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Found 17 results

  1. I don't see what's really wrong with Flim and Flams timeline in the season 5 finale other then they became capitalist and AJ lost the farm, that's waaaaay better then the other timelines where the world is destroyed/sent into chaos. I guess I'm just asking why it's in there?
  2. I thought that Flim and Flam were really interesting characters in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" I like how they try to run the apple family out of business and are portrayed as stereotypical "con men." They remind me of a lot of characters from books I've read like The Duke and The King from "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Anyway, I've always thought that they should get at least one more episode. A lot of fans have wanted more episodes focused on Applejack, so maybe they could make an episode where Flim and Flam return to Sweet Apple Acres to get revenge on Applejack and her friends. Or maybe they could make an episode where they stir up trouble in a different town like Canterlot. What does everypony else think?
  3. Flim and Flam seem to be identical, other than their names, Flam's moustache, and perhaps their voices. For the sake of anyone writing fanfics about or involving them, I would like to see your ideas on how you could make each brother more distinct. What hobbies, behaviours, and interests do you imagine each of the brothers to have? And which pony would be the leader, and which one will be the assistant? Where do you think they would live, if they do (or do not) have the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000? Please add in your own ideas!
  4. There is just something so charming about Flim and Flam that I usually find myself wanting to be conned by them. But on my travels across the Internet, I found that many hate them with a passion. So I would like to see the general fandom's opinion on them, whether positive or negative.
  5. Flim: Greetings Everypony! Might we have the pleasure of introducing ourselves? Flam: Well If we may, he's Flim! Flam: He's Flam! Flim: And we've opened up a forum to come ot you today! Ask us anything! Flam: Anything at ALL! Flim: And we shall answer it!
  6. -the two stallions sit on a couch much like the one seen on the SSCS600, both relaxing, Flim leaning back with his hat tilted forwards covering his eyes, Flam to the side reading a book of some sort. Flam looks up from his book, noticing the newcomers. He nudges his brother with an elbow, whole jolts upright, pulling his hat up to give them a wide bright grin. "Well hello there everyone. My name is Flim, Flim Ciderton." "And I'm Flam. We've taken time off our schedule to answer any questions you fine folk might have for us." The two look at each other for a moment or two, then nod. "So ask away." They say in unison.
  7. Hello, I've made sheet music for Flim and Flam's tonic way before the airing XD I did this type for some reason, I really don't know why and I'm still happy on it's result.
  8. Take a glance around this forum, dear brother o' mine, it's the same thing every page! Posts about those other ponies! What phonies, makes a poster wanna frown with rage! Perhaps they don't know that there's simply no cause for this same-old tired show! So to help this sad little forum out, brother, you and I shall goooooooo~ Well, you've got opportunity, right here on Forum MLP! He's Flim! He's Flam! We're the world-famous Flim Flam Brothers! Fabulous sales-ponies, nonpareil~! Come one! Come all! The Flim Flam Brothers are here to answer your - yes, your - questions, fillies and gentlecolts! Hoho! Indubitably, dear brother! Out of the... goodness of our hearts, we're offering the fine ponies of this board advice! Counseling! Life tips! And the hottest deals! All at a price you can afford! (You'll get our bill in the mail later) So with that said... Ask away!
  9. Hi there, everypony! The characters I mean by one-episode characters, are the characters who appear in (usually) one episode and then just disappear from Equestria and everyone's memory as soon as the cheerful ending credits show. Think of the Flim Flam brothers, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis. Never heard or spoken of again. The reason why I'm wondering if they'll reappear and get a little character development, is because that is exactly what happened to the Great and Powerful Trixie, Discord, and also Princess Luna (although that may be arguable). I personally would love to hear more about King Sombra. All we know about him is that he's a powerhungry and evil pony who has the ability to use way more powerful magic than the everyday unicorn. (I do not feel the need for Queen Chrysalis to be explored more, but that's because of Anthony C. and Brony Curious's awesome theory. You can watch it on YouTube under the name of "Reviewing is Magic 4 - A Canterlot Wedding", the specific theory starting at 27:53.) So, what do you guys think? Will that happen? Should it happen? And if so, which characters would you like to see again? Brohoof, everyone! /)
  10. My husband and I were discussing the FIM the other day, and we happened to start up an interesting conversation about industry in Equestria. Being blacksmiths ourselves, we wondered in what relative time period is Equestria is in terms of industry. Flim and Flam have something akin to the industrial revolution, since if that super speedy cider squeezy wasn't magic powered, it would have been steam powered. Trains are in the show, so are flying contraptions (Griffon the Brush Off with Pinkie's uh...flying thing). However, knowing that the major part of Equestrian industry is agricultural based (at least in Ponyville), where do they get their metal? Who works as blacksmiths in the Equestrian world? Does the Apple Family knowing basic blacksmithing (since back in the day, most farmers did their own repair work smithing parts and such). Will a blacksmith or industrial city ever be seen in future episodes? I'm just throwing this out there, it just seems to be inconsistent with the knowledge already there about Equestria. If they do have an industrial-aged type world, then where are the polluted, over-populated cities? Where are the metal workers of Equestria??? What do you think?
  11. Prince Blueblood vs. CCW Commissioner Blaze in a one on one confrontation. CCW Tag Team Champions Quiltastic and Jinjo Bytes take on Flim and Flam. Can the two brothers keep their issues in check long enough to take advantage of the situation?
  12. What part will Flam's brother Flim play in this match, if any? The feud between these two is so on-and-off that it's impossible to predict what might happen!
  13. Gordon and Trevor Flemming (Formally known as "The Flemming Brothers") are a duo of infamous thieves well known for their deceiving deals and bargains. They only steal to re-sell the theft items they can capture. They are only known as merchants, though, since they know of ways to hide their identities while committing a crime. Even as Children, the two of them were involved in petty theft; they stole candy and gum from nearby stores. As time went on, they became better at their job. If you remember me mentioning two thieves at the beginning of Diane's backstory (See Signiture - Blood Lust quote) , these guys are the two thieves. I didn't draw the picture, I created it using a character generator
  14. As we know, the Flim Flam Brothers are history when it comes to advertising and selling their cider around the farms at Sweet Apple Acres ever again, but I'm confused about something- should they have let them stay for the quality of their cider? In the episode, they boasted that their machine, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, provided a cider-making service that was faster and better than that of the Apple family. We know that they were obviously faster, but there wasn't really a time where we actually seen anypony actually drink their cider, except that one time during the song where Granny Smith took a sip, and appeared to like it a lot. Yes, there were 3 customers who drank it too, but it was the tattered, debris-filled cider as a result from the abused power of the 6000. So, honestly, we probably will never know what anypony else thought of their cider, or if it was better than the Apples'. For all we know, if it was better, and if they haven't rushed their efforts in the contest, they could've possibly still won and taken over Sweet Apple Acres. I personally think that the Apples should have altered the original 75-25 profit deal, that way they could've worked side-by-side selling the best cider probably in all of Equestria. But, back to my point, do you guys think they made the better cider, and could've easily worked aside the Apples in the cider business?
  15. Hey guys, So you may or may not have heard my music. I started producing about two months ago, and since then have made about 7 songs. I have three songs coming up that I am very excited about, and they are all collabs. Anyways, I thought I would come to show you a little bit of my work. Here is a new WIP I started 3 days ago: http-~~-// and here was my most recent completed song! http-~~-// So thats pretty much it hehe. lastly here be my youtube channel. All my songs are posted there:
  16. It popped in my head this morning at 4:20 am. So Here it is! Enjoy!