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Found 5684 results

  1. In honor of the 25th anniversary, let’s see what everyone’s favorite PlayStation system is! Mine is the PS2!
  2. So, I'm creating a game. It's about the aftermath of WWIII in the near future. The Geneva Convention was violated and POW cruelty, as well as chemical and biological weapons were used. But Russia (I mean no offence to any Russians) genetically altered (insert disease) America isn't innocent either, they used mustard gas to kill off all of China. (Sorry China) Anyway Id like to know any diseases that could be a zombie virus. I'm thinking rabies.
  3. I figured I’d make a topic for this too. Even if my answer is incredibly embarrassing. It was Barney hide and seek for the Sega Genesis. I remember like years and years ago my oldest brother showed it to me again as a little joke, not in a mean way but in a playful teasing way. And I did play it for a bit. But what about you? What was the first video game you ever played. Was it something embarrassing like mine or something actually good. Seriously I’m still kind of ashamed to admit that it was my first because my GOD was that game terrible.
  4. So, this is a console I have always wanted to own, but I have never owned one. From my own personal experience, it seems like a hard system to collect for as the games and consoles are not as common as some of the other systems like the PS1 for example. I rarely see stuff for the Saturn in retro video games stores. Any one on here collect for the Saturn and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
  5. There are some video games that some people think get less credit than they deserve. Which video games do you think are TERRIBLY underrated?
  6. I thought it might be a fun way to show our age So basically what you do is think back when you were a 10 or less and tell us what new gaming system was out when you were a youngen so I will show my ancientness...when I was a kid it was the Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 was big. Then the NES followed by the Atari 7800 I couldn't get enough of Burgertime and Circus
  7. So I just watched some guys top 5 Mario games video and I was wondering... what are your guy's top 5? (I know there is a thread for favorite Mario games but this is top 5, completely different ) Mine are as follows 1. Super Mario Sunshine 2. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3. Super Mario Galaxy 4. Super Mario Bros 3 5. Mario Kart: Double Dash
  8. I keep hearing about Nintendo being behind, especially in regards to online. What exactly makes their online behind?
  9. Even though video games have become more mainstream as a hobby, there's still a stigma against adults playing them, with some people thinking you're a manchild for still playing video games as an adult. Are you ever "too old" for video games?
  10. Any Animal Crossing fans out there? Looking forward to New Horizons for Switch in March? Been a fan since the GameCube. Even as a kid, I never saw Tom Nook as a bad person as most fans make him out to be. Unlike real life where you could lose your home if you don't pay, Tom Nook gives you all the time you need to pay him back. It was less "pay the debt or there'll be problems" and more "make money to pay for a bigger house" Before the MicroSD card loss of December 2016 that cost me 5 to 6 years of game data on my 3DS, I achieved many of my goals in New Leaf from June 2013 to that fateful day. Now, I'm ready to try some new things in New Horizons.
  11. So, lately I have been feeling a bit nostalgic for the "blue blur." It's been awhile since I played a Sonic game...okay maybe not that long ago as I did play Sonic Mania back in 2017. Prior to that I had not played a new Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. I know the series has definitely had it's ups and downs(probably more downs), but in your opinion, what are some of your favorite Sonic games out there?
  12. Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy’s fan club thread! This thread is for anything and everything FNAF related! Before you post, here are a few rules to keep in mind; - Don’t come here just to bash the series. Mentioning a dislike is fine but don’t be hateful. - Keep all lore discussions and theories in spoiler tags. This is to be respectful to those who don’t want spoilers. - Don’t post anything sexual or with gore. - If you want to share FNAF AR friend codes, please put the code and your game username together (and if you wish, make a list of animatronics you want sent to you) - Discussing theories is fine but don’t turn friendly discussions into heated debates Here are some things you can post about: - Gameplay (your own or someone else’s) - Game tips/strategies (if it’s lore related keep it in a spoiler tag) - Pictures/drawings - Customs and crafts - Fan games - General discussions - Friend codes for FNAF AR (see above for rules) - Music - Videos - Crossovers (This of course isn’t the full list, so if you post anything FNAF outside of the list that’s fine! Have fun and remember, be kind to each other!)
  13. Well, since it's been over 3 months since Luigi's Mansion 3 was released in America, I want to ask if there are any Luigi's Mansion fans of any games? Feel free to talk about anything Luigi's Mansion related. Also, to those who seen the Intro to Luigi's Mansion 3, would you like to spend a day in the Last Resort hotel, pre or post Spooky Makeover?
  14. Post cheat codes that have been permanently burned into your memory. Yoshi's Island: Hold Select, press X, X, Y, B, A. Lets you play the minigames.
  15. We all love games right? And we all love Easter eggs? I find some easter eggs to be VERY entertaining, if there is one thing i like to do in a video game, it is to look for Easter eggs in the game. Easter eggs are basicly hiden stuff within the game. It might be an image, a sound, or something els. But my favorite and most disturbing one got to be the hidden sound from the zombies in HL2. If you reverse the noises they are making you can hear them screaming for help. [media=][/media] It really freaks me out. Another freaky one is in World of Warcraft. We all know Lorderon as a creepy ruined castle, but do you think you know it all? You know the clocktower? Stand there, turn the music volume to 0 and max the background noise. You will hear the clocks are going but you can clearly see that they are laying before you, as you move forward into the castle you will start to hear a crowd cheering for you. And as you make it into the throne room you will hear a low and cold discussion between Arthas and the King. [The cinematics inside the room] Also note that there is blood on the floor where the crown hit. Creepy if you ask me. Do you guys know about any interesting easter egg?
  16. Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.
  17. I'm sure this thread has been posted multiple times, but I figured to give it a new kick start! Anypony here play MTG? What kinds of formats do you like to play? What's your favorite color (or color combination) to play? As for me, I like Commander, and my favorite color combo is UWR, or Jeskai/America. Hoping to chat Magic with anyone here!
  18. Yeah I’m late to the cuphead bandwagon but I was late to the my little pony one as well so whatever Got the game Christmas, been feeling like throwing my switch across the room ever since still amazing game tho
  19. This thread is a place where fellow disciples of GabeN, and those looking for the lards light can come and discuss Games, Steam sales, Hardware, etc. My glorious build Specs: Msi GD-45 Motherboard Intel core i7 4770k @4.4Ghz & Enermax ets t-40 cooler 32Gb Corsair vengeance Low profile RAM EVGA GTX 970 OC'ed to 1573Mhz Creative Sound Blaster ZXR sound card Samsung 240EVO 250GB SSD & WD black 2TB gard drive Corsair HX 750 PSU Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Post your builds, favorite games, etc. Others with questions about our glorious platform are always welcome here.
  20. So there's this new game coming out that's a fighting game starring dc characters, called Injustice. Trailer: Overall, I think it's pretty good, with stage transistions and killer specials, and it also allows to use some of the stage props around you to your advantage. What do you guys think?
  21. Just wondering, cause I just fell in love with this game, I’ve got nostalgia for it and I just played it a year ago... it’s just such a beautiful game
  22. I may have this in the wrong section, if so, please tell me how to move it, or tell me where to put it =3 Anyway: I have a youtube channel, a one where i've played horror games, and i want to know some mlp horror games. currently i have played the Flutter island trilogy, the Luna games, and Raritygame.exe and Muffins.exe but in the wake of trying to find some more, i sadly have had no luck if people can know of any (Exe games are fine) so anything you know of, feel free to tell
  23. Chat off and discuss your favorite mascots mario, zelda, metroid, kirby pokemon, and more. Even chat off on the main systems. just talk every thing Nintendo. Discuss.
  24. I'll never forgive Disney (among many other things) for cancelling the Star Wars 1313, this demo made me extremely hyped back in the day. It had so much potential! What is that one game (or games) you rooted for but was never released? Also, I know I would've played way less Pokémon if development for Halo DS had been finished. Such a missed oportunity as well; we'd probably have Master Chief in Smash now if this had happened.
  25. I’m not sure if this thread is a thing already, my bad if it is! I just wanted to make this thread because this game was a huge part of my childhood and I still play it to this day! Everything about it is just perfect in my opinion, I wish that Nintendo would give this game an HD remake and put it on the switch. But yeah! I’m super attached to this game and haven’t gotten tired of playing it in the many years I’ve owned it so it’d be awesome to know if any of y’all like it too!