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Found 7 results

  1. >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<<
  2. So...Gamestop. Some love it, some despise. I am in the category of loving it mostly but I have had my fair share of experiences with stores that were pretty bad but also some that were awesome with much better stores. What are some of your worst and best Gamestop moments? For me, one of the worst has to be a recent event, where I traded in my 3DS XL to buy a New 3DS XL, I asked both of the employees there specifically about the system transfer and if it was difficult to do, I was under the impression it was an account transfer and nothing more. They told me, "No, not hard at all! It is quite easy." I was like, "Cool, awesome! Cannot wait to try it out then. ^__^" Come to figure out, I needed the old system to do the transfer. They never told me this at all and I had to call Nintendo to get that sorted, Nintendo customer service is awesome though. One of the best moments was recently, me and a friend had like an hour long conversation with the store owner at a different GAmestop and she was awesome. She was really talkative and kind even after working a 12 hour shift and she even told us about events that she was gonna be hosting at her store soon, it was really cool. So that is the Gamestop I want to support now. :3
  3. Whether you thought this was a great year for gaming, or think this was one of the worst years in recent memory, between the anti-consumer practices, studio closures, and people not knowing when to shut up on Twitter, it's hard to argue that this year was one of the most controversial ones within recent memory. Some moments, however, have left massive scars on the gaming community causing rifts between not just gamers, but with publishers and developers as well. With the year coming to a close, lets look back on some of the biggest incidents that left a scar on the industry Wii U's poor sales and shitty advertising and 3rd party support
  4. Has this ever happened to you before when ever you go into a GameStop to purchase a product or a video game from them. Moderator's Note: There used to be a video here, but its language was edging inappropriate territory, so I edited it out. However, this thread is still open to continue the discussion of your annoying experiences with cashiers at Gamestop.
  5. There was some sales(mainly $2 for $10 some games, and B2G1 on everything else, and I had an old Gift Card so I wound up paying only $15 or cash for all these, and all of them are complete, the Deus Ex even has the little mini strat guide) It's all games I've been eyeing up so I'm really happy with this haul. Also nabbed some other stuff for fun at some sales: and yes, the pics are sizing weird.
  6. So a while back, I bought Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors used at Gamestop, and as we all know, if it's not in the original case, they use this ass-ugly (no offense to Cranky Doodle Donkey ) sleeve art. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, but with the sleeve transferred to an actual extra Wii disc case I had laying around. Click for sheer hideousness. So, I liked that the end of the case actually says the game's name, but wanted to cover that ugly thing up, so I did the logical thing: Drew something to cover it. Front. Back. So yeah. There's my TOTALLY LEGIT Wii game sleeve art. I was tired, so the horrendous drawing and stuff can be forgiven. Right?