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Found 35 results

  1. Let's say you love to watch horror movies, play violent video games, and read violent comic books. To complicate things a bit more, at least one of these contains images of horses being brutally killed. You decide to bring all these things with you to Ponyville, along with a portable DVD player and a PSP or 3DS, when Twilight sends you an invitation to her castle. You show them to the main six. None of them are accustomed to seeing such levels of violence, so they're naturally uncomfortable and on the verge of throwing up. But then a Unicorn spy from outside becomes so thrilled at what you just presented that he decides to steal your DVDs, books and games with his magic. He shares them with the rest of the town, making all the ponies sick. How do you think they'd perceive you when they figure out where it all came from? EDIT: Please ignore the tag. I forgot to remove it. : (
  2. So, with the release of Them's Fightin' Herds earlier today I felt it prudent to create a place where the game can be discussed, fan art can be shared, and people can discuss what they have enjoyed of the game thus far. And yeah, this isn't pony specifically, but the game is tied to the brony fandom and thus deserves some mention. And so, have fun! Source:
  3. Has anyone or anyone you know ever made a fanfic, and then create or at least plan to turn that fanfic into something completely out of the Equestria universe? Like, for example, I made a pony fanfic a long time ago with OCs and everything, and there were enough OCs and enough story to make a separate universe out of! Same characters, very similar story, and completely different universe! No ponies and no Equestria is the only difference! Fighting is Magic has done the same thing! It's not a fanfic, but it's a fanmade game, and now it's its own separate universe: Dem Fightin' Herds! And Lauren approves of it! She's not picky of these kind of things! So what's your opinion on turning fanmade brony content into completely original content? It's a great way to avoid those damn Hasbro copyrighters!
  4. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, is your atypical MLP fighting video game. (I say "atypical" because it's one of the few that are actually GOOD and not run by greedy cooperate business men who actually tempt me into buying into their cheap antics). Personally, I'm not a fan of the fighting genre. Based on opinion and observation, I find the fighting community to be full of toxic competition and many sore losers who are shown to the front door long before a round is over. The games for me are too complex with thousands of mediocre combos and silly statistics that are practically pointless the second you realize spamming buttons works just as well. I have a copy of Fighting is Magic because I found it in the very early entries of Equestria Daily's "news". It still works and runs in its "Tribute Version" which I've discovered to be the most stable version out there (others are filled to the brim with bad OCs, sprites, and terrible animations). But what was I doing with a fighting game? I honestly don't know; I was bored. Nonetheless, I wanted to change things up and hopefully have a good time. Yeah, something like that. Now, at the time I downloaded this game, I was on my original laptop. Desktop 1.0, the "Big Blue"; I've wrote about it many times before (see my "Eulogy"). However, I only played for about 5 minutes before realizing I don't play fighting games and I really should go back to playing Assassin's Creed I or something else to my speed. One (or two) years later, I found myself digging through my external and discovered it had been collecting dust along with Stranded Deep 0.01 and FNAFWorld 1.0. So, for old times sake, I decided to boot it up and give it another shot. Around this time, I was on my second laptop, Desktop 6.0 (Black Chromium), but after a night of falling through floors in Ubisoft's, "Assassin's Creed: Unity", my laptop was exhausted and needed a few days off. Gladly, I gave it; so in turn, I looked to Desktop 4.0 (The Typewriter) for help. The Typewriter has been my essential writing computer for the last year and had been the birthplace of many fanfictions and art alike. The downside, (it used to be called, "the Brick") is that it runs on the horrendous Windows XP and is capped by its extremely under-powered hardware. So I had to find a game (that was still on my external) that was able to run on a pocket calculator. Most of the games I had on me were from the 7th generation of consoles and still don't run quite right on my regular computer, so those were immediately out of the query. FNAFWorld had resolution issues and I really didn't feel like playing Scott Cawthon's, "There is No Pause Button" for the sake of beating it at least a hundred times. That left Fighting is Magic; and, to my surprise, it ran rather nicely on "the fossil" with the exceptions of continuous lag issues and the occasional crash because of its simple stupidity. --- Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition, is probably the only game I know that can be both GOOD and BAD at the same time. It's well made, and that's good; but it's also really punishing and extremely frustrating for the smallest imperfections (and that's bad). The bots in the game are so incredibly hard at first, there is literally no reason to push any further. Like most fighting games (even of this era), once you get trapped in a corner, you might as well give up. Spamming buttons won't break you free and trying to grab the enemy won't do anything (not that it's a feature in Fighting is Magic). I'm seriously still stuck on what to do and I've finally been blessed with finishing the game. Characters are difficult to use and the only well-balanced ponies to choose from is Rainbow Dash. Yeah, there's only one. There's no reason to bother with any of the other characters because they're either next to impossible to master or so incredibly ridiculous that even the bots don't know how to use them (Pinkie Pie). To my understanding, there are unlock-able characters like Derpy and Gilda, but I'm not too keen on replaying the game until my keys fall off. Many of the fighting styles for each character is actually rather similar. Rainbow Dash feels like the first character implemented in the game as she has the most well-rounded move set around. Everypony else feels like some sort of clone that've been tweaked just enough to be unique. Some ponies have to be taken down up close and others have to be kicked around from afar, but they still maintain a similarity that rings throughout the roster. --- Overall, it's a fun little game with a lot of cool little kicks in it to keep it alive. It'd be really nice to see if they still use it for competitive use at BronyCon (although, by now, I'm sure they're using the more recently published, "Them's Fighting Herd" for a more stable experience). If you intend on experiencing this game for yourself, be sure to use a controller or something similar. Pressing Diagonally on a keyboard is difficult in tense situations (you'll probably be spamming keys anyway). Link to the EQD page down below (hopefully it's still up). (^^vv<><>BA) -RealityPublishing EQD Page:
  5. Fighting is magic is a pretty awesome game I'd have to say, but what if someone just suddenly made an edition with OC's. (I might be doing this sometime as a little fun project with MUGEN, if you think your character should be a character I make for it, send me a PM) Here's the point, if you had to add your OC to a sort of "Fighting is magic: OC edition" what would he or she be like? I have a little form that you could use if you need ideas on how to describe it. You don't need to use it, this is just to help get ideas. Fighting Strategy: (What strategy your character would encourage. Examples: shoto, zoning, rush-down, defensive, juggling ect.) Pros / Cons: (your character's strengths or weaknesses, like good/bad wake-up time, high/low priority, fast/slow speed, ect., Characters NEED weakness, it's more balanced that way!) Specials: (any ideas for special moves. For example: in street fighter you need to do a quarter circle + punch to do a hadouken/fireball move. NOTE: In fighting is magic, since the characters are ponies, they don't have 6 attack buttons, they just have 4: a light, medium and heavy attack (and 1 for magic attacks if you count that), it doesn't have different buttons for punches or kicks because, well, they're ponies. So just remember, ponies only have the directional buttons and 3 attack buttons along with the magic button) Normal Moves: (If you want to go the extra mile you could also add what your OC's normal moves are) Super Combo/Finisher: (your OC's ultimate move! Requires magic energy to use) Taunt: (optional, pretty self explanatory, *insert some Dan joke here*) Music / Stage / Story / Anything else: (what sort of stage would your OC fight in?) Sample: (my OC Lucid!) Have fun!
  6. In case you are unfamiliar with the story behind this game: So far, it appears that the characters are mostly re-skins of the My Little Pony fighters we had seen so far: Applejack is now Arizona the cow, Rarity is Velvet the deer, and Pinkie Pie is Paprika the Alpaca. There is also a mysterious unicorn who will probably be the new Twilight Sparkle. The game will have a dynamic music system: each stage has its own theme song, but the instruments that play the melody will change depending on which characters are fighting and who is winning. A kickstarter will start on September the 21st. So prepare yourself to throw money at your screen!
  7. Formerly known as Fighting is Magic, the Mane6 developers brings the game back with new characters designed by Lauren Faust .
  8. I know this kind of stuff is very old (or nostalgic, depending on how you look at it). But I recently managed to transcribe all the themes of the Mane 6 from Fighting is Magic as accurately as I can! Some parts were difficult but I gave it a try. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! You can click on the ponies if you want to skip to a certain song. Click Here for my Youtube Channel Sheet music of my exact arrangement can be found in the description of the video if you want it. It uses 2 piano parts which explains the empty space. Playing only the top part will still make it sound decent. But feel free to play it how you want.
  9. Ok, most of you know what My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is. If not, google it. And look up the stage themes while you are at it. Because today, I will be asking what everyone's favorite stage theme from this game is. Vote above and put reasons below. My favorite would be the Pinkie Pie one. This song represents Pinkie so well and it is insanely catchy. It is an extremely fun song and is impossible to not dance to. I just love it. Update: Alright, I've started to take a liking to Applejack and Twilight Sparkle's themes, as well as Rainbow Dash. My new top six list would probably be along the lines of: 1. Twilight Sparkle 2. Applejack 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Pinkie Pie 5. Rarity 6. Fluttershy
  10. Just thought I'd ask since the developers were forced to make it into something non-MLP related to keep from getting sued. If you had to make this game, with Hasbro not giving a damn like they shouldn't have, what things would you have done that were different? I remember seeing some gameplay videos, and it didn't look bad considering it was never completed. But at the same time, I didn't quite agree with some of the movesets they gave to the Mane 6. Maybe I'm not the only one. They probably had other things planned that I wouldn't have agreed with either. That said, these would have been my first suggestions. - No alternate versions of existing characters. Meaning, no Power Ponies, no Rainbow Powered Ponies, no Flutterbat, no Pinkamena, no Chrysalis disguised as Cadence, no Trixie with the Alicorn Amulet, not even Nightmare Moon. This has always been a pet peeve of mine because they just take up space in fighting games. Having more than one Ryu or Akuma never made sense to me in Street Fighter, so why should there be multiple versions of the same pony? I want variety. - No comeback mechanics. The stream monsters can hype them up all they want, but I do not want to be rewarded with a move that takes off 50% by getting my ass kicked. That's just stupid. If I'm down to a mere pixel of health left, it's my fault I got there. I should work harder and EARN my comebacks. - No universal mechanics. Most modern fighting games will have some gimmick for the whole cast to share for the sake of being unique. The problem with this is it typically makes the characters themselves less unique. They all begin to rely on these gimmicks rather than own inherent strengths. If it's not conducive to variety, it's got to go. Now for the roster. I'm gonna make a list of 26 characters, and for each one, I'll compare them to a character from another game that would be a good match for their playstyle. - Twilight: a balanced character that can switch between "spell book" modes to access different movesets, like Amaterasu from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. - Rainbow Dash: aggressive, speedy, combo-centric character with a dive kick, like Yun from Street Fighter 3. - Pinkie Pie: standard projectile/uppercut character with a few random twists, like Ryu and Ken mixed with Tessa from Red Earth. - Applejack: aggressive character with strong melee and long-ranged "lasso" moves, like Omega Red from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Fluttershy: she was already an assist-based character, which I really liked a lot. She's pretty much Captain Commando from Marvel vs. Capcom, who just happens to have Angel doing all of her basic attacks. - Rarity: charge based character with a projectile and anti-air attack, like Guile. - Big Mac: charge character with an emphasis on mixups and punching power, like Balrog. - Zecora: status-based character that can leech off your health or super meter with a curse, or handicap you with a Poison Joke effect, like Spinal from Killer Instinct mixed with Anakaris from Darkstalkers. - Spitfire: speedy character with charge moves, and a focus on mixups, like Vega. - Maud Pie: static character with slow walk speed, but a powerful multi-hitting melee attack, and fast charge attacks. Like Honda from Street Fighter, but with a surprise "rock throw" super move. - Daring Do: a highly mobile character with a focus on mixups and runaway, like Rolento from Street Fighter Alpha/Final Fight. - Cadence: hybrid character with a teleport and more defensive spells such as shields, speed gain and healing. Like a combination of Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and Spiral from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Shining Armor: hybrid character with a standard projectile and running attacks, but a wide range of stat boosts to enhance existing moves, like Silver Samurai from X-Men: Children of the Atom. - Sunset Shimmer: hybrid character with a projectile and charge attacks, and an Aegis Reflector-style trap as her ace in the hole, like Urien from Street Fighter 3. - Derpy: A complex character with moves representing clumsy mannerisms and freak accidents, which ultimately build up to some outlandish "Lv. 3" super move, like Phoenix Wright from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. - Cheese Sandwich: character with random elements tacked onto special moves, like Faust from Guilty Gear. - Trixie: projectile character with a heavy emphasis on hidden traps with Snips and Snails, like Hol Horse from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. - Lightning Dust: speedy and aggressive character with tornados for anti-air and mix up potential, like a combination of Wolverine and Jin Saotome from Marvel vs. Capcom. - Gilda: Melee character that can deal a ton of damage with moves that mix up from consecutive attacks, like Street Fighter X Tekken's version of Bryan Fury. - Snowflake/Bulk Biceps: big standard grappler, like Zangief. - Iron Will: huge powerhouse with high damage and super armor, like Juggernaut from Marvel Super Heroes. - Luna: projectile-based character that focuses on keepaway, like Doctor Doom from Marvel Super Heroes. - Celestia: projectile-based character that focuses on setting up long and damaging spells, like Donovan from Darkstalkers. - Chrysalis: character with long-ranged normals, and changeling helpers that can be used for projectiles and traps, like Capcom vs. SNK 2's version of Chang Koehan. - Discord: pure keepaway character with projectile-based normals, and some reality warping super moves, like Blackheart mixed with Thanos from Marvel Super Heroes. - Tirek: hybrid character with decent long-ranged mixups, but really damaging melee and a teleport, like a combination of Dhalsim and Yamazaki from King of Fighters. I'm sure there are a lot of background ponies people would want to see, but since they've been given no development in the show to provide a good basis for individual movesets, I can't squeeze them in. Sorry. : ( EDIT: FINALLY! Figured out how to edit thread titles!
  11. CONTEST CLOSED THE CONTEST IS CLOSED HOWEVER I WILL KEEP THIS THREAD OPEN SO VIEWERS COULD SEE IT ANY NEW OC WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NEW THREAD ON THIS SUBJECT WILL BE FOUND HERE Alright I'm making a contest to put some OC into a mod I'm making to fighting is magic and here are the rules. What's the OC name. Gender (if it has one) Backstory (don't right a novel on it) It's powers of fighting style Be original It's music theme (actually try to find a good one don't use one cause it sounds cool. It's stage(make up your own) species (it could be anything that's pony-sized Example diamond dogs) His character traits His dialog cutie mark (if any) how old is it is he good or bad This contest will close on 8/22/2014 it also help me a lot if you could draw your OC to get your ideas into the game perfectly. have fun and be original
  12. MUGEN is a video game fighting engine based on Street Fighter where people make and download custom characters. There's even a few sprites from the canceled Fighting is Magic game. I have all the Mane Six on my roster, but some are more glitchy than others.
  13. so don't worry this won't take to much of your time but i'm here to ask the opinions on two animation video's i made. they're just loops so you don't have to watch till the end... first is this: a short running cycle nothing special really but then there's this: short jumpkick animation where i practice several movements together. once again a loop so no need to watch to the end but i'd like to know, what do you guys think? any advice? what can i improve on?
  14. Now I'm sure everypony who considers themselves a gamer has played a fighting game at least once. Myself, I love them. However, not for the usual reason of the intense high-tier play. I'm not good enough for that. No I love them for the wild and colorful characters they bring together and what setups are used to unite them all. Street Fighter has cloak and dagger espionage hidden under the veneer of a global fighting tournament. Bloody Roar has a conflict between a baseline human and superhuman offshoot. What about you guys? What fighting game has the best characters and scenario for them to square off? (Note: This is for stand alone fighting games. Crossover fighters like Dissidia and Smash Bros. or fighting adaptations like Injustice or Fighting is Magic don't count.)
  15. ok, so i was setting around playing the my little pony fighting is magic tribute edition "awesome!" and i had an idea for a video and i was wondering if anypony knew or could help make it happen, i thought, how cool would it be for it to be real life! so i was thinking have 2 people in pony fursuits who can fight without looking stupid, then overlay the music and health meters, then make it a real life fighting is magic match! i just think it would be totally cool to watch, do all the special effects with twilights energy blasts and stuff so is there anypony out there that can make it happen?
  16. Hi! So, I have been looking around, and I can't seem to find this, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Does Anyone know if there is a My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Port for Linux? More specifically, Linux Mint Debian. I assumed there would have been (seeing as it's an OS that most people who use know a bit of coding, either it be Python, C++, Java, etc), But I cannot seem to find it anywhere! Does anyone know where to find one, Or know the language used to build FiM (so If I happen to know the language, I can port it to Linux Debian)?
  17. Hi! Anyone, do you know some fighting tricks, or trick shots for Applejack?
  18. So I sometimes review games, I'm a brony, this an mlp forum, yeah I'll have to tackle this. So you all know about Fighting is Magic's cease and desist last year? Well it turns out people went and finished the game and released it. So I am here to talk about the game. For starters the music and graphics are pretty good actually. They seem to fit each area and the graphics don't seem bad considering it's fan made. It is also fun and ironic to have your favorite ponies from the show about friendship beating the crap out of each other for no reason. Seriously why are they doing that anyway? Could it be the work of Discord? Each move seems to fit the characters well. Pinkie can shoot a party cannon, Rainbow Dash can shot storm clouds at you, Twilight uses magic, Applejack has a lasso, etc. Now lets talk about what a lot of people seem to have problems with when playing, the AI difficulty. Maybe it's because I barely have any experience with these types of fighting games (I was more into smash brothers as a kid, a completely different fighting game style) but these AIs are way too overpowered. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a hit. I can make it passed the first fight in story mode but not the second fight. A difficulty setting or a training mode would be nice. It would also be nice to include AIs in versus mode where you can set their difficulties to your playing level. Also, trying to perform a combo is near impossible. You have to try so many button combinations, it's confusing even when playing on a controller. Then again, a controller is still easier than the actual keyboard. So basically, If you're more of a casual gamer like me, I wouldn't recommend story mode at all unless you really wanna challenge yourself. I would recommend you to play versus mode with your brony friend if you want more of a fun factor. However story mode might be a fun ride if you're experienced with the Street Fighter style fighting. But alas, I'm not. I've only played one Street Fighter game, on a 3ds demo in a Game Stop for like 5 minutes. Overall, the game is a decent game that could use some tweaking. Then again, this is fan made so you can't expect it to be perfect. It just needs to be polished out is all. Final score: 7/10
  19. OK, so fighting is magic apparently can only be original. Does that mean that the Mane 6 will not feature?
  20. I downloaded the Tribute Edition for Fighting is Magic today, and I'm trying to play it with my Eightarc Fusion arcade stick. It's PC compatible, and in the test runs in the Control Panel of my PC it checks out perfectly fine, but when I try it in game, the joystick doesn't work. The buttons respond just fine, so if I go into a match I can attack, but since the joystick doesn't respond, I can't move, jump, duck, block, etc. Is anyone else having or has had this problem? Also, does anyone know how I could fix it? Thanks in advance for your guys' time.
  21. Okay so most of us have heard the epic background music for the Soon to be released "fighting in magic right?" Well i had a question and a proposal. 1. Has anyone seen tabs or sheet music on any of the background songs? ( i particularly was looking for RD's theme but any would be awesome.) 2. If not, does anyone want to try and recreate them with me? I'm willing to attempt, but the more people the better. I'm trying to get both a guitar and piano part's for this but anything would be awesome. I know this would be a huge and extensive project, i'm just tossing it out there with some hopes ^^ I have heard lots of people wishing there were tablatures or sheets for this Anyways that's all i had to say about it...
  22. This is part 2 of the Apple Jack story mode enjoy! If you want to feel free to like, comment, and subscribe thanks! Here is the video.
  23. This is probably a stupid and dangerous idea. I KNOW it's a stupid and dangerous idea. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread got taken down or something... but I really need to get this off my chest so I'm just going to say it right now. I want to finish the game Fighting is Magic. Yea a lot of you guys think I'm crazy now. You're probably thinking something along the lines of "this guy is insane. It will never work." But please just hear me out. At least try and understand. First off, if you don't know what Fighting is Magic is, it was a My Little Pony fanmade game that had a street fighter theme to it. It got a LOT of attention. However, the Mane 6 dev team (the people who were working on it) recieved a Cease and Desist order from Hasbro meaning they could no longer work on it. The game stopped development just before Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were released as playable characters. As you can very well imagine since I mentioned it got a lot of attention, there were many complaints and many negative reactions. People wanted that game to be finished, myself included. Now, at first, I wasn't too affected by the news. My reaction was something like "Ah well. That sucks. Guess it's not going to be finished." But over time... it kinda grew on me. It bugged me more and more that it was stuck incomplete, especially after seeing so many negative reactions to the C+D order. There is an existing version of it, like I implied, but it's incomplete. It only has 4 playable characters. Which brings me to today. I want to finish what the Mane 6 team started. Not for my own satisfaction (although I will admit, it does play a good role for my desires), not to say "screw you" to Hasbro, but because so many people wanted to play the full verion of this game. Though... I'm going to need a vast amount of help. I don't think I'm actually going to be able to do this myself- actually, I KNOWI won't. For two reasons. One, I lack a good computer to even think about doing something like this, and two... I have zero knowledge on coding at all. I shall now repeat the comment I bet you guys are thinking by now. "This guy is insane. It will never work." It probably won't. At least not for me. Even if you guys can't supply the help for me, specifically, to finish it, I ask that someone else do so instead of me. This game had incredible potential and I would really hate for something like that to remain unfinished. Thank you for hearing my completely rediculous and impossible request.
  24. So I was wondering....With all these ships going around, about awww isn't FlutterMac just the cutest thing and RAINBOW DASH I thought it would be sort of interesting....Who would you like to see in a knock down, drag out fight? Of course I want to see something really hurtful, the twisted person I am...Honestly, I would LOVE to see Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy get crazy pissed at one another, or Granny Smith and Cheerilee. Big mac and Rainbow Dash could have the COOLEST athletic competition, but I guess Applejack already went there. Although Rarity and Spike fighting would be hilarious. And any form of Scootabuse. Anyways, thats just me. /) Rant over.