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Found 2 results

  1. So after talking to a friend and reading up other people's thoughts about Zephyr in the new episode, I thought I'd put my word to it. The biggest thing I hear about Zephyr is how people can relate to him in the sense of being lazy. I've read how people have felt as if they are just as lazy as Zephyr, live with their parents just like Zephyr, or are unable to keep a job just like Zephyr. What they don't seem to understand is the motives behind these actions. Zephyr was unable to keep a job because he was unable to keep focused on the task and, instead, tried to take shortcuts to the goals such as putting his own interpretation on (different from what Rarity had wanted) or convincing Spike to do all the work. It's a common problem among many, many people to not do things that are boring. It's just a natural human trait to not want to do things that are boring. (To the point where doing nothing is more entertaining than the task) The thing is, when put in a situation where this task is a life changing event, people will do the task, even if it is boring. The difference is that Zephyr did not necessarily have to do these jobs. He was always able to fall back on moving back into his parent's house, so these events wouldn't ruin his life. Other people do not tend to have that option, but the ones that do are more abled to do this very thing. The reward just doesn't happen to be as great as the task deserves, so most of the time these jobs aren't even giving wages high enough to live off of. People don't seem to understand the number of people in today's society (at least in America) who must live with their parents. It's becoming progressively harder by the day to move out on ones own, and it is definitely harder than it was when your parents were kids. The stereotype usually falls under the "fat, trashy, videogame-playing slob" when that is simply not the case. I guess what I am trying to say is that it isn't a bad thing if you live with your parents. It's just what people have to do these days, because it's so incredibly expensive. Minimum wage is never able to cover the costs to live on one's own. The biggest thing that I've seen is people saying that they are just as lazy as Zephyr. (Which I should say that you should not put yourself down like that.) The thing here is that we discover that Zephyr has never completed any of these tasks his very first time. It's a case where he talks about how much he would love to do something, but then starts the process to get there, realizes how difficult it is, and simply gives up. I am going to be blunt about this, but stay with me. This is wrong. It's bad. But lets be honest. We've all done this very thing. It is wrong, but we are all victims. Let me put it this way. Remember that moment you had at the campfire late at night with your friends, or that picnic on the top of that nice hill under the stars with your friends? Remember the conversations you all had about your dreams? "I want to be the president!" "I want to be a singer!" "I want to be an astronaut!" Whatever your dream is, just think about it. Now, what progress have you made towards it? If I am right, most people would say very little. That is because it really is difficult to start that progress. It's hard to reach your dream. But then you also have to think. If it was as easy as you want it to be, why don't we have so many? If you truly want to do or be your dream, you have to actually work towards it, and making that first effort is always the hardest part. Quit watching one more video. Stop waiting until tomorrow. Hold off on the "not being prepared" business. What Zephyr could never overcome was that very first moment into his passion. He loved to be able to style pony's manes, but never realized how difficult it was until he actually had to do it. Once he saw the difficulty, it was forever-times easier to quit. But now remember, once he actually did the task, the next one was so much easier! It's always that first time that stops people. Write that first book, draw that first picture, make that first song. Once you do it, you'll appreciate the effort and that will motivate you to do it again, and again, and before you know it you'll have the skills and the fan to keep you going forever. It's impossible to be perfect the first time. No one writes a bestseller the first time they write, no one paints a museum-quality piece the first time they draw, and no one makes a grammy-worthy song the first time they make music. But if you practice at it, you will do just that. The idea of wanting to be that big person and not realizing the difficulty is what pulls people away from it, but it's just a wall you must break through. --- I did not mean for that to sound as motivational as it became (unless I'm just tired) but I got my point through. Zephyr eventually reached their goals, and the people who see themselves as him just haven't broken through that wall yet. Pushing yourself is the hardest part, but everyone is a Zephyr in one way or the other, whether they haven't been able to gain that motivational 'push' to break through the wall, or if they have already broken that wall and are out their doing the things they love. So ask yourself this; You may be a Zephyr, but what's wrong with that?