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Found 3 results

  1. What would you do before a fight? Do you stand still? Do you wipe your lips? What do you do? Personally, I squint my eyes a bit at them and rub my chin with my index finger while holding it with my thumb. Edit (forgot this): And, I always carry a lighter, so everytime somepony will start a fight, I turn on my lighter. That scares them.
  2. I haven't seen anything about how ponies defend themselves. Magic is only good if you're really skilled, just flying in to tackle has it's risks, and running in head first is just as dangerous so... What do ponies have as far as weapons? My first guess would be lances.
  3. Everywhere recently there has been so many bronies and non bros fighting in the comments of every thing, from YouTube to Funnyjunk to everything else. I am posting this now, because everywhere I go there is arguing and it's annoying for me to constantly see. I know this is nothing new, and we have our own ways of dealing with it, but is anyone else just as annoyed by it? I don't take sides when it come to things like this, I usually end up saying one thing to shut both sides up and that's it. But when bronies comment about ponies on something that is not related at all, It disappoints me a little. We have our own websites, and content to comment on, and that is where pony comments should stay. For example, just the other day I saw a ytpmv (you tube pony music video) so I decided to check out the actual song, and the first thing I see is comments about ponies. It makes me mad at the bronies who are posting this, and the people who then reply to them. I think everyone needs to calm down a bit, and stop fighting over nothing. And what sometimes frustrates me the most, is how people start these wars, its like they caught water on fire, I mean honestly how do they start an argument when there is nothing to argue about! Sorry for sounding a bit rude, i'm not hostile towards anyone and I respect everyone. I know posting this is not going to stop the fighting, but I want to know peoples opinions are on this topic.