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Found 12 results

  1. I could. I mean she got refencend once in the series, so it only makes that she may make a apperacnce soon. Maybe Season 9? What do you think? By the way Sandy was Firefly's Original voice in G1. Thoughts?
  2. If Lauren Faust's original visual concepts for the Mane Six gone through unchanged, we just might have had this right now (click the pictures for full-size views)... I really like these old, G1-inspired designs, but the current ones look a lot better in the Technicolor universe they've created for the show. Here's some more history for ya!
  3. Malcolm Reynolds: Kayleigh: More to come, so check back later! All of my art is also posted on my deviantart.
  4. So after Tirek returned for the season 4 finale, many people were wondering if we would see more revamped characters. Although many people argued that it was just a one off, this has turned out to be false as Smooze has been confirmed to return for the upcoming and super exciting season 5. So earlier today, I was just thinking. What other characters could be revamped? I mean don't get me wrong, the show was awful, but I think that some of the characters were really interesting, or could be made interesting. I'm going to list 3 revamps which I think could work in G4, and add something cool and new to the show. Smooze isn't a big villain, and I like it that way. I don't think this series needs another main villain who's a revamp. Scorpan: Now Scorpan is the most obvious one because not only is he confirmed to exist in this universe, but the development he had in Twilight's Kingdom suggests that he will be explored in future seasons. This guy could make an awesome character. I heard on Derpy News one time that Starswirl the Bearded is going to be making his appearance at the right place at the right time, but I feel that Scorpan (Starswirl's close friend) should return first so we can get more hype for Starswirl. With him maybe telling stories of their great adventures. I can't see this revamp happening this season as were already getting A LOT of unbelievable arcs and stuff answered. I think that season 5 is going to be the best season yet by miles. However, I think Scorpan is more likely to be season 6 or the 2017 movie. This version will of course be Tirek's brother, and is highly likely to be a magic draining being like Tirek. He may be a prince of his foreign land though. General Firefly: Whilst not as apparent as Scorpan, Firefly exists in this universe too. She was the founder of the Wonderbolts a long time ago, and assembled them and made them the greatest flyers in Equestria as explained in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. I think the best way to reintroduce this character would be if the mane 6 went back in time, and Firefly gave Rainbow Dash tips on how to become a Wonderbolt, and then she used them and succeeds. This would be really epic, and would be a great ending and pay off to Rainbow's series long arc. Just my thoughts, but I think this is the best and only real way to revamp this character. Sea Ponies: Now this fanbase has been wanting these guys for ages, and I think this would be really cool. They look iconic, memorable, and classy. Ponies underwater is just a badass idea. I think the time for this is season 5, when we take a look at all of Equestria. I hope to see them this season. We haven't seen any concept art, but I think it's still probable for them to make a return. DHX must know we want them.
  5. Figured I might as well start a discussion thread for the MMO Firefly game that's currently being produced. It's bringing back the original actors from the show for voice acting, and it looks like it'll be a pretty cool game!
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love MLP. But what people don't seem to realize is that it would probably be a very different show if Lauren Faust could have done anything she wanted with it. Hasbro changed a lot of what she had planned, and I'm sure if she worked for a looser company she probably would make it differently. (So people stop acting like its such a huge deal that Hasbro made them make her an alicorn, and "its all for toy sales!" because they made her do a LOT of junk, and it was ALWAYS "All for toy sales!" Cartoon Network gives the people who make their shows more creative freedom, in my opinion. The Powerpuff Girls was made for CN and they basically let Craig do whatever he wanted with it. (Just watch: The Powerpuff Girls. Who what when why...who cares? It shows how he made it.) If the Hub/Hasbro let Lauren Faust do WHATEVER she wanted with it, do you think it would be even better? Most of us know she would have used different designs based on G1 ponies. They are Surprise, Twilight, Posie, Sparkler, Applejack and Firefly. Hasbro made her change their names and color schemes to match G3 ponies. Most bronys don't like their ponies to look different so when they see these designs they automatically dislike them, and I'll admit I like some of the newer designs better, but I think they fit Laurens vision, and their personality better. Especially Surprise. First of all, as much as I like Pinkie Pie.......Pinkie Pie? What the hay is that supposed to mean? Shouldn't have something to do with her love of parties, or making ponies smile? And I'm guessing she likes to bake which is why she has Pie in her name but she doesn't love to bake all that much. It could mean something like how clowns use pies in their joke a lot, but I think the name Surprise better. Also her colors are a lot better IMO. They make her look even cuter! Also I think Fireflies color scheme fits her better (although I'm not so much for bright pink and bright blue together) because it shows that you can be a girl (pink) but still be tough and tomboyish (blue) I'm not in love with Sparkler however, because white is a cleaner color and goes with Rarity better. Also, she was planning to name Applebloom Appleseed. She changed other ponies colors and names too. But enough about the colors and names. I think other things would be a bit different too. The Hub is for little kids, so there can be very little violence, or adult jokes. The Powerpuff girls was lighthearted but still had some violence (and surprisingly a lot of adult jokes XD) I'm not saying I like the Powerpuff girls better then MLP, or that MLP isn't good, but I actually think it would be even better if Lauren had more creative freedom and everything was more like in her vision. What do you think? (On a side note, Lauren Faust did NOT creative the Powerpuff girls, her husband did. She had just as much to do with it as the other writers and designers.) (On another side note, does anyone else think they based the CMC on the Powerpuff girls? Applebloom is kind of the leader, and has red hair and a red bow, like Blossom. Sweetie Belle is the cutsie one and a bit more girly and naive, like Bubbles. And Scootaloo is a tomboy like Buttercup.)
  7. First off I have to say that the finale of this season was a major let down for me. When I heard that Tirek was coming back I thought that Hasbro had planned on adding in some of the more famous G1 ponies as well but...I was wrong... I was thinking that Hasbro had planned on having some of the G1 ponies team up with the mane 6 to fight Tirek. Tirek was not as he should have been. Scorpan and Tirek are NOT brothers. Scorpan was actually a prince that was turned into a monster by Tirek when he took over his kingdom. With that out of the way...On to the actual topic. Not only has Hasbro brought back Tirek but they also mentioned Firefly. Does this mean that they are in the process of securing the rights to use Firefly in the show as well as other G1 ponies?
  8. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free My love for Firefly was recently reawakened (though it never truly slept), and while listening to the theme song, inspiration hit. The characters translate to 'Serenity', which is why I chose Fluttershy for this one. The shading was lazy, and I feel like I messed up the mane and tail, but can't figure out specifically how (yet). I would like to hear your comments and critiques, thanks for stopping by. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take Flutters from me
  9. This is a WIP of Inara Serra (played by Morena Baccarin) from Firefly, and is my second attempt at drawing a person. It's not great, but compared to my other stuff, it's pretty good. The hair Fortunately it's black, making it easier to cheat. There's more to do, but it's gonna be tedious and difficult, so I'm procrastinating. I'll update this when it is finally done, thanks for stopping by. Edit:It is amazing how mistakes become clearer after going away for a minute. I have come to realize that this is absolute garbage, and will require serious editing before being presentable. This is as done as it is getting. I messed up. Not just a little mistake, I really f**ked up. I was trying to fix it up, but ended up screwing it up beyond salvageability. I may continue working on it for practice, but I can't post it. It's sad, but a learning experience. If you have any general or specific advice or critique, I welcome it.
  10. After watching Testing... Testing... 1... 2... 3... for a second time aside from the throwback to G1 with General Firefly something crossed my mind and I think it imploded it. I have a new theory to propose. Pony Land from G1 is now Modern-Day Equestria. It could very well be that Ponyland is now Equestria and Ponyland may have a name for Equestria coined by other countries in the world. Now please note that I am in NO way familiar with G1 of MLP so if I make mistakes please let me know. Now where do we begin? I suppose the most logical place to start is where does G1 fit into the timeline of Friendship is Magic? Well I suggest that it takes place 10 to 20 years before Luna's banishment as that would give enough time for many of the diverse pony variations and creatures only found in G1 to die off in some form, as well as give the humans enough tie to make a sort of mark on the history of Equestria to perhaps establish themselves as mythical creatures; Part of a possible Lyra backstory as to why she loves humans for ya; this would also give the main ponies such as Firefly and Twilight to spread off and do great things or start a family as a possible case for Twilight possible being Twilight Sparkle's ancestor. Firefly would have to go to Canterlot and join the EUP Guard and establish the Wonderbolts.later on. With most of the once threats such as trolls, witches,and humans dead the Royal Guard may have down toned their armor as well to what we see in Modern Equestria, only wearing the pony armor we saw in Castle Maneia during this time period while the Ponies frolicked in the fields with Megan. What do you guys think? Could this be possible? The Pudgy star is out.
  11. When you can't do that, you find someone to carry you the rest of the way. -Mal I was musing today and I figure, let's have a war story. Charles Coward, probably a lesser known hero during the second great war. He testified at the Nuremburg trials as this was the man who had broken into auschwitz during the war and reported his findings back to England on what occured to the prisoners there. Pure badassitude. Charles Coward was captured in May 1940 while serving with the the 8th Reserve Regimental Royal Artillery ; he was sent to Monowitz in December 1943. During those times, he had tried to escape, one time possing as a wounded German soldier in a hospital, he even was pinned with the German Iron Cross for his service and faux wounds. Eventually though he did make it Monowitz, a section of Auschwitz where he was liason for the 1200 British POWs kept there. The Brits were treated okay as they had signed the Genva Convention and Germany held to some of hte standards of that. One night, he traded clothes with British Jewish military doctor and fellow POW and smuggled himself into Aushwitz proper where he saw the 10,000 jewish prisoners, the gas chambers, and their squallid living conditions. He decided to do something about it. He frequently sent coded messages in letters back to England reporting his findings and the state of the British POWs. Then, he bribed German SS guards with chocolate and recieved non-jewish French and Belgain bodies where he then set up a series of ditches in Aushwitz and put the bodies in them. Smuggling back into Auschwitz, Charles was able to free around 400 Jewish prioners by having them fall out into the body lined ditches during the death marches to the gas chambers, switch the document papers and IDs from the dead non jew bodies with hte live prisoners to have them assume those identities, where he then smuggled them out all together. There you have it, the heroic exploits of POW Charles Coward, that despite his namesake, proved great valor in the blackest hell.
  12. Wild pixel art appears. dA link -> Enjoy the fruit of my failure! Something I've been working on at a very slow pace for a month; going back to the drawing board on this one. Not pleased with how it's turning out. For now, enjoy what I made of it, since the next rendition will look entirely different. Basically throwing it out and starting anew, thought I'd post it anyways. 13 colors, loosely based on CPC colors at first, then shifted to other ones I thought worked better. Expect to see this, except in a totally different form, eventually. I'm going to try again with a cooler pose, better compositional qualities, etc. The only thing that'll be the same in the next rendition is that there will be Twily and a Firefly; the similarities end there. Not looking for C+C, already got all I need of it elsewhere.