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Found 551 results

  1. What is that you like about the above user's avatar?
  2. All you have to do is caption the picture above you, then post a new one for the person who comes next. Since there is no one above me, I'll post a picture.
  3. Simple forum game. You have to give some kind of witty caption for the avatar of the post above you. EX: my pic next pic: B***h please, I have a coat. your argument is invalid.
  4. What roller coaster was the first one you ever rode and where was it? Mine was timber terror, which is a wooden roller coaster in silver wood theme park. What was your reaction to your first roller coaster? I am going to valleyfair in Minnesota for a school trip on the last week of school which is in a month.
  5. I love this game! I tried to search and see if a thread like this already exsists and I couldn't find it so here we go! Post your current Desktop Wallpaper! Or Phone wallpaper, whatever you feel like sharing! I don't particularly know if there's forum rules here for no nudity, but if you do have some form of nudity or NSFW content, please put it in spoilers with a disclaimer/warning please! Thank you and have fun! I'll go first!
  6. Just curious to know how everyone's summer is going? Travelled anywhere, gone to any concerts etc...? If so post here on what your summer has been like !!!
  7. RISKY BOOTS - " IF ISN'T SHANTAE HALF HERO LAME BUTT GENIE ANYWAY I GOT SOME MAGICAL PONIES I CAPTURED AND NOW THIER LIFE WILL FULLFILL MY TINKER AIRSHIP "! SHANTAE -"RISKY BOOTS LADY BAD PIRATE I WILL STOP YOUR PLANS AND SEND THOSE INNOCENT MAGICAL PONIES BACK TO THEIR WORLD" ! -RISKY BOOTS HAAAAA HOOOOO GOTTA HAUL BOOTY ? SHANTAE -"YOUR JOKE ARE ALWAYS FALLING FLAT RISKY BOOTS " CHAPTER 1 - TRY TO SAVE THE PONIES FROM RISKY BOOTS THE LADY PIRATE It was clear night outside very quiet as Shantae half hero genie is puzzled to why her arch nemesis Risky Boots the bad lady Pirate would want some magical ponies from another world to do her evil bidding. Meanwhile Risky Boots has caged up all the mane six ponies at Hypno Baron's creepy castle with disgusting eyeball blocks above terrifying spikes. As the mane six talk to each other saying who hell is this pirate bad lady anyway ? " I'm Rainbowdash who is that sexy purple haired awesomness goddess say's her name is Shantae ?
  8. Hello, everypony I still have the Cryptogram challenge puzzles If you can solve them I may give you a lot of brohoofs !
  9. The user above you is cursed to do/ be something for the rest of their life. What is it? There's nopony above me, so I guess I'll have to wait for someone to reply.
  10. My submission: No! My right HAAAAAAANNND!!!! (Looks back and forth with suspicious look on face) I'll... Never draw again...! Oh no...!
  11. Go here and post what you got! Here’s my first round guess that makes me the CROOKVID-19
  12. Hello, everypony does anypony love doing Diamond Painting let me know?
  13. Hmm.. I was reluctant to make this but what the hay. All in lighthearted fun . Say something nice or whatever comes to mind.
  14. So, I'm just being a bit curious here, but is anyone else on the forums going to conventions later on this year? And I don't just mean things like Bronycon and the such, but also stuff like ComiCon and things like that. I currently am looking forward to attending Midwest Brony Fest and the Anime Festival that we have in my hometown. How about you guys? Anything cool you want to or are going to attend?
  15. Ok, everypony let me know in this new blog over the weekend or tomorrow if my next crossover art should be having the gory clean art of your favorite my little ponies as killer animatronic robots in Five Nights At Freddy's or new one THE UNICORN SINGER a parody of TV show The Masked Singer enjoy ?
  16. This is a character vs character battle. It's pretty simple, someone above you will give you 2 characters from the show (they can be pony, griffon, zebra, etc.) that are near the same strength and you have to decide who would win. Also give some sort of a description on why (I'm interested on why you chose ______). The closer of strength the characters are to each other, the harder it is for the next pony. So let's say I got Twilight vs Starlight, in this scenario I think Starlight could win, but it'd be close. In S5 finale the only reason Twi won was because of her friendship skills but if it was just a 1 v 1, no hold bars, GlimGlam would, just like she initially was S5 finale. Fluttershy Vs Marble Pie
  17. I want you to poorly explain the character development of any pony from the show. This isn't about the character themselves, just their development.
  18. Have you ever been to any camps? If so, got any stories of your time there? I only ever went to one camp, a free one called Camp Braveheart (looking it up, it seems it was renamed Camp Erin). It's for children who have lost loved ones. The one thing I remember most about going to that camp was swinging high above the ground in a harness. It was really fun, but also terrifying. Another thing that happened was there being a small scorpion in the cabin I was staying in with others. It got squished.
  19. I have been learning 5 different styles which added make 8 styles total I know. Anypony here also practice or like watching martial arts? If so, which kinds? or why do you like/do it? I do it for health and strength training along with self defense.
  20. Basically what it sounds like: Post a meme, and try to make it better than the one above you. It doesn’t have to be pony related, but I guess I should start with some pony. (My best memes aren’t pony related though.)
  21. Well I thought why not have fun with this Me and my wife are expecting, and in 2 weeks we finally find out what its going to be Was wondering what you all think it might be
  22. This game is simply you simply post an Mlp episode and the next User has to think of another name for that episode ready go. To where and back again
  23. What are your hopes and dreams? I'm sure the rest of us would be glad to listen and high five you on your dreams! My dream is to live a happy life with my other half, to own a nice house of our own in a rural area away from people, with a nice garden. I also dream of finding my place in life as a wonderful butler, gardener, or tea maker. :3
  24. I'm always checking peoples' status on here, simply because there's that little section for the latest ones posted on the front page, and I'm always seeing things about people being so upset over something really rather silly. I won't name any names, because that would be rude, but still, you probably see them too. I'm curious, why do you think people are always so upset over things? I, for one, am happy every day, and whenever I tell people about my life and history, they always seem really sorry for me. Now, I won't go telling you about that, because that's not important, and I'm not looking for attention, so just, why is it, that the smallest things seem to make people so overwhelmingly unhappy? There's really nothing to be sad about. Or mad. I just don't understand it.