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Found 2 results

  1. Time to flex my creative muscles. It's been awhile, so if it's not perfect- it's not supposed to be This is sort of an exercise for me, but feel free to read it(which is why I'm posting lol). Without further ado- Title:Muffin Man's Mania! A day for the Muffin Man is never easy. One day it's Breezy, the next Discord. But none other of days in the past could prepare, For the mare who entered through his store. "Hello miss, may I take your order" said Mr.Muffin, But as his words flowed through the air to her ears, They were blocked by sheer mania. Within the second those words were spoken, A crack came to the glass, as Derpy smiled. Rubbing her hooves frantically like a child, The gape of her mouth turned to a canyon. Drool came flowing making waterfalls down the glass. The Muffin Man became befuddled. He sees muffin mania every day, but never to this extent. Derpy suddendly stopped, and starred intensly at one muffin in the case. The focus was so intense the heat in the air seemed to rise. Muffin Man was growing concered. After a few minutes, he decided to ask again what she wanted. Derpy then pulled out the Muffinpedia. Being the biggest muffin maniac, This sort of book was commonplace for her. Flipping through the pages, each with scents of the muffin it describes, Derpy got to the page she wanted, and laughed with joy. "I'll take the Blueberry please." "Sure thing ma'am, but may I ask why such a dramatic entrance?" "I'm the Muffin Queen, I take my role very seriously." After the purchase, she walked towards the door, and stumbled on a rock. The muffin flew in the air, slipping her grasps. Without hesitation, Derpy bolted up with cat-like muscles and springloaded open her wings. Catching the muffin in the air, tongue extended, her hooves planted back on the ground. Muffin Man was astounded, an air of amusement floated around his head as he went on his day.
  2. In this thread, we try our hands on writing flash fanfictions (about 300-700 words) on random subject, which will be determined by the previous writer. It doesn't have to be a MLP fanfiction, you can try write your own original stories here. So, write away! Small rules: Everything should be strictly SFW. When posting your work, quote the subject from previous writer so everyone can tell what you are writing about. If you already wrote the story, about someone else already posted his/her, feel free to post yours, but you can't post a subject for the next writer to write on. If you want to review another's story, you can do so in a spoiler! The first subject: Pinkie Pie wished she could fly with Dashie