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Found 26 results

  1. I haven't done much decent art since 2013 but I've done some pony stuff I'm proud of. There's more on my DA if anyone is interested. I put 'no critique' only because I don't know if I'll get back to drawing anytime soon. I don't enjoy it like I used to. That said if you'd like to offer some I'm more than willing to listen as I might end up getting back into art, who knows? Thanks for checking out my work.
  2. As a shout out to the Team Vampire win in Splatfest, and to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, here is Fluttershy as the Queen of Vampires. Sometimes, I really love doing these Splatfest-themed
  3. Why don't we have a Flutterbat fan club already? We need ze Flutterbatz! We need more of our floofy yellow and pink bat pone. She's just soooooooo cute! I'm dying from cuteness exposure. Ideas to consider: You find Flutterbat in the forest. Wat do? Favorite Flutterbat picture/art piece? Why do you like Flutterbat? Flutterbat stories. Your Flutterbat merch, plushies, etc. Ideas for Flutterbat in the show. Etc. Rules: -No spamming. -No hating on the character. -All posts and pics must be related to Flutterbat. -Be respectful. -No shipping. -No EQG/humans. -All forum rules apply. -Oh, and Flutterbat asks you to have fun! (And also bring her apples while you're at it... if you don't mind, that is...) My favorite piece by Tsitra. ^ Hawt :awuh: 10/10 would cuddle.
  4. What if instead of a Pegasus, we were introduced to Flutterbat in the first episode? Same personality, same mannerisms, but as Flutterbat. How would that effect fan attention, reaction and acceptance of FlutterShy? Would more or less people like Shy as a bat than now? Would they relate to her more or less? How would this effect her standing in the show today?
  5. Just did one last Nightmare Night wallpaper with Flutterbat once more looking for her meal on the well known Apple Farm! Kept it simple and stuff and could have done more but oh well! Enjoy!
  6. The guard dog of hell doooeeess seem a bit TOO chummy with Flutters doesn't it?
  7. Grogar needs to be a thing in season 5, seriously
  8. Figured I'd post a few of my more recent attempts at FiM fan art here, most of these are colored. The last is just a fun sketchy comic that I never got around to finishing...maybe someday. No. I don't like Discord or anything.
  9. I'm not really satisfied on how the scan turned out and there are a few areas I'm not 100% satisfied with... but the idea popped into my head and I followed it through.
  10. Fluttershy is truly the pony of many different tranformations, ao here's a short list of all the different Fluttershy faces I can find. What is your favorite? FlutterHulk Flutterbat Fluttertree Flutterguy Breezie Fluttershy "New" Fluttershy Buttershy Cause people have asked Flutterbee
  11. I waited for the dvds to come out. Just finished season 4. Purdy good. But I am absoutely flabbergasted that they never resolved the pony of shadows, and Fluttershy's friggin bat fang. Flabbergasted isn't even a strong enough word. There is no word strong enough. How could they show these ominous cliffhangers, and then just never mention it again? Are they actually saving these things for season 5? I doubt it. I mean, I hope so, but I'd be shocked if they ever mentioned these things again. The Flutterbat fang is the one that gets me the most. It was so ominous and creepy! Did they do that just to f*ck with us? WHY??!! Tell me, Hasbro! Just tell me why!!!! This was worse than when they failed to reveal the Man in Black's name on Lost. Thoughts?
  12. Soooo i made a thing because i had no idea the fandom already crossed 2 of the best ideas ever Fluttershy/Flutterbat + Hellsing And seeing a evil maniac self proud vampire Flutters is just BEAUTIFUL to those who don't know Hellsing is a blood heavy vampire anime NOT twilight movies style REAL vampires starring one of the scariest vampires as main AntiHero Alucard Dracula backwards so with no more delay heres my digital drawing of the Most Plot kicking character Alushy
  13. Well, i tried :I Flutterbat looks ultra wierd :I But Merceline turned out okay i guess Oops, The Picture turned out really wierd sorry
  14. The final render of Flutterbat. Don't make fluttershy... flutterbat cry Software: Blender 2.7a (modeling, skinning, rigging) Vray standalone 2.0 (for rendering) Photoshop CS3 (for texturing and compositing/postprocessing) I will realase the models and blend file soon. I hope you like it.
  15. Decided to draw Flutterbat for the first time. I almost scrapped it but decided to stick with it and finish it. Somehow it made the drawfriend on Equestria Daily! dA Page
  16. Thought about adding Angel as The World, but decided against it.
  17. Which one do you prefer? Flutterbat or Fluttershy? I prefer Flutterbat she is more of a fighter and not shy to show her rage. Fluttershy is way too timid for me. #MyOpinionSoDon'tKillMe
  18. I decided to share with you my flutterbat artwork. It was fun to draw!
  19. A common complaint lobbed at the episode Bats! is that AJ's side of the argument is villainized in the episode, but while it may come across that way at first (I thought it did too) I think Merriwether Williams was attempting something a bit different within the episode. After rewatching the episode I can see where people would think AJ is being portrayed as an antagonizing force I.E. the Bats song. In the song when she is seen singing it takes on a darker, more sinister tone, while Fluttershy's is seen singing it takes on a bright, peaceful tone. Many people assumed these filters showed wrong and right respectively, but what if I told you that they were meant to show the two extremes? Applejack's side showed the Vampire Fruit Bats as hideous, inconsiderate monsters and Fluttershy's showed them as cute, little, caring creatures. Both sides are wrong. When we see the Vampire Fruit Bats again they look like neither mare's portrayal, but rather they look like, well....your average everyday bat. The bats aren't monsters, but the sure as hell aren't cute and considerate. Also, people claim AJ is being dismissive during the episode, which is correct, but Fluttershy is being dismissive as well. They both shrug off each other's criticism until the other characters intervene and side with AJ. At this point Flutters is still sticking to her guns until Twilight's and RD's guilt tripping. The other issue that caused this though is the resolution, in which AJ can be perceived as being framed in the wrong, but I see it a little differently. Though admittedly poorly worded I believe that AJ's moral was not meant to say "AJ was the one in the wrong, avoid short-term solutions" it was meant to say: if a short-term solution doesn't pan out, a long-term solution may be the key. In hindsight the peer-pressure moral was probably the cause of the resolution's shaky writing, which is a shame. Anyway, this is just my interpretation of the story, but I look at things in a bit of an odd manner as a general rule. What are your thoughts on this interpretation of AJ's and Flutters' conflict? Feel free to discuss it below!
  20. I didn't really have anything to do tonight, so I decided to draw some ponies. Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Flutterbat
  21. Here is the link. Enjoy! If you like it comment, like, and subscribe it means alot to me.
  22. I really wanted to draw Flutterbat today, but my original drawing came out crappy. Then I decided to draw all 3 Fluttershys :3 LAST DRAWING FOR THIS YEAR Non-colored version Colored version
  23. 2 characters who got insane fan reactions in the day following their debut. But who got the most attention? Who got the bigger reaction the day they first appeared?
  24. Hey there, everypony! I'll cut to the chase immediately. The strange open endings endings shown in Season 4 thus far are a little strange, and a lot of people have a hard time dealing with it. I understand, I felt the same way. I started to think about it and came up with an idea. What if all these open endings are all build-ups to a challenge for every character to face themselves? The reason I thought of this was because of the keys in the end of the second episode. There were six keys, and there are six main characters. So... maybe there'll be six open endings? I'd love to see the characters all get their own key by facing a problem or a challenge on their own. (And if so, Hasbro, please don't try to fit that all in a grand finale!). It may be a strange idea, surely flawed, but could it be an explanation? Could it be like that? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!
  25. After watching this weeks episode and going through a moderate Dracula marathon, I think this picture was a logical conclusion: