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Found 5672 results

  1. MLPForums' Pokémon Thread Hello there, and welcome to the MLPForum's Pokemon thread! Pokemon is one of Nintendo's largest franchise's second only to Mario. The games revolve around you training creatures called 'Pokemon'. Pokemon are fantastic animals that can range from reptiles and mammals, to robots, spiritual entities, and beavers. As of Pokemon Black and White, there are 649 known species of Pokemon, not including the various forms many Pokemon can take. Like many popular franchises, the Pokemon games have seen plenty of spin-offs, including the Pokepark series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokemon Ranger series. Including all the spin-off games, there are 78 Pokemon games in existence, with 2 additional ones in production. So, use this thread to discuss Pokemon games, get help in Mystery Dungeon, get your team rated, battle with someone, tell everyone of your latest nuzlocke run, how Pikachu refuses to pick up the dang apple, or how Whitney's Miltank and Ghestis's Hydreigon are freakin' hacks, this thread is your on stop shop for all things Pokemon.
  2. Share your opinions that could shatter the earth with it's controversial-ness. I for one think that Bethesda should make Fallout their flagship series rather than Elder Scrolls. I find TES's world too generic and Tolkien-like. While Fallout's is a nuclear wasteland stuck in the 1950's, full of quirky people and an overly cheerful tone. Now share yours, rustle mah jimmies!
  3. I don't preorder stuff, but I still don't like this.
  4. So did anyone else buy this game or is it just me?
  5. Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.
  6. I've seen a lot of talk about Nintendo in the Media Discussion area, but the one thing I was hoping to see which I still haven't seen yet is talk about Yoshi. This Happy go lucky Dinosaur made his first appearance in 1991 in the Super NES title Super Mario World. He became an instant celebrity with the Mario fanbase, and the fans wanted him to be in more games. Ask and you shall receive. Nintendo made Yoshi right at home with the Super Mario franchise, giving him his own games such as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, Yoshi's New Island, and even Yoshi's Woolly World. Not to mention he's been a playable character in every iteration of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart up to this day. With that being said, who else is a fan of Yoshi? Feel free to comment.
  7. Just wondering, cause I just fell in love with this game, I’ve got nostalgia for it and I just played it a year ago... it’s just such a beautiful game
  8. ok, to blue shell someone before the finish line, somehow make a perfect ricochet shot off a wall with a green shell into someone, to nail them with a green or red shell point blank, or red shell someone, which is worse????
  9. Hey, everypony. ^^ I hope I'm not the only one here who's heard of's infamous series: For those who know what I'm talking about, sweet! ^^ For those who may not, allow me to explain. ^^ Death Battle is a series where 2 characters from (usually) video games, have their "skills, weapons, and armor" completely analyzed by 2 awesome bros known as Wizard and Boomstick, to see who would win a fight. It's actually a really awesome series, I would highly recommend it to those who haven't watched it. ^^ Death Battle has answered some of the most common asked questions to "who would win a fight between x and x?" Some of their most infamous battles have been: Goku VS Superman Mario VS Sonic Spider-Man VS Batman and just for us Bronies Starscream VS Rainbow Dash This series is really cool, and I think there's some serious discussion behind all this. ^^ Today, they have just released their newest Death Battle: Luigi VS Tails Now, take these with a grain of salt, because there's a lot more battles then these I've just named. ^^ For those who have already seen the videos and wish to discuss, I ask that you keep spoiling parts under spoiler tags. Oh, and did I mention that they animate a fight at the end of the videos? Very cool! ^^ So, that's about it. ^^" I'm not entirely sure where to start discussion besides saying that today's Luigi VS Tails battle was amazing! ^^ Has anyone else seen it yet? ^^
  10. So, this is a console I have always wanted to own, but I have never owned one. From my own personal experience, it seems like a hard system to collect for as the games and consoles are not as common as some of the other systems like the PS1 for example. I rarely see stuff for the Saturn in retro video games stores. Any one on here collect for the Saturn and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
  11. Even though video games have become more mainstream as a hobby, there's still a stigma against adults playing them, with some people thinking you're a manchild for still playing video games as an adult. Are you ever "too old" for video games?
  12. In this day and age in gaming, what are your gaming consoles of choice & what games do you play the most? Do you like the classics like the NES to Sega Genesis or Mega Drive or the modern games on the PS4 or Xbox One.
  13. I figured I’d make a topic for this too. Even if my answer is incredibly embarrassing. It was Barney hide and seek for the Sega Genesis. I remember like years and years ago my oldest brother showed it to me again as a little joke, not in a mean way but in a playful teasing way. And I did play it for a bit. But what about you? What was the first video game you ever played. Was it something embarrassing like mine or something actually good. Seriously I’m still kind of ashamed to admit that it was my first because my GOD was that game terrible.
  14. The idea is basically to find some hidden gems to actually try out or just see what other people find interesting and why. Or just reply and chat about it if you got any questions or played it yourself. Guess I'll just start! Microsoft Freelancer Genre: Space Sim/Space Opera/Space Shooter Features: Open world, interacting allied and hostile factions, vivid universe, storyline & multiplayer Year: Around 2003 Screenshots: Moms be like: "You surely can pause this game!" Trivia: - In case you have heard of Star Citizen, this dude Chris Roberts was involved in developing both this and it's prequel, Starlancer. - MP servers are still up, but you'll need some small patch for it or alter your desktop link to the game (hit me up if you got questions regarding this) I have wasted played this game 6000 hours, according to my old xfire profile.
  15. I’m not sure if this thread is a thing already, my bad if it is! I just wanted to make this thread because this game was a huge part of my childhood and I still play it to this day! Everything about it is just perfect in my opinion, I wish that Nintendo would give this game an HD remake and put it on the switch. But yeah! I’m super attached to this game and haven’t gotten tired of playing it in the many years I’ve owned it so it’d be awesome to know if any of y’all like it too!
  16. Why do we give Nintendo a pass for not making a powerful console like Sony and Microsoft? Why do we let them be different for the sake of being different? A triangular wheel is different, but that doesn't make it useful. If Nintendo wants to get third party support, they need to make a powerful console. It's as simple as that.
  17. So, what is everyponies favorite classic games? As in the older consoles/handhelds such as, NES, SNES, N64 PS1, PS2, gameboy etc. I'll start. My most favorite classic game series was Final Fantasy. I enjoyed playing through them. Especially FFVI. Which is cool that they ported it to steam not to long ago. So I have gotten it again. Out of handhelds, I really enjoyed playing Pokemon back in the day on Gameboy Color. Favroite was Crystal. ^^ So, whats your favorite classic games?
  18. What is the worst video game (or computer game) you have ever played? Yes, you must have played it! And why? Give a short explanation of the game or some video proof if you can. ---- So, this one is an easy pick for me: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. At the surface it looks like a fan made game made by a toddler, but it was a real game title, being sold. Video proof: You like trucks? This is the game for you. You like collision detection? You don't get that much of that.
  19. Almost every gamer has at least one of these games. Those games where we started it, get through it to a certain point and then....we never actually finish it. Don't you hate that? I sure dd, because I do it waaaay too much. XD There are so many games I have started but never actually finished for whatever. Could be the game was incredibly long, other games took my time or I just sorta forgot and couldn't get back into it. Let's delve in this topic. What are some games that you have started before but never completed? I have some sad candidates. Most Final Fantasy games, I never complete. I have started so many before in my life and never finished them. I think it is because I will take a break and then just be lost on what I am doing and lose motivation. This goes for most RPG's. Only FF game I have finished. Friggin 13-2. Yeah, I know, sad. Also most Zelda games. I have only ever finished Ocarina of Time. I have started so many others in the series but just never completed them.
  20. Title says all. I'm looking for racers in both games, so maybe you can kick my ass or I kick yours on the track? Now Regarding heat, please keep an open mind, it is a pretty good game so far, but do give your critics about it or who is into CTR NF (crash team racing nitro fuled)
  21. Chat off and discuss your favorite mascots mario, zelda, metroid, kirby pokemon, and more. Even chat off on the main systems. just talk every thing Nintendo. Discuss.
  22. I, myself, can pretty much say that my sister drained all my luck from birth. She was always the type to look down and find a penny on the street, get lucky opportunities from events and things happening, etc. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, there's me and my average luck. I wouldn't say that I'm being followed by a cloud of life-ruining bad luck, but I can't say that I've ever been exceptionally lucky either. I mean, I'm still here doing fine, but it's not like I lost anything big to unfortunate odds or won any lotteries. So, are you a lucky person? Tons of misfortune coming your way? Or more of an average kind of joe? Or are you the lucky superstar we all look up to?
  23. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is getting a rerelease Friday, get friggen hype. I’ve been itching for this since the Switch was announced. It’s a strange crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, and it’s beautiful. You play as a blank slate to project yourself onto, while a cast of anime idols dazzle you with their tropey goodness. The game is flashy, and has so much style. It does away with the Persona time limits, and you get to faff around Tokyo as much as you like. Every single song with lyrics is a legit bop. Like for real, don’t expect to see me for a hot minute because I’m going to be busy playing this game. Now that doesn’t mean the game is perfect by any means. If you’ve heard of it, it’s probably because of the controversy surrounding the game. The first thing is the original release window: the end of the WiiU. The end of a cycle on an ill supported console. Next, the censorship outside Japan, and while it gave way to some classic memes, looking at you, vagina bones, we in the west were shafted. I wanted Maiko to be a gravure model. Now the final issue was that in the first trailer, there were characters from both franchises showcased, and then two years of silence, followed by singing and dancing Japanese idols. That’s going to lose a lot of people. All that said, when people actually sit down with the game, they generally tend to like it if they like JRPGs. It’s super engaging, there’s a lot of content, exploration is rewarded, and the dungeons all have to do with show business. They’re the same every time, but super charming. My biggest issues with the game are the main character being rather flat, a lot of fetch quests, my favorite character is added to the party last (may no longer be the case), and the censored version is now the world wide version. This isn’t an issue for me, but the character only speak Japanese, and are subbed. One of the coolest details about the game is when a character casts a spell, their cast animation is actually their signature. It’s just the level of detail you can look forward to in this game, and I hope my silly monologue encourages someone to purchase, because it’s one of my three favorite games.
  24. No one I know IRL seems to really care about them, but personally I love them. So I was wondering: Are any of you into board games? If so, which ones do you like? Here's some of the ones I'm into (in no particular order): 1. Tsuro 2. Forbidden Desert 3. Jaipur 4. Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island 5. YINSH 6. Cosmic Encounter 7. Uno (of course) 8. Summoner Wars 9. Gin Rummy (game played with a standard deck of cards) 10. Klondike (a type of solitaire) Additionally, out of curiosity, do any of you happen to have Tabletop Simulator? It's a wonderful platform for online board gaming.
  25. For me, it was facing off and repeatedly dying to the final boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I loved how appropriately difficult the battle was and how epic the music was during it. The cutscene that plays before the final phase: I loved seeing this the first time around, because I'm a sucker for 'everyone prays for the hero' scenes. The only problem was, if you died during the battle, you had to see this cutscene all over again. Without being able to skip it. Did I mention that the boss was difficult? What was your worst experience from your favourite game?