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Found 278 results

  1. The game is simple,you just think of something you would want to feed the user above if they were hungry.It can be anything,food,poison,lead,etc..the possibilities are endless! now let the game begin!
  2. Legacy Dash

    Can you eat with chopsticks?

    Hai! Just curious as to how many people on here can eat with chopsticks. Personally; I can, I ate my Chinese takeaway today with chopsticks.
  3. I have been wanting some doughnuts really bad as of late; which inspired me to create this topic. Do you enjoy doughnuts? Why or why not? Do you have a favorite kind?
  4. My favorite soda flavor is probably Dr Pepper. My dad's friend gave it to me once and I got addicted to it. Best soda ever. (For me)
  5. As you're eating you pizza, do you also eat the crust, or do you toss it after your done with the cheese and toppings part?
  6. DivineBlood1000

    Food Do you like popcorn?

    Eating it right now actually! I love popcorn, one of my favorite things to snack on. My favorite kinds are movie theater (with extra butter of course), kettle corn and caramel corn!
  7. You're in a situation where you know you're about to die later in the day. You could be dying from some incurable disease. You could be on death row (guilty or wrongly convicted, it doesn't matter). Whatever the reason, you already have some idea what the last thing you eat should be. What meal would you have arranged before you finally check out? For me, not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about my dad who already passed on a few years ago. I'm sure my last day of living won't be any different, so I'd have to get something we both used to enjoy together. I want my dad to be the very last thing on my mind, so..... An Arby's combo, including: A giant roast beef sandwich Extra large fries An Oreo shake A large Coke. I swore off sodas a long time ago, but if I'm going in a few hours, then health isn't gonna fucking matter anyway.
  8. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sweet potatoes. It's just that I ate mashed potatoes longer and I prefer it since you can make multiple dishes with mashed potatoes.
  9. My parents will drag me to every healthy store in town like Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, Earth Fare, etc. The food there is great and everything, but at some point, staying there for hours tends to drive a person insane at a point.
  10. PyroMotional-Pony

    Food Waffles

    What´s your favorite type of waffles? (I really love belgian waffles)
  11. This is the WPCC sub section for the beer connoisseur ponies. SPBBL - Serious Pony Brewers Beer Lounge This is simply a place to grab a nice good beer and relax. Hopefully some nice beer with class. So just the opposite to the working lounge. Important - Only open for responsible behaving ponies, that can handle a good beer and stay in the friendship spirit even after some rounds. Always behave responsible, don´t drink to much and always leave your car firmly parked, and ask somepony to hide away the keys. NOTE : This is NOT not to encourage young colts or fillies to drink beer, this is only intended for grown up gentlestallions and mares that enjoys good beer and drinks responsibly. Of course it´s open for you that don´t like beer too, just grab something in the foals bar and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the lounge.
  12. Sondash Studios

    Food What types of cereal do you eat?

    Well, ALL my cereal comes from Trader Joes. My family is one of those healthy folks, so it wouldn't be a surprise that all our cereal is "healthy" and "gluten free".
  13. What is your go-to midnight snack?
  14. Okay I am very very very bored... What do you all prefer? Breakfast vs lunch vs dinner? I like breakfast the best but when I can actually nom on some good stuff like bacon and waffles with all that yummy syrup.
  15. Guillotines

    Name your favorite junk food

    Mine would be the wonka banana pops you peel. *Drools* So yummy!
  16. There aren't too many types of that fries that I know of but everyone normally has a different opinion on which one is better. I personally like waffle fries the best. They have the skin on them, they are a good average between thick and thin and cause they look nice. Tell me which one is your favorite? Spicy fries, spiral fries, plain fries? Any french fry is fine. You can call them chips if your french I will know what you're talking about.
  17. I love my cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, a ton of cheese, fat beef, oh my gosh the ketchup....mmm. What about you guys?
  18. I am really craving strawberry banana chocolate crepes right now.
  19. Are you a picky eater? I am. I don't like trying anything new, I'll usually pull apart my pizzas leaving only the things I like on them (usually being like two things.. lol) and when I'm eating over at a friend's house for dinner and I don't like the food it becomes really awkward for me.
  20. Well, for this random topic related to food, what are your less favorite fruits and vegetables and why? Most fruits and vegetables are a healthy food and taste rather nice, but there are others whose flavor may not please very much our taste buds. My less favorite are: *Zucchini: I find their smell and taste rather nauseating, and feel weird in the mouth. *Papaya: Pretty much the same reasons as zucchini *Pear: Well, this is perhaps my most disliked fruit and foodstuff. I do admit they're juicy, but the taste just doesn't click with me, and chewing them can feel a little tedious. Yeah, I feel the same way as Doctor Who. How about you?
  21. Whats the first food you remember or know you ate (maybe your mom told you) Maybe you may have a picture of your first time eating food as a baby or something. The first food I ate was a pea...
  22. What's your usual breakfast for nearly or always everyday? I eat 4 scrambled eggs w/ ham, half of a whole cucumber, a slice of toasted Ezekiel bread, and a cup of cooked instant oats. Mmm delicious.
  23. Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory; state whatever food it would be and why.
  24. I prefer salty snacks like chips and pretzles.
  25. ARagY

    Food Do you eat meat?

    I'm someone who doesn't eat meat, and I'm curious how many on here do. No, I'm not a vegan. I drink milk and eat chocolate. No, I'm not a vegetarian. I eat fruits, too.