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Found 2 results

  1. For years, I've had an issue with one particular scene in "Friendship Is Magic" that burrowed inside my mind, occupying my brain to the point of obsession. This is a topic that has dominated my train of thought whenever I want to simply stray away from it. For years, my thoughts have led to a dead end, filling me with depression and keeping me away from my favorite interests. For months, I've tempered my obsession by focusing on other subjects such as school, video games, exercise, and the news. I knew the one way to make myself feel better was to ignore my problem, but now, it's come back to me. This may be embarrassing to admit, but I know exactly what I'm obsessed about: Flutterhulk from "Power Ponies." My first impressions were pure shock. I mean, Fluttershy becoming The Hulk? How could My Little Pony endorse a scene where this shrinking violet of a pony becomes unbelievably angry and transforms into this grotesque monster of freakish proportions over the abuse of a firefly? I seriously had to convince myself to believed that that scene actually happened. But immediately after, I felt simply outraged. Why would the writers condense Fluttershy's personality into something that wasn't representative of her personality? While I accept that Fluttershy's had some serious anger issues over the course of the series, basing a rage based power on Fluttershy's personality felt just excessive. Flutterrage felt like a crutch for clueless writers unsure of how to make Fluttershy stand out, the equivalent of a wrestler praising or criticizing a town he's currently in in a desperate attempt to fire up the hometown crowd, if you will. It didn't help that the other ponies seemed to gain powers based on their usual temperament (such as Pinkie Pie's Super-Speed or Rarity's Green Lantern powers). I would've expected Fluttershy to imitate Aquaman. Additionally, I never was bothered by Flutterhulk's design at first, but as time went on and grotesque imagery flooded my computer after I was in the middle of a creepypasta binge, a certain subset of bronies who were disturbed by Flutterhulk entered my mind, and I was instantly able to make a comparison between Flutterhulk and other nightmarish stuff such as Rap Rat or Candle Cove. I remembered among the praise Flutterhulk got were feelings of horror, disgust, and uneasiness, mainly due to her design. Flutterhulk looked more freakish than even Bulk Biceps with his uneven proportions and unrecognizable form. I've heard such comments as: "Powered-up Saddle Rager is the first thing I've seen on the show that I would describe as downright... ugly." "She's misshapen in ways that make me think of the .MOV series." "I could see it getting tagged grotesque by some sensitive f***ots if it were fanmade." Just how could Fluttershy in any single conceivable way be described as ugly, let alone not being cute? So Flutterhulk's physical appearance as well as her demeanor were hideous? What a great team up! Yes, Fluttershy could have an ugly personality in such episodes as "Putting Your Hoof Down," but this took it to a whole new level. I felt Flutterhulk was a complete perversion of everything that was beautiful about Fluttershy. Not even that shy, awkward hoof tapping at the end could salvage anything. But the biggest reason why Flutterhulk felt me with such despair was far more deep rooted into my psychology rather than ugliness or rage possibly can. It goes all the way back when I discovered this show on May 2011. When I laid my eyes upon Fluttershy, she defined the word beauty as far as cartoon horses go. Her long, silky pink mane coupled with her distinct drooping eyes and yellow coat was pleasing to the eye and made for an appropriate color palette. Additionally, her timid but with an iron core personality and desire to love and protect her furry woodland creatures were downright inspiring. Fluttershy was a breath of fresh air after I witnessed mean-spirited cartoon characters abuse each other in comical ways. I also saw myself in Fluttershy, being a socially-awkward introvert with a love for animals (particularly dogs) and occasional explosive outbursts. That means, whenever I saw Fluttershy on my screen, I vividly imagined myself being in her situations, such as being bullied as a child. On the other hand, Fluttershy faced some steep competition with another pegasus pony with a conflicting personality: Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash was the opposite of Fluttershy: bold, daring, loyal, but also brash, arrogant, and insensitive. I could imagine a bully I've experienced in my lifetime trash talking me as Rainbow Dash, insulting my intelligence and calling me malicious names. Now, I don't imagine Rainbow Dash being particularly cruel, but there were moments, particularly in Season 1 and 2, where Rainbow Dash could outright treat her friends harshly, especially Fluttershy. At first, I didn't really mind, but when I was reading a story about a wrestler named Randy Orton berating fellow wrestler Kofi Kingston, calling him, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" after a botched sequence of moves, I realized that immediately after that scenario, Randy Orton ascended to the top of the WWE while Kofi Kingston toiled away in mid-level obscurity. Soon after reading about that story, I imagined Rainbow Dash saying, "NOT YOUR FAULT," while fixing a dirty look at Fluttershy in "Dragonshy" or Rainbow Dash taking her aggression out at Fluttershy for her feeble cheering in "Sonic Rainboom." I wondered if Rainbow's unfriendly treatment of Fluttershy in such moments would affect Rainbow's popularity positively and Fluttershy's negatively, like in that situation with Randy and Kofi. Speaking of popularity, Fluttershy seemed to be Rainbow Dash's #1 competition in terms of popularity polls. For years, I would obsess over the popularity polls in hopes that Fluttershy would lead a crushing victory over Rainbow Dash. Although Fluttershy won or tied a fair number of polls, Rainbow would dominate her in others. I would obsess over this information to the point of losing my original interests. The reason why I was preoccupied with the polls was the desire of being accepted within the brony community. Rainbow Dash was seemingly ubiquitous in My Little Pony culture, being the center of the most popular fan content. Therefore, I believed not picking Rainbow Dash as my favorite character would be a sign that I was a freak. I was tired of "not being normal," yet I loved My Little Pony mainly for Fluttershy. I also imagined the fanbase taking Rainbow Dash as their own personal pet, showering her with love, affection, and presents, while Fluttershy was left to rot inside a filthy cupboard, fed nothing but scraps and toilet water due to not being the "favorite pony." A ridiculous thought, I know, but Fluttershy felt so much like me that this issue really affected me on a personal level. I was confused as to why a pony with the ego on level with characters such as Trixie would be so universally beloved. Fortunately, at Comic-Con 2013, there came a glimmer of hope that would finally keep me in peace. They were organizing an official fan-favorite poll, and the winner would receive a marathon dedicated to episodes starring that particular character. Coincidentally, around the beginning of the poll, some sneak previews of Season 4 episodes were shown to the Comic-Con attendants. One such preview featured the ponies as superheros. I remember Fluttershy being called "Saddle Ranger." I never suspected anything else. When Fluttershy finally overtook Rarity in the official pony poll (admittedly, some people may have spam voted Rarity, making the poll somewhat corrupt), the time had finally come that the kindest, most beautiful pony to ever grace this show was the most beloved of the mane 6, a well-deserved outcome. Until December 14th when they showed who truly "Saddle Ranger" was in another Power Ponies preview, I was finally able to get on with my life. No more popularity poll obsessions. No more negative thoughts of Rainbow Dash. Beauty ponified had finally claimed victory once and for all, and justice may had well been served. Until the airing of Power Ponies, I was the happiest I had ever been. But when I saw Fluttershy Hulk Out, I was able to tie what I saw in the Comic-Com preview with Flutterhulk. "Saddle Ranger" was supposed to be "Saddle Rager," meaning Flutterhulk had already been confirmed months ago and no one ever realized it. Honestly, if they showed Flutterhulk instead of the introduction of the Power Ponies, it wouldn't make much of a difference to me. I desperately wanted Fluttershy to win because not only because I saw myself in her, but she was as beautiful as beauty could be. But when My Little Pony basically told us that they would subvert her beauty, both physically and mentally, in the complete antithesis of what I liked in Fluttershy, if only for a minute, then that devastated me for years. Eventually, I decided obsessing over such a seemingly inconsequential moment was a threat to my social life and education, so I turned to other interests because if I were to watch My Little Pony again, the faintest thoughts about Flutterhulk would arise in my mind, shifting me into the topic I so desperately needed to escape. So here I am now, finally getting something off my chest that disturbed me for years. The truth of the matter is, Flutterhulk didn't devastate me simply because she used physical force as opposed to "The Stare" and her words, she channeled some seriously extreme anger that I hated about Fluttershy's writing, or she was ugly. If Flutterbat was the one form people would be repulsed by, I wouldn't mind half as much about Fluttershy possibly being ugly. It was just that perfect storm of physical and psychologically ugliness that was hinted at the most seemingly inappropriate time. If Flutterhulk had aired over a year or so later, I probably wouldn't mind her as much as I did. I always love Fluttershy, and I was able to understand why Flutterhulk made sense as time went on, but I still can't believe to this day My Little Pony was able to air a pretty little pegasus morphing into a giant monster before smashing a hair dryer.
  2. I really wanted to draw Flutterbat today, but my original drawing came out crappy. Then I decided to draw all 3 Fluttershys :3 LAST DRAWING FOR THIS YEAR Non-colored version Colored version