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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone have any urban legends from their own country that they’d like to share? They can be scary, funny, stupidly mundane, etc. As someone who’s training to be a psychologist, I find things like these to be interesting, and it gives me an insight into how the people of the country think (eg. what they find to be frightening/funny compared to other countries). I’ll begin with an urban legend from my own country just to get things started. If the thread takes off, I’ll share more. The urban legend that I’ll talk about is a well-known one that comes from my own country of Northern Ireland (different from Ireland, I assure you). I attend a university called Queen’s University in Belfast, and the university has several buildings. For example, there’s the main Lanyon Building, the Teaching and Learning Centre, etc. The buildings that I’ll be talking about are the David Keir Building (DKB) and the Ashby Building. Across from the DKB, there is a graveyard known as the Friar’s Bush Graveyard. The graveyard is the site of a mass grave filled with bodies from a cholera epidemic, to the point where a mound can be seen in the centre. Those who approach this mound are said to experience the sensation of hands touching them and clawing at their clothes. Now, beneath the DKB, there is a maintenance tunnel. This tunnel stretches from the DKB to the nearby Ashby Building, and it runs adjacent to the graveyard. To this day, there is not a single staff member in that university who will willingly go down into that tunnel alone, and many absolutely refuse to. Those who have been down there attest to the fact that the tunnel, in some areas, becomes unnaturally cold. Voices can be heard, things can be seen, and perhaps most compellingly, the same sensations of the hands that can be experienced in the graveyard can be experienced in the maintenance tunnel. As for what the people saw down there, nobody knows. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to wonder what they saw, or what they thought they saw, that was so traumatising that they refuse to speak about it.
  2. You wake up to find your favorite pony sleeping next to you, when they finally awake, they tell you that they can spend the day with you before getting sent back to Equestria. But they can't leave the house under the fear of being spotted and if you leave the house they will be instantly sent back to Equestria. However, that day is also your last day that you can go down and pick up your $10000 lottery winnings. What do you do? P.S. you wake up at 11:30am and the lotto shop closes at midday (there now you can't have the best of both worlds )
  3. I don't visit very often around here, but you know I love you guys and I like to show what I'm up to every once in a while. I put in a lot of effort to this video, so check it out and tell me what you think!
  4. I just finished drawing my oc i think it turned out pretty well i kinda messed up not my best work but i still wub it
  5. *scans the area* Alright, he's not in, woohoo! Down to business... Hiya everypony, it's me, your favorite mailmare Derpy!!! I've just borrowed this kind fellow's laptop for a bit so I could make an entry in his blog (for very important-mom reasons as you'll see in a second). How did I do that? Oh it wasn't that hard, just took some potion Princess Sparkle made that lets ponies "cross over into different dimensions" or something like that. Only cost me 5 bits, what a deal, right?! Anyways, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to pull for my little muffin, Dinky Doo! That's her with her Aunty Carrot! Anyways, yeah, she's currently in a fierce competition with Miss Bon Bon for qualifying for a spot in your World Cup competition. Now I don't have anything against Miss Bon Bon, nothing at all; in fact, she and I are good friends, and I love the candies she sells, Dinky too! It's just, well... I have to pull for my daughter because... that's what moms do. I remember back on the day Dinky was born, I swore then and there that I'd always be there for my little muffin no matter what. That's Dinky right after we got out of the hospital after she was born. It was the happiest trip to the hospital I ever took in my entire life! Ever since that day, the two of us have been there for each other through thick and thin. Even when the Doctor's busy with his work or my older, adoptive daughter Amethyst is away at school, I always have my little Dinky by my side. She's everything to me! I love the Doctor, he's the best friend I'll ever have and so much more, but Dinky is, well... a part of me. Now I know you guys don't get to see that in this show about our lives that you seem to love to watch. Poor Dinky's a bit camera shy so she doesn't like showing up all too much at all. I tried that a bit myself last season, but that didn't work out all too well, and she didn't want me to not show up in something I love just because she's a little afraid of the camera. But you know what, it's OK that you don't see the two of us too often. You know why? Because YOU'VE all managed to tell our story for us! The art, the fanfiction, even the music you make about the two of us?! It's beautiful, wonderful stuff, it really is, and that's all the attention we need. You've seen the beauty there is in our relationship and given it a life of its own even though you don't even know anything about us, and it's touching, it really is. I mean, just look at all these moments you've made, these memories you've captured! That's just a hoofful of the ways you've captured the love between my daughter and I, and I couldn't be happier or more thankful for them all! My love for my Dinky's why I'm here now; I can only think of a few things I'd love more than getting to compete in the World Cup Tournament with my daughter. She's everything to me, and even if she was going up against the nicest pony in the world I'd still be there cheering her on. All she needs to qualify is a draw with Miss Bon Bon, so if you'd be so kind as to give a vote to my little Dinky so that she and I might get to have some fun together in the tournament, I'd be eternally grateful. I know I'm basically asking you to vote for her because she's my daughter and I love her, but ya know something, that's all the reason I need, and I guess it's all the reason I can give seeing as you know pretty much nothing else about her. So please, please, please everypony, vote for my little Dinky because I love her! And if you do, I might just bake muffins for you all to boot. Now scoot, there's only a few hours left to vote!!! Well, that's all I had to say everypony! Bye bye for now! Oh, and thanks to the guy who (sort of) let me post on his blog. I hear you're a big fan, so thanks for the support!!!
  6. My sister in law makes $200000000000000000000000000000 a year training monkies to kill world leaders from home. You can too! Just visit! It's 100% free! My sister in law quit her job because of! Note: this is a parody of spam e-mails and comments. does not exist.
  7. Hey every one this is my first time posting any thing on hear if you don't have a clue who i am. I am Natas blackmane from Screams From Equestria and this song is the first song from my up and coming E.P the holes in the sky i hope you all like.