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Found 22 results

  1. As far as we know, Funko has released several characters in their Vinyl Figures and Mystery Minis line. Here's a list of who's available at this point: Princess Twilight Sparkle* Fluttershy* Pinkie Pie* Applejack* Rainbow Dash* Rarity* Princess Celestia* Princess Luna* Princess Cadence* Shining Armor* Big Macintosh* Applebloom* Sweetie Belle* Scootaloo* Spike* (The Great and Powerful)Trixie Lulamoon Discord (Regular and Blue) Spitfire Daring Do Lyra Heartstrings Sweetie Drops (BonBon) DJ Pon3 (Vinyl Scratch) Octavia Melody I heart (Derpy Hooves) Dr. Whooves Maud Pie Cheese Sandwich (*)I have this figure So far I'm guessing that the next figures to come out are Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis because they were featured in the Mystery Minis. So I was wondering: Which characters would you like Funko to release in the Vinyl Figure line? Here are my suggestions: Cheerilee Sunset Shimmer Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Granny Smith Lightning Dust Nurse Redheart Starlight Glimmer Filthy Rich Berry Punch Braeburn Babs Seed Carrot Cake Cup Cake Pound Cake Pumpkin Cake etc. Which characters would you like to see as Vinyl Figures or Mystery Minis?
  2. So just as the it said above, what is your recent Funko related purchase? And feel free to lists what you have own so far if you like. Also it can be any brand that is sold within the funko company what I have so far is Venom Spiderman 2099 Tomago go-go Dr. whooves all the teen titan go Iron spiderman deadpool moopez My recent one are cogsworth the movie version.
  3. Hey guys, guess what, I've purchased some Power Ponies funkos. Though I'm not seeking to collect them, just get a SINGLE specific of them: THIS Well, I've purchased my first wave two weeks ago or so, of only four of them..... but none of them was my Pinks. WORST OF ALL, i'VE GOTTEN A DUPLICATE . Well, got an AJ, a Rarity, and two Twilights. I've felt salty, so I've purchased more this time, twice as much (partly because of the clearance bargain, as I was going to buy six at first). Well, got my Fluttershy rearing (thankfully not the hideous transformed one ), which was the second I've wanted most (though I could live without it). Unpakced more, and more and more.... no luck . And well, lost all hope, and was preparing to offer to swap some of my duplicate ones with the one of Pinks I've wanted by the time only two packs remained unopened..... but guess what was in the last one . IT WAS THE PINKS I'VE WANTED
  4. Hey guys, I've purchased 4 power ponies mystery minis days ago, in hopes to get a Fillysecond ready to fight (she's cute ). Sadly, I didn't got her, AND got a Twilight duplicate (don't remember her super mare persona ). I can't work right now, so I have to cut expenses of unnecessary things like those, but I'm seeking to swap my Twi with either that Fillysecond, or the Fluttershy one (NOT her Saddlerager transformation :diamondtiara: ). Got tips? Or someone willing to swap close to Clearwater Florida ?
  5. Looking for a site online to sell my MLP Funko Collection to save up for a down payment for a house when I soon ask my Special Somepony to marry me . I'd prefer NOT to sell on eBay as they charge fees for listing items and I'm not paying to list them with uncertainty that it would sell or not. Also my mom informed me that the likelihood of the figures selling or the value of the set may go up once the MLP Film is released next year, So I was also wondering if that may be the case as well.
  6. Hello everypony. Silly question here, but does anyone know if there's anywhere in San Pedro that I can get some MLP merch? I'll be here for the week, and seeing how everything here is so cheap I'd really love to find something. (I'm mainly trying to find some Funko figures but anything'll do fine)
  7. They're going to release some exclusives at Walmart of all stores Source: Now, I am actually glad we're seeing more Funko Ponies coming out. But Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart of all stores? I can't stand Wal-Mart.
  8. Attended Nightmare Nights last week and managed to get both Spikes and Octavias singed by Cathy Wesluck and Kazumi Evans (Respectively)
  9. Does anyone know if Funko will be making new MLP vinyl collectible figures? (The larger figures, not the mystery minis). I know that Vinyl, Octavia, SpitFire, FlutterShy, PinkiePie, Lyra, SweetieDrops, TimeTurner, and RainbowDash are already out but does anyone know if AppleJack or any new characters will be released?
  10. I was recently thinking about how it would be great to get some pony merchandise. But proceeded to think ... I do not really want anything big, and I certainly dont want to start collecting plushies (where would i put them all! . Posters can get rather expensive, then there is the issue of where to hang them. So the thought occurred to me ... pins and buttons! Then I proceeded to wonder ... are there any particularly good artists or button series anyone can recommend? The smaller ones that is, I am unsure of what I would do with the larger sizes ... P.S. I once saw some amazing necklaces and such of "Factions" such as the the combined solar and lunar empires, changeling, twilight, etc. I forgot the details ... but i recall it being a kickstarter a while back. Although I do not wear jewelry, I thought those would be nice to just own .. also We finally got a celly emote! Oooo~ *edit* Did they ever fix the Celestia funko? (aka the famous princess tipsy).I was just thinking I might buy all my favorite characters ... which hopefully wont end up an archive Too late! it happened XD The list being
  11. On a quest to collect the MLP Funko Series, I came across several Minis that seem impossible to locate; to be specific, Show-Accurate Dr. Whooves, Show-Accurate Lyra, Show-Accurate Spitfire, and Glitter Discord. If anyone could help me find somewhere to buy or look for them (excluding Blind Boxes), I'll be incredibly thankful.
  12. Does anyone know if there's a "complete" list of all Funko Collectibles? if not, could some of you help give me some info on what ones there are?
  13. I was bored and started to wonder what the next line of Mystery Minis will bring us. Personally, I hope for the CMC, Shining Armor, and the princesses.
  14. I was wondering where people get the custom painted figures and stuff of there OC and other things? I know they're not official, but are there commision pages? I see pictures on EQD for custom compilations and I kinda like them so where can I go about getting one if I wanted to? I know most on there are made by the people who sent them in but... What is going on?
  15. Hi! I'd like to know some recommendations for any Funko vinyl figures? I like aesthetics but I would also like a high quality one. I'm on a limited price range and I'd like some second opinion. Thanks!
  16. So I just bought the new Funko Princess Celestia and I am pretty excited about it, and that got me thinking about a topic to start, so... What do you guys(or girls) think about the new figures? Are they what you expected? Would you want to have one, or two?(or ten) Personally I think they look great and can't wait 'till it gets here.
  17. Howdy! I just started out my Funko vinyl collection with Princess Luna, Big Macintosh, and a Mini Black Big Macintosh(Ebay.). Aside from Big Mac, all I am looking for are the mane 6 in the little black blind box ponies. Does anypony have any doubles they'd be willing to sell?
  18. Hi everypony! Does anybody know a place in Canada where you can get FUNKO pony collectibles? If they aren't sold in Canada, please tell me. Thanks! Sincerely, Cheez-It
  19. They kept me waiting...err, wait. They kept us waiting... ..and waiting... ...and waiting... ...and waiting... ...and waiting... I stumbled across this majestic beauty alongside a cheeto-covered Rainbow Dash on Derpibooru Rarity, as you know, doesn't get a break from Funko. They've made Bon Bon, Lyra, Derpy, Vinyl, and a whole plethora of characters with little to no lines before even attempting to make a Rarity figurine. Knowing that Funko is total rubbish to Rares, I can't help but question the authenticity of this - of course, it's labeled as a Funko Prototype Personally, my hopes are high - I really hope I get to purchase my long coveted Rarity Funko Vinyl Figure, but my expectations are low, due to the authenticity questions that arise because I haven't heard anything about this yet. So, what do you think? The quality is high and definitely looks like a Funko, but do you think this is an authentic sneak peek of the long awaited Rarity Funko Figurine? Link to original picture:
  20. Yeah, so T-T I've been going to my toys r us religiously when I have the cash to pick up a couple. I've been doing great up until recently, that I've been getting so many doubles I could cry lol. The only ponys I have left to get is Rainbow Dash, (which was the only one I wanted in the first place.) non-glow Derpy Hooves, and BonBon, and below are all the doubles I have to trade if anyone is interested sorry, phone quality. Once I get the two ponys I need I would be happy to do a give away as well. (I hope this is in the right part of the forum, I'm actually not sure. ^-^) Thanks, Maple Winds. Oh, I'm also interested in the Hot Topic show accurate exclusives as well.
  21. Hello Bronies! I saw the news that funko figures of Twilight and Trixe is announced! If you don't know. Funko made different figures of MLP. And currently this is one of the vinyl series collectibles. They made collectible figures of Derpy, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Vinyl Scratch and more. So what do you think
  22. Here ya go, a Funko Custom: I'll be making several other customs to bring to Derpycon South to sell at my table. You should also check out my Deviantart Also let me know if you like and what other kinds of Funko customs you'd be interested in seeing.