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Found 7 results

  1. Which Pokemon game is your favorite? Why? My favorites are Pokemon White and Pokemon Black 2. I felt that these games had a fun and memorable playthrough. The games could have been a bit longer, but I loved pretty much everything about them.
  2. Which is the better Franchise in your opinion. Legend of Zelda games or Mario games. Cast your votes.
  3. Which legendary Pokemon are your favorite? My favorites: - Articuno - Lugia - Entei - Latios - Groudon - Rayquaza - Dialga - Zekrom - Xerneas New legendary for Pokemon Sun:
  4. I don't know if there's already a Star Wars thread I can merge this with but I just don't know about all these post-Disney Star Wars spinoffs. I'm probably going to see the Solo movie but the franchise is starting to wear thin for me. I didn't like the Last Jedi, Rogue One was just okay, etc. I feel like they're running it into the ground at this point. They retconned the Expanded Universe and the new sequels feel like more of a rehash than anything else. I'll always be a fan of the original trilogy but it just feels so gimmicky at this point. Thoughts?
  5. Welcome to the LEGO discussion thread! Here you can share your experiences from your childhood, all the sets and themes that you used to (or still) love, and if you're an avid hobbyist, you can share some of the stuff that you're looking forward to. You can also share awesome pictures like this: So epic! For me, this franchise was the best thing to have ever happened to my childhood. It made my childhood livable and I still to this day embrace the nostalgia! It's been about three years since I've had a LEGO set but recently, I have decided to try to pursue this fascination of mine once more. Honestly, I would love to have several sets to keep on display in the future, even when I get married and have my own family. This thread is dedicated to anything LEGO!
  6. It's possible that there's already a thread on this. If so, oopsies! There's a new Tomb Raider slated to come out early 2013. Personally, I think it looks AMAZING. I'm a die hard fan. I beat Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation at age four. :3 Bam. Little girl in pigtails and glasses. Lara Croft was my idol. I digress. What games have you played? Opinions on games past and future?
  7. So over more than 20 years, MLP has been mostly a franschise of toys and animated cartoons intended for little girls, that was apparently the only demographic. But with the phenomenom that we all know by now, the demographic has expanded widely, thanks to gen4. I bet my mane, that these past years has been the best of the moments for Hasbro's MLP franchise in profits, and they pretty much are aware of bronies and that the demand for merchandise is growing and growing non stop. Having said that, what would you think that would be the future of the franchise? do you think that they would still have the same character designs for further generations? I think they would, just like some other ponies say: "if it's not broken, don't fix it". do you think they would incorporate more mature characters and scenarios, much more deep story development? more races of ponies (like sea pony, or dragon pony etc.) and mitological creatures? epic battles, fights, drama? more male characters? (actually I would love to see something like that) what I'm saying it's that if Hasbro would take MLP to a never seen or experimented level and do drastic changes to the franchise and adjust it where it's more appealing for males in general (bronies and non bronies) but of course without forgetting the main audience. As well that's include the toys and merc, isntead of ponies dolls, we also get pony collectibles or action figures and official merc for males (boys or adults) as well. opinions