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Found 38 results

  1. Past Analysis just keeps on giving me ideas for videos, doesn't he? Today, I'm going to touch upon a subject I think is pretty overlooked: Clone Characters in the MLP Equestria Girls movies. Yes, the Star Wars bit is totally necessary.
  2. Bringing back a series I nearly decided to can, I'm gonna give you guys three points of interest of MLP Season 5 Episode 14, Canterlot Boutique, the first in a trilogy of Rarity-focused episodes. This can only go so well...
  3. A few days ago, I bought Disney Infinity on my Wii U, and so far... eh. It's alright. It's a decent enough game, and it lets you play the game in almost any fashion you see fit. Well, build the game in any way you see fit, that is. Though, I'm going to take a page out of Jim Sterling's book. This is a form of what I consider "Fee-to-Pay" gaming; the art of having a consumer spend sixty dollars on a game, but yet still have them spend excessive amounts of money for more in-game content. It's an underhanded, disgusting practice to me. Fee-to-Pay has different forms, and Disney Infinity's figurine mechanic is just another model of Fee-to-Pay. But, anyways, I'm probably the minority of the forums that actually owns Disney Infinity. Does anyone else here have it? If so, what do you think of it. (To those curious, here's my collection of characters so far) Starter Kit (Sully, Mr.Incredible, Jack Sparrow) Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas) I got the game a couple days ago, so my collection is pretty small... :3 Jack Skellington is best Disney character
  4. Well, I spent quite a bit getting this done. Hopefully after this, I can take a small break for the month of April, and just live life a little. Nevertheless, today, we're going to review the PS3/PS4 exclusive, The Last of Us. If you guys enjoy it, please go the extra mile and leave a like on the video page. Also, tell me what you think about this game if you've ever experienced it! I'd love to discuss it with you.
  5. A little entry like this should serve as yet another reminder to the indie developers of gaming. It seems that, for every Team Meat or Yacht Club Games we get, there's usually going to be a Digital Homicide or Kobra Studio; an indie studio who essentially plays the "Oh, but it's an early build" or "It's an indie game" card when responding to criticism of their games. They often respond through means of censorship dishonesty; deleting comments on message boards, lying about the content in their games, and weaponizing the legal system against critics and YouTubers. While It's nothing new at this point, actions like these can never, ever be justified. If you're making a game, or any product for that matter, and you expect people to spend their hard-earned cash on it, you should also expect people to criticize it if they don't enjoy it. You may be a small team, and the budget that went into it may not be that big. However, that doesn't excuse you from people giving their opinions on it, whether those opinions are positive or negative. If you're so mad at someone else's opinion enough that you would attempt to censor those opinions, you've begun treading on very thin ice. Attitude like that is never acceptable, and it makes you look like a goddamn 5 year old. A 5 year old who thinks everyone will like that one picture he drew up in art class, even if it looks like someone drew it with a blindfold on. While sleeping. This probably comes off as slightly redundant, guys, and I apologize for that. This is just something that's REALLY been getting under my skin over the past few months. The mainstream gaming world is stuck in an uninspired rut, and indie games are one of the only good spots about gaming left. It sucks to see indie devs like Digital Homicide poisoning that with their unprofessional behavior and utter lack of game-creating talent.
  6. I made a little Q&A video to celebrate the first anniversary of my channel's lifespan. I appreciate the folks here who have supported it throughout the first year. Thank you to all of you. You're all awesome
  7. I've been on YouTube for about a year at this point. I think something like this should be expected right now X3 Regardless, if you guys have some awesome question that just can't be answered here, leave it in the video comment box
  8. The bad taste of Rise of Lyric is still lingering in my mouth. As such, I'm not feeling too good about Sonic as a whole. The future is looking extremely bleak for both him and SEGA. However, in an attempt to raise my spirits up, I thought I'd review this game. Today, we're going to look at one of the best 3D Sonic games ever crafted; Sonic Generations If you guys liked my ramblings, please go the extra mile and leave a like on the video. It really helps out
  9. Now that we finally have the series started, it's time to see what kind of interesting characterization and stories our writers will bring to the table. Today, we will review the first episode after Friendship is Magic; The Ticket Master. This episode begins a transition into a slice-of-life genre, moving further away from the action content we saw in the premiere. That's not exactly a bad thing, but let's just see how smooth the transition in genres is. If you guys enjoyed my words, I'd appreciate it if you went to the video page and left a life. It helps me out immensely
  10. Hey look! We're back to this again It's about time I actually started review MLP more often, but I'm handling things differently this time around. I'm going to be starting from the beginning of the series and working my way up from there. As such, today, we're going to review the series premiere: Friendship is Magic Part 1 and Part 2. Let me know what you think, and if you enjoy it, please go the extra mile and leave a like on the videos. It really helps me out Part 1 Part 2:
  11. Man, we're late to this, huh? Over the past, say, ten weeks, me and my good friend, the Ponyville Critic, have been working on a review for the still relatively new Rainbow Rocks movie. Unfortunately, the entire project was very wonky. We were gonna have a third guy on, but he turned out to be very busy, so we waited for him for about five weeks before just finishing it ourselves, with very little work being done in that timeframe. But, we finally have it out, and I think it turned out pretty okay. Give it a look if you want Check out Critic's stuff:
  12. Boy, it's been a while since I made one of these little things, huh? Well, where should I begin? Maybe I'll start with a big, hearty Happy New Year to everybody. With 2015 creeping up on us, we can hope for a brighter year ahead (Because, frankly, 2014 absolutely SUCKED) Unlike some others, I will be busy on this evening playing my new PS4 console with a bottle of grape champagne on my desk and a comfy Dualshock 4 controller nestled within my grubby hands. I'm not one for getting together with people on this day of the year. Perhaps it's just because how people I know act when they're wasted. Trust me, the people I know get far too wild and reckless when they've had one too many. But, I digress. I'm writing this just a handful of hours before we enter 2015 to show my gratitude to you all. I have a bit to get off my chest and not much time to do it, so I'll try to not ramble on too much (Like I did up there) First off, the least important one out of all of this. As some of you may know, at the beginning of the year, I started a small YouTube channel called GeekySteven ( I simply decided to do it after a few months of writing game reviews on this very site. I decided to do those reviews in a video format, after a few forum users pitched that commonly-used idea to me. At first, I really only did it to see just how far I'd go, and see how long it'd take me to give it up again. But frankly, I think I had a pretty good first year doing this, and I'm going to continue doing it throughout 2015. I owe a lot of that success this year to you guys. It warms my heart to see you guys supporting me and my mediocre videos. I know plenty of other better options out there, but me, of all people? I honestly can't wrap my mind around it. It simply, utterly amazes me. Thank you all for supporting me and believing in me throughout the year in my internet endeavors. I simply couldn't be any more grateful for it. That leads to my second thing I want to say; the forums. In all of my years on this giant information hub known as the internet, I've never seen a fan community so welcoming, kind, and diverse. Ever since Summer of 2013 (Hard to believe it's been that long) I've gotten know all kinds of members, and while there may have been some bad eggs throughout my stay here, the community has shown overwhelming love to one another, and nothing else makes me more happy to see all of these different people come together. I'll be honest; if it weren't for the community, I likely wouldn't be a brony right now. So, to all of my friends on here, as well as the brony community as whole, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all helped me remember just how awesome the human race can be under all of the bullshit that happens outside of it. There's so much potential within this giant community, and I can't wait to see that potential blossom, if it hopefully does to begin with. In essence, I want to give a gigantic amount of gratitude to everyone here. Thank you to all of my friends on here. Thank you to all of you who are crazy enough to watch my YouTube stuff. Most importantly, thank you to the entire community. You all are absolutely awesome individuals, and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the support and kindness you've given me ever since I first stumbled upon this place. My entire life is controlled by insecurity and stress, but knowing that I have you all here, even though I likely will never see your faces, puts me at great ease. I owe you everything :') Let's make 2015 a great year, why don't we?
  13. This is my third and final commentary to celebrate the holidays, guys. Through festivity and just being unoriginal, we're going to go with the only episode in the whole series that could be classified as "Christmas-Related" episode in the show. Obviously, you guys know I had to invert the video, but I thank you for being accepting of it Let's end the year with a commentary over Hearth's Warming Eve!
  14. This was originally meant to go up before Sonic Rainboom, as you might be able to tell. Due to a worldwide blockage, however, it couldn't be seen by pretty much anybody. I decided to do the same trick I did with Rainboom to avoid another claim. So far it's working, so I'm gonna do my best to keep it up. Here is the first (or, in this case, second) commentary to celebrate the holidays; the Wibbly-Wobbly, TImey-Wimey episode, It's About Time. If you guys enjoyed the commentary, would you mind going over to the video page and leaving a like? It helps out alot
  15. (It should work now, guys!) Sorry about the inverted video, guys. It's About Time was blocked due to a content ID claim, and Quilled Inc suggested that I filp the video horizontally to avoid getting claimed again. I apologize if this seems a bit jarring, but unless I make it an audio-only comm, this is one of the only solutions I have. In any case, here is our commentary over the oh-so controversial Sonic Rainboom! If you enjoyed this commentary, would you please go the extra mile and give it a like? It helps me out in many ways
  16. Well, after Rise of Lyric has come and gone, my hope for Sonic Boom as a whole is at an all time low. However, there's still the matter of the 3DS game, which came out at the same time as it's console counterpart; Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. This review is obviously shorter than Rise of Lyric, meaning I have less to talk about, but let's just see how Shattered Crystal fairs in comparison to Rise of Lyric. If you guys enjoyed this review, please go the extra mile and leave a like on it. It helps in more ways than you think.
  17. Last night, I did a one hour stream with Ponyville Critic on Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Unfortunately, the audio is out of sync by a second or two, and I couldn't fix it. If anyone knows of a way to fix it (Daring?) Could you please let me know? Regardless, I hope you all enjoy!
  18. Recently. my YouTube channel, GeekySteven, passed 100 subscribers on YouTube. I want some help figuring out how to celebrate it. I was thinking of a Smash Bros. or pony livestream, but I thought "That's a bit ambitious, and people have their own lives to live." Regardless, what do you guys think we should do to celebrate this? Leave your suggestions below And, to those who watch my stuff, I can't appreciate the support enough. Thank you for helping me reach this milestone
  19. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know about the over-two-week-old Sonic Boom debacle. If you're a Sonic fan, a Wii U owner, or even a gamer on these forums, I'm sure you've at least heard about it. This is all over one game; Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Nintendo Wii U. This game has suffered a MAJOR backlash, with SEGA not giving out review copies, fans showing off glitches and bugs, etc. But, how truly bad is this game? Does it deserve this backlash? Let's attempt to answer that question... If you liked the video, please support me by leaving a like or commenting. It really helps
  20. It's getting to the end of the year, which means I'll have about four reviews left to put out, and they are all game reviews. Today's review is one I didn't even see coming myself; Platinum Games' Bayonetta for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Please let me know what you think, and leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it! It really helps out.
  21. Well, lookie there! I'm actually reviewing an episode from the show. I think this is a nice change of pace, but do you think I should do something like this again? Please let me know
  22. What happens when you place Koei Tecmo and Nintendo in a room together? Well, they make a little fan service dispenser called "Hyrule Warriors" a game that blends the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors and lore of The Legend of Zelda together. Did it turn out alright in the end? Well, that's what we're here to find out now. Let me know what you think below
  23. Vote while you can! This poll will only be around until Saturday at midnight!
  24. Got some new shizz right here Tell me what you think below.
  25. I've had this on my drive before the review of Dusk's Dawn even started production Take a gander if you wish.