a deep depression from all of this. Imagine the complete opposite of how I am now, that's who I was. A smile was the rarest thing to see on my face. As all students, I eventually graduated high school. Not surprising, but I had no friends to celebrate with when walking across that stage to take my diploma. At the end, the hats would fly and as they fell, I was walking across the football field, ready to go home and start the boring adult life I live in now. The internet is just about the only place I can find friends at this point. During one of my daily Yahoo! News checks, I seen something about "Bronies". To this day, the article's topic remains blurred in my mind. Whatever it was, it gained my curiousity enough to do some research on these Bronies. After I found out it was grown men liking My Little Pony, it made me curious as well as disturbed. I wondered what made these people tick? But, I had a past with watching "girly" shows like Powerpuff Girls, so I thought I would give it a shot, just to see what I could find in My Little Pony. I actually resisted watching the show a few times at first, but eventually gave in and fell in love with the Mane 6. First, it was Applejack, the southern sweetheart. Eventually, it went through them all (except Rainbow Dash). Around the time of Equestria Girls, the lack of MLP between the Season 3 finale and the movie was torturing. I actually came an inch close to losing my Brony faith. I never really considered any of who I had picked before to be my literal favorites, but a phase where I would just switch out every few days. I told myself that Equestria Girls was my last shot. If this movie didn't revive my faith in MLP, I would probably lose it for good. By the way, during this time, Twilight Sparkle was my pending favorite, as I wasn't sure if I wanted her to be my favorite yet. After Twilight becoming a princess, it only pushed me closer to discovering my guardian angel waifu. When I seen the movie, there was something about "Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" that completely woke my faded Brony side. I was filled with all the rainbows and magic my body could hold. After viewing the movie, I felt as a dead battery being completely recharged. I had never been into MLP more than that particular moment. Something inside me changed from seeing that movie, along with Magical Mystery Cure. It was the moment every Brony experiences sooner or later, the real choosing of your favorite pony. While it may not seem as big of a deal as I'm making it, this choice completely changed me inside and out. I've always said that you don't choose your favorite pony, but they choose you. And this was the feeling you get that I was referring to. With this event of Twilight Sparkle becoming such a big part of my life, my personality finally bloomed. I was happy, energetic, eager to make new friends and turn frowns upside down. Sure it sounds nothing short from Pinkie Pie, but it was the friendship inside that made these feelings possible. I could finally make friends again, make people smile, and they were rewards of their own. I've been asked from time to time if I truly believe in magic, which just happened to ironically be Twilight's Element of Harmony, while also meaning Friendship. As to magic being a real thing, I most certainly believe in it. But not from the view of making things levitate and being able to bend the will of reality itself, I truly believe that magic itself is the feeling you get inside when you make a new friend. The happy, giddy feeling you get that can't do anything but make you smile! I couldn't have learned anything about this, the true magic of friendship, without the help of Twilight Sparkle. Because of this wonderful pony, I've discovered who I am on the inside, who I really am. Not set down by the sterotypes my parents have nailed to my forehead, but who my heart wants me to be. Who am I? This is me. A year had passed, and the feeling of my Brony side had once again, begin to feel a fading feeling. I was worried about this, I loved being a Brony, I loved My Little Pony (still do!), I didn't want this magic inside to end. After a long day of stressing over such a thing, I had finally passed out from exaustion. Something magical happened that night. A dream that had seemed half reality and half imagination, I found myself awake, on my back, in bed, staring down my chest. I seen a small light appear above my stomach. Can you guess whom it was? Twilight Sparkle, of course. At this point, I knew I was dreaming, but I decided to see what would carry out from this "dream" I was experiencing. Once Twily appeared from the center of the light (she was about the size of my fist, maybe doubled), she slowly landed on my chest and folded her wings back. I played along with this dream and asked her what she was doing here. Twilight sat down and looked me in the eyes, and told me she knew what was going on, why I was so worried and stressed. She knew what she had caused, and why I didn't want it to leave. She calmly told me that it was okay to feel this way, these kinds of things happen to everyone, let it flow naturally. Don't force myself to be something I can't have a passion for. I told her how much I didn't want it to end, I remember a tear rolling down my cheek, I loved Twilight, I told her. She told me that she felt the same, and that no matter what happens, she would always be in my heart. There with me through thick and thin, Brony or not, Twilight would always be with me, because she loved me too. I remember as she said so, she began to fly away and fade into the same light she appeared in. I remember the struggle of lifting my arm, due to being asleep and unable to move, by the time by arm was up, I was awake, and Twilight was gone. All this stress had passed, I felt relieved. I layed back down and rolled over, saying "Thank you, Twily", and dosed back off to sleep. At this moment I knew that Twilight was just more than my favorite pony. She was my teacher, my friend, my guardian angel.
  25. Was there? One of the ones that obviously killed me was Ryan Dunn, if you can't tell already. My feels disappeared for a while, but I recently just watched a RIP video released by Dickhouse, and that got me going again. Ryan Dunn was a great guy who had so much going for him. Bam Margera, a close friend, and whose autograph I have, literally cried in a newscast over Dunn. He was one of his closest friends. I knew Dunn's brother a little, and my sister knew Dunn personally. She went to school with them. News of his death really hit both of us hard. Post your story.