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Found 30 results

  1. what game console you have ? what is you favorite of all of them ? I have - PS1 - PS2 - PS3 - 2 PSP -XBOX - 2 XBOX 360 - Gamecube - Super nintendo - WII - Gamboy - Gamboy Color - Gamboy advance - Gamboy PS advance - Nintendo DS - Nintendo 3DS - 1 Gaming PC m favorite is the playstations for Christmas I will have - wii u - xbox one - PS4
  2. Showcasing the game to new folks, meeting other developers, learning from their experiences, making friends, and dancing my legs off. That's the TL;DR of my Orlando Overdrive experience this past weekend. Battle Gem Ponies had a booth right in the middle of the indie game hallway leading to the bar & dance floor of The Geek Easy. Turns out the whole brony thing wasn't a passing fad, and lots of people still smile when they see marshmallow horses with super powers. Check out this week's devlog to see how the indie showcase went. 👾 -
  3. Is there any pony out there that wants to play some War Thunder in a few hours? I doubt it but maybe.
  4. -I see no need to buy an XBone or a PS4 in the near future, not even their souped-up versions. -Actually, I'm feeling like I'm losing interest in Big-boxed systems(Consoles, and in some cases, PCs) -Thanks to the upcoming lineup coming to the Nintendo Switch, I'm now weary about all games coming out because it's becoming too much. -On the other hand, even before the Switch announcement, I've been more into mobile/handheld gaming because of the fact that you can take it on the go. -Indie games and smaller, more 2D games, are starting to catch my attention more than big budget 3D Games(I've enjoyed Sonic Mania and Steamworld Dig 2 on the Switch. I also plan on getting Cuphead on PC. But this game really needs to come to Switch) -I like my Raspberry Pi, and the ability to play my old games -Despite that, I have an NES Classic Edition(didn't pay scalper's prices. XP), and I might get the SNES Classic Edition -I'm gonna get a Win GPD this weekend because I still like the idea of your own personal computer in handheld form(Lighter to carry than a laptop) -I'm double dipping on Doom for the Switch because I love the idea of taking Doom on the go. And so far, from what I've heard, it's gud. -I'm not ashamed of modding my games for more....cosmetic reasons. XP -We're getting closer to gaming nirvana on the go with the Switch. I hope Microsoft and Sony follow suit. In fact, give it the option to plug wirelessly into a TV set will suffice.
  5. There shouldn't be a thread like this already. I checked on Google. This is pretty much a spin off of my previous post but with games. It pretty much says it in the title. What over hyped games do you never plan on/never had an interest in playing? (if Undertale is one of 'em, that's fine. We all have our favorites. ) For me, it's whatever future games by "That Pachinko Company" will dish out after Kojima's departure.
  6. The newest in ponies being silly. Is here. Now at Walmart.
  7. What game do YOU think is currently popular all over the internet right now??? Is it a racing game ? Is it a shooting game? Is it a horror survival game? Or is it a fighting game? Any game matters! Post a picture and tell me about the popular game everypony's talking about ! PC Games, Console Games / Systems, and Board Games are the most common to talk about!
  8. I was just playing some Atari 2600 games I got in the mail today, and thought, "Did people really play this? I have been missing out!" It was true, I was born in 1992, so I never got to experience anything before the NES years (My father still had it and gave it to me) The only systems I truly grew up with were the SNES and the N64. I was hooked back then. (And I still am to this day.) But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the newer game systems of today, like the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the Wii. I enjoy the online multiplayer games of the Xbox 360, I like the motion controls of the Wii (NOT LOVE, LIKE), and some of the exclusives to the PS3's library of games.
  9. So who's up for some heists? My crew on GTA V is down a member for ten days and we need four heisters. Does anyone want in on some GTA action with some fellow bronies? We're on Xbox 360, leveled between 75-137, we're all English, timezone is GMT and we're all 20-21. Post here or PM me if you want to play, even add me on the Xbox if you want, my gamertag is Rolo Tomasi. Just let me know you're from the forum. Additional note: I'm up for some Payday 2 on Xbox 360 with you guys too.
  10. What's you favourite game? What's the worst game you ever played? I want to know what game I should get next, and what I should avoid! Also, I'm looking for people to game with, so feel free to add me on Skype: Cyberunit1 or steam: FearTheShark
  11. hiya ponies! i made a test to see how gamer you are! RULES: sum all the points you have and compare the results 0 to 10 videogames are not your thing, you may use them to not be bored but thats it, you have other activities to do that may look more interesting than play games, you only care your entertaining and the story/music/graphics of a game arent too important to you, you only wanna have fun nonetheless. 11 to 20 you like videogames and it feels nice to know a story and listen to music! you spend hours of entertainment playing games solo or with friends, videogames are an important part of your life since they can offer you really good moments and epic times! 21 to 30 you are a HARDCORE GAMER! videogames are a vital part of your life! you learned values of your characters, you have in your room something related to your favorite games and you are a open encyclopedia about games, developers, music tracks and more! you do feel inside of a virtual world! Dont forget to post your views and share your opinions and experiences about it! keep it respectful!
  12. I know this was a thread posted on Equestria Daily a while back, but I just wanted to make a thread about this. So if the ponies all became gamers, what video games would they be into? Here's what I think. Twilight would play The Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess heh heh) Fluttershy would play stuff like Pokemon, Animal crossing or Nintendogs Applejack would probably play the Harvest Moon games or Red Dead Redemption I can so see Rainbow Dash getting addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart, Temple Run or getting frustrated on Flappy Bird. Pinkie Pie would play Mario Party, Cooking Mama, all party games like Wii Party or Mario in general Rarity would play I don't know Imagine fashion designer Doctor Whooves would play Ocarina of Time Sweetie Belle would apparently play Minecraft. So discuss away!
  13. Only the Gamerist of Bronies deck they're consoles out with ponies! (Again, not calling you a Non-Brony gamer if you don't have customizations for your systems, but I just have a lot XD My 3DS Skin, my Steam skin, if I had a PlayStation 4, ponies would be in the background.)
  14. I'm a gamer. I also play Call of Duty. I also have an Xbox 360. I also have a PS3. Well, you get the point. Well, since around 5 months ago or so, I got a PS3 used, I have a question. Which version of Call of Duty:Ghosts runs better, the PS3 or 360 version? And, do the games (disc versions) require installs? I think the 360 does, but I don't know... So, yeah, also, which version has less hackers, because of course, just as everyone else, I can't stand 'em. They're so annoying.
  15. So I recently sold my 360 to help pay for a ps3 slim and as such I'm getting some ps3 exclusives: unchartered, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two souls, The last of us etc. Anyway I also want to get some RPG's but only the best (I've played or know about all the 'WRPG' so recommend me the JRPG). Before anyone says I know the tag JRPG is meaningless but I can't be bothered to say Role playing game developed in Japan, that may or may not have game mechanics representitive of those released elsewhere, I also can not be bothered to seperate RPG's by sub-genre as we would be here all day. So with that in mind what would you recommend me a PS3 RPG? include anything available in the PSN store of any generation. If possible bear in mind my over-elabourate preferences: combat system is not overly complex, doesn't have to be n00bish but I like to zone out and do a lot of casual grinding in rpg's. Game stands on it's own, I don't need to have played magic sword fun time 1-4 to understand #5. No Strategy RPG's. Turn-based is fine but I can't stand some shitty tile based movement system no matter how well regarded. An extension of point 3: Action RPG preferred, anything where combat feels more dynamic than moving chess pieces. I love grinding, gaining levels is why I play JRPG's but no high ecounter rate, I can't attest to having 50,000 battles just to get the other end of the map. Game mechanics in general are inuitive. Again I'm not a n00b, but I'm not going to study 15 tutorials in order to learn how to do win a battle. You can ignore some or all of the preferences if you like, I'm happy with TL:DR lists because I do come back and read them and research each game individually..and in extreme detail anyway. Thanks in advance ponies, I know I'm hard to please but I assure you Gamer Twilight is worth it.
  16. So I sometimes review games, I'm a brony, this an mlp forum, yeah I'll have to tackle this. So you all know about Fighting is Magic's cease and desist last year? Well it turns out people went and finished the game and released it. So I am here to talk about the game. For starters the music and graphics are pretty good actually. They seem to fit each area and the graphics don't seem bad considering it's fan made. It is also fun and ironic to have your favorite ponies from the show about friendship beating the crap out of each other for no reason. Seriously why are they doing that anyway? Could it be the work of Discord? Each move seems to fit the characters well. Pinkie can shoot a party cannon, Rainbow Dash can shot storm clouds at you, Twilight uses magic, Applejack has a lasso, etc. Now lets talk about what a lot of people seem to have problems with when playing, the AI difficulty. Maybe it's because I barely have any experience with these types of fighting games (I was more into smash brothers as a kid, a completely different fighting game style) but these AIs are way too overpowered. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a hit. I can make it passed the first fight in story mode but not the second fight. A difficulty setting or a training mode would be nice. It would also be nice to include AIs in versus mode where you can set their difficulties to your playing level. Also, trying to perform a combo is near impossible. You have to try so many button combinations, it's confusing even when playing on a controller. Then again, a controller is still easier than the actual keyboard. So basically, If you're more of a casual gamer like me, I wouldn't recommend story mode at all unless you really wanna challenge yourself. I would recommend you to play versus mode with your brony friend if you want more of a fun factor. However story mode might be a fun ride if you're experienced with the Street Fighter style fighting. But alas, I'm not. I've only played one Street Fighter game, on a 3ds demo in a Game Stop for like 5 minutes. Overall, the game is a decent game that could use some tweaking. Then again, this is fan made so you can't expect it to be perfect. It just needs to be polished out is all. Final score: 7/10
  17. Why do gamers game? A question I've had on my mind for quite sometime, but not one I can answer so easily. More than anything, I believe it's a psychological way of thought. A gamer's mind is clearly different from the average Joe, as we gain a significant amount of creativity from the astonishing games we play daily. Of course, we all have different opinions on exactly why we play video games. For some, it's just a hobby, some a deep passion, and then there are those who are into them much more than I can describe. Video games aren't just something we (the gamers) do to kill time, it's truly a way of life for us. Something I would like to bring up, there's a pretty popular YouTube series on the net titled " The Game Theorists", whom happen to be one of my favorite gaming groups. Not too long ago, I believe they hit 1 million subscribers (congrats to them) and did a special gaming theory titled "Why You Play Video Games", the exact topic I'm attempting to cover now.Spoiler alert, the ending was pretty disappointing to me, with the basic "the question is yours to answer" statement, as I had actually hoped for a psychological explanation as to why gamers play video games. There's also a fairly old IGN article I read by a user who attempted to cover the very same subject. I couldn't find the article to link, but I believe, if memory serves correctly, the guy stated that gamers usually play video games to escape the real world problems they may be having in life (in a nutshell, of course). Since I read that article, and watched the video, I've been constantly having thoughts on the question: Why do I love playing video games? What I think, is pretty similar to what the IGN user said. I think gamers play video games when (not all - but most) the player's life needs some excitement, when it's not everything they want it to be. Do you remember when you were just a child on Halloween night, and you would dress up to go trick-or-treating as your favorite cartoon character or super hero? I believe it's a lot more like that than anything. When a player picks up a controller, they enter the life of a fictional character, to chose what he or she does at any time they want. I've stated several times on the MLP Forums that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was my favorite video game of all time, even though I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. But why is this? Mostly to it being an RPG, a Role Playing Game. In Skyrim, I am able to pick and chose to be whoever I want to. If I want to be a mage and conqueror the ways of magic, I can do so. If I want to be a fearless warrior who always dives into battle, I can do that too. What I'm doing in this game is picking how I want to live my fictional life however I want it to be, and have to answer to no one. Offline, I have the most boring life I believe a human being can have. I live on a small farm, only have 2 friends who can be real jerks at times, and I live with my parents still (but I'm not complaining). I've served my time going to school, and now I'm adapting to the real world with a working a job and bills to pay, this life I live is boring. When the end of the day comes, and everyone is in bed, I can hardly wait to pick up the controller to enter a different life, one that I've built the way I want it to be. Even if the game isn't Skyrim, it can be something else I really enjoy like Sonic or Halo, Titanfall or Gears of War, Star Fox or Tomb Raider, God of War or Rayman, the possibilities are (literally) never ending. When playing video games, I can control whether I want to be the hero, or a villain, there are no bounds to what I can do in life behind this controller. If I'm playing Star Fox and I want to do a barrel roll, you better believe I'm going to do one! In conclusion, I believe gamers game because life "offline" isn't what they want it to be. Behind the keyboard or controller, you can be whoever you want to be. I'm not saying every hardcore gamer has a boring or dull life, but I'm fairly certain most do. Life isn't exactly fun when you graduate and become an adult out on your own, it's perfectly natural to want more excitement in your life, and to live one you possibly couldn't. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, but how many of you reading this could go out and fight a dragon at will? Or use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to become Super "Username"? Fiction, make-believe, and imagination are all wonderful things that can bring joy to plenty of others. And it's thanks to our favorite game developers that have a passion for making these adventures possible for each and every one of us. There's also some gamers out there who not only enjoy the amazing writing and creativity some games have, but admire the art and high resolution graphics some contain. Like on Skyrim, I could seriously spend a good hour just admiring the wonderful land of Tamriel, and go to the Throat of the World to watch the Northern Lights at nighttime while getting some wonderful advice from Paarthurnax. Maybe even launch a goat of the side of a mountain when I get bored. In your favorite game, you can life the live you've always wanted to without having to put up with the troubles or boredom of your offline life. But hey, that's just my opinion on it all. To each their own, right? (\
  18. So Ragnarok Online has just come as free to play on Steam. Does anyone play it here? Add me on steam if so be awesome to try it with other forum members. Steam (personal) Steam (group)
  19. I got a question, I've been playing Video games since 4 years old. I played a lot of Playstation and Xbox Games. Now when I try Facebook games since 2009. I like it. But now I am worried. I still play REAL console games but I stopped myself to play FB games because gamers said "Facebook games does not make you a gamer" OR "Facebook games suck! Real gamers don't play them" I mean.... geez I wanted to play too but I feel that it will stop me from being a real gamer. But I miss my progress on my FB games. Will I still be a real gamer even if I play FB games? I wanted to play them again
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering why does gamers fight which console is better? I actually had no problem with both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 because My dad bought both of them so he can play different exclusive games. Why not just buy both so you just shut up and have peace for life . Also My dad is thinking about if he can buy both the next generation Xbox One and Playstation 4. Please answer I will show you a proof soon that I have both Xbox 360 and PS3. And the games too:) Proof that I have both Xbox 360 and PS3
  21. OK, last night I was looking through Luna art on deviantart, and decided to make an art blog, like I did with SoarinDash and Fallout Equestria. I thought there would about 15 images. Instead I saved exactly 110 images to my computer. So here you go, a high, pure concentrated dose of your favorite Princess of the Night, Princess Luna.
  22. Skye42

    Ask Skye42

    Ask me anything! Ask me almost anything, and I will try my best to answer. Let the asking, begin! (I can tell that it's gonna take a while for people to want to ask me stuff.... #ForeverAlone)
  23. So, the dev kits are already out and tons of people around the world are testing out what will likely be the future of gaming! Developers have already started to make games for the oculus rift, as well as modding pre-existing games for compatibility and working on ways to improve the oculus rift, itself. I really can't explain to you how excited I am for this. These are the VR games we expected in the 90's but never had (remember virtual boy?). This is seriously a huge leap in gaming and technology, and it feels like things are already moving along at a good pace. The oculus rift will be released commercially sometime next year and hopefully by then some of the games I anticipate will be released. So far, the selection is really sparse. For those of you that don't know, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head mount/visor thing with stereoscopic vision and it actually works. It's truly, truly immersive. Here's the promo video: Here's some things people have done with it: And here are some games in development that I'm practically salivating over (I love survival horror games, btw): (What I always wished EVE was really like) What you need to know about this ^ game. One you die, you're dead. That's it. It's game over. Also, there won't be a health bar or any other stats/menu options in view. There will be very few health packs. It also has a really cool vibe that reminds me of the movie Moon. For some reason not all of my links are showing up not sure what to do about it
  24. So I needed some help from some of you PC gamers. I don't know alot about computers and computer parts, I have never owned a proper gaming PC before, so I am ordering one in a few weeks. I am asking you, could these specs run games such as Battlefield 3 and on what settings? -AMD FX-sarjan FX-4170 4x 4.20GHz quad core processor -16GB 1600mhz DDR3 -2000GB (2TB) hard disk -60GB OCZ Agility III SSD -ATI Radeon HD 6950 -Rasurbon power supply ------------------------------------------------------------- Also a discussion thread for PC gamers and everything PC gaming related
  25. Okay so I have a question, which is better, Pewdiepie or Tobuscus? Now let's clear the water here. When I ask this question I want you to base your response on mutiple characteristics. They are quite simple, how funny, how good at the game, and how original and colorful (if you know what I mean). So keep those factors in mind when answering this. I personally like both but like Pewdiepie more. Nothing against Tobuscus I just like pewds. Oh, and you might have noticed that I added a few more gamers to the poll. The poll is multiple choice enabled so I decided to add some other gamers that I watch. Just pick your choice between Pewds and Toby then simply vote for others that you like on the side and talk about why you like them. Anyways that's all for now and I hope to read many good replies to this topic in the future.