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Found 11 results

  1. I live near building city but there is forest of trees too
  2. This is a piece I've made for the 21st birthday of the Brony who introduced me to MLP-FiM. It's a 6x8 canvas panel and acrylic. It was my first attempt at water transparency, and I'm pretty happy with the result.
  3. I just thought i´d share my newest Painting with you guys,maybe i can even get some feedback? Tried out a lot of new things with this one. Unfortunately, i messed up the composition a bit. :/
  4. Hi Everypony :3 I finished my new art, and I would like to know what do you think about this? ;3 I really like Bon Bon and Lyra, but I was first time when I drew these. Hope you like it <3 You can see my other work here. Commission Info here.
  5. SO hi guys, i am making up a big art project with 7 oc's of my friends and favourite roleplayers, so i am slowly starting.. today i have made the one of my best forum friend wayzer.. here you have Nightstrike! his weapon is a mix beetween an m16 and a compound bow XD
  6. I was trying soo hard to master sketching ponies so I thought of the thing that gave me the inspiration for me to be creative in the first place, the night sky. Even though this is my second sketch I'm posting up, but I'm still nervous posting any of my artwork... Plus, I took this picture from my Iphone not scanner, so I'm really sorry for this artwork being blurry on the edges. Hope you like it.
  7. Okay Guys... I heard that the beta for this game is already available... now, have you guys seen the trailer for this? if no.. try finding it.... okay questions on this kind of stuff are: -Does the game takes a whole new stage, compared to the first slender? follow up question: How so? -When slenderman appeared in the first game what are your reactions? follow up question: In "The Arrival" what is your reaction now? -In both of the game... which is scarier? Follow up question: if the 2 are not scary enough for ya, which other slender game is scarier? -If the game became so popular that the people who made this might make a sequel, what's your opinion? follow up question: will they make a plot or story line? If not why? -Rate the scare factor of this game and explain why it is rated that way. So yeah guys answer them honestly and I might come up with addition question..... AFTER I finish the beta.... If i ever finish it..... also it's only the beta not the real deal... Bro hoof guys /)
  8. Hiya! Fluttershy loves the forest. It is filled with cute little creatures and is a place where she can be herself, no mask put on by the gaze of other ponies, no crippling shyness, not a care in the world. She could spend all of her time there, from dawn to dusk. As always, criticism is not only welcome, but wanted.
  9. So I took a walk in the woods because I love to take a walk in the woods. I did that all the time when I was younger. The video quality isn't as good as it was when I recorded it since I recorded in 1080p but then edited the video and made it x3 speed and then saved the video as 720p. http-~~-// Anyways, what do you ponies think about taking a walk in the woods? Do you have a forest near you? Do you like to take a walk there? How often do you do that? And another thing I would like to hear, how is the woods where you live different to the one where I live? woops press F5 I forgot to remove the private thing on the vid xD
  10. I love the night sky, I love moonlight, I love the swirls of stars in the sky. I love forests, especially at night, the cool blue and green colors, the soft glow of moonlight. This is a piece I started today. It's still currently a work in progress, but I think the line work looks really cool so I'm sharing it with you. I will admit that it was inspired by an image in today's drawfriend.