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Found 995 results

  1. The question I ask is how did you end up here on the forums?
  2. So, there's been a lot of talk about weddings lately. Now I'm curious how many of you have been to a wedding, and/or had a wedding of your own? I've only been to one wedding, my cousin's about 7 years ago. So what about y'all?
  3. Idea: Let's make a place where we can exchange languages I teach you mine, you teach me yours To make it even more simple and fun, I already made some effort to prepare a bunch of pictures for you that you can use as an educational device Just take one of the pictures below and replace my texts with ones in your language, then post them here so that other people could learn your language. (I intentionally used solid colour backgrounds under those texts so that you could simply use a colour picker and paint the same colour over my texts, then replace it with your texts easily.) My hope is that after a while this thread will become a great learning place for people (and ponies) who want to learn languages :> Let's start with something simple, yet useful: colours. Why colours? Because they can be later connected with nouns to describe them, and that way you will be able to learn how to make the simplest grammatical construct in every language: noun phrases. (This will probably be in the next part.) Colours are one of the most primitive mechanism that allows us to distinguish objects from each other (e.g. apples from an apple tree), and their set is usually limited (unless you're a girl and you know millions of colours :J but let's save that level of complexity for later ). I can't provide you the audio, so under each image I also posted the texts as plain text that you can copy into your favourite text-to-speech software for that particular language (e.g. you can use Google Translate – they have audio samples for some languages; or you can use an online dictionary – those have audio samples sometimes as well; or Wiktionary). OK, that being said, let's now learn some colours with Rainbow Dash – the most colourful pony in Equestria Colours in Spanish: (rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul, morado, blanco, gris, negro, marrón, rosa, los colores) Colours in Mandarin Chinese: (红色,橙色,黄色,绿色,蓝色,紫色,白色,灰色,黑色,咖啡色,粉红色,色) Colours in Polish: (czerwony, pomarańczowy, żółty, zielony, niebieski, fioletowy, biały, szary, czarny, brązowy, różowy, kolory) Also, if anyone is interested in becoming "language pen pals" with me, feel free to hit my mailbox (Although I prefer talking in this thread, because that way other people could benefit from that as well.) I also sometimes appear in Pony.Town as TeachMeUrLanguage and talk with ponies there. Or you can go to my Discord room specially made for language exchanges You can also share your ideas about what would you like to see next in this thread, what stuff you would like to learn, what languages you are interested in, etc. I'll add them to the poll above.
  4. Are your ears peiced? Nope, domt plan to either
  5. Anything? I mean, the coronavirus has basically ruined everything and people started riots because of George Floyd's death. Is there anything good that has come out of 2020 whatsoever? Maybe at least something in your personal life. For me, nothing good has come out of 2020, just bad things. This year was terrible.
  6. BTW these are lapel pins (not mine and are from this site) and are sometimes called to as enamel pins, pins, buttons or badges. Typically it depends on the person. Do you guys collect any of them? I do and I am starting to make a binder for them because a lot of them are now in bad condition and it sucks. ;-; I know it's bad but I am fixing it now with my own personal binder so it won't happen any more. If you guys collect, do you use a binder as well? Do you just toss them in a drawer, Do you have a theme for your pins? If you don't collect them, is there a specific reason why? Are you willing to? If someone were to give you pins would you take them or pass the offer?
  7. At which times, as a pacifist and not resorting to violence, did you loose your fuse or almost did so? I can remember two scenarios. One involving a former classmate to tell some nasty stuff about some people I was playing against online. You can prob think of the game about a clan/guild war of a MMORPG, simplified. My opponents were told about stuff that has happened with me in 8th grade ~6 years before, including one time I was put into a cabinet for some few moments before lesson started and nasty nicknames, or other stuff to shame me. I felt pretty defenseless, and was scared when I found out what was told online about me. I was able to track down who of my classmate at that time it was by googling nicknames used. Honestly put, I think I was pretty short of asking my big brother to drive me to there, and well...either getting violent out of my anger and frustration, or planning to use legal actions aka suing against him. ....the other time was a bird shitting my bell on my bicycle while I was driving it. The bird was lucky to not be in the range of my hands. Not sure it would have survived lol.
  8. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  9. I've had a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini for about three years and have finally bought a new phone I bought a Doogee F5. It seems to have pretty good reviews on Amazon and Youtube and it's a decent price
  10. Ok so up until around rainbow rocks I knew everything about pone, I followed up with equestria daily every day for the whole year of 2012 at least, I even made a video where I calculated just how strong Celestias magic was with math from her moving a star (it’s on YouTube but I can’t find it, I had a YouTube channel called Lightning_Strike but idk where it is and idk the password or the email) Anyway, I got busy with life and am just now returning from my hiatus. I just finished S6 E19 (the one with gabby) And have no idea what I’m in store for, like, there’s a movie!?!? Holy guacamole This fandom is not the same as it was when I left, so much more content! Anyway, I thought I’d post updates periodically on things I find cool. I’m sure it’s a unique point of view for a lot of you. Considering one of the few spoilers I stumbled across is that starswirl the freaking bearded is in an episode?!? Oh man I can’t believe I haven’t watched this show in that long, the episodes I’m watching where made in 2016. So yea, No Spoilers Plz:b
  11. How often do you do a full up and down clean of your bedroom? i.e, vacuum, re-organize things, wipe surfaces down, etc.
  12. Feel most people took shower but sure some do still take a bath. Like some people still sleep with their teddy but do some bath with rubber duck? Well I do. Also do you collect them.
  13. When and why did you join MLP forums? Do you remember the first day you did? I remember it was a rather boring afternoon for me on October 17th, 2016. I came across the forums before but decided I'd create an account just out of pure boredom. And I'm so glad I did! I met some pretty amazing people along the way. What about y'all?
  14. I know many people don't like to hear their own voices unless they're used to their voice by regularly singing or voice acting. However, I now dedicate this thread for you to start discovering your voice and sharing it with others, listening to other voices of bronies all around the globe! I'm personally very interested in ranges, voices and languages. I don't doubt for a minute that I'm the only one who's curious on here. Go for it, record on or any other recording site, get talking, singing, whatever you please! While you're at it, do tell where you're from if you wish to, so that others can place your accent. At least I find that really fascinating to know. Happy recording, everyone!
  15. I usually find myself to be more productive and mystified by the night...what about you?
  16. What are somethings you've always wanted to learn and become a master in? This could include any subjects or skills that have deeply interested you. You never seem to have the time to learn them at the moment (you have more time than you think; procrastination is really what gets in the way) but you would like to learn them at some point in the future. I would like to learn as much astronomy, geology, biology, environmental science, paleontology, meteorology, and botany as I can so I can have a better understanding of the natural world and the heavens above. I also wish to achieve fluency in seven languages: Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian. I've also been interested in gaining experience in some sort of craftsmanship, whether it be automotive mechanics, welding, or carpentry. Sadly, there's no resources close to where I live that can help me in that area
  17. Title says it all, What did your parents lie to you about? I can't remember (except for the obvious ones) but i'm sure you can!
  18. I don't need to give any evidence of people or things performing this dabbing gesture today because it is literally everywhere. People still dab today or include dabs in their works despite it being a dead trend/meme. Also, dabbing is now one of the most cringey things someone could ever do in many people's opinions. So, should dabbing be banned? Personally, it doesn't really matter to me. However, I would prefer that the dab is not banned since it has provided for me a lot of humor. If you don't know what dabbing is, here is the definition and an example: Definition of a dab (from Oxford Dictionaries): (Noun) "a dance move or gesture, originating in hip hop and often performed as part of a celebration, in which one arm is bent at an angle across the upper chest while the other is fully extended parallel to the first arm, with the face turned toward the bent elbow." Image by Allampanato (DeviantArt user)
  19. To the people who have children - Why? Isnt it just an extra baggage you put upon yourself? Isnt it just something to suck the money out of your wallet for no reason? Why do you choose to make yourself have to feed an extra mouth, pay for extra necessities, possibly pay for an extra car (not every parent does it), or pay for someone's tuition (not every parent does it), invest extra time out of your day, or forcing yourself to look after a child? I always thought people do it because they feel like they are needed or feel they have a higher value
  20. Supermarkets are massive stores of convenience. Containing so many kinds of items in one place is friggin awesome and very nice to find multiple things and buy them in bulk. Many supermarkets also stay open 24/7 which only adds to the extreme convenience provided. With different choices out there, I want to ask, which is YOUR favorite Supermarket? Could be for any reason. While my personal favorite has been Walmart simply because they are so common and they can have good deals, one in particular has finally made its way around here, called Meijer. This store is INCREDIBLE. The sheer size of it, the selection the entire food area, the sales, it is awesome. I was amazed how much they had to offer. I really hope to go to this store more.
  21. Its a term that's been going around lately and what are your thoughts on it? Are people with waifu's people with no social skills or can't find real romance or is it just a hobby/interest?
  22. Please, if you do not feel comfortable sharing then simply don't reply - alone
  23. I want to see the statistics for each gender, if the question doesn't correspond to your gender please click "Im not a (girl, boy, other)" I really like to wear tighter clothing, even skin tight clothing
  24. Pretty straight forward question. Curious to see if anyone has the same ones as I do, and which ones are common. You can post as many as you want, but nothing inappropriate. Here are a few of mine: Whenever I'm bored, or am stretching, I shout the word "Meow!" I run up the stairs of my house on all fours I paw at my eyes when I'm crying instead of rubbing them Whenever I drop something, I say "Ow!" I like to pretend I'm a mermaid when I'm in the pool
  25. Mine would probably be to become an athlete and compete in the Olympics, or to become a pro footballer. So, what is everyone's idea of their dream job?