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Found 32 results

  1. Two old-ish pones I found. First one, Blue Charm, owned by Blue-Charm on Deviantart. And a pretty old illustration of Fluttershy. Before I had my fluffy style. XD
  2. Fluttershy is my favorite pony of the six elements. I cherish the kindness of others and wish to give as much kindness to the world as she does. To me she is the image of inoccence and beauty. Fluttershy is best pony! Link: Btw, is there a better way I can present my pictures? They are always to pixlized to see real detail and appreciate fully. Plz help and let me know if better ways if you know! Thanks so much everypony!
  3. Hello everyone! Valiant Venture/Strat Attack here, back from the dead for the 20th time or so. I want to start sharing my creations with the world again, and maybe spread some inspiration and happiness in the process. Goodness knows we could always use more, am I right? So to start things off once again, I have a track here called "Flutter By, Fluttershy." It's a calming, soothing instrumental that's dedicated to my favorite pony Fluttershy. This track was featured on EQD's Music of the Day three separate times, including for Fluttershy Day. I do hope you enjoy it, and have a most excellent day!
  4. Hello everyone, I need help of all of you. I’m doing a multilanguage video of the mitic "Laughter Song", it’s going to have 32 languages with the lyrics and translated into english, and some languages are missing. I have been travel into all the Internet to find someone who could help me, even I have been in tons of chats but everything was in vane. Even I asked in Derpibooru and I had a bit of help (which I thanks a lot!). Could anyone help me please? ALSO: I have posted each video of each language which I need with the correct timing, but if it isn't enough, below you would find the concrete file . I would need the translation of these: _____________________________________________________________________ Japanese: 怖いものはすべて笑い飛ばそう はっはっはっ! Romaji: Kowai mono wa subete warai tobasou Ha-ha-ha! _____________________________________________________________________ Languages which I need both lyrics and translation _____________________________________________________________________ Cantonese: From 0:50 to 0:58 Press here to hear the song Thai: From 0:56 to 1:06 Press here to hear the song Croatian: From 0:43 to 0:48 Press here to hear the song Romanian: From 0:24 to 0:28 Press here to hear the song Slovene: From 0:46 to 0:50 Press here to hear the song _____________________________________________________________________ The MP3 file with all the languages and timing below of each one: (bold and red languages are the ones which I need). Germanic Languages: English: 0:00 - 0:05 (Done!) Danish: 0:05 - 0:09 (Done!) German: 0:09 - 0:16 (Done!) Swedish 0:16 - 0:20 (Done!) Dutch: 0:20 - 0:25 (Done!) Norwegian: 0:25 - 0:31 (Done!) Slavic Languages: Slovak: 0:31 - 0:38 (Done!) Polish: 0:38 - 0:43 (Done!) Slovene: 0:43 - 0:47 (Need) Croatian: 0:47 - 0:54 (Need) Czech: 0:54 - 1:09 (Done!) Russian: 1:09 - 1:15 (Done!) Serbian: 1:15 - 1:18 (Done!) Romance Languages: Latin American Spanish 1:18 - 1:24 (Done!) European Spanish: 1:24 - 1:30 (Done!) Italian: 1:30 - 1:35 (Done!) Romanian: 1:35 - 1:40 (Need) European Portuguese: 1:40 - 1:48 (Done!) Brazilian Portuguese: 1:48 - 1:53 (Done!) French: 1:53 - 1:57 (Done!) Uralic Languages: Finnish: 1:57 - 2:00 (Done!) Hungarian: 2:00 - 2:12 (Done!) Semitic Languages: Arabic: 2:12 - 2:18 (Done!) Hebrew: 2:18 - 2:28 (Done!) Slavic Languages Serbian Mini TV: 2:28 - 2:34 (Done!) Helenic Languages Greek: 2:34 - 2:41 (Done!) Austronesian Languages Indonesian: 2:41 - 2:50 (Done!) Japonic Languages: Japanese: 2:50 - 2:57 (Need translation) Koreanic Languages: Korean: 2:57 - 3:07 (Done!) Sino-Tibetan Languages: Cantonese: 3:07 - 3:15 (Need) Thai Kadai Languages: Thai: 3:15 - 3:28 (Need) _____________________________________________________________________ That’s all, it’s a pretty hard work, because I will also do a karaoke style with ALL THE LANGUAGES. This video if you want to see, will be able to see in some days in my YouTube channel (I hope) And thanks in advance! _____________________________________________________________________ A little capture of how it would look like the video, for the curious ones: And another capture of my organization:
  5. Not all the instruments are done, still need to add the bridge and final chorus and then some bass, maybe some lead guitar and piano, and of coarse vocals, but ill be done with this by next Friday since thats when this project is due in my class lol
  6. Hey, guys! It's time for some new Strat Attack Music! This is an instrumental song dedicated to best pony Fluttershy, complete with electric guitar played by yours truly! The song is called "Chasing Butterflies" and can be found here: Enjoy! PS: Thank you SO MUCH for your views and kind words on my previous track, "You Just Got Beat Up By a Pony"! I sincerely appreciated every single post! You guys are the best!
  7. Personally, I wouldn't go up to her too quickly, since you know, she's all "OH NO A STRANGER IS COMING TO HUG ME" so I would just hug her tightly and run away... too creepy? xD
  8. I drew Fluttershy for my series of drawings of the mane six! I've already done Rainbow Dash with a background. I just need a background for this one. Not sure whether I want to do Rarity or Apple Jack next..
  9. Hi Do you guys pick a pony based on your own personality or on a personality you aspire to be. I picked Fluttershy as my fave as she has so many traits that match my personality. Im shy till i know someone, caring , always there for my friends and love nature.
  10. This forum is probably the most often visited site I've ever been on. It's ALWAYS open in a new tab. (Alongside, my youtube analytics page, legends of equestria's page so I don't miss any news, equestriadaily, my email, cause I need advice on how to play my shaman often xD and my deviantart so I don't miss any artsy stuffs :3) I gotta say, if it weren't for this forum I'd..... ---Not have been able to get into MLP as much as I have ---Not have been able to get the advice I need in terms of getting involved in the brony music scene. I just hit 322 legitimate loyal subscribers and passed 25,000 lifetime views across my music songs, all thanks to advice from the ponies here! ---Not have the means to connect with singers, other brony musicians, artists, etc ---Not have gotten into music like I have ---Not have learned how magical this fandom is ---Not have been able to enjoy the ponies like I have ---Linked with all previous comments, I'dve never have conquered depression. Seriously. I'd want to keep having this social network running even loooong after MLP stops airing. People who like MLP usually have a unique type of personality, one that is tolerant, loving, etc.... Also known as the best people to associate with. I love you guys But beyond finding a new purpose in my life in making music, the show and by extension the forums has helped me pull out of a several-year long depressive state, and as such, I was able to come off my medication!! The meds caused me to gain weight, and I was up to 210 pounds. I just lost 30 this month due to how the meds affect metabolism, I'm down to 180 (at 5'10", so no I'm not fat. Just not as fit as I'd like to be) which is awesome for me. In thanks for being so awesome and in appreciation for an amazing community, I'm now a subscriber as of today. Thank you MLPForums :3
  11. G4 My Little Pony is an excellent, optimistic show filled with valuable morals, rounded characters, catchy tunes, and beautiful animation. It's such a refreshing alternative to the relatively cynical programming that pervades channels like Cartoon Network. In fact, I believe that even though My Little Pony may or may not be the perfect choice for everyone, people should at least respect the quality of the show and the brony demographics. So, as a result, I have decided to introduce my family to the wonderful world of Equestria and all of its denizens. I'll explain how everyone I knew thought of it. My father: As evidenced by his remarks, he is not and will not be a brony at anytime soon. He continually makes derisive comments, jokingly questioning if bronies treat MLP as some sort of a fetish (which, admittedly, is true for a minority of bronies). Regardless, he still accepts my status as a brony, even buying for me a Build-A-Bear Fluttershy for Christmas 2013. He was also willing to listen to Fluttershy's backstory, as I told it to him along the way home. My brothers: My 11-year old brother Danny and 8-year old brother Victor stray pretty far away from the brony demographic, especially Victor. Danny appears to be undecided about the show, frequently changing his favorite pony and getting a kick out of some Youtube clips, but would rather watch shows like Teen Titans Go! or Regular Show. He is tolerant about bronies, however. Victor on the other hand, hates the show despite only watching brief Youtube clips, constantly deriding to be strictly for girls. He, too, would rather watch other cartoons, especially Pokemon. Not even the aforementioned Youtube clips can fully convince them to be bronies. They both got a kick out of seeing Pinkie Pie cartwheel kick a background pony in A Bird In The Hoof, laughed their butts off at Flutterguy, and loved Fluttershy's rage at the gala. However, not all clips were a success. For example, when I showed Danny and Victor Flutterhulk from Power Ponies, they both just found it stupid; Danny thought The Hulk didn't fit Fluttershy's character and wanted her to be Aquaman instead, and Victor hated her design and how weird it looked. They also gave me a "WTF am I watching," reaction when concerning Pinkie Pie rapping in "Testing 1, 2, 3." However, they continue to love me for who I am. Incidentally, Danny's friend, Steven, is a brony himself, as he's a fan of the .Mov series. My mother: She enjoys how colorful the ponies are and enjoys Pinkie Pie, but is overall pretty meh about the show. She would rather watch crime shows and The Walking Dead than watch an episode of MLP, as much as she likes the art style. My cousins: I am proud to see that they liked the show a lot. I showed them several Youtube clips and episodes while chatting on Facebook, such as the "So awesome" face Rainbow Dash makes in "Applebuck Season" and "Swarm of the Century." Michelle got a kick out of the clips, singling out Pinkie Pie as her favorite of the bunch. Rachel gave sort of a "LOLWHUT" reaction to seeing Pinkamena Diane Pie in "Party of One." Kevin had only seen several minutes of "Swarm of the Century," but was impressed by the "graphics." Jackie saw the first episode and enjoyed it as well, deeming Fluttershy to be her favorite. My aunt Patricia stated that another cousin of mine watched the show; her favorite was Fluttershy. So, these are my family's views of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. What does your family think of the show, and how did they react when hearing about it? Let me know in the comment section, please.
  12. Grettings boys´n´girls. This thread I created so that I don´t need to make a new one every time i make a new [PMV]. In this thread I will post anything that goes up on my Youtube channel (ponyinblack) + extra content like drawings or just random art things. Hope I´ll see you soon *more things to come later today,when I'm not stuck at work*
  13. So I did a thing c: Basically this drawing took roughly about 2 days started on Friday and finished it like literally now ;-; This is the first time I've EVER drawn anything human and I personally think it went well, although I should have used my mechanical pencil from the start It's messy in terms of lines and rubbing out initially she had a lot of hairline's although it was very distracting, I then had to rub that all out and add in fewer hairlines with my mechanical pencil .-. This drawing was inspired by the original Rainbow Rocks ending art credits and I sort of to an extent added my own take on it with the Cutie Mark and such p.s. The hand was the hardest part ever D: All feedback is appreciated <3
  14. For sale at: - what do you guys think?
  15. This is Mechashy, Which is basically a cyborg Fluttershy. Tell me what you think.
  16. Here is a link to a new series on Youtube, where (you guessed) involves I, the shy yet hyper Sweet Tooth, talk about every episode of the Friendship is Magic series the best and silliest way I can: New episodes will be posted every Tuesday and Friday from next week, but this is kinda a pilot to see what's to come and how it holds up. So even though I am going with this style for every episode, if there are any questions, recommendations or other comments you'd like to give, please reply so that way I can improve what I can for you guys... no spamming please. That won't improve anything. If you DO end up liking what you see, please subscribe, like, all that good stuff for the latest episodes for the show, as well as for future projects I have planned. It only takes 5 seconds to hit that button and it DOES do a lot more good than you think. Thank you for your time everypony, and have a great day! ~ Sweet Tooth
  17. I drew a Human Fluttershy because i finally found out how to turn on pen pressure on photoshop. I know its not very good, so could I please have some advice or feedback??
  18. I was bored and I had this sketch of Fluttershy laying around for quite some time now and I finally felt like finishing it even though it may have came out weird nevertheless I still love her... "Thank you for your time! I hope you having a wonderful day"
  19. Because she wouldn't approve of an army! Hello one and all! I would like to announce that the Fluttershy Coalition is now enlisting members. Anyone can join. The only requirement is that you acknowledge the truth that shy pony is best pony! Enlist Today! Coalition Leadership President and Diplomat to all thing Best Pony: Me! Alex-Kennedy:Vice President and Head of the Department of Uncreative Titles Sks_Burns: Head of the Department of Fashion Show Affairs Flame Dancer: Captain of Fluttering Parsleyshy: Captain of Shyness
  20. Hi there everyone! I just finished a little something, which is my second attempt at shading I would love to hear you critics! About what's right and what's could be improved. I wrote in the description of my post on Deviant-art about the meaning of this picture, nothing mind-blowing but if you're interested, follow this link!
  21. (OOC) Since there isn't any active ask fluttershy, i'll be the active one but i can't make puppets now H-hello... My name is Fluttershy and you can ask me questions... If you want to... *Blushes*
  22. Hello everypony, I need some help fixing an error I'm getting in the Hammer map editor. I'm using this map editor to make a MLP mod and this error is messing everything up ... Here's the error: So yeah, what do? Please respond soon and thank you ahead of time... Moomaster
  23. I wrote a pretty mediocre poem for English class, bit decided to share it anyway I’m Not A Little Girl. By: *cough*Pencilhoof *cough* Yes, My Little Pony. No, I’m not a little girl. The correct term is a brony. Eeyup, They’re all around the world. Yes, I know what FOX news said. The fact is they were wrong. Those rumors have been put to bed. Huh, Can’t keep us down for long. Ghost on speaks on the radio. He claims bronies are trouble. The second one who doesn’t know. Well, Now the fun’s been doubled. Ms. Magazine says she hates it. Says Lauren Faust can’t fool her. Ignorance blocks her from bliss. But We‘re 20% cooler. So media, long story short, I tip my hat, good game! You labeled us just for sport. And, We trot on just the same. LOL told you it was mediocre, oh well, i was tired :3
  24. I would like to read the opinions of your favorite ponies of each category. What categories, you may ask? The categories are Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, and Alicorn Ponies. You can add more categories if you like, but these four are mandatory. Here are my favorite ponies from the given categories. Earth Pony: Pinkie Pie Pegasus Pony: Fluttershy Unicorn Pony: Sweetie Belle Alicorn Pony: Princess Luna