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Found 7 results

  1. I personally like his fancy good guy changeling design, but I know people have said they don't. So just wondering.
  2. So say somehow you were to travel to an alternate universe that houses Equestria. We all know this would be fun, but as we see in Equestria Girls, keeping your human form would basically be impossible; so you would have to be a pony when visiting Equestria. So my question is, would you want to adapt to this new form, or would you just give up and head back home? Edit: Also you can visit and leave as you wish. It's just a matter of putting in the effort of adapting to an entirely new body.
  3. Here is my OC's official wolf form!
  4. Well everypony who was wondering. "WHO IN EQUESTRIA IS SUPERBRONY87?" I'm ready to show the world of MLP who SuperBrony87 is and will now post for your curious minds and viewing pleasures. Below in post is two carefully decorated stills. Pegasister and Mares of all ages 21 to 30... In the spirit of Hearts and Hooves Day. I submit to you... Would you like this man? This man is a friend of mine: He's 27 yrs old, heterosexual, 6'3/6'4, manageable weight. His head is crowned with a fine mane of light brown locks, his eyes are two deep piercing blues, he drives his own car and on occasion buys his own food and drink. He's also a die heard gamer buying, owning and playing some of the best known games and titles that Playstation has to offer... That said he is self serving, enjoys a good movie, a lovely night of star gazing, beautiful sunset gazing and is really quite artistic... If you ask me? He's got both ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome... But is well taken care of and other nice things. lives with parents but yet both independent: His car and his lifestyle the only known freedoms he enjoys. Now he's ready for your decisions Mares of Equestria and I hope this doesn't coem off to you as "trolly" he mans only to show you his true self. Learning the truth of him as being a handsome, nice, brony man. Now the reveal... The man you see before you IS the true form of SuperBrony87. Here's the stumper though... That man is me. I am SUPERBRONY87... and it is with boldness and pride that I now post two carefully decorated pics for everypony to see. Well here goes... This has been SuperBrony87 and I hope you like him? This season of Hearts and Hooves Day... and Happy Valentine's Day to all the Special Someponies out there. Would you <3 Valentine <3 this Brony?
  5. We all have gotten to the point where something has gotten us so angry, that we just want to become some giant man-eating monster that will just rampage cities and kill countless lives. Let's call this your Final Form, just for the heck of it. Describe your final form, and describe what would usally make you go into your Final Form. My Final Form would have twelve tentacle-like limbs with six bull heads attached to an average Anime school girl's body by rainbow-colored pipe cleaners. I'd become this monster when I see anyone making serious things, or taking things to seriously. It's a perfect counter. Oh, and if you could ever-so-kindly draw my Final Form, I'd love you forever!
  6. Can anypony please draw my Ponysona and her boyfriend in Equestria Girls form? I would greatly appreciate it. The girl pony has gray wings and wears clothing like the girl in the picture i posted below, except that her belt buckle is her cutie mark and her shirt says forbidden. I would like her to be wearing the Wonder Colts ears and tail from the movie. And her eyes are vivid green. Crimson Fame wears the same jacket as below but open, and with a black tshirt underneath with his cutie mark on it. The jacket should have a blue body with yellow sleeves and accents and the Wonder Colts emblem on it.Otherwise Crimsons clothing is dark jeans with a black belt and silver horse shoe belt buckle, and like below his jacket shows his wrists, which his left should be wrapped in a bandage. Also Night Shades skin tone should match the girls in the picture below and Crimsons should match Flash Sentrys human skin tone.
  7. If I could be anyone...I would be Anna Faris. :3 She was a voice actor in the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and I find her to be a very good actress. She's just really awesome, ya know?