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Found 9 results

  1. This has SPOILERS from S08E11, just in case someone doesn't read or mind the tags and prefix, you've been warned. So, after watching 'Molt Down' I was really glad that Spike has finally grown wings, and after thinking about the whole molt thing I wondered: What caused Spike to be summoned by the Dragon Lord in 'Gauntlet of Fire'? - Spike hadn't gone through his molt yet. - No other wingless dragon was summoned. - Smolder was not there when she's clearly older than Spike. A hypothesis I've come up with is that the dragon migration from 'Dragon Quest' is a thing for winged dragons only, but since Spike never knew what being a dragon really was, his wonderings and curiosity led him to travel by foot and ended up with him being a part of the migration. That migration might be one of the dragon rituals that make any dragon "worthy" of the Dragon Lord's summoning and so, even though Spike didn't even have the body to really compete for the bloodstone scepter, he had been already proved worthy of the Dragon Lord's calling. So... What do you think about this? Do you have any other hypothesis about it? Why do you think Smolder was not summoned? (In universe explanation). What do you think about molts and their meaning in dragon society? I'll be glad to read your thoughts on this matter. Cheers.
  2. Meghan is busy on the movie, so after the movie she might be back, but until then, Larson and Josh are no longer head-writers, so who's head-writer for season 7? If I had to guess, I'm gonna go with Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, or by their screenname, Lady Writers! You know why they'd be a good choice? Rarity Investigates and Gauntlet of Fire were pretty much on my Top 5 favorite episodes in their seasons, and Legend of Everfree is probably my favorite EG movie! They also just had one "meh" episode which I'm sure you can guess what it is, and their remaining episodes were pretty good in my book! So that's a pretty good track record for them! They proven themselves to knowing how to write the characters on the show very well! So who do you think is gonna be head-writer next season?
  3. So, what's everyone's thoughts on ember as a potential new love interest for spike? Do you think they should try and keep her just as a friend of spike and not try to tease any romantic relationship between the two, or would you like them to possible shiptease a little? And in such a situation what should be done with Rarity in regards to spike? would you enjoy a bit of a love triangle going on?
  4. What exactly is going on with dragons in the FIM universe? First, how do dragons age and grow? Are their aging and growing even concurrent with each other? As we saw in Secret of My Excess, dragons can grow significantly in size simply by amassing hoards of stuff, so growth doesn't seem to necessarily have anything to do with age. Dragons do seem to live for a long time, though, as the dragon from Dragonshy was about to take a hundred-year nap. I suppose it would make some sense if dragons grow exclusively by hoarding. Spike grew so quickly because he's surrounded only by ponies, who can't do a whole lot to stop him, but in the Dragon Lands, it would be much, much harder for dragons to amass sizable hoards, what with all the other dragons stealing from them to grow their own hoards. But does that mean that dragons don't grow in size due to age whatsoever? Do they even age at all? Second, where the balls were all the dragons during Gauntlet of Fire???? There appeared to be dozens, if not hundreds, of full-grown, enormous dragons taking part in the dragon migration, but the only dragons who answered the Dragon Lord's summons were "teenage" dragons, and not even all that many of them. So what happened to all the dragons? Do they live somewhere other than Equestria? After all, the Dragon Lord did address the "dragons of Equestria," not all dragons necessarily. Does the Dragon Lord only have authority over Equestrian dragons? Was there some catastrophic event that wiped out most of the dragons? Did Tirek, perhaps, destroy them in the brief time he held all the magical power? Are the full-grown dragons simply too lazy to answer the summons? Were they napping? Did they just not want to leave their hoards? What's going on??
  5. So, how large do you think Princess ember will be as an adult? Do you think she'll stay relatively anthropomorphic and smaller, or do you think she'll be more on par with normal adult dragons or her father? (on that note, Torch seemed far more anthropomorphic than previous adult dragons, do you think that's more what they plan on for adult dragons?)
  6. Back in Season 3, the notion of a Dragon Code was brought up by Spike: Pretty intense stuff. But at the time, it was safe to assume the Dragon Code was Spike's way of understanding and expressing his identity as a dragon. Now however with Gauntlet of Fire, we the Dragon Code isn't a code of conduct limited to Spike. Dragon Lord Torch, the ruler over all Dragons, at least in Equestria, is undoubtedly well-respected and powerful, perhaps strong enough to go head on with Celestia and Tirek. Despite his power, status, and seeming ruthlessness however, Lord Torch willingly steps down from his throne in accordance with the Dragon Law. Now it may be argued that Lord Torch is an aging dragon, and he would not have been able to retain his throne had he chose not to step down. However, Lord Torch makes every indication that but for the law, he could still retain his throne, even if it meant fighting other dragons to do so. Thankfully, we don't see that. We also see here however that dragons do indeed adhere to not just a rule of law, but a code of honor. Again Lord Torch, albeit at Princess Ember's behest in part, allows Spike to leave, even when he very well could have forced him to compete or as he puts it "squish him with his pinkie claw." For Princess Ember's credit as well, she stood up for Spike when she neither knew him nor had any obligation to help him. For his help collaborating with Ember to win the Gauntlet, she in turn saves Spike against Garble, even when she could have very well went for the Bloodstone Scepter and claimed the title of Dragon Lord. Of course we also see spike's heroism and honor when he willingly jeopardizes his own life to protect his friends and homeland and rescue Ember and aid her several times, even despite her betrayal. And of course at the end, even Garble willingly bows to Spike recognizing him as a Dragon Lord, despite his smaller stature, along with the other dragons. Even Lord Torch, who still initially disagrees with the outcome, comes to respect and honor his daughter's wish. Perhaps the bigger point here is the Dragon Code itself is a key aspect of dragon culture, much as friendship and harmony is for ponies. Dragons certainly aren't as violent and uncivilized as we nor the likes of Rarity assume they are. Everyone from the biggest baddest like Lord Torch to a punk like Garble, seem willing or at least obligated to adhere to a Dragon Code. Gauntlet of Fire not only helped developed Spike, it provided a huge revelation about dragons, and showed that contrary to the notion, they can be quite formidable, yet noble and proud creatures.
  7. Good morning, everypony, and welcome to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to get around to this review; last week was a nightmare as far as school work was concerned, and I had two honking big papers to finish up. Thankfully, that's all done, so that out of the way I now bring you my thoughts on "Gauntlet of Fire." And... well, this might just be my favorite Spike episode ever. It appears the DHX folks have resoundingly learned from their mistakes in some of the clunkier Spike episodes in earlier seasons and must have some writers there who just GET how to write Spike, because he's had some great episodes in the last two seasons. He held his own great in the season finale, but this episode was even better. In summing up what made this episode so great, we really need to look at two things: world building and characters. Starting with the former, this was a great world building episode. We learned a lot more about dragons than we knew before, we got to see a really cool new environment, and it added overall just another nice layer to the already huge world of MLP. I think the one thing that put me off a bit was that we didn't see any large adult dragons around besides the Dragon Lord Torch, and that was confusing considering we've seen plenty of dragons close to his size before. Maybe only younger dragons were allowed to compete for the title of Dragon Lord, I don't know, but it was a bit odd (though admittedly, it would've been unrealistic for Spike to win if he were competing against dragons that big). I did love the various dragons we got to see, some of them had very cool designs. And this last bit may not count as world building, but I absolutely adored that Celestia and Luna showed up at the beginning of the episode. I've been wanting to see them doing just day-to-day stuff for the longest time, so to actually see it was great and hopefully a harbinger of things to come this season, including, hopefully, the long-awaited Celestia-focused episode. Plus it made sense that they'd know what the call of the Dragon Lord is considering how long they've been around. Moving on, the rest of the review will largely focus on characters, starting with Spike. Man... this was a GREAT Spike episode, I cannot reiterate that enough. He wasn't treated like a Gary Stu, but it was great that they highlighted just how different he is from the rest of his kind, in a good way. This actually was a very nice continuation of the Season 2 episode Dragon Quest; in that episode, Spike wanted to be more like a dragon in order to connect with his roots, but realized he didn't have to do so when he realized it would mean needlessly being a jerk to others. He walked away from that episode determined to be the best dragon he could be by living the way his pony friends had taught him to, and he re-entered the world of dragons in this episode determined more than ever to do just that. It wasn't a lecture or great power on his part that won the day. It was just boundless kindness, determination, and optimism that won out, and I loved that. It was not only a reflection of how much the ponies have taught Spike, but how much he's learned and matured since Season 1. All he did was keep showing how much better things are to the rest of his kind when you just try to get to others through kindness and friendship rather than hostility, and he very well by the end of the episode may have laid down the foundations for a better future for his whole people. That's awesome, and Spike is awesome. I can only hope we get to see more Spike episodes like this this season. Spike: Dragon Lord of the Friend-zone! OK, that's badass Moving on, we come to the NEW character that everyone cannot stop talking about, for very, very, VERY good reason. Princess (now Dragon Lord) Ember. This character... let me put it this way. After I saw how crazy the fandom was going over her, I was worried that she wouldn't live up to the hype and expectations. I am glad to say I was 110% wrong! Ember was a delight. This was a happy instance of a new character (1) having a great design, (2) having a voice actress that perfectly represented what the character needed to be, (3) went through a character arc where she went from being grumpy and distrustful of others like the rest of her kind to open and receptive to the idea of friendship in just one episode, but it didn't feel forced or artificial, and (4) was just plain adorable, in a very tsundere manner (if you don't know what that is, it's basically how AJ and RD are adorable to; characters, typically female, who hide behind a tough exterior but eventually their warmer side comes out, usually making them more adorable in the process). I really, really dug this character in just about every respect. It felt like the type of character dragons needed. In Dragon Quest, all of the new dragons that Spike met were just over-the-top caricatures of teenage stereotypes. It made some sense, but it was also kinda boring and predictable. Here, we got to meet a character who was intelligent but also fairly set in dragons' ways just because she'd never heard of an alternative, or at least seen any in action. She proved herself, however, to be receptive to new ideas when she saw both the apparent and inherent value of friendship. She didn't just help Spike in the end for utilitarian purposes, she made a decision as well that friendship was something worth fighting for for its own sake. Spike taught all this to her just by being a good guy and showing her a good example, and I thought it made sense that he would leave such an impression on a character as intelligent as her. Overall, I just really, really, REALLY dug Ember, and I really hope we get to see more of this character going forward. She was just kinda awesome all around. BEHOLD, YOUR NEW DRAGON WAIFU!!! You will believe a dragon can be adorable While we're still on the topic of dragons, let's talk about our antagonist, Garble. Honestly, I thought even he was improved by this episode. In his first appearance, he was just kind of a really annoying jerk, but not much of a threat. He was a teenager stereotype, and that made for some laughs, but at the same time I never could take him seriously. Here, they actually struck the right balance. He was still a jerk and an idiot, but he felt plenty threatening as well, especially because of what he planned to do to ponies if he became Dragon Lord. Some of his scenes also made for great Spike scenes, particularly whenever we saw Spike stubbornly remaining his kind and helpful self even to Garble, despite the latter remaining a jerk and a bully to him. It was a great way of emphasizing that Spike was not going to make the same mistakes he did in Dragon Quest and fall for Garble's ways. To top it all off, he got a great comeuppance at the end that felt perfect for him without being too mean-spirited. I don't know why, but I absolutely loved it when he made this face Finally, to round things off with the dragons, I absolutely adored Dragon Lord Torch. This guy was, in a word, HILARIOUS. He had an ego to match his size, and it made for some of the best humorous bits in the episode. Plus I can't help but feel that he genuinely does care about his daughter and was just hiding it behind his extra, extra gruff, scaly exterior the entire episode, especially considering he didn't want her to compete for the Bloodstone Scepter. But all in all, this guy was just plain hilarious, and I really hope we get to see a bit more of him in future episodes, even if he no longer is Dragon Lord. Best line in the whole episode Gosh I love this guy On one final note, I thought Rarity and Twilight were great here. They didn't do a whole lot aside from giving Spike moral support, but even that played a key role in the end in how Ember learned about the true value of friendship. Twilight geeking out over dragons was pretty funny, and it was nice too to see that Rarity still takes a special interest in Spike's well-being. It's a testament to how close he is to both characters that they were the two to come along and accompany him. Besides the characters, the animation was very nice as always, they put together a nice musical score for this episode, and the episode had a nice balance of action and humor. All in all, this was a very fun and rousing episode with a surprisingly very good and well-delivered message. Right now, it's my favorite stand alone episode of the season, and one of the better ones we've had in awhile. It's nice to see Spike getting treated so well, and I can only hope this continues as the season progresses. That's all I've got for this one everypony, until later this morning, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  8. This is the teaser for this Saturday's episode. Looks like this is a spiritual successor to Dragon Quest, right down to the Mane Six's disguise. As someone who never had an issue with Dragon Quest I'm looking forward to this episode.