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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. I will admit that I have not posted any of my blog reviews in a long while and after this one, I won't anymore here. It saddens me that this has to come, but I do not wish to support anymore of Poniverse and it's assets any longer. Hearing of how Simon and Stitch's back room politicking of the many folks they've thrown out and have attempted to destroy such as Silver Eagle, Kyoshi, and Koukatsu with their power play, apathy, and lies respectively, I've chosen to refuse to abide by their terrible acts and blatant attempts to steer the justified backlash towards anyone in their attempt to restore their order they've created at everyone's expense. It is also on Feld0, Poniverse's owner, who has allowed this situation to come due to his incompetence and own apathetic behavior to the abuses that Simon especially has committed in his blind greed. As a result, I've deleted all of my blogs here, all of my hard work and toil that I've created here out of the comfort and cared I once showed to these forums is gone by my hand. This is to show of how far and willing I' am to go to no longer associate myself with the disgusting behavior of Ponivere's heads or provide support to them anymore. You will not see me ever on these forums again. I've already established in other third party sites in order to alleviate the impact of this departure. As a result, I will give the link to my profile page here: where you can find where I frequent and use these days if you wish to continue to associate with me outside of these forums. Goodbye to the folks of MLP Forums (save for those I mentioned above and those who are willing to support their behavior). I will miss you dearly and the fond memories I had with this place that I once called my internet home.