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Found 49 results

  1. If you could have the power to fly where would you go? Well as for me the power to fly means freedom and freedom is good for the soul and if I had wings I would go somewhere nice with my girl friend like a island or something like that and since my oc vision wave is all about flying it fit's me and that's why this next upcoming artwork for my new album means what i'm talking about gives you the idea and this art of me with the wings was made by my friend Dj Game Dragon so yea that's me now it's your turn everyone.
  2. So while reading an article on flight, I came across a link to this. It's a rather huge undertaking, but the very concept of this project for me is astonishing. It may sound like the far-fetched dreams many early inventors had around 200 years ago, but think about it: now we've got serious advancements in lightweight materials, chemical reactions, and electronics. I think with some proper legit funding and a little more practical insight, this could become a reality. What do you think? Leave your comments! MEET PROJECT FALCON 12A. Project website Full feasibility study Interactive 3D model YouTube video
  3. For those of you who are aware, today is Nicole Oliver's Birthday. And to celebrate, here's a drawing I did of Princess Celestia raising the sun in a majestic way And yes. This is a shout out to the Tristar Logo.
  4. So I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on Rainbow Dash taking Scootaloo under her wing? Should Scottaloo be allowed to fly in season 4 or should they go with the disabled route? If you ask me, I think they should keep her disabled. It would make her a little bit more interesting and it would be nice if there was something that really set her and Rainbow Dash apart from each other. Not to mention Scootaloo could become very inspirational to kids who have disabilities and show them that they can live a fun life, even if you have a disability. Maybe she could even find another way to fly. Like how Tank use's that helicopter hat. So what do you all think? Why do you think she should fly or not?
  5. I love these guys. At first my interest was the story behind Discord and Celestia, and even I was okay with them in a relationship. One headcanon that I like a lot is that King Sombra was "dating" Luna, or had a close relation with one of them, or both of the sisters. That would explain Nightmare Moon, and the fact that Celestia dominates hatred powered magic. Thinking about how they first encountered or knew certain characters is one interesting thing to do. Pairings are fun, but this in particular, Discord and Fluttershy, is one that I find the most enjoyment about. That thought was enforced with One of the IDW comics, the Friendship is Magic Issue #24. In one scene, Baast the cat from ancient Anugypt encounters Discord, and they talk a little about Fluttershy. The conversation goes like this: "You always were great at causing chaos, Baast. That's why I joined you in the first place". Baast says: "Don't tell me that's the only reason, even if your taste in companions has changed". Discord said that she's just a friend, and then she said: "There's no need to lie, Discord. Don't forget that I know you and I know you don't have friends". Then she licks/kisses him on the cheek. Even if it's a spinoff and the comics aren't official, I love seeing that brief moment of Fluttercord. I think it's the only pairing that I like enough to make a draw about. Do you read the IDW comics? I recommend you a lot to do so It's darker and at moments funnier than the main series. It's such a different experience. Twitter! deviantArt!
  6. Yes, it is a reference of the TMNT, Ninja Turtles. Ah, Ember, my love. You have demonstrated that you're an awesome character, and that Spike has still so much to offer after all. I'd be pleased if they include an episode about you again, and not only featured you in random cameos. Please, DHX and Hasbro, only this time. Twitter! deviantArt!
  7. What is your favourite season finale until now? I enjoyed a lot the season 5 finale. Tirek is such an interesting (and intimidating) character. That final battle, and all the Discord scenes were gold. <- Deviantart post.
  8. I have noticed something about Scootaloo's wings and want to know if anyone else agrees with my theory. So in season 5 episode 13, Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep?, during the dream sequence Scootaloo's wings grew enormously large and she was able to fly. OK now fast forward to episode 17, Brotherhooves Social. I first noticed that Scootaloo kept her wings folded at her side like most adult pegasi generally do. Thinking back, I can not remember ever seeing her do that before. She did it again in episode 18 as well, the episode were she got her cutie mark with a wing on it. Were I'm going with this is, are these clues that her wings are actually beginning to grow and she will learn to fly in the near future? Or am I simply reading too much into it? Did she have her wings folded before in a scene that I can't remember? What do you think on this?
  9. We know Scoots can't fly, and if she's never going to fly in the series, let it be clear that the best way to help her face her anxiety of never being able to fly is if she meets ANOTHER flightless pegasus! It would show her that she's not the only one, because currently, she is, and it doesn't seem fair to her being the only pegasus that can't fly. If she meets an adult pegasus with the same problem, he can teach her some alternatives - like a guiding cloud or something! You know there are people that can't walk, but have braces on their legs to help them be able to! This could be that, but for Scoots! She can fly, but not using her wings, but using something else, and the other flightless pegasus can really help her out! What do you think? You think something like this should happen? If you say no, you got a better idea?
  10. A quick little photoshop. Requested by Burpy. Enjoy!
  11. So I learned to animate with flash puppets. YAY!!!! Specail thanks to youtube tutorials: so here it is:
  12. Originally this song was gonna be acoustic song, but it turned into this soft indie-punk sound that i just had to keep adding onto with airy vocals and a highly distorted electric guitar in the background all topped off with heavy reverb to give the song a bit of a ring Part of my EP Equestrian Serenad3Z on Bandcamp
  13. posted on deviantArt. I hope you like it.. My deviantArt is MallyTheAwesome... gosh this looks terrible xD
  14. RD:C'mon! Twilight! Flap those wings! TS:But... I'm... Tired! RD:You wanna fly like a real flier or not? TS:...
  15. So my freind sent me a picture of her oc's custom figurine and she said the wings are big because shes a fast pony. Is this true?
  16. drew, linearted and did the basic background on this months ago. totes was going to finish it today, but SAI crashed when I was almost done, so, nop, I'm just going to throw the unpolished version at the internet instead. yis I know RD is slightly hideous, dragons are my specialty, not ponies, so plez don't mention it, k?
  17. Ok so here's something why can Bulk Biceps fly and Scootaloo can't? I know some people are like well her wing's are just to small or some Theorize that you know she's like the handie caped kid of the show so she'll never fly but what I don't understand is that how can Bulk fly with wings the size of Scootaloo's and yet she still can't fly? I mean he's giant with super tiny wings and her wings aren't that small for her size. Thoughts?
  18. So, this is my second drawing of a pony with again Rainbow Dash, but this time in colour! This is the drawing that took me the most time. I started it at about 9pm and I finished it at about 4am, so I work for about 7 hours on this drawing. I am happy with my work in overall, but how about you guys? This is the final result of the drawing: This is an early version without the colours:
  19. Edit: Scroll down to post #5 for the completed version. I drew and colored this in Art Academy for Wii U. Still plan on doing a background; potentially something special for a milestone in the RD Fan Club.
  20. So I woke up in the morning and I said wow.... That was the best dream I had! I will do my best to try to describe the dream: (My position is Soarin) So basically I'm Soarin and I'm in Twilights house (idk why) every one is talking amongst themselves when Rainbow bursts out "This is getting old I'm going to actually be a mature pony!" Then rainbow flies out so Twilight says "Oh no, Soarin can you go after her?" So I go and then I go up to a grey pony and I realize its dash she just changed she said her name was 'Perry' XD So I said a few things (I also should mention she doesn't have her wings or rainbow tail or mane) I said a speech and dash looked a lot better she was turning blue a little then I said those four words that got her pumped and get her personality back. "Race to my house." She immediately jumped up and started to fly to clouds dale we both got there at the same time and then we went into my bedroom and we laid down on the bed and snuggled. The End
  21. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free My love for Firefly was recently reawakened (though it never truly slept), and while listening to the theme song, inspiration hit. The characters translate to 'Serenity', which is why I chose Fluttershy for this one. The shading was lazy, and I feel like I messed up the mane and tail, but can't figure out specifically how (yet). I would like to hear your comments and critiques, thanks for stopping by. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take Flutters from me
  22. Ask me pretty much anything, but if you're here to ask for my B-17, forget it. planes are awesome.
  23. Zero flying.wmv Hoped you enjoyed! I'll make better ones from here on out! Sry that you have to download it, but it's my first animation so plz watch!
  24. I had meant for this to just be a colored sketch... and then things happened where my brain was like "OH MY SWEET CELESTIA, DIS IS ALL WRONG. QUICKLY. LIGHTS, MOAR COLOR. ADD DEM CLOUDS WOMAN." and afterwards, it packed up and said. "Hm. Yes. Dis is guid. WE GO." then waltzed out while I sat here all sorts of befuddled. I'm terrible at backgrounding, so please just, don't comment on it xD This is honestly the third or fourth background I've ever done. If the pic looks dark... sorry? I adjusted it earlier because it was too bright, so now it's kind of dark. Meh. (anything that's weird, let me know. Just don't be nitpicky >8I Most of the obvious stuff I know about already.)