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Found 18 results

  1. Anyway, on that game, there's a train, you can choose any name for your city (I chose London) and you can fix up the city. If you haven't played it, check it out. However, I can't take a screenshot right now because I don't have I'm not using a camera right now and I can't upload a screenshot from my GameCube.
  2. Welcome one and all to the MLP Forums Thread for the fun Mario Strikers sports game spin-off series! I cannot stress out how much I love this Mario Sports game spin-off series, that I am actually doing a Let's Play series on YouTube on the first game of the series, Super Mario Strikers [Mario Smash Football in PAL] (the only one I know of so far that is in 16:9 (widescreen) and in silky-smooth 60 FPS (frames per second)). Here is the most recent episode as of today: I am very grateful to Next Level Games (the Canadian developer behind the Mario Strikers series) for starting it all off, and I honestly cannot wait for them to finally release the next entry to the series (after Mario Strikers Charged [Football (in PAL)]). I have no clue if they will make it for the Wii U or even the NX. But only time will tell, right? On this thread, you can share how much you love or hate the series, etc. Go crazy. Just try to stay on topic please. When it comes to general captains, I love using Yoshi. He's my main for a lot of Mario game spin-offs (not the Super Smash Bros. games though). For sidekicks, in SMS (Super Mario Strikers), Hammer Bros. MSC (Mario Strikers Charged): Dry Bones, Koopa and Hammer Bro. (subject to change, because of how useful all sidekicks in MSC are!)
  3. So yeah I've seen these homebrews called Nintendont and Devolution that play Gamecube ISOs on the Wii U. They do not however, play the disc natively. You have to load it from USB or SD card. Wii = Gamecube Wii U = Wii So surely... Wii U = Gamecube Pretty sure those programs take advantage of the Wii U having everything necessary to boot Gamecube games... is that true? So I guess the setback is that the disc drive won't read MiniDVDs. Maybe the console's drive could be changed to accept Gamecube discs? Or an adapter that goes into the USB port on the Wii U? MiniDVD reading + Gamecube hardware + Gamecube controller adapters = Gamecube back compatibility on Wii U! :D And of course, my cousin and I give our humblest respects to Satoru Iwata... <
  4. Not talking about new games rather copies of already-made games. My cousin is interested in Super Smash Bros Melee but it's craaazy expensive, even for a copy of the disc without packaging. Even though it's the No 1 best selling game on the Gamecube, it's pricey because it's in such high demand, my cousin says. This would be a good source of profit for good ol Nintendy, so they really ought to consider the idea. Same goes for other hits like Paper Mario.
  5. We may not be the "master race", but we all know that Nintendo is pretty awesome. This thread is devoted to the Big N and all of it's glory. If the discussion is about Nintendo, debates about which game series is best, timelines (looking at you Zelda), ideas for reboots, new dlcs, etc. it is welcome here. Is it just me or does Nintendo have a lot of series? Like seriously some of these need to come back instead of Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon...
  6. Want just a quick summary? Check out the Final Verdict for that and my rating! Animal Crossing Platofrm: Nintendo Gamecube Genre: Life Simulation Publisher/Developer: Nintendo For many, video games are a great escape. There are many times where life really isn't fun and we just want to play a game to escape from that reality for a short time. Now what about a game that loosely simulates life and goes in real time? That could never work! Well, Nintendo made it work and it was awesome. Animal Crossing has such a deceptively simple premise of gameplay. You start out on a train and after having a nice little conversation with a purple cat (Happens all the time on train rides). Upon having this conversation you arrive in the village that you will call your new home. It is randomly generated for starters and that is a good sign. You are greeted by a raccoon named Tom Nook who kinda sneakily sells you a a house. He is the shop owner in town and he has a way with words for sure. After this, he tells you that you owe him a bunch of money, called Bells in this world, but he is lenient and will let you pay it off on your own time, whenever you please, though the first initial payment is used for the tutorial of sorts. Even when nothing really happens at night, it was always so peaceful After this, you are free to do as you wish! First off, Animal Crossing runs on real time. Using the clock in your Nintendo Gamecube, assuming you have it set correctly, the game actually goes by your clock and calendar, with of course day and night cycles, events that pertain to such and the seasons even change! This feature alone set it apart from pretty much any other game at the time and it still is the best of that kind. When you are not playing, events will happen even when you are not there! This makes you want to check in every day to see what is new and whats happened. In the game, you will be chatting with your animal neighbors, who are also randomly generated at the start, doing many simple activities such as fishing, bug catching, planting trees and flowers, picking fruit, and so much more. Even in its simplicity, there is a surprising amount of things to do and to collect. You can customize your home with furniture that you buy from that Tom Nook fellow and as you do these activities, as well as helping fellow citizens of the town (which you name the town by the way), you will get the Bells that you need overtime. Again, for such a simple idea, the game gives you the drive to keep doing these things, as they are fun and watching your house grow and seeing the town change overtime is quite addicting. There is just so much to do! My description does not and cannot do it justice, there is that much content. You can even make custom designs for outfits and more at the Able Sisters! Even just getting new mail or digging something up yields wonder and excitement, which is pretty crazy for something that would otherwise be mundane. Speaking of mundane... The graphics and sounds really help this game further. The game has a very relaxing atmosphere and it helps make this game be a wonderful escape, even though it itself is kinda like a life simulator. The graphics are very simplistic but they are have a definite charm. They aren't graphically intensive at all but this game was a port of an N64 game in Japan, so really not much can be complained about. the music here is absolutely delightful. Every hour of the day has its own unique, each just as wonderful as the one before it. This game has one of my favorite video game soundtracks by far. Hearing these tunes while walking around in the snow in the Winter time is pure bliss. The other sounds of the game are great in their simplicity as well. The sound of the snow beneath your feet in Winter, the cute chattering of the world's inhabitants, so many things in this game are done so simply yet so effectively. As a side note, I think this game has the best visual and sound styles out of all of the Animal Crossing games. One other thing I need to mention is that you can have up to four players in one village, though there is no simultaneous multiplayer here. You can also travel to the villages of others but you need their memory card to do so. For such an early game in the Gamecube's life, this was a really nice feature, even with its limitations. Oh, and this game knows when you quit the game or reset the system without saving. It doesn't like that, but I will let you find out how it expresses this. Catching bugs for money, worth it My only complaint about the game might be the fact that on some days, there just is not much to do. Some days you may hop on to only check in for about 5-10 minutes and you could be done for the day. I remember doing this myself plenty of times. Once night settles in, the stores are closed and at that point there is not much you can do at all. There is no way to accommodate the shops times for your own schedule, which this was solved in the latest entry on 3DS. This makes nighttime kinda boring and empty, kinda like real life in a way. Really, this isn't so much a flaw but more like a victim of the game's own design. Some day's are just completely boring, much like real life. Final Verdict: Thank you for reading this week's Turbo Review! Anything you want to add? Have you played the game? What are your thoughts? Be sure to follow this blog if you enjoyed this review and want to be when a new review is posted. Until next time, Turbo out!
  7. Super Mario Sunshine is a game that has gotten a lot of flack over the years by Mario fans alike for being too different from the traditional Mario formula. However, there have been fans over the years that have shown a love for the game, some saying that it's their favorite 3D Mario game, if not their favorite Mario game of all time. As much as I want to join the people who love the game, I can't, because of the pain the game gave to me, and I'm here to explain my hatred towards the game. If you watch SomecallmeJohnny's review of the game, you would see my comment (I'm Hub Hikari), and I said that the level design is god awful. Well, I should explain myself a lot better than that. You see, for the most part, Sunshine's level design isn't so awful, as much as it is restricted. Unlike Super Mario 64 where the environments where expansive, in Sunshine, they're restricted, which doesn't bother me too much because it makes the levels more straightforward, but I can see where people might not like this approach. The problem I have is with the mission structure. Having to do every mission to get to splash Shadow Mario with water is a rather stupid way to go about the mission structure, but it's something else I can deal with. Hell, the fact that the game is different doesn't bother me, in fact, I like that it's different, as it gives Sunshine it's own identity. I like FLUDD, and as for his different nozzles, I find them better than the caps Mario had in 64, as they were more versatile, and weren't so situational, the graphics are very well done, even though the music isn't too memorable, I like what I hear in it, and the controls are tight and responsive as they should be. So... why do I hate Sunshine? Well... it's all because of two factors: The secret Shine Sprites, and the personal memories I have with it. Have any of you played a game to where you enjoying it, and then you got to that one section that ruined the experience? I don't let that happen to me, but in Sunshine's case, it wasn't just one part: It was several. The Pachinko board, the Chuckster mission, the endless Red Coin missions, the poisonous river to where you have to ride Yoshi for five minutes to get to the stage, the goddamn... Watermelon Festival... which took me over TWO HOURS to complete. Missions like these pissed me off to my core, and I wanted to go for the 100% completion goal. I already did this for the first Galaxy and 64, so why not do it for Sunshine? It can't be that bad, right? It is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!! It doesn't help that the Blue Coins are everywhere, and they make the journey even more painful. I was working to my core, and I was getting pretty far too: I had 97 Shine Sprites, and I was getting close to achieving my goal. Then the personal issues came... As I mentioned, I was 97 Shine Sprites in, and I was impressed with myself after dealing with some of the worst the game had to offer, I felt like I could handle anything the game threw at me... but then, disaster struck. My little brother (who was probably 9 at the time), wanted to play the game. I needed a little break, so I let him play the game. Not too long after, he told me that my game file was deleted. At first, I thought he was joking, so I played along with him... but then he showed me that he wasn't lying. He told me that the GameCube controller went apeshit, and as soon as he dropped it, the controller deleted my file. To this day, I can't trust him with any of my games, and even though he's 13 now, I'm still holding it against him. The realization that I couldn't get my data back... I wanted to kill him, and I nearly grabbed a knife in retaliation, but I stopped myself, as it would be wrong to kill my brother over a video game. At this point, I was filled with rage, sadness, and broken feelings. However, I wanted to know what I was working for, trying to reach for that 100% goal. I looked up what I would have gotten, and seeing that all it was just a fucking postcard at the end of the credits... I couldn't accept it. My heart was broken and crushed upon seeing that image, as I spent all my time, frustration, and effort into something that was a complete waste of my time. Yeah, 64 didn't have a grand award after getting all 120 Power Stars, but at least it was SOMETHING! At that point, I said that I hate Sunshine, and it's one of the worst experiences I've had with a game, and one of the worst Mario games ever made. I know it's stupid to call a game bad after personal experiences and horrible missions, but if you were me, working for that goal with everything you had in you not to give up playing, it would hurt you too. Since then, no matter how many times I've tried to play Sunshine, I couldn't get far, because I have a strong distaste for it after what it did to me. It's almost like the perfect girlfriend. You have a great time with her, but then you find out that she was cheating on you with 5 other guys, and she enjoys your pain and suffering. I know that's being overdramatic, but that's how I feel towards Sunshine. I hate this game, and no matter how much I try to convince myself to go back, I can't. Fuck Sunshine, and it's one of the worst experiences I've had with a video game.
  8. After the release of Pikmin in 2001, the game, to many peoples' surprise, was a smash hit on the Gamecube, both financially and critically. Over one million copies were sold worldwide and it's still considered one of the greater Gamecube titles. With how well the first game did, the head of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, would announce a sequel being in development in December of 2002. Nearly two years later, in August 2004, Pikmin 2 was released on the shelves in North America. Just like the first game, Pikmin 2 was given a Wii re-release. And, just like the first game again, the Wii version is the only version I've played. Therefore, that will be the version I'm looking at today. Does Pikmin 2 improve on the first game, or does it pale in comparison? Well, let's start with the story first. Pikmin 2 picks up right where the series left off. With the help of the pikmin, Captain Olimar was able to recover his ship parts and return back to the planet of Hocotate. Upon returning, he finds out that the company he works for, Hocotate Freight, is in sever dept. Shocked, the Captain drops the giant bottle cap he brought back from the planet as a gift for his son. Upon further examination by the president of Hocotate Freight, the cap proves to be worth around 100 poko's, which is the currency on Hocotate. After finding this out, the president sends Olimar back to the planet to find more enlarged items. Though, he also sends a new astronaut named Louie along with the Captain. With that, the two blast off back to the planet, reunite with the pikmin, and begin searching once more. The story is harmless enough, but it's not as entertaining as last time. The first game's story filled you with a sense of urgency. You know that something bad could happen to Olimar if he doesn't find all of the ship parts. Here, it's all about paying off a dept. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't find that interesting, especially for a game made by Nintendo. There's nothing majorly wrong with the story. I just think Nintendo is capable of more. But, what about the gameplay? Well, for the sake of time, Pikmin 2's play style is almost completely identical to the first game. Olimar controls the same, too, stiff movement and all. You run through the open world, expand your army of Pikmin, and bring large objects back to the ship. However, this time, you aren't collecting ship parts. You're collecting random items like 7 Up caps and Duracell batteries (There's quite an amount of product placement in this game) and bringing them back to profit them so you can pay off the dept. Each item is worth a different amount. For example, while a 7 Up cap may be worth around 100 pokos, an orange could give you 300 pokos. When you begin your journey, Olimar and Louie get separated. You find Louie during the first day and, depending on what kind of player you are, he can be really useful. Olimar and Louie can both man their own separate armies of Pikmin and split up to take on multiple tasks. You can alternate between both astronauts to manage your work more effectively. I never really did so, though. I'd rather have all of my Pikmin in one place. The pikmin have also seen an upgrade. Blue pikmin can still walk in water with ease, but red and yellow pikmin now have their own immunities as well. Now, red pikmin are completely resistant to fire, and yellow pikmin are immune to electricity. These immunities will prove useful, because the game design has added hazards like electrical fences and other things of the sort. However, that’s not where the upgrades in the pikmin end. Pikmin 2 has two completely new types of pikmin this time around; purple pikmin and white pikmin. White pikmin are swifty little guys. They’re completely immune to poison and if they’re swallowed, they’ll give damage to the enemy that devoured them. They also have a keen treasure-hunting skill, allowing them to locate all sorts of items hidden underground. Purple pikmin are the strongest pikmin of them all. When thrown at enemies, they hit like tanks, taking away large portions of health. They can also carry more, too. They can carry 10 pounds of weight, which is the equivalent of the weight that can be carried if you threw 10 of the other types at an object. Some items can only be brought back to the ship if you utilize these purple pikmin. Both of these pikmin are awesome, but they don’t produce from pellets. Instead, you need to get them from certain flowers scattered all across the land by chucking other pikmin into them. The flowers will then spew the pikmin back out as a white or purple pikmin, depending on the flower color. To me, this is the absolute WRONG way to do it. Each of the original three types have their own pellets. Even in Pikmin 3, a game I’ll be reviewing later, has pellets for all five of it’s types. On top of that, these flowers can only spew about six or seven white or purple pikmin before they die. So, what happens if you run out of these pikmin in a situation that you need them? Well, the only thing left to do is end the day early, come back to the spots the flowers were the next day since they’ll respawn, and restock then. This can make getting more purple and white pikmin an absolute chore and it’s something I can’t stand. With these new Pikmin, Olimar and Louie are opened to four new areas to explore. Like I said, the scenario is the same as last time, however, we have a new addition to the game design; caves. Each area contains a couple of caves for Olimar and company to explore. Think of them like the dungeons in the Zelda games. Each cave contains a certain number of treasures to find, usually ones that are worth a lot of pocos. These caves also challenge the players with puzzles, aggressive enemies, and finally, a boss at the end. Personally, I found these caves to be fair in terms of structure. They bring in a good challenge with a huge payoff (Most of the time) and they rarely drag… except the final cave. The final cave takes a fair challenge and shifts gears. What we have in the final cave is a gargantuan, labyrinth-like area where purple and white pikmin are constantly mandatory to progress. And, like I said, if you lose all of your purple and white pikmin while going through this area, you’ll need to backtrack to restock again. The graphics in Pikmin 2 are definitely a step up from the last game. Each area has been given a beautiful photorealistic look, making it seem more alive. The character models are also more neatly textured and rendered. Little details like that make Pikmin 2 a gorgeous game to marvel at. The soundtrack is also pretty sweet, too. In fact, one could argue it’s the best soundtrack in the series. In my opinion, it’s not. For me, that title goes to the original game. I can hum almost every track in that game flawlessly. However, that’s not to say Pikmin 2’s soundtrack is forgettable. The overworld theme in Pikmin 2 is one of the most memorable themes in the series. I also get a small kick out of the Awakening Wood’s music as well as Perplexing Pool’s music. So, does Pikmin 2 improve on the original game. Well… yes, and no. This game definitely has a noticeable graphical update and the caves are pretty fun to travel through, but it also has quite a few unfair moments peppered in between. They’re avoidable, but when you encounter them, they really put a damper on the experience. I would still recommend Pikmin 2 to those who liked the first game. I know some people who even like this game more than the original. At least rent it. You might see something I don’t. Overall Game Grade: B+ Next Game: Pikmin 3 (Wii U)
  9. You guys were probably expecting a review of a Wii U game as the first review of 2014, correct? Well, you would be wrong on that. The game I plan to review is a sequel to a series that already has two installments before it. So, I figured I might as well knock both of those games out before I get to the latest one. So... Pikmin. Yeah, if you don't know about it, that's understandable. As you can see from the box art. Pikmin was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001. It was also re-released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009 (both of these dates are the North American releases, by the way.) I'll be looking at the Wii version for this following review. Pikmin is still Nintendo's newest IP and the one looked the most interesting to me when I first saw it.Was the game enough to prove worthy of that interest? Well, let's take a look by starting off with the plot. The game begins with a spaceship flying through.... well, space. As the ship is flying, a giant meteorite hits it, sending it falling towards an uncharted planet. As the ship enters the atmosphere, the ship begins to break apart, scattering it all over the area near the crash site. The next morning, we see an astronaut by the name of Captain Olimar. Olimar wakes up having no idea what happened before he blacked out. He then turns around to see his ship; a broken mess of it's former self. He then informs us, the players, because there's no way that he could be talking to someone else, that he comes from the planet known as Hocotate. He says that the planet's atmosphere contains high levels of oxygen, which is deadly to his people. He also states that his life support systems are damaged. In thirty days, the systems will fail, killing him in the process. Olimar then makes it his goal to find all thirty of his missing ship parts and return home to his family on Hocotate. After walking around the area for a moment, Olimar discovers a strange, round-shaped red flying machine. Based on it's look, the captain would proceed to call this item an "onion." From the onion comes out a red seed that plants itself into the ground. The seedling takes the form of a red creature with no mouth and a long nose when Olimar pulls it out of the ground. Upon further examination, Olimar proceeds to call creatures like this one "Pikmin." From this point on, Olimar will use the Pikmin he finds around the area to recover his ship parts and return home to Hocotate. The story overall is pretty... bare. Captain Olimar isn't really bursting with personality, and neither are the Pikmin. While the world they travel in is a great representation of an enlarged Earth, it doesn't help the main character and his army of colorful plant soldiers personality-wise. Now that the story is out of the way, let's get into the gameplay. Like I mentioned earlier, Olimar finds his first Pikmin almost immediately after he wakes up at his crash site. The Pikmin may have been red, but that's not the only flavor they come in. In fact, this game contains three types of Pikmin. Red ikmin are probably the most common. They're fantastic in combat and are really easy to find. Considering they're your first pikmin you find, that should be a no-brainer. There are also yellow pikmin. Yellow pikmin are equipped with giant ears and still no mouth. These pikmin are the strongest type out of the three. They have the ability to pick up magma rocks, which are the bombs of the game, and break down solid structures with them. Finally, we have blue pikmin. These guys are equipped with gills and a mouth this time! With these gills, they have the ability to enter the water with ease. They don't have the ability to swim, though. They can only sink and walk on the bottom. With just one pikmin, you won't be going far in this game. Luckily, your pikmin have the ability to make more of themselves. You can make more pikmin by collecting colorful round pellets and taking them back to the designated onion. For example, if you brought back a red "1" pellet to the red onion, two red pikmin will plant themselves into the ground. Though, if say, a yellow pikmin brought back a red "1" pellet to their onion, you'll still get yellow pikmin. However, instead of getting two, you'll just get one. You can also produce more pikmin by killing enemies and bringing them back to the onions after they're defeated. You're going to need a rather healthy amount of pikmin, too. One pikmin alone won't carry a spaceship part back. You'll usually need a number such as fifteen, or twenty, or even forty (Those spaceship parts are heavy) In fact, pikmin can barely do ANYTHING by themselves. They can't fight, collect, or even keep track of themselves without the assistance of Captain Olimar. On top of that, if you don't have good leadership skills with these guys, they'll be dropping like flies to much larger creatures in a matter of two hours into the game. Speaking of time, I mentioned at the beginning that Olimar has thirty days to find his thirty missing ship parts. If you think those thirty days mean nothing in the grand scheme of your gameplay, you're wrong. You literally have thirty days in game time to find all of the parts, and if you fail to do so, you'll get a bad ending. Yes, there are multiple endings, but I'll save that for later. A day in the world of Pikmin is about twenty minutes long in real time. Multiple that by thirty, and you have a good ten hours to find all thirty spaceship parts and have Olimar return to Hocotate in one piece. This time limit shouldn't be an issue if you know how to use your pikmin correctly. As I said earlier, each pikmin has their own abilities. You must exploit these abilities if you plan on getting every part, and believe me, that's easier said than done. The situations you'll have to overcome to get these parts will come in all sorts of flavors. Simply retrieving a part from the water will become a task in of itself. This is where you'll need to use the blue pikmin to retrieve it. Another instance that will occur is a part behind a stone wall. There will typically be magma rocks around these areas. This is where you'll need to break out your yellow pikmin so they can pick up the rocks and use them to blow the wall up. Luckily for the player, it's extremely easy to create more pikmin. Like I mentioned earlier, things like pellets and enemies can be used to create more. They're scattered all over the area, so refilling your pikmin stock should never be a tiring chore. Like I said, you'll need to create a lot of these colorful creatures to complete the game. But the ingredients to do so are so common and easy to find, it should never be an issue. There are a total of four areas for Olimar to explore; a grassy field, a dense forest, a damp and cave, and a vast river. There is a set number of parts in each area, usually six, seven, or eight parts in each. You'll need to look long and hard for these things once you first start the game, which can be a pain sometimes. Later on, you can nab a radar part that makes it much easier to locate the other parts, but for the first part of the game, you're simply wandering around the environments looking for parts. Each area has it's own enemies to face. Like the spaceship part situations, these guys range from all sorts. If you think you can approach any of these creatures with the intent that these creatures won't want Olimar dead and the pikmin eaten, think again. EVERYTHING in this game will try to make mincemeat out of Olimar and the pikmin. You'll need to bring a lot of pikmin to take on most of these abominations as well. These guys can eat/kill your pikmin by the spoonfuls, mainly these ladybug-like creatures that're slow, but will go after your pikmin like they're an endless buffet. But, I think this adds to the game. If Pikmin does one thing, it gives me a good challenge. It's not just about trying to find all thirty parts by the end of the thirty day time limit, but trying to survive this dangerous world by doing so. The game always throws perplexing and challenging puzzles to get these parts. It makes me think about what I'm going to do before I do it, and I praise this game for making me do so. However, that's not to say everything is good here. One bad thing is the control. Naturally, in a game like this, you wouldn't want to waste time. Here, you really don't want to waste it, because the control can sometimes be a bit awkward. Olimar is a tank when it comes to going from place to place. He's not fast in the slightest, he turns in a rather stiff matter, and his main method of attacking is throwing his pikmin at the desired target. Actually, on top of that, the overall mechanics for the pikmin can be a bit weird. In order for your pikmin to attack anything, you need to throw them near or onto the desired object. This is meant to be a strategy game, but their's a difference between strategy and just mindlessly throwing pikmin at the dudes over and over again until they decide they've had enough. There are also times where you have to split the groups of Pikmin apart and only take one type with you into a certain area. For instance, sometimes, you have to take only the blue pikmin, since red and yellow pikmin drown in water. You can call over your desired group by positioning the Wiimote's cursor of them and whistling to them. This can sometimes be a bit awkward to handle, because there's a chance that one group could be too close to another. It makes me have to specifically position the cursor so I don't call yellow pikmin into my group of blue pikmin by mistake. Although, above all that, we have a great soundtrack to top it off. Each track is suited perfectly for whatever the mood is, whether it's triumphant, unsettling, calming, or intense, it always sets the mood higher. Same goes for the graphics. For the Wii, I think this is pretty good. Pikmin does a great job at making what would be an enlarged Earth. Olimar is a small astronaut among a giant Earth, and the design of the game caters to that well enough to pass. Overall, I think Pikmin is a pretty good game. For the first installment into Nintendo's newest IP, it does a good job getting it all started. While the gameplay can get monotonous and the control is a bit... weird, the overall design of everything else really makes it stand out. If you're looking for a Nintendo game that isn't another Mario or Zelda title, I think Pikmin is a good game to try out. Overall Game Grade: B+ Next Review: Pikmin 2 (By the way, I have all three endings here, so if you want it spoiled for you, I've got them all right here for your amusement!) Bad Ending: Semi-good ending: Good Ending:
  10. Last week, I reviewed Sonic the Hedgehog's 2011 outing, Sonic Generations. When I finished the review, I gave the game a grade A. I get the feeling that, after I do this kind of stuff for awhile, I think people will get the idea that I'll like pretty much anything that has Sonic's name on it. Allow me to put those thoughts to rest early by reviewing a Sonic game that I DON'T like. Specifically, Shadow the Hedgehog. (Before you read any further, I'm just going to warn you; this review is going to be lengthy. You may also have had to have played Sonic Adventure 2 and/or Sonic Heroes to understand some story elements.) With that said, let me start by showing you the very first trailer for this game when it was announced in 2005. Well, the first one for the Nintendo Gamecube, anyways. When this trailer popped up, a lot of people thought it was an April Fool's joke. Nobody could see Shadow the Hedgehog packing heat, holding guns, and fighting aliens. But then, later in the year, we found out that the game was actually real. Unsurprisingly, the game failed among the Sonic Fanbase, me included. But, before I explain why that is, let's start with the story. We begin by seeing Shadow the Hedgehog staring into the evening horizon. While he does this, he ponders with the thought of what happened on the Space Colony ARK 50 years ago, when it was raided by G.U.N. and Shadow's best friend, Maria Robotnik, was shot and killed. However, since Shadow can't remember anything, he questions who Maria even is. But, before Shadow can get the idea to ask Sonic or his friends about it, an alien race called the Black Arms begins to invade Earth. As the aliens begin to run through the nearby city, the leader of the race, Black Doom, confronts Shadow. He tells the hedgehog that the Day of Reckoning is on it's way and tells him to bring him the seven Chaos Emeralds "as promised." Shadow questions what Black Doom is even talking about, but instead of Black Doom explaining things the him, he just causes some random explosions around Shadow and leaves him to find the emeralds. From that point, Shadow makes it his goal to recover the emeralds and find the answers to his past. The main concept of Shadow the Hedgehog is branching storylines. Each stage contains a maximum of three missions; Dark, Neutral, and Hero. Depending on which missions you choose, not only will it lead you to different stages, but also to a different ending when the storyline is complete. There are ten possible endings for the player to reach, and to get to an ending, you'll travel through six stages, depending on who you all yourself with. This would be a fresh concept in a Sonic game, but there's just one little problem with it; there's a final story that has Shadow ultimate stop Black Doom, and save the world from the Black Arms. I apologize if you're angry at me for spoiling it for you, but this final story makes the entire concept of the game completely pointless. What's even worse is that, in order to get to the final story, you need to get to all of the other endings to get there. This means you have to play through the game TEN TIMES. Because, like I said, you have to complete all ten endings if you want to go for the final story. As if the game didn't sound bad enough, I've gotta talk about the game itself now. In this game, you play as Shadow from start to finish. Shadow to get through stages using quite a number of techniques. Shadow can jump into enemies and use the homing attack, which are effective, but there's something wrong with the homing attack. If you try to spam the homing attack, you won't be able to deal damage with it. Back in the Adventure games, you could pretty much spam the homing attack as long as you were in close range with the enemy you were attacking. Here, you have to wait until Shadow and the enemy recovers from the attack before it can deal damage. It breaks any sort of flow or pacing you could have while on the move. There's also the spin dash and melee punches and kicks, which are both not very useful. If you want to do the spin dash, Shadow will have to come to a complete halt. After that, he has to charge it if you want to gain any sort of momentum with it. Like the homing attack, it breaks the pace. I could easily classify the spin dash as the most useless attack in the game, but that honor goes to the melee attacks. In case you aren't packing heat, and for some reason don't feel like jumping into or using the homing attack on enemies, Shadow can preform a combo of three punches and kicks. However, these attacks deal a poor amount damage, as well as have terrible range. Along with that, we have what's probably the most ridiculous mechanic in a Sonic game; gunplay. Although, while I find this concept just outright silly, the gunplay is actually not that bad. Enemies have health bars in this game, sometimes big ones at that, but with a gun, you can kill them in a matter of seconds. Sure, the jumping and homing attack work wonders on enemies as well, but the game really wants you to use guns, and they work pretty decently. Though, there's no manual lock-on function on these things, which is kind of a shame. Finally, Shadow wields two Chaos powers; Chaos Blast and Chaos Control. You use these powers by filling up one of two bars, a red bar and a blue bar. If you do bad things, your red bar will fill up, and if you do good things, your blue bar will fill up. When the red bar is maxed out, Shadow can preform Chaos Blast, an explosion attack that completely demolishes everything caught in the radius. When the blue bar is filled, Shadow can preform Chaos Control, allowing you to zip by a large part of the stage. Though, neither of these abilities are rather useful. When you fill up one of the bars, Shadow is not only invincible, but he also has unlimited ammo until the meter runs out. Personally, I prefer unlimited ammo over the Chaos powers, but that's just me. Although, it's hard to utilize all of these combat techniques when the control is bad. Shadow always feels like he went skating in butter before starting the adventure. This is most apparent when he's going at high speeds. I constantly find myself jumping all over the place to regain my composure and get some decent footing. Though, despite the slippery controls, that's not the worst thing about the game. That honor goes to the overall level design. The neutral pathway is all about just getting to the goal ring. It's a simple pathway that I think most gamers can get through without much trouble. As soon as we venture into the dark and hero missions, the issues of the level design slowly start to reveal their ugly selves. To start with, the mission structure is just terrible. Most of the missions consist of Shadow having to collect or destroy a large amount of items or enemies. Let's take the first level, Westopolis, for example. The hero mission requires you to find and kill all 45 aliens in the level. There are ONLY 45 aliens, so if you miss one, you're going to have to do some backtracking and spend possibly another two and a half minutes to locate it, possibly longer. To top it all off, there's no radar of any kind. You're completely blind when looking for whatever it is you're looking for. Second, the textures. A lot of the levels just look bleak and/or uninteresting, with at least one ugly shade of purple or gray in every one of them. It also doesn't help that these textures are recycled over and over. For example, Mad Matrix looks almost exactly like Digital Circuit and Lost Impact looks exactly like The Doom. Lastly, the levels can get way too long. Like I said, the mission structure is absolutely terrible. If you don't keep your eyes peeled, you'll probably be spending fifteen minutes to half an hour on a single stage. Take stages like Lost Impact, for example. To complete the mission, you to destroy every artificial Chaos in the stage. The level itself is just a confusing maze, because nothing stands out. There's no Eclipse Cannon room, there's no space view, there's no main bay, there's nothing here. Because of this, you could potentially take a good chunk out of the day just completing the level. In a nutshell, Shadow the Hedgehog is just a terrible excuse for a Sonic game. I could be talking about how bad the soundtrack is, the terrible multiplayer, the Expert mode, the characters suddenly swearing, and a lot of other things. But, if I did that, I'd be here for hours. Shadow the Hedgehog is a mixture of terrible level design, an insane amount of monotony, awful controls, and a lame story. Combined, they make for a terrible video game that only the most desperate of Sonic could find any sort of enjoyment out of. Overall Game Grade: F Next Review: Sonic Colors (Disclaimer: No, this review blog is not just going to be about Sonic. I'm just reviewing Sonic games until I get to Sonic Lost World, which will be the final review of 2013. When 2014 starts, I'll review more things beyond Sonic.)
  11. All right everypony, been a while since I've done one of these but I finally though of something. What better thing to review than one of my favorite games from my childhood, Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube. The plot of the game is simple, Mario, Peach, Todsworth and his toads got to a tropical island called Isle Delfino for some vacation. But then a mysterious look alike of Mario frames him by messing up the island and stealing the island's source of power, the shine sprites, which of course act like stars in the game. Mario must clean the island and find all 120 shine sprites to clear his name. Now I personally like this game, the idea that all the levels are based off vacation location like carnivals or hotels is a brilliant idea with the setting. Another small thing I forgot to mention is Mario gets a water backpack like thing called F.L.U.D.D, which was hinted in the game to be made by e gadd from Luigi's Mansion. F.L.U.D.D is what you mainly use for platforming in this game (save for a few levels where it gets stolen) but sometimes he did get annoying by telling obvious stuff. At least he wasn't like Navi from Ocarina of Time where he'd actually interrupt your controls to tell you the obvious thing. One bad thing about the game is some of the levels feel like rehashes. For example you fight Gooper blooper 3 times in the game in the exact same way every time and the polluted piranha I think 5 times the exact same way . Did they run out of level ideas or something. At least Yoshi is in the game to make up for it. Though there is one thing to point out. Yoshi dies when he touches water in this game even though in Super Mario World, he could swim. Oh well. Overall I give this game a 7/10. Even though it has its flaws, its still enough for me to get enjoyment out of the game.
  12. Growing up as a Nintendo kid, Gamecube was the second system I ever owned after the N64. It is one my favorite systems ever, but I often feel that it doesn't get enough love, so I am here to ask you fellow bronies, what are your favorite games on the Gamecube? My List is decently big: Super Mario Sunshine (Best platformer ever!) Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Mario Kart Double Dash Super Mario Strikers Luigis Mansion Zelda Wind Waker Zelda Twilight Princess Metroid Prime Trilogy Resident Evil 4 Viewtiful Joe Kirby Air Ride F-Zero GX Pokemon XD Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Pikmin 1&2 As you can see, I love Gamecube games EDIT: HOW DID I FORGET MELEE? I swear I had it down. I must've assumed that was a given, lol. Anyways, add melee onto there
  13. I was playing super smash bros melee and mario kart double dash on my gamecube the other day (yes, I still have a gamecube). So, in responce, I made this. Who still has a gamecube and more importantly, who still plays on a gamecube?
  14. So, I have been playing Star Fox Adventures here lately. And the level that I am on is called Lightfoot Village. Here is a photo to refresh one's memory. No, I don't need any help, im just asking. As I was monkeying around on the level, I noticed that there is a big tree, in the forest part somewhere. It has a big hole. The pic above isn't it. But, this tree just had this big hole and it looked like it could lead to somewhere?? I have no pic to show, but I was wondering if anypony knows what im talking about or if they know what it is.
  15. Oh the old DOL-001! How I missed you so! So today I decided to dig up my old Nintendo GameCube (which I've affectionately nicknamed Ol' Dolphin) to see if it still works. My Nintendo Wii has been on the fritz recently and it may be time to put it out to pasture, and no sense replacing it since the Wii U has launched... though I can think of ONE solid reason; backwards compatibility. Though sadly, the start of the Wii U marks the official end of the Nintendo GameCube. I guess to cut costs the Wii U doesn't support GameCube software. So if I were to bury my Nintendo Wii today and replace it with a Wii U (which I'll totally do), then I wouldn't be able to play a GameCube game ever again! BUT WAIT- after a bit of digging, I found that Ol' Dolphin survived the GameStop trade-in purge and was still hiding in my own room all along! And of course how could I ever get rid of this thing, it was pretty much the entire second half of my childhood! After a bit of dusting I found that she runs like brand new! I always new GameCubes were durable little suckers! Though... there is the sad news; I don't own ANY GameCube games anymore! I guess when I decided to bend to the whims of the used game market empire known as GameStop (man I hate them) I must have forgot that I still owned a GameCube because my whole library, GONE! Yes my greed has made me forget and betray my Ol' Dolphin... probably so I could play some lame new shooter everyone was raving about. So I've decided this holiday that I will make it my mission to restore my GameCube library back to its former glory! (or well... as close as possible) Though I'm not simply just going to rebuy all that I had, because I bought some stupid horrible games, but I'm going to collect all the ones that I played and enjoyed, including MANY that I never owned (because mooching on friends was easier). Here's a list of 21 games that I just MUST have for the Nintendo GameCube! --- Luigi's Mansion Of course there's the first one... yep the first major launch title for the Nintendo GameCube. And really... compared to other consoles, I haven't seen a launch title as big as this one. Yeah Wii Sports and Nintendo Land do a better job at showing what the console can do, but this one is more of an actual game rather than a collection of minigames. It was a neat adventure with gameplay all of its own. Instead of playing Mario, you played Luigi which was kinda nuts! It had a Ghostbusters like theme where you use a vacuum to suck up ghosts. It was a neat title that hasn't gotten a sequel yet, but now finally getting a sequel on the 3DS that I look forward to playing. Currently, I'm unsure exactly where I can find this title aside from the Internet. My go-to store Elite Games doesn't have it in stock unfortunately. --- Pikmin Seen as "the other big launch title" for the GameCube is Pikmin! A fun little game where you control little ant-like creatures to help you explore and survive on a strange yet familiar world! This game is usually seen as one of the biggest titles of the platform, and along with its stellar sequel, are modern Nintendo classics. I feel Pikmin may be one of Nintendo's best games ever. Seriously, its a fun adventure. What do I feel about the sequel? Well in some ways its superior to the original, but in some other ways its lesser. Specifically, I am speaking about the classic 30 day time limit of the original. I love that the time limit adds extra challenge to the game, but it also limits your time to explore the world. Pikmin 2 removed this time limit so you can explore more, collect more, and just more, more, MORE! Its one of those sequels where BIGGER IS BETTER, which actually pays off in this case. ...Also now that I think of it. Pikmin was a huge title released not too long after the GameCube's release, thus being a major selling point of the console. And the Wii U has Pikmin 3 announced to come out some time next year... the Wii U is reminding me a lot of the GameCube in these ways... This is another title I'll have to hunt down. Elite doesn't have it in their shelves. --- Super Smash Bros. Melee Well... this is THE BIG ONE! Its the console's highest selling game and not having it in my library would be a bit of an insult. Its also a ton of fun! Nintendo characters battling it out! Chances are you've either played this one or Brawl... so I don't really need to explain further. What do I think of its sequel? Well I think I'm part of a minority that thinks that Brawl is actually superior to this one and YES I REALLY DON'T MIND TRIPPING! With a few minor character changes, Brawl has everything this game had and more. It also had a rather sub par, but enjoyable story mode, but I think they should focus more on fighting and less on platforming. Oddly enough, I might already have this one! I remember not too long ago that I had this game, but in a Mario Kart: Double Dash case (which means I lost Double Dash). I'll have to look for it, but I may just buy it again anyway. Gotta have that case! --- SSX Tricky IT'S TICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! This was one of the games that I played with my friends and I had a blast. I really don't care for sports titles, but this one had that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater kinda feel, where you just don't care. I bet if I played it nowadays I'd probably say it has shit controls... because that's what these games have, but hey its one of my fonder GameCube memories so it goes on the MUST HAVE list. --- Animal Crossing Okay you may disagree with me on this... but this is THE BEST GAME ON THE GAMECUBE! Okay I know, I know it has little in the way of gameplay, I know it has no pace, I know it holds no challenge, and I KNOW its much less a game than some strange life sim... but I just don't CARE! This game gave me a world... a world I title Kuhnsvil (my dad worked in a lumber company named Kuhns) and I played as my character Zidane (pre-headbutt days, more of a reference to the FFIX protagonist). I... or rather, Zidane went through this strange town filled with Animal people and lived a nice life. He payed his mortgage and lived a life of luxury in his mansion. It was a game of just pure immersion and I loved every second of it. Maybe a bit too much... I remember I had an odd crush on one of the Mabel sisters, Whitney the wolf, and even Bob the cat because I admired his courage to go out in public in what I thought to be pink floral dresses. I also enjoyed the game with not only friends, but family too! I remember clearly my one friend invading my town when I was asleep and I woke to discover he chopped down ALL OF MY TREES and claimed he was possessed by George Washington's ghost. And then I remember getting him back when one of his treasure wolf residents, Whitney, moved to my town and he got so pissed! Also my sisters enjoy this game as well, which its near impossible to get them to play anything. Hell even MY MOTHER got into this game! I wasted HOURS upon HOURS in Kuhnsvil and really what more could you ask for in a game... to waste your time because you had nothing but time to waste as a kid. What did I think of the sequels? Ha ha! What sequels? All we got after Animal Crossing were a bunch of ports. Hell, Animal Crossing itself is basically a port of the Japanese N64 game Animal Forest. Though I do like the look of Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS. It actually does look like a full sequel to the GameCube classic, with updated graphics and tons of new features. Plus you're the freakin' Mayor now! I can actually find this one at Elite for $6, so its gonna be the first game I grab when I get my controllers! --- Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Actually... I'm kinda undecided about this one because I might just get it for Dreamcast instead, but I probably should own it for GameCube anyway since its probably my most played GameCube title next to Animal Crossing. Mostly for its Chao Garden! I don't know exactly why, but Chao Garden was just somewhere I could escape and take care of these adorable Chao creatures. And... WHY DON'T THEY HAVE THEM IN FUTURE INSTALLMENTS! Seriously, the game itself is pretty shitty. Even I as a kid knew it was rather meh, but still the Chao mode was worth the pain! Also I really want to own Sonic '06 for the Xbox 360... mostly because I want the game that may just be the "Modern Superman 64". I can pick this one up at Elite for a steep $15. They have like 5 copies which is a rather humorous symbol I think. "Gotta Go Fast!" --- Gauntlet: Dark Legacy So... this game might be the best multiplayer experience on the GameCube. I have VERY fond memories going through this with friends. The basic premise of the game? Shoot your weapons at enemies! Which doesn't sound all that great, but it is. I think where this game works is its level design. You go through a bunch of levels fighting bad guys, finding secrets, leveling up, unlocking secret characters, fighting giant bosses. Its a FREAKIN blast! I can find this one at Elite for $10! Hopefully, I'll have four controllers and four friends first. --- Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Yep... the survivor horror that got away... I've never played this game, but boy do I want it! I like survivor horror games, but really the PS2 has a much better selection BUT it is missing Eternal Darkness and boy is it really missing out! Its a Silicon Knights Resident Evil clone... which on paper sounds like THE WORST POSSIBLE THING! But surprisingly this is pretty much the only good game Silicon Knights ever made and its actually better than Resident Evil. I think where Resident Evil gets lost is that it tries to go way too big. I like the first one and its creepy "What a mansion!", but by RE2 you can already see that its trying way too hard to be huge and complicated. Eternal Darkness pretty much stays pretty consistent with its creepy old gods haunting the old mansion motif. The stories of the other playable characters are interesting, it has a well designed spell system, and it doesn't just use cheap jump scares, but it messes with your mind! I may have to do a bit of searching for this one. It seems to be one of those "underrated uncommon classics". --- Super Mario Sunshine Well what can I say... this one is a classic. It THE GameCube Mario title. Its what Super Mario World was to the SNES. Its what Super Mario 64 was to the Nintendo 64. You go around doing Mario platforming while cleaning up the Isle of Delphino (a possible reference to Project Dolphin). Its just a classic and a must have for your GameCube library. I can find it at Elite for $10 which will also be an obvious title to own. --- Timesplitters 2 Probably my favorite FPS of all time! Not even joking! I love this shootfest! I love the HUGE selection of selectable characters that range from cool to just plain weird. I love the different exotic locations and time zones. I loved the varied era'd weapons you could use! I loved the challenges. The different game modes! This is my all time favorite FPS game! I like it better than Halo, better than Call of Duty, better than Unreal Tournament, better than Quake, better than DOOM. Its just my favorite... period! I'm sad to see this game disappear though. It had a sequel on the PS2 which I really don't remember much of. And its been long rumored to have a Timesplitters 4 in the making, but its will likely never happen. They rumored about making an HD rerelease via Xbox LIVE and PSN, but still no luck. I'll hunt this one down though, trust me! --- Metroid Prime Another HUGE must own title! Along with its sequel, Metroid Prime is probably one of the most beloved GameCube games. It took the fast paced puzzle action from the original Metroid and Super Metroid games and flipped it into an FPS! I'll admit, I might be a bit more partial to the 2D version of the Metroid games, but Metroid Prime is still incredible! I can acquire this beauty for $7 at Elite Games. --- The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker Let it be known... I'm not a huge fan of the 3D Zelda titles. Ocarina of Time may just be the most overrated game in existence, but I will admit one thing. Despite me being more of a fan of top down "Classic Zelda", Windwaker is my pick for best Zelda of all time! Honestly, this game shows great quality that it tears past my 2D preference and makes it to the top! Maybe its not as focused as other Zelda titles, but that's the point. I can't get lost in a game that's too focused and to the point. I can get lost in a game where there's a grand adventure! Maybe you think the exploration in the game makes too long and drawn out, but Windwaker does adventure right, its not about the location, its about getting there! And it will be an adventure to find this old gem! --- Soul Calibur II IT HAS FREAKIN LINK! ...FREAKIN' LINK! --- Viewtiful Joe This is another one of those cult classics that got away type of deal. I never played it and I never heard of it until it was too late. I'll love to hunt this one down and play it! Though yes, it may take some hunting. --- Kirby Air Ride I'll admit... this game is pretty stupid and was NOT worth a full $50 back in the day, but alas sometimes Nintendo would release a small fun game that may just be that, small but fun. But now that years have passed and I can probably pick it up for pocket change it seems like a much better deal! Its just a fun game where you look for and drive around in little flying machines, collect powerups, and do challenges. There's not much to it, but its a blast if you play it with your friends! It'll certainly be a ride looking for this one. Hopefully, it will be at a low price worth the game content. --- F-Zero GX I'll admit... I don't know much about this game. I borrowed it from a friend once and hardly played it. I remember I found it too hard because the cars move too fast, but hey suck it up buttercup! This is F-Zero! High speed action racing with everyone's favorite hero Captain Falcon! The guy with, hands down, the most EPIC PUNCH IN EXISTENCE! Though ironically it doesn't really appear during gameplay, but fuck it! HIGH SPEED FUTURE CARS! I can get this one for like $8 at Elite so I'll be fast to pick this one up. --- Tales of Symphonia Well here we go... "the best RPG on the GameCube" and "one of the best RPGs of all time" Well... I'll say no to that first bit, but this is a REALLY good RPG! And I never owned it and never beat it! Yeah... its one of those borrowed it stories. Still, I need to grab this and its Wii sequel sometime soon. But I do have to find them first. --- Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remember when I said Tales wasn't the best RPG on the console... well it takes a big 2nd place to this gem! Yay Unpopular Opinions! No, but seriously... this game is just perfect. Which is a surprise because I didn't really care for the first Paper Mario. I thought it had nice dialogue, good characters, and a cute personality. It also had a neat new spin on turn-based RPGs that I thought was REALLY good! But Paper Mario lacked a good story. It had a bland stop Bowser story, just upscaled to JRPG level. Then comes Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and BAM! A HUGE original story with AMAZING CHARACTERS, HILARIOUS and WITTY DIALOGUE, a CHARMING PERSONALITY, BEAUTIFUL WORLDS, and some of the BEST RPG COMBAT I COULD EVER ASK FOR! And maybe that's why I don't like the newer Paper Marios better. SUPER Paper Mario had a great story, good dialogue, but most of the characters were horrid looking and they took out the nifty turn-based combat for sup par Mario platforming. And from what I heard during Sticker Star the developers said that the game doesn't need story, which is the WORST thing I've ever heard for this series. I'm just avoiding Sticker Star on principle now (but mostly because I don't have a 3DS). This was actually, specifically the title I was looking for today and sadly I did not find it. But this one is at the VERY top of my priority list! --- Resident Evil 4 Well here you go. What's highly regarded as the BEST GAMECUBE GAME, which I'd rather replace with "One of the Best" because there are clearly better ones and all caps makes you look like a psycho. Its also joked around as "The Only Good Resident Evil" which I sorta disagree with. Resident Evil 1 was interesting and RE2 was alright at best, but then the series just kept shitting on itself, and then POP Resident Evil 4 somehow becomes a masterpiece. Which is a real shame Resident Evil 5 had to ruin everything by trying WAY too hard to pander to the online co-op players. RE6 is even WORSE to where it hardly even resembles ANYTHING close to the original. But needless to say, I'll be headed after this one soon enough. --- Killer7 Well ladies and gents, the Suda51 cult-classic, Killer7. Words really can't accurately describe this game. Its basically like a Rail-Shooter meets an acid trip. The game is just... weird! SUPER WEIRD! SUDA WEIRD! Seriously... I just gotta have this one... --- Chibi Robo Here's another cult-classic that I missed. This one is usually thrown in that category of weird cute Japanese game that most people miss out on because its just VERY Japanese. You basically play as a small robot who lives in a person's home. You go around doing various activities. I just want more adorable fun games in my life. And I'm in luck! Chibi Robo is available for $22 at Elite Games! --- So yeah there's 21 games that I MUST OWN for the Nintendo GameCube. I doubt I could get all of them this holiday season, but I'm sure I could get most of them for not all that much money. And of course there's more, but this was just a basic outline of what I need. Any sequels or games related to those above, I'd probably also pick up. There are also some that I am really looking for that I just didn't mention because 21 games is a big enough list already! So what do you think about the game selection above? Do you think there are other must have titles that I missed? Do you feel some of the titles mentioned above aren't that great? Leave a comment and let me know.
  16. So, what was your favourite past time game when you were younger or little? Was it by Nintendo? Sega, or another Company? This could probably incolve Halo: CE or Halo 2 too because those are pretty old games Maybe Halo 3 now, or others game similiar. Mine has to be Halo 3 tops, just all I have to say, it brings back my enitre middle-school childhood, and Highschool too! Something besides that has to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle I loved everything about the game, I loved the upgrades, the multiplayer, story-line, but mainly what I loved the most about it is the Chao World ! I miss my Chaos, they're still probably in Chao heaven playing with their expensive toys or some Chaos I might've left in Chao school for 7-8+ years.
  17. I'd be surprised if this doesn't already exist, sorry if it does! My check wasn't all that thorough. What was your first ever game? Or the game that got you into gaming? I didn't start as retro as I assume many of you do, it was the PS2's Simpsons Hit and Run, followed closely by Timesplitters 2. I think I was 6 years old. 10 years down the line and it's turned to Fallout, Max Payne and TF2. But still Timesplitters 2.