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Found 18 results

  1. I'm rather interested in the lore of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. When the third game came out, I went and wrote a song for it. I was mainly inspired by MandoPony and his astonishing work. The song is called Hear My Calls. It revolves around the old theory that the purple man is the Phone Guy. And as you probably know, the main antagonist is the Purple Man inside a malfunctioned springlock animatronic suit. The song is literally just Springtrap telling the guard that he used to guide him (As, again, Phone Guy), but now he is royally screwed. The chorus and voice near the end was done by good friends of mine, and the rapping was done by me. I'd just like some critiques--it's my first attempt at a full original song and I want to know what I can do to improve. c:
  2. When am not making pictures. I like have my hand on trying make music. Granted i'm no master. But think make some decent sound ones in a while.
  3. So, recently, since spring 2014, i started creating music mixes, which i burn on CDs. This went on for an entire year and i never told anyone. Wow. And... yeah, i dunno, now i had the desire to create a music mix for the season 5 start. Called it the "FinallyStart Mix", because... i dunno, those are the songs, i heard at the end of the "waiting for season 5" and i somehow felt like creating a music mix ^^' I create those things like they are nothing :I (also with CD Cover and all made-fancy) And well... i somehow felt like sharing, i know it's not that good but, yeah, i still hope some of you may like it ^D^'... Oh, and it's not pony-only. Only 40% of it are pony. (Well, 4 songs out of 10, im a genius ) Things that i made for this mix: - Bought all songs on Beatport and Bandcamp - The cross fades (transitions) from one song to another in FL Studio 11 - The MP3 Cover in Photoshop - The CD with Cover and all that made with Photopaper NOTE: It's only mixed by me, i do not own any of the songs. Tracklist in ZIP file. Download:
  4. So, I recently got FL Studio (just the trial for practice) and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or tricks on what to do in it. I'm trying to mainly do electronic/dubstep, so help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. recently i decided to start making little songs on fl studio as a hobby, since i have always felt a thing for hip hop instrumentals. recently i decided to work on a song for a friend on his birthday, hoever, i have hit a kind of stagnation as not only dont know how to continue it and i dont have full knowledge on the thing. so mostly im asking for any tips, recommendations, tutorials etc on how to make the most of fl studio and what i have to follow to not screw up much. the beat in question
  6. Okay, so I need some help. Does anyone know of any good vst's or sample (preferably free) that sound like they could be used for a lot of different purposes? Like a good saw, square, etc? One of the problems I am running into as an amateur musician is the selection of sounds that I have. They are very limited and I don't know how to create a ton of sounds (and yes, I have looked on youtube A LOT). Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Now, onto specific sounds and examples: ArtAttack's "Remember You" in Serenity EP. At about 0:56, there is a really cool sustained note synth. I have no idea how to make that, but I would love to. I really need more synths/sounds for sustained notes. Now, I am sure that most have seen or heard about Hasbro releasing digital shorts to hype up EQ2. In music to my ears, I want to know how to create most of those sounds, but specifically the "distorted organ" sounds at 0:31. I may come up with more questions and post them. I can't find much help elsewhere so I thought I would turn to the loving community that I know of; you guys! Thanks for any help at all!
  7. So yeah, Cute Voices is my most played song (not my best though). I used vocal samples of the Cutie Mark Crusaders from that 'Bad Seed' song. When I made this, I had no idea how to master or eq, but I want to redo, rebuild and master it. So if anypony has a suggestion, question, or critique, reply or pm me /) Here's the link:
  8. i've been having this for quite a while now, and while i didn't have that much substantial work back then, now i do, and getting these errors with exporting the thing is frustrating beyond belief. basically, exporting the project as a WAV file makes the whole process go ungodly slow, much more so than it ever has before. on top of that, the CPU load is at 100%, which makes everything else slow down as well, due to me not having even a dual core processor. finally, after the project is done exporting, it messes it up i.e. notes are missing and such. and that's when it begins to take the cake for me. after looking online for it a while, i found out that the Fruity Soundfont Player seems to be the main culprit in this case, which is something i've been using in my project. i suspect it having to through the soundfont for the sounds and trigger them as per the notes in the project would cause a bit of problem when there's notes all over the place. however, i found no solution whatsoever on how to solve the problems with the soundfont player in FL. which is, guess what, frustrating. so i have a problem and no solution to it. i COULD change out the soundfont player to something else, but the thing is, i don't know how to do that. you see, i've been using a soundfont which uses the samples from the synth that comes bundled in practically every version of Windows since i don't know. more specifically, what the soundfont player does is play a drumkit from the soundfont (labelled Power in case that's of any help). and i have no idea on how to make it play the drumkit natively using a MIDI Out channel. i could use the FPC thingy i suppose but i don't know how to get the right drumkit into it, which makes me feel like guess what? there's also some other things i've noticed recently that is a bit baffling to me. first off, recently when i've begun recording audio into Edison, i get a lot of this powerful kind of static noise. i'm unsure what causes that because i'm a bit of an idiot when it comes to audio recording. furthermore, since MIDI Out channels generate no sound, i've added a Fruity LSD to the effects channel of the master so i can export sound to the outputs. however, there's a few things that annoys me. first of all, when assigning it to a port to generate sound, and assigning all the Out channels to that port, the notes play twice in the project. as in, the synth playing up the sounds from MIDI Out (but doesn't generate sound into exportable audio) plays alongside the sound of the LSD port. i'm not so sure about MIDI configuring, so i might need help with that (the sound being played when not going through LSD is the sound played through my soundcard's own synthesizer). secondly, the sound being exported by LSD is the sound coming from the native Microsoft Roland Sound Canvas synth. if i'd want it to output the sound into say, my sound card's synthesizer, how do i go about with that? ----------- that should be all for now. as of now, i can't export my project file no matter what i do without getting errors, so i'd really require some help in here.
  9. Does anypony know how to go about making gated synths in FL Studio? Any suggestions would be awesome! I'm trying new things with my music and I especialy love the sound. Thanks!
  10. This is something I've been working on for awhile. I still need to master it, but I think it sounds great being about half-mastered. Hope yall like it! Saints Row 3 gave me the idea for the name. Any feedback on how I can make it better would be amazing and helpful! D34th Blossom.mp3
  11. As the title suggests, this is the Electronic Dance Music production thread. Have any production tips? Special tricks? Post them here! This can also function as a help thread if people are willing (I'm not that great, but I can provide a few pointers with FL Studio.) For my contribution, I shall say that Massive by Native Instruments is simply the best possible thing when it comes to synthesizers. Well worth the money and I would recommend you learn and use it. It might be general knowledge, but it's mainly to get the ball rolling. ~IrOnPUdDiNg
  12. so i finally got into the rut of music-making since last Tuesday, and has dabbled around a bit in FL Studio, mostly doing short melodies and stuff in it, but a few days ago, i had the idea of covering the song that plays in the old PC/PSX game Hexen, called Darkmere (well, the level does, at least. i dunno if it has any original title i am unaware of, so i'm going by the stage name (plus, Darkmere is a wicked cool name)). so since the past few days, i've been listening to the song, composed by Kevin Schilder, and certain parts of it a couple of times to get it right, and written out the song in FL Studio. in the end, i'm pretty happy with how it came out, especially for being the first time ever i did a full-length song in the program. i did change a few parts of it though, and some parts might be a bit lacking (or boosted, however you see it as), so it isn't quite the same. melodically, however it's all pretty much the same, save for a few creative liberties i took with it (namely the drum track). anywho, here's the original song: and here's my cover: tell me what you think about it in the comments below. :3 edit: i now have a soundcloud and uploaded the track to there! i also changed a small thing about a pattern that was inconsistent in there. enjoy. :3
  13. Ok so this one definitely isn't as good as my last one (in my opinion at least) but here we go..... I started this purely as an experiment to see what the NeXus VST is capable of, but it ended up sounding pretty cool, so... I decided to keep it I am aware that the piano melody is boring... I apologize for that. I did it free style, and in one take. I tried expanding on it, but it just ended up sounding worse lol. If anypony wants to remix this to make it more epic, go for it!
  14. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR MAKING A SAD APPLEJACK SONG! that THAT is out of the way, this song was inspired by a chapter of the fanfic called "Scorched" http://www.fimfictio...17806/Scorched I am very proud of this song, but I realize it isn't perfect. I'm far from being a music pro. I still have a lot to learn, and i'm willing to accept constructive criticism. My mixing and mastering skills are very poor, as you can probably tell lol. This song was created with FL Studio 9, Vengeance Sound Pack 4, and ReFX Nexus 2.2 Enjoy! http-~~-//
  15. This song is just a demo, I don't have a title for it, and I haven't finished the bass drop yet. Please bare with me. It was made in FL Studio 9 Producer Edition and recorded with a MIDI keyboard. I spent a few days studying some music theory, and it seriously helped me out a lot This is what came from all that studying. It's not great, but not horrible either, so i'm happy with it Let me know what you think! Got any suggestions? I'd love to hear them. But once again, this is just a demo. It will take me a few more days to complete it [media=][/media]
  16. Xiper


    HELLLOOOO I made a trance project. It's a tribute to Angel bunny. The hare. (download link if you want to download from here) Please help me with errors and stuff in the song? Thank you!! Bunny hops.mp3