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Found 68 results

  1. I've done pieces for the NFL, NHL, and NBA. And last but not least. Here is a piece of the ponies representing all 30 Major League Baseball teams. However unlike the other 3, I went to this sports uniform research site to get the correct color schemes because MLB unis are pretty much either white or grey. However, I did use gimp to put the piece together. Just as a heads up, once again you may see a few repeats in color schemes because I get the feeling a lot of baseball teams use navy, red and white too often IMHO. You can tell them apart however by their cutie marks. Like the other 3, I used General Zoi's Pony Creator to make them. I DO NOT own the logos used for the cutie marks. Same as the others, The alicorns represent the teams who have won at least one World Series Championship in the history of it's franchise. This one contains the most alicorns out of the 4. The pegasi and unicorns represent the teams who have been to a World Series, but have never won it. The pegasi represent the American League, and the unicorns represent the National League. The earth ponies represent the teams who have never been to a World Series ever. Finally, like the other 3, I used a different mane and tail set from the other 3 for this piece: Thoughts?
  2. This is a digital art I made of the fabulous Rarity and the adorable Sweetie Belle together, based on the episode Sisterhooves Social. It was made on the program GIMP using a digital tablet and took 211 minutes to make. I hope you enjoy and feel free to offer any thoughts you have on it.
  3. This is a digital picture I drew in the program GIMP of Applejack posing and grinning right by a wagon of apples in the field. This was mostly done back in the 4th of September, 2016, though I never got the chance to complete and post it until just today. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give your thoughts on it if you'd like.
  4. Happy 4th of July, America! Happy 241st birthday and I hope you all have a great day today! I made a special picture to celebrate the day of Applejack standing proudly with the American flag waving right beside her and an eagle soaring through the sky. I hope you enjoy this picture and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
  5. Happy 150th birthday, Canada! From an American in the states, I wish all you lovely Canadians a great day today and a happy birthday to your wonderful country. I made a special picture in celebration of this day of Pinkie Pie looking cutely with Canada's flag behind her. I hope you enjoy this drawing and feel free to offer any thoughts you may have.
  6. This is a new portrait I made of the lavender-colored princess, Twilight Sparkle, looking straight ahead grinning with her cheeks out. I hope you enjoy this picture and feel free to comment any thoughts you might have about it.
  7. This is a digital picture in the program Gimp that I made of Fluttershy having a nice, relaxing time in a sunny day by the lake, resting near the bushes. I hope you like it and feel free to offer any thoughts you may have on it, if you'd like.
  8. Here's a digital picture I drew of Pinkie and Applejack hanging out together, smiling and grinning and posing on a nice, sunny day outside. I hope you like and enjoy this picture and feel free to post any thoughts and comments if you'd like.
  9. Here's a picture of Pinkie Pie resting on her back and playing around with a teal-and-yellow-colored ball, bouncing it up and down with her front legs while giving off a joyful smile on her face. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to offer any thoughts and criticisms you may have about this.
  10. Hello everyone! I have finally gotten a wacom tablet, so I decided to draw pinkie pie as a unicorn (without her cutie mark, oops!). First time wacom tablet drawing! Yah! Improvement coming soon...
  11. If you recall the piece I did with the ponies each representing a different NFL team. Well now that football season is over, I figured I'd make one for every NHL team since it is still winter. I haven't included the Vegas Golden Knights as they debut next season. I'm only including active teams. Like before, I used the eyedropper tool in Gimp to get as accurate of color schemes as possible. It should also be noted that the colors do tent to repeat with two or more teams. I DO NOT own the logos used as the cutie marks. Also like before, the alicorns are teams who have won the at least one Stanley Cup. Pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to the Stanley Cup Championship but have never won it. Pegasi for the Eastern Conference, Unicorns for the Western Conference. Finally, earth ponies are teams who have never been to a Stanley Cup Finals. You will also notice a change difference in the manes and tails from the NFL one. Thoughts.
  12. This digital art I made is the lovely fashion designer Rarity at the Carousel Boutique designing and creating a cyan-colored shiny heart-themed dress with heart designs circling along the bottom and a heart emblem for the chest. I hope you enjoy and feel free to give any comments and thoughts you might have in mind.
  13. This is a digital picture I made in the program GIMP of Pinkie Pie looking delightfully at a pink delicious cupcake with hearts on it, illuminated by a spotlight. I hope you enjoy and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
  14. I've done pieces of the NFL and NHL. And considering that the NBA All Star Game's tomorrow night, Here's a piece of the Ponies representing all 30 NBA Teams. Just like the last 2, I used the eyedropper tool in gimp to get as accurate of color schemes as possible. And just as before some team color schemes might be the same as others so I have at times swapped the mane/tail color from the coats for different teams with similar color schemes. Like the last two, I created these ponies in General Zoi's Pony Creator. I DO NOT own the logos used for cutie marks. Same as the first two: The Alicorns represent teams who have won at least one NBA Championship. The pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have partaken in an NBA Finals, but came up short every time. The pegasi represent the Western Conference, and the unicorns represent the Eastern Conference. The Earth Ponies represent teams who have yet to make an NBA Finals appearance. One thing of note is that although they didn't either win or partake in an NBA championship under their current franchise home cities or team names. The Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, and Oklahoma City Thunder are Alicorns because the Hawks DID win a championship when they were in St. Louis back in 1958. The Kings won one back in 1951 when they were the Rochester Royals, and the Thunder won one back in 1979 when they were the Seattle Supersonics. Also the Washington Wizards won one when they were the Bullets back in 1978. Finally as you will see I used a different mane/tail set from the previous two pieces. Thoughts?
  15. A while ago I came across an image of 30 ponies each representing an NHL team. So I figured that this sounds like a fun idea for other sports as well. I decided to make an image of 32 ponies each representing an NFL team. I used the eyedropper tool in gimp on images of uniforms and logos to get accurate color schemes of the teams. I do NOT own any of the team logos used for cutie marks. I made every pony in General Zoi's Pony Creator. The alicorns are all teams who have won a Super Bowl at least once. The pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to a Super Bowl but have never won it. pegasi for AFC and unicorns for NFC Finally the earth ponies represent teams who have never been to a Super Bowl. Thoughts?
  16. I've went and made a cover image for my FIMfic, "Harmony's New Heroes" I made it in Gimp. I don't own the MLP font, images of the ponies, villains, or elements. There are two different versions. Version 1: For those who haven't read it yet. Version 2: for those who have read the first 2 chapters Which one should I use on Fanfiction and FIMfiction? Is it safe to use these for cover art and would I have to get permission anywhere before I use it? And what did you think of the pieces themselves?
  17. It's been a while since I've made a Ponies IRL artwork. Here I decided to have the ponies visit various parts of one of my favorite cities, Kansas City, Missouri. I used Gimp to make these. I DID in fact take the first 5 pictures of Arrowhead Stadium, Riverfront Park, the World War I Museum Liberty Memorial Tower, The Kansas City Skyline from the WWI Museum, and the Truman Presidential Library. I do not own the pictures of the fountain, the Worlds of Fun Amusement Park, The Art Museum, or the Zoo. I don't own any of the ponies in the pictures, and I don't own the football used in the first picture. Applejack and Rainbow Dash playing football at Arrowhead Stadium. The Mane 6 picnicking at Riverfront Park. The Mane 6 saluting at the National World War I Museum. The Apple Family in the Kansas City Skyline. Twilight in front of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library Rarity in front of the JC Nichols founatian Twilight and Rarity in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Pinkie Pie at the Worlds of Fun amusement park Fluttershy at the Kansas City Zoo
  18. Here's a Special Piece for Hearts and Hooves Day. I made it in Gimp. These are 3 stallion OC's that I created in General Zoi's Pony Creator. They will serve as romantic interests for 3 of the Mane 6 in a future FIMfic. The only things I own are the OC's. I don't own the cutie marks, the text, the mane 3 or the hearts. I hope you like it. You can read about the OC profiles here. Thoughts?
  19. This is a digital art I made of Pinkie and Applejack celebrating the holiday Hearths Warming together on a snowy and cloudy day by the hills, based on the season 5 episode, Hearthbreakers. I used several screencaps of the episode for inspiration and made my own thing based on that. I hope you enjoy the picture and have a great holidays and merry Christmas. Feel free to provide any helpful feedback, too, if you have anything in mind.
  20. Behold, my first digital pony. (and also first anything relating this new OC) It's made with Gimp using both tablet and mouse. My motivation to draw started dropping middle of the work because GIMP started to work...less well, but I finished it, besides few missing details. I know that body shape is little off, but in the end, I'm satisfied with the outcome. So......Give critique and all that.
  21. This was a random idea I had a few days ago, originally of Pinkie seated and traveling on an airplane, before changing it to a train to fit the show better. She's having a smile on her face as she passes by the hills on a partly cloudy afternoon with some of the sun shining on her face. This took me about 3 hours and 33 minutes to make and I've done it using a drawing tablet on the program GIMP. I hope you like it and enjoy it and feel free to give any helpful feedback, if you can.
  22. And I made myself a new signature. I started this few months ago but never finished it until now. Text is from but everything else I drew myself. Give critique and all that, I'm still rookie when it comes to digital drawing, or drawing in general, so I would like to know if there is something I should practice more. I used gimp.
  23. Does anyone know any good tutorials for GIMP?
  24. This is a digital painting I made, done in the program GIMP using a drawing tablet, of Fluttershy. It is one of the first I've made using a drawing technique that I have found, so please feel free to offer your opinion on it, if you'd like. I hope you all enjoy it.
  25. My first piece of art relates to my first post here Here it is: This is a wallpaper showcasing 6 other ponies representing the Elements of Harmony. I used Gimp to make this.I got the characters and elements from Google images so I don't own anything. I used a gradient for the background and lowered the opacity for the Mane 6.Behind the elements I used a gradient flare for each of them. And as you can see these are my choices for the ponies who would carry the banners for the elements if by some chance the Mane 6 couldn't defend Equestria. I just thought it would be a neat concept. What do you think of it?