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Found 4 results

  1. Dsanders

    My gf

    I owe this Valentine's Day to my sweetheart. She's been with me through thick and thin for more than four months. The fours months I've spent with her have just been an adventure that I hope to continue. I love you, Karina. You're the cutest, kindest, and most adorable gf I could ask for
  2. so i just pretty much found out and then proceeded to binge watch everything up to the recent ep and i must say that gravity falls is one of the best conceived, executed, and extremely well written show i have seen in the last 2 Decades (i'm 25) Alex Hirsch is one of the most talented people i have ever seen P E R I O D. like how has he not won Emmy's or Golden globes just from the level of how well written this show is. i have not shut up about GF for the last like what 2 weeks i've been engrossed by the ciphers, and codes just goes to show he loves his fandom to the Nith degree it is extremely well VA'd to boot. Alex gives me hope that america is still great. WHY CAN"T THERE BE MORE SHOWS LIKE THIS its actually very dark, mature, maturely stupid just just stupid for stupid sake, great character Development. god this show! (i ship Pacifica and Dipper)
  3. here are some drawings i made for my girlfriend
  4. So these are pretty much all my work. Some aren't in there because I don't feel like posting some of my digital doodles. Then there's some private tags. And collabs. So these are thumbs, they're bigger. I would like some opinions of my work if I can get some. :)I don't own some of the stocks/resources/renders in this, so if you're curious, I'll try to tell you the source! I don't own the resources used in the makings of these, nor do I use them for commercial use.