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Found 11 results

  1. WELCOME BACK! I hast returned after my longest (and genuinely my most boring) hiatus! Do I regret taking such a long break after “promising” to write more? Yeah. I do. Am I ditching the corporate episode style to the blog? Yes. Why? Because being the owner of an episodic webseries without payment or any kind of royalties and copyrights is dumb and decreases my motivation toward producing content with outstandingly high effort put into it when I can write anything and make it worth reading regardless. Another reason for that being I finally picked up writing again and would like a fresh start without the aim of being the most popular brony within vicinity of a dying fandom (I hate to admit it, but yes, I had priorities). Regardless, it’s nice to be back and try to keep this ship afloat for at least a little bit longer. I’ve been spending more time with “Le Brick”, so let’s see what this baby can do. (not to mention, I’ve done a few stupid stuff over the past few months and it would be nice to share them for a change ) Let’s get started, shall we? It should come as no surprise that I am the poorest kid on the block. Even without knowing the others in my neighborhood, you could automatically point me out from the crowd just by the number of hours I spent this summer tirelessly racking up hours on steam for the sake of a sick meme. By now you’re probably wondering, “What does being poor have to do with hours on Steam?” Well, at first, this wouldn’t come up as a surprise. But like any aspiring teen who is one-year shy of getting access from the biggest supply of minimum wage job applications, I liked to abuse any and all systems to find a way to get profit. To be clear and honest, this habit started back when I started playing TF2 (y’know, when it wasn’t dead. Well, it’s still not dead; but back then it wasn’t as dead as it is today) and learned of Community Marketplace. There, I learned you could sell Virtual Items for Real Cash. That got my little gears grinding as I suddenly discovered random drops would populate my inventory after only an hour of gameplay. How cool is that? Returning to my current dilemma. Little did I know the 10 dollar game I purchased on sale (with the rare occasion of 33% off or something like that) could grant me more profit than any other game. To my unknowing, Counter Strike: Global Offense has some of the most profitable in-game items ever acquired in history (with some prices ranging up to a rumored 10k!). Once again, I had those little instincts clicking again. What if I could get those items and buy something more worthwhile? Like . . . I turned to my cheesy 200 dollar Soccer-Mom Laptop, “A GAMING PC” It’d be done before, of course. After that very moment (and getting the courage to convince my Dad this was a good investment), I started to collect every case I could get my hands on; and, after watching enough Anomaly vids to realize that, “YES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET TWO KNIVES IN THE FIRST 15 CASES”, I started converting every penny I had into the digital currency known simply as, “keys”. I only had 20 dollars, but any money is good money! Especially if you had the chance to make a 300 dollar profit from it! At the time, the Glove Case had truly lost its moment as the brand new Spectrum Case was revealed just a shy two days ago with its peak price being a total of about 15 dollars. I would wait a while before I could open those; and even if I got one, I’d sell it right away to buy more keys for Glove Cases. (‘Cause a good pair of gloves looked really swanky!) A 20 dollar bill gives you about 8 keys. Out of those 8 keys, the best I got was an “AK-47 | Elite Build” with Minimal Wear float (Condition). I was distraught, but refused to give up on such an American dream. “Capitalism will prevail! I will gamble more!” I’d scream in my small two bedroom apartment. Shortly after my disappointing unboxing a friend whom I hadn’t seen (wait, Rebus has friends?) in over a year came online. We were friends IRL, so I invited him to play on the new map, Canals. We had a blast and I was still in Silver II. Figures. (I’m about Silver Elite now, so HA) Still, in those final moments of the map being reassigned, the little icon for the “SPECTRUM CASE” shone my friend’s name beneath it shone in the right pane next to the leaderboards. I was screamed as though my friend had won the lottery. It was late at night, so we both logged off. Regardless, I convinced him to give me his case for no real price in return. He didn’t play CS:GO often, so he didn’t keep up with the “politics”. I was one step closer to getting that “2 Knives in 15 Cases” unboxing experience. Unfortunately, Steam Authorizer is that one jerk you don’t invite to parties. I know two-part-ers are undesirable, but stay tuned anyway! The next part will be released tomorrow at 7:00AM Cent! I’ll see you there!
  2. It is summer again. That time of the year where we eat ice cream, go swimming, go camping...or we just waste it by playing video games on our PCs and Laptops. So, does anybody have any plans on what they will get? I don't have planned much, just wanting more pinball machines for Pinball Arcade and also planning to buy Turok 2, one of my favorite FPS's. "Eventhough I walk through the valley of the overpriced games, I don't fear for my wallet, for You are with me; Your Sales and Your generosity, they comfort me." - Gaben 23:4
  3. Ladies and Gentleman, it's that time of the year again: Yes, we will empty our wallets, to our one and true god. Which games will you be getting during the sale? I might use the opportunity, to get the Valve pack, which i heard always gets a huge drop during those times. "Eventhough I walk through the valley of the overpriced games, I don't fear for my wallet, for You are with me; Your Sales and Your generosity, they comfort me." - Gaben 23:4
  4. Gordon Freeman. Gordon Freeman has the letter 'G' in it. Do you know what else has the letter 'G' in it? Thats right. The galapagos penguin. The galapagos penguin is a bird. Do you know what else is a bird? Thats right. The chuck Will's widow But what do birds have to do with Half Life, you say. Lets find out! So far we mentioned 2 birds. The word ''two'' contains 3 letters. The word ''letters'' contains 2 letters 'T' 2 + 3 - 2 = 3 Half Life 3 Confirmed...
  5. I hope You're indeed ready. Our real Santa is on it's way and he's going to empty our Wallets. *Prays to Gaben for a huge price drop on the King of Fighters Pack* Edit: I am so silly. The sale begins on the 22nd, not the 18th
  6. The time is here gentleman. Prepare your wallets, because i hope that you're ready for a miracle. Praise be to Gaben.
  7. As I said in a post in another thread: Remember the days of Daggerfall, Doom, and Deus Ex? Back when PC Gaming had an identity, a personality, a reason to exist? Since Steam released, I'm a console gamer. Back then, it was a tough decision.
  9. Source: What have you bought during Steam Summer sale? I actually have three giftable copies of games sitting in my Steam inventory. Those games being: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - GOTY Edition | (comes with the hats for TF2) Serious Sam 2 Grotesque Tactics 1 + 2 | (double pack) I would be willing to trade these away 1:1 or 2:1 (depending on game price) for any game that I have on my wishlist. (Or any other offer I may consider ) If not, I have plenty of chat emoticons, cards, and other things to trade. If you don't already have me on Steam, here it is. Thanks~
  10. So this has been on my mind and I would like to hear your comments. If you are a PC gamer/Orange Box player and have any taste in games whatsoever, you too are anxious for the arrival of the legendary HL3. Now let me start this thread off right. I love the Half-Life series, as well as TF2, Portal and CS. I also Gmod (not sure if that counts). That being said, I am not a Valve dick-rider. If they make a mistake, I'll call them out on it. The thing is, they rarely do. So in that sense, Valve games are usually "worth the wait" (Gaben). I also know that Gaben has purposefully been putting off the production of HL3 to make people wait. From a business stand-point, it's a good move. Here's what I think he's doing. I think they will wait to really starting working on it until people stop talking about it. When people forget it, I really believe it will be released. I had a small speck of hope in 3/3/2013. Didn't happen. If you have had a Steam account during this time, you'll remember the April fool's joke they did last year, with the HL3 symbol on the front page of Steam News. Bastards. So here's where I ask all of you, when do you think it will be released? What changes do you think the last piece of the HL series will have that is different from the rest? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WAS ELI GOING TO TELL GORDON?????