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Found 44 results

  1. Is the fandom divided? Not something I can answer in a single post, something that needs a lot of discussion I think. I'll get the ball rolling with my overly depressing take on things. The R34, the terrible (yet praised) fan-fic the militant attitudes of some, and the downright creepiness of what I will call 'elite' bronies be it popular musicians/youtubers whatever the people who form a tight nit community within the brony community itself and then set there own rules. Just spend some time on YouTube and elsewhere eventually you'll see what I mean. I can deal with all that. What russles my jimmies however is the increasingly fractured state of the brony community. Forming into sub-groups based on drama and ultimately leading many to become simply more interested in being part of a 'counter-culture' than being a fan of what they are in the fandom for in the first place. Twilicorn, equestria girls. And the one that russled my jimmies was actually the brony documentary. 300,000 dollars to be part of and excuse my language here but there is no other way to express this: a massive circle jerk of the community in a completely biased and sycophant fashion, that has caused me to lose respect for everyone involved in production as well as some of the brony community. I have avoided all fan bases since Pokemon generation one when I was still a nieve kid myself. The utopia of the fandom has either been lost or it was never there in the first place. I sometimes wonder if having found the show in total isolation of the fandom would have been better. Perhaps there is hope. To me the finding of the show itself merely a year ago was a small light in a very dark world. Well now that I've cheered everyone up. I'll end this post
  2. HI every pony, I want to get to know more of you on this fabulous forum so I'm going to do this by asking this simple(or hard) question: If you could be anybody, who would you be? I will start by saying that I wish I could be Spider-man. he's always been the most interesting hero and has cool powers. I usually run around acting like him and I try doing flips(but don't ask how those turned out). So now that I've told you a little about me, let me know about you!
  3. My OC actually has a sibling as I mentioned before, Him and his sister Storm live together in Cloudsdale and the share a cloud manor which is pretty huge in size. Shine and Storm Racer run a very successful racing team in Cloudsdale named S&S Motorsports (I'll be happy to explain what S&S Motorsports is if you ask ) which is made up of powerful and High speed flying Pegasus with extremes amount of wing power well over 20. The team travals all over Equestria racing in major cities like Manehatten and Canterlot and of course Cloudsdale. The team itself consist of very respectful ponies who are always willing to help out others in need. Unlike the Wonderbolts, S&S Motorsports gives there athletes a lot more freedom because they are just racing celebrities and their touring schedule isn't very tough so the racers get more free time in between races. So that's the lifestyle of my OC siblings!
  4. Pretty straightforward question here for those who have/had a job, what do you guys like/dislike about it? Sure, job is job but no harm done just letting all out. I work at the retail's deli and one thing I dislike is the rush hours and the costumers being impatient about why it'd took so long for us to get to them. eh? well look around you, you're not the only one asking for sandwich. One thing I like is how easy the job is (minus the rush hrs), just cut up the meat, resupply the food, and making sandwich.
  5. if you find this disturbing im sorry but just move along ive already asked a mod if this thread was alright and they said yes Ok so before anyone gets too heated i want to start this off by saying in my country (Australia) hunting is actually super important because the Ecosystem has evolved over the millennia that Humanity IS the natural predator that's just how the environment has evolved after the aboriginals caused other predators to go extinct (they're not the bastions of the earth like everyone thinks they are they did in fact environmentally destroy Australia to shape it to better suit their needs) that being said i hunt for conservation so i usually go after non native species which we (unfortunately) have a lot of everything from ducks and rabbits to Elk and Wolves (Dingo) personally i don't really approve of say shooting a bear for the sake of it i think if you hunt it should be for food or the environment but then again i don't know what the ecosystems of America and Alaska are like i don't know if bear hunting is a conservation thing any way do you hunt? what do you go after? do you use a rifle or a bow?
  6. I usually use Irish Springs Gear body wash and Dial most of the time, Plus I sometimes use AXE. And of course I tried Gillette Body Wash and it smelled great.
  7. You're here! Seems like my title caught your attention. Now... I've thought about this for a long time now and finally I have to ask you, out of pure curiousity: What do you guys think when a woman has hairy legs/armpits? Also, what do you think when a man has hairy legs/armpits? If you have time, please answer both questions. More interesting that way. A motivation to why you think what you think would be even more appreciated! Let's drop this bomb, BOOM!
  8. Because every other thread has been taken, lets talk about posters. Discuss what posters you have and what you think of them in general. I have an Adventure Time and Simpsons poster followed by 2 miscellaneous cars.
  9. I sort of went through an emo phase, but I don't really consider it an emo phase because: I never acted like a stereotypical Emo It only lasted for a week or two But I have been through three phases! One was a Vegan phase, which lasted for only about a month, and I went through the stereotypical SJW phase, which lasted for a couple of months. I also went through the 'I'm old enough to take care of myself!!' phase, which I experienced when I was 12 and 13 . Other than that, I never really went through any hard core phases
  10. I want to ask, "Do you remember back in the day?" Do any you reminisce about the past. Always thinking about the music and the musicians that passed. Maybe any cartoons? I'm a late 90's kid but I remembered a lot of them. So tell, Do you guys reminisce often?
  11. Do ever feel like you've been here too long? On the forum, in the fandom? If so why?
  12. Well my favorite subject in high school had to be drama, I really enjoyed that class, And plus we took a trip to see a play based on a movie we saw and it was pretty enjoyable. Middle School, Well my favorite class had to be Physical Activities because I loved being outside and it was during the morning hours of course instead of the afternoon. I also enjoyed band, Even though our director was kinda crazy at times I mean seriously but I just loved going to the football games.
  13. Be warned, this may not be easy, Leave if this test makes you feel queasy You may have noticed all the time, A certain zebra speaks in rhyme In the middle of a forest called Everfree, she lives in a hut surrounded by tree To rhyme is not an easy task So only this is what I ask To play this rhyming forum game The end of two sentences must sound the same I have started, as you may see Now this game to you I leave
  14. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?
  15. Arachnophobics be warned, there will be spider pics. xD I thought I'd start a thread for all those of you who aren't as terrified of our little crawly comrades. I for one actually love bugs and spiders, and I know I'm not alone there. I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else has some cool pictures they took of bugs/spiders etc. I have a couple of my own. And of course, it's the right time of year for creepy stuff. Cause spoopy night, you know. xD So many people instantly react to spiders and anything small and fast with the instinct of burning, swatting or generally flipping their lids until it's flat and unmoving. I can't blame anyone who lives in a part of the world where actually dangerous bugs are, but I can't say I have the same reaction. Mostly I find them too fascinating to be scared of them. In fact, I actually find jumping spiders to be completely adorable. I've actually spent time researching a lot, and interacting with a lot of bugs, and I've learned a lot of ways you can deal with them without needing to smush them into a fine paste. In fact many carnivorous bugs are better to have around, cause they deal with pests you'd rather not have in your home. For those of you who think I'm strange for liking spiders.. So, anyone else out there not afraid of bugs?
  16. Just curious if anyone is interested in having a new friend.
  17. I am going to get a little bit personal here, and I decided to create a general discussion post as I discuss a few reasons why I cannot publish anymore fanfiction as the topic says in the title. I have an account on, called MBrony where I post my pony fanfiction there. My first story however was not about ponies, but it was about the other world of Equestria where the ponies are humans and Sunset has made friends with the mane 5 as humans. I'm not sure if I can advertise here, but for non-linking sake to avoid consequences type "Equality High School" in the fimfiction browser or on google search but type "mlp" in there as well. You'll find my fanfiction somewhere. I have made a comment about not publishing anymore chapters for that story, because I knew that my writing was going to get weaker from some point there. I have created stories but I have never published them because I was a bit nervous and unmotivated to post a new story. I was worried about messing up the grammar, the pace of the story and everything else above it. While I am a fast typer and I am really good at spelling, I fail miserably at other things to make a good story. I really want to make my projects soon, and waiting out for lines and etcetera for a long time isn't going to cut my motivation any longer if there are more delays. Projects like audio plays and an upcoming SFM series will be an important part of my life, if they get popular. What I really don't understand is why none of my subscribers are watching my videos or animations that I feel I have wasted the effort on. I feel that they are just subscribing my channel for the sake of subscribing it. So, if you are interested to watch my animations and my Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel audio play series please go to my channel with the same username as this and check it out. More likes, comments and sharing my videos would really help gain the popularity of my channel. I am very fortunate to have found a Dr.Marehorror voice actor and a Summer Star voice actor finally, and you may be expecting the Dr.Marehorror project sooner. Also, what would really help is that if I can join more less-busier studio groups, I can upload other types of videos faster. I'm not sure if anyone is gonna care to read this, but I'll link this post on tumblr and so that they can be recommended to here to understand.
  18. So I've been trying to look at other people's abridged anime series on Youtube and I've been seeing a recurring pattern. Why do I feel like Team Four Star got it right with DBZ? I wanted to see if there was one for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and sure enough, there it was. However it had poor audio, bad voice acting, a black frame around it and it just wasn't funny. That also occurred in the One Punch Man Abridged series too. Three iterations of the same anime and none of them were funny. Granted most of the DBZ abridged wasn't funny to me either but the pacing feels perfect to me. That must be another problem too. The pacing. Team Dai-Gurren's version of One Punch Man had the first three done somewhat right, but it wasn't funny and the pacing was way too fast. There is the whole "I don't see you doing any better" argument. That's the thing, I WANT to do better but why do one if other people did it first? "Do a different anime that people didn't do before"? Kinda hard for me to do when it's hard to follow all the Japanese names. I had (keyword: had) an interest in doing a Psycho Pass Abridged but surprise surprise: it's taken. TL:DR Is Team Four Star the only people who got it right with an abridged series? Is there another one that's actually good and funny? Besides something that involves any of the Team Four Star members? Like Hellsing?
  19. Well we all know how being an Alicorn works with the princess's, and among many questions that keep popping in my head is twilight. Ok namely the mere idea of being immortal and probably the biggest challenge being immortal has to deal with...sanity. Think about it your seeing your friends grow old and die a lot so it'll were down on any pony even Luna and Celstia I could imagine. So with death and time being a constant dance with being immortal how do you think an immortal keeps there sanity? lets bite in shall we?
  20. Well my OC siblings Shine and Storm Racer are of course very fast flyers and can slice through turns with so much ease. As I mentioned before, Shine Racer has a wing power of 22.8 while his sister Storm Racer has a wing power of 19.6 They're very flexible in terms of control and insanely fast on the straightaways. Turns and hairpins are kids play when it comes to racing or just going out for flight with these siblings.
  21. For any who either know me or read my profile Im on holiday. And im just wishing all people and ponies a nice week from the small island of new Nouveau where we are docked today. If you are down today just think to walk outside and enjoy the weather. Anyway this pegasus has to sunbath now, be happy all!
  22. Besides MLP what do you think every one should watch/read once in their lives. im talking books, movies, what have you something you will hands down say "yes that's a classic"/"how could you live without hearing/seeing fill in the blank" if that makes any sense and post!
  23. I have so many favorites so here's one 2013 BMW M5
  24. Saying lol in real life is a habit I've someone found myself slip into over the last year. When It was mentioned someone's 9 year old daughter also said lol there was some face-palming. So do you say lol in real life?
  25. It's more along the lines of hypocrites not acknowledging they said/did something hypocritical. And I certainly do, it can range from many things for me like furries hating on bronies (and vice versa). I understand alot of the reasons furries are hating on bronies but have they forgot that people who are not a part of either fandom mostly hate both? Perhaps just the little things like the people represented in these memes. ? I acknowledge that I have been hypocritical about alot of things but I make up for it by viewing it from other peoples perspectives; that in turn takes away stress from me. Like the Call of Duty series, yes the multiplayer works but I grew tired of it. If other people aren't tired of it that's their business. To sum it all up, do you have a distaste for people who fail to acknowledge their hypocritical ways? also if this in the wrong part of the forums, my mistake