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Found 4 results

  1. What gave you nightmares in courage the cowardly dog? Sorry guys, but king Ramses didn't really scare me, but one thing scared me sooooooo bad, I stopped watching the show for years. I was absolutely terrified of that blue fetus thing from the episode perfect. Fun fact: the blue thing could possibly be a manifestation of eustaces broken trumpet from earlier in the episode, but totally distorted by courages mind.
  2. Today I worked on my second picture ever, I believe, for MLP or just anything in general. What started out as me just doing a head exercise, became a very silly drawing with very silly proportions. I'd like to mentian, though, that I tried to have normal proportions, but at some point I gave up, relaxed, and drew a pony with a crazily large head and neck. Out of all that is this picture, I'd like to say I would like some opinions on the detail of the head and the leg muscle out of all that is this picture. You are more than welcome to say other things, as I appreciate all kinds of opinions, but I would appreciate those two more than the others. Here is the picture: EDIT: I forgot to mention I use this again:
  3. As you all DON'T know, last week I got a new roommate, and his name was Fred. Today I killed Fred, and now im posting about it so that you can understand our "relationship". Fred is... WAS a spider. I am not arachniphobic and in fact I appreciate the help the spiders have been giving with all the bugs around here. So Fred decides that he likes me enough to move into my room, and he starts putting webs on everything I havn't touched in 5 hours. The first time I actually saw fred, was when I was posting something else here on the forums when suddenly a spider is crawling through mid air a few centimters from my face... now keep in mind that i like spiders, but i dot like them in my personal space like that. And so my first reaction was to make him go "BYE BYE" but I failed in my attempt. The next day he is making a web on one of my wall posters... I decide that I don't want any more webs in my already dirty room... and thiws leads to my second attempt at murder... which also fails. But this time it was just wierd, I mean I swear he was right underneath the object I was trying to crush him with... but no. He just dissapeared. After this incident i gained almost a respect for this spider... i mean, he had avoided death and never really did anything to harm me. So I think we had a mutual friendship coming on. And this morning... oh dear luna.... this morning I did it. I finally killed him. And now I feel bad. ________________________________________________________________________________ **LATER THAT DAY** After questioning my sanity and my right to go on living as a human being... i discovered that I am a horrible person for what I did, and so today a went to every spider that I could find in my house and I gave a unique and sincere apology to each and every one. I also searched far and wide looking for the perfect new roommate, and I found one. (Maybe finally someone will catch those ANNOYING FLIES!!!!) So yeah, I have a new spider roommate, and I am going to start writing down our adventures and turn them into a story...
  4. OMFG! Fred got his own show? Please kill me!! I don't hate him, but HE IS 17 NOW!! WTF??