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Found 13 results

  1. Would you have gotten as interested in MLP if the Mane 6 were the CMC's Age? I don't think I would have. I saw the season 1 two part opener knowing NOTHING about the series or fandom. I checked it out because I was just seeing what Tara Strong was up to currently (back at the end of 2013.) I could tell that there was above average effort put into it but I wasn't interested in watching more. I only ended up watching more stuff because I was getting pissed that pretty much all my recommended videos on YouTube suddenly turned into MLP related, AND I HAD ONLY WATCHED THE TWO PART OPENER!!! I guess it was a good thing because I do really like the show now. I like that the Mane 6 seem to be past High School age and somewhere between 18-26 in my opinion, with Rarity being one of the older members of the cast considering her very successful business despite having an average upbringing. Now as for the CMC, I think they are cute, but IN MODERATION. Too much of them does get kind of annoying to me. So what would you guys think if the Mane 6 had only been CMC age in the show?
  2. Does anyone know how pregnancy works in Equestria? I'm rather curious if it's different from humans or about the same?
  3. I come up with this concept awhile back and I feel like I should share it. Miss Pie's Home for Peculiar Fillies Pinkie Pie finds a group of orphan fillies and decides to find a home for them. The fillies are based on individual parts of Pinkie. Cinnamon Bun (female) is based on Pinkie's ability at making sweets. She is the leader of the filly group. Slipstick and Sight Gag (male and female) are based on Pinkie's ability at making ponies laugh. Party Planner (male) is based on Pinkie's ability at planning parties. Melody Musical (female) is based on Pinkie's ability to sing random songs out of nowhere. Sourdough (male) is based on Pinkie's hidden sadness, craziness and anger (Pinkamena).
  4. Its afternoon in ponyville and the sun is high . Discord was taking a nap on Fluutershy's couch . Things were starting to get better for him after the Tirek incident the townsfolk believed he had gone back to being evil . He reassured them he wasn't abs he made mistake he even helped repair the town . As of now Discor's only problems were a few skeptics . He heard Twilight recently had trouble with a mare named Starlight Glimmer but he wasn't concerned how much harm could ste do with a name like that ? He finally closed his eyes and dreamed a wonderful dream about city where everyone was crazy . But he stated hearing strange voices calling to him voices he could have sworn he'd heard before . That night he heard them again only this time they were louder , angrier and yelling out " you betrayed us !" He woke up screaming . Fluttershy timidly gets up and flies into his room . " um Discord are ok ?" She asks . Discord nods " I'm fine Fluttershy it nothing .. Listen do you mind if tomorrow I go and speak with Celestia ?" She shakes her head understanding that he had something private to speak to her about . He smiled warmly she always understood . The next day he went to Celestia's palace . Normally he'd randomly appear in front of her in a attempt to scare her but this was a extremely sad and serious matter so he chose to knock the door . A guard answered the door . They were surprised to see him but they let him in . At first upon seeing him Celestia smiles and rolls her eyes expecting him to say something funny or stupid . She notices the sad , grim expression on his face ." Hello Discord what brings you hear today ?" She asks with a worried look . He sighs ." I've got something to discuss you . I had a dream last night and a heread the voices of my old friends ." She gasps and has a flashback . ( cue flashback ) Back when Discord was young and equestria's chaotic era was just beginning . Discord got bored for the first time . He loved his chaos but very few others did they thought it was weird . So he traveled to other worlds and brought back lonely children of other species who were about his age and brought them to eqeustria . They became his friends , partners and family he even gifted them with lesser modified versions of his chaotic powers . Then when Celestia and Luna defeated him for the first time they were put in stone too . However due to Celestia thinking the ponies would fear their carnivorous diets and strange looks they hadn't been given a chance to reform .? Celestia had to admit making such a shallow choice was horrible judgement they hadn't even been as bad as Discord . It brought shame upon her to think of it .( end flashback ) She sighs and simply tells him " it you'd like Discord you may visit them at the garden ." He nods sadly and promises to visit his old friends later . Meanwhile the cmc had just failed to get garden work cutie marks . Sweetie belle had gotten the hedge trimmers stuck to her mane . They here's girlish giggling behind them . All 3 rolled their eyes . It was Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon . their realtions with their rivals had gotten better now that they were a bit older . The bullying was down to a friendly teasing . Still it could get annoying ." Still no cutie marks huh blank flanks ?" Diamond laughs using her old line . Scootaloo sighs ." No and we're not in the mood right now ok ?! We've all had bad days " she growls . Silver Sooon isn't laughing " maybe you guys shouldn't go searching for your marks you should just let it happen naturally ." She suggests seriously . Diamond Tiara snorts ." Oh please Silver these 3 are so impatient they can't even wait on the school lunch line !" Scootaloo and Applebkoom grin mischievously. " maybe you'd like to see how impatient we are DT !" Applebloom says with a smirk and knocks her to ground to begin wrestling . Eventually the entire group gets pulled into this semi resolved grudge match . Tumbling through the garden until they reach the back where a colum of about 12 statues . The fillies set the first one flying backward and it hit the one behind it sending off a domino effect . When the group stopped play fighting . They looked up and saw that they had freed 12 strange creatures most of them looked like dogs exept they looked like had more emotion . 3 others looked similar but were uglier and had yellow eyes . One was a deer , another one a fox finally a chubby creature with no fur and strange cloths and a blue blob creature . The pack looked around shortly and then noticed the ponies that freed them ." Well hello there kids ." One of the dogs and female said smiling . The fillies shook in fear ." Who - who the heck are you ?" Applebloom asks . The dog smiles again " I'm Dixie and these are my friends ." She explains that they were around when Discord was in power . Which amazed the fillies . According to her the other dogs were named Angel , Scamp and Dodger , the fix was Todd , the deer was Ronno , the uglier things were called hyenas and were named Shenzi Banzai and Ed , the chubby thug was a human named Eric and the blob creature was named Bloo . " so Celestia put you in stone ? But why you guys seem really nice !" Sweetie Belle exclaims . She couldn't believe their fair ruler had imprusoned seemingly innocent creatures . " because she a birch . That why !" Eric and Bloo muttered . Todd , Scamp and Ronno grumbled in agreement . But Dixie and Shenzi gaged them looks that shut them up . " we were victims of bad press . But now we've come to get her back and we want you to help ." Angel says as she and Dixie offer them their paws . " what's in it for us ?" Diamond tiara asks ." Yeah if we're gonna help you overthrow the princesses we need a reason !" Scootaloo adds . Dixie smirks ." Not only will Apllebloom , Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo get their cutie marks but all five of you will get power get power . Power so great that you'll surpass even your sisters and make them proud of ya . None of you will ever be sad or misrabke as you've been your whole lives ever again . You'll be completey free ." They looked at each other . That did sound really nice the cutie marks , the power plus they'd all had sucky lives in their own ways perhaps it was time for a change . All five of them shook Dixie's paw . For safety reasons the pack relocated to the everfree forest . Which was ok because they had lived their during Discord's reign . Dixie , Angel and Shenzi who were the smartest began to plan and located Discord . They would speak with him later . Eric and later Bloo began to whine that they were bored they were both smacked by Dixie . Eric was especially grumpy he wanted to avenge his best friend's Kenny's death . Kenny usually returned to life after dying but for some reason when he was killed by Celestia that didn't happen maybe the pervert's time had finally run out . As a few days passed and the deeper parts of the everfree forest were soon filled with plunder seeds and chaos . Not long after the entire forest was consumed not many ponies notice because the forest was generally avoided . However Zecota noticed sadly before she could say anything ste was eaten by the hyenas out of hunger . Who couldn't beehive they're was an actual Zebra here . Dixie watched this unfold with Todd . Soon enough Discord got wind of fillies freeing his old friends . At first he was worried but they lied and told him they were just having fun . He didn't see the harm in a small bit of fun especially in a already wild place like the forest . So he let them be . The pack and the filles all smirked watching him go knowing he'd retern and join in the next day . Now the pack was free ,the fillies had chaos powers and " fun " would rise again . Of coarse this game would te sudden death . To be continued . I hope you all enjoyed the first part . Just a couple things The city Discird was drawing of was New York These characters were selected for two reasons 1 they're all awesome . 2 they're all very good at causing mayhem and chaos . The fillies have put aside their differences for the most part because DT and SS were saved from starlight glimmer by the cmc in this story . We will see starlight here eventually by the way ! Yes I know the crossover choices are we're but what can you expect they were picked by Discord blame him ! Anyway I hope you all liked it .
  5. So I noticed that none of the fillies/colts had cutie marks. It got me wondering: Would they ever get them at all since they might never "discover" their talents in that type of deficient environment?OR Would they naturally get equal marks because of the environment? I think they just wouldn't get them because the town doesn't seem to have much that would help in that process and trying to do something "out of the ordinary" would be frowned upon. Remember kids, "TO EXCEL IS TO FAIL" What do you guys think? Oh- and this just because
  6. A violent storm brewed over equestria it was a storm of chaos. Discord and his party had won control of of the government.. Discord made everything chaotic and insane he and Pinkie Pie now had absolute power anypony who dared support twilight was imprisoned . After establishing his domanice Discord set his sight on the crystal empire and canterlot . Everything became dedicated to killing off these threats . Propaganda now dominated the lives of citizens . Solders marched everywhere preparing for battle a elite unit called the madnessbolts had been set up purely to create chaos Rainbow Dash became their leader with Lightening Dust as second in command . Even the younger generation was greatly affected by the new regime.because now there was a group called chaos youth . Inside the newly set up chaos youth headquarters Scootaloo and Applebloom were arguing with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ." I can't believe that Discord put a blank flank like you in charge!" The pink filly growled ." Well to bad Diamond I'm Dash's sister so I'm the leader suck it up!" Silver Spoon glared at Scootaloo " just because your sister who you were adopted by dosn't give you the right to be in power!" She spat ." Oh that's rich ! Y'all bully us and shove your status in our faces all the time!" Applebloom yelled back . The argument went on for a few minutes before a squeaky voice yelled out " stop!" The four kids turned to see Sweetie Belle glaring sternly at them." Look at you guys ! Fighting at a time like this if we fight each other we won't survive !" But Sweetie they're assholes !" Applebloom protested . Sweetie belle gave her a look " that dosn't mean anything right now ! We've known each other for entire lives and have done nothing but fight ! It's time we fight and join together as friends!" She looked at the other 4 and saw small smiles on their faces . Silver Spoon especially smiled at Sweetie . They noodles and high hoofed each other . Together they took control of chaos youth as equals . Discord and Pinkie got married and soon realized they needed allies . First they teabed up with the griffin empire . Leading to an awkward reunion between Dash and Gilda . Next the alilled themselves with the changelings. Who proved to be powerful teammates . Both griifins and changelings joined the army causeing neighboring countries to fall to their knees . Chrysalis gained land and resources but lost a great deal of power listening to Discord. She decied to convince him to turn a number of his soldiers into changelings by use of her bite . Dash Lightening Dust , Trixie Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara become some of the first and most important changelingfied . Meanwhile Twilight and the princesses set up a government in exile. Vowing to unify the pony race under one banner of freedom . Ponies from all over outside of Discord's sphere of influence came . However their enimies were strong. Twilight knew they needed allies . These wore the Dragons , Diamond dogs , crystal ponies and zebras . Another more dangerous ally . King Sombra had returned and at first tried to ally himself with Discord but the chaos God did not abide by the agreement they made he wanted resources and a vantage point to attack the crystal empire . King Sombra was outraged he used his dark magic to chase Discord's troops of his territory and hastily alled himself with Twilight . Their alliance was careful one but it still counted . As the two sides met in battle more and more often war tactics beagw more intense . Soon as Celestia foretold in a recent prophecy . Blood , gore and tears would soak equestria . To be continued.
  7. I recently got inspired again by Moonfall, a pretty wondrous ask tumblr blog venturing into Luna and Celestia's past, especially the recent pages. So, with that said, I would like to see what you guys think of my idea so far: Luna and Celestia are fillies born with both wings and horns in a superstitious time period in the pre-classical era when ponies are just settling in the new promised land of Equestria. Pegasi and Unicorns are gone to their separate ways: hidden from the other races. Being born on open Equestrian country, the two young fillies are raised in a world full of Earth ponies. And thought to be myths to the Earth ponies, two ponies like Celestia and Luna has never been heard of before. Hidden amongst difference from their Earth pony mother lived far from the nearest settlements. Being raised in the country, Luna and Celestia find themselves finding out their true destinies and talents from gaining their cutie marks. Basically, a story about my headcanon of how they get their cutie marks, and why. Luna's Filly Appearance: Celestia's Filly Appearance: So, with the main pilot said, I would like to also go over a few more details to answer some potential questions about this. __________________________________________________________ Why are Luna and Celestia's parents Earth Ponies? And how are they Alicorns this way? Yes, a little hard to understand, but in season 2, Mr. and Mrs. Cake stated that their babies are a different race of ponies because of a selective occasional family heritage. With this stated, I believe Celestia and Luna are the first Alicorns, and thus, they have a perfect mixture of their royal heritage between all three races of the bloodline of their Earth pony parents. Kind of like destiny, I suppose. Why aren't they born in a castle? Aren't they royalty? They have a royal family heritage, bit their parents were not born into royalty. I believe Celestia and Luna earned their way into their rank. I found it would be more interesting to Luna and Celestia born into a poor household in the country, learning about nature and their talents in on their own instead of immediate royalty and destinies. __________________________________________________________ Still curious? Something still bothering you about it? Do you have other ideas? Please let me know below. I might post it here when I'm done with the first page for you guys.
  8. SURPRISE!!! But no really I drew another image its a mixture of various source material and Filly Bases I scrounged up. This is my first freelance type drawing if I had there colors I would do my best to shade them in but my color pencils suck @$$... Thank you, for your time!!
  9. These are a few drawing I did they are mostly(all) fillies cuz they got easier proportions... The drawing consists of Apple Bloom, Babs Seed, Cotton Cloudy, Noi, Piña Colada, Scootaloo, Sweeite Belle
  10. These are three OCs I made: Faith, Hope, and Love. Hope is featured in this topic: and after I did a picture of Hope I was inspired to do Faith and Love as well. Hope's the one with the prosthetic leg, Faith is the blue with the cute yellow mane, and Love is the pink one with the red mane in a ponytail. If you like, one of you may have one of these as YOUR OC, and I'll make an older version of it with the cutie mark I had in mind. So, questions, comments?
  11. Hey there! I’m kind of hesitant to start this, since I have no idea to what extent it’s been done before and I’m not good at drawing ponies very quickly. We’ll see how the tumbleweed rolls and go from there, eh? I'm also really sorry if it takes a while to respond with a picture; I’m trying my hardest to make it look good. HERE WE GO!
  12. As you may have been able to tell, I have indeed started on this new fic: The Adventures of two best friends. Link: Yeah, It's my first shot at a proper fic, with decent layout, style, and cuteness. Yup, cuteness, from me! ..I'm trying my best, but I've never written anything so nice and friendly before (No, seriously, usually someone gets killed, but no, not this time..) I've already worked out what I'm doing for the next chapter, but any suggestions are welcome. Could do with some useful feedback. Nice as it is; telling me to go to rehab for an 'adventuring addiction' is not that helpful, contrary to popular belief. The next chapter will probably be out on Saturday or Sunday, after that I'll have a huge load of free time, so we can expect a few chapters over the Christmas holidays, (Mainly because we'll be going up to my Relative's place for a while, and he has no Wi-Fi, so I'll just take my Netbook and write!...) Any suggestions, criticalness, cover-art ideas, questions, general randomness, Blueprints for the new secret weapons, etc. are welcome, ....I thought of something to say here, but I've forgotten now.... Thanks in advance for any help, etc.
  13. Hi everypony. . . this is a fanfic. For now, the first chapter isn'y even finished, but I'd really appreciate some constructive critisicim. (I think spelled critisicim wrong) Anyways, to sum it up, the beginning chapter is about a younger Celestia and Luna in a pre-Equestrian era, before ponies populated pretty much everything. If anything, please, please, please keep an open mind while reading it. I know some of you may not agree with my portrayal of the younger sisters, but the show never says much on how they were when they were younger. I was curious, so I tried to fill a few gaps. I followed a little bit of a different route than what Hearth's Warming Eve said about the history. Enjoy, I hope. My work usually gets slammed pretty hard, so I'm prepared. x3 Epilogue There was not always a country of Equestria. Long before ponies populated the massive sheath of land that is so familiar to us today, there were many provinces and types of creatures that each had their own custom and way of life, some good, some not so good. There was Hoen, which was renown for its strict rules yet lax punishments. The country of Eden, a lush, fertile place where most of the occupants were associated with farming one way or another. There was Caurwrey, River, Deilind- some different, some same, but all suffering in one way or another. All taking out the suffering on each other, one way or another. I grew up in the province of Equestria though, the biggest and arguably the most prosperous in all the land. Equestria then was much simpler than what it is today. I may be old by some standards, (certainly not in looks) but my memory is as fresh as ever. My fillyhood was unstable. I was the youngest of two children, dark and more brooding than my older sister, who was prone to fits of temper and random acts of good will. She was the sunny one. I was often left in the dark. Celestia- Luna. It was funny how our names so affected our personalities. When I think about my younger life in general, I remember tents. It's where we lived most of the time. We were royalty, yes, but we were forcibly humble. I remember tents. . . So that is how I will begin my story.   Chapter One When I was a teenager, I fell in love with the first glamerous stranger that walked up to me, as most teenagers prefer to evantually make themselves miserable. He was everything that fit the bill of 'perfect'- tall, witty, intimidating. He made me crave his approval, run over every sentence I spoke to make sure it didn't sound childish, and cower like a whipped dog when I slipped up just how juvinile I was. I would style my mane a different way every day, and eye him, watching his body language to see if it pleased him or not. He was my obsession. I fantasized about him holding me as I feel asleep each humid night, sometimes more than holding me. His name was Kai. I was laying around in my tent (I did say I would start with tents- I seem to have gotten caught up with myself) the day I met him. It was a sultry afternoon, the kind where you sweat and smell horrid, and where the air is so moist the dust is too heavy to fly around and stick to you. A week before, our small castle had been ambushed and attacked. It was a common occurance, but for our safety we were once again moved to the backcountry, where we suffered through canvas-walled tents and other peasant horror until our home was deemed safe again. He walked by my tent once. I greeted him, and he said nothing back. That is how I met him, but it isn;t how I got to know him. So I resumed being horribly bored and alone. There was some talk of peace amoung the provinces, which the adults were eager to share with me until they found out I had no aptitude for politics and social sciences- that was more Tia's area. As a filly, she would drag me to the staircase ( if we were in the castle) or hide behind some crude wooden wall, the light of the fire faintly flickering off our faces. "Treaties- Hoen and Milderwee have a treaty?" she'd whisper excitedly, her glassy eyes brightening. "Luna- we have a treaty with Milderwee, too. This is great news!" and I'd nod like I had the faintest idea of what she was going on about. She'd shush me, though I hadn't said anything, and then she'd go off about conspiracies and political elections and assasiantions again. Who killed who, who was agreeing or threatening who- it all meant nothing to me. All I cared about was if my family was alright, if we were comfterble and my world wasn't crumbling around me. Soon, it wasn't necessary for us to sneak around. After our father retired, our mother long passed away from a complicated illness, Tia started to be trained in the way that the young become the respected. She was invited to those late-night meetings she'd been so enraptured in as a filly. Oh, she tried to teach me what she learned, but I was a hopeless student in those areas. "Luna," she'd start, a hoof on each of my shoulders, "If Deiland and Hoen declared war on each other, how would at affect Eden?" I'd try to remember what she'd told me- a good part of Deiland was in the desert. Eden was where most of the 'foreign' food came from. Eden was on the other side of Hoen."Uhhhh. . . ." I'd bite my bottom lip, "Eden would make more sales?" Tia, who had to be the most patient and saintly pony I'd ever come by, would sigh and look disappointed. "No, Luna, Eden would make less sales, because there's no way Hoen would let Eden do trade with Deiland- Eden and Hoen have a treaty, remember?" "Yes. A treaty means they won't fight-" "And?!" "Uh- it means-" It means my mind was blank. I'd drop my gaze, tears welling up in my eyes. Why couldn't I be smart and worldly like Tia? I was useless- utterly useless. "Oh, Luna! Don't- a treaty also means that Eden would help Hoen out with the war. There, there, it's okay. It's not even that important, don't worry about it." Tia would pull me closer to her, and wipe my tears hastily away. "It's okay, Luna. Do you want to go for a walk instead?" It would always boil down to that. My frusterated tears, and Tia satiating me with a walk. A walk didn't require any major intelligence- just knowing how to move your legs a certain way, and remembering how to get back home. Out of all the things my sister and I did together, our walks were my favorite. They reminded me of when things were less complicated- certainly before she`d discovered politics were more interesting than I was. It was no surprise to me that she soon became too busy with her studies to humor her little sister with mindless exercize. Now that I think about it- (Because I sure didn't think about it the same way when I was younger) I was lonely and needy, and starved for attention. I did anything for any sort of attention. I acted out, I terrorized younger fillies, I avoided my meagre chores- time after time I would be sent to Tia, my sister, the Princess Celestia and new ruler of the province, to what the officials hoped would be a strict punishment. The visits with my sister would go like this- I would walk into the palace courtyard (during the tent-days, the officials were too busy to be worried about my shenanigans) and drop dramatically onto the carpet in front of her. Most citizens were expected to bow to her- but I considered it ridiculous to bow to my own sister. We had both shared the same cradle, and been nursed by the same mare, and cried on each others shoulders when she was taken away from us. "Luna. . ." Celestia would say, looking up to see me sprawled on the floor a few metres away from her. "Celestia." I'd say shortly. (I refused to call her Tia while she was 'on the throne', which was most of the time. At the same time, I refused to adress her as princess.) "Did you want to talk to me?" She'd stand up to her full height, her glorious mane and tail flowing in the nonexistant breeze, and take a few steps toward me. "Nope." I'd keep a poker face, still lying on the floor in a ridiculous and often uncomfterble position. "Anything wrong?" "Nope." "Nothing?" her voice would end on a high pitch, hinting, politely, that she had much better things to do than watch me be difficult. "Nothing." I'd confirm. "Can I go now?" ___________________________________ So that's part of the first chapter. Feedback is greatly appreciated, although please don't be too harsh. That's a real weenie thing to say, but constructive critisicim, again. Thanks. :3