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Found 43 results

  1. Ok, so i know nobody can control what your first child will be(well unless you adopt them), or your second, or 25th(how you could have 25 children sounds a bit crazy unless you adopted them all to be honest but uh..) However, i'm just curious frankly, i dunno the question came to mind, and i wondered what people would prefer for their first child. Regardless of if you end up having more then one child, i want to know what you think you'd prefer as your first born(Even if its your last) as far as gender is concerned. So, if you had the ability to control it, what would you be your preferred gender for your first child? Regardless of whether you'll have more or not. Your reasons could be based on you thinking one easier, or one would make it easier to raise another child, or you just prefer to have a girl or a boy and not the other. This isn't necessarily a which is easier to raise in your opinion, so don't be confused, but just which you prefer as your first born gender wise. If you don't plan on having any children thats ok, i'd still like if you participate with which you prefer, but its up to you. Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so i'm sure people will have many different opinions. I'm simply curious to what others opinions are and what they prefer and why for their first born. So without further rambling and expressing the fact I am a super long winded and boring individual... Lets get on with this. What would you rather have a boy or a girl as your firstborn? I personally can see reasons for both frankly, but i have a slight inclination towards a girl, just because i'm a guy and girls end up being typically speaking to like their fathers more, where as sons and fathers tend to conflict more. Of course i hope both would love me regardless. And I do plan to have a girl and a boy 1 each, of course I guess i'll have to see how things play out in the future(And if for that matter I ever get someone willing to marry me and give me two children ;p.) So how about y'all?
  2. Ok, so there have been many instances (be it on the forums or on YouTube) where girls don't like being called Pegasisters. Can anyone tell me why some prefer to be called just a brony, or female brony? There have been some instances where they get very stressy about being called a Pegasister.
  3. So, I have the theory that in Rainbow Rocks will be focused in Rainbow Dash and this time it's her turn to cross the mirror and see for herself what happens in the human world, which also makes me guess that there will be a total of 6 EG movies, each one focused on each pony who will have their turn to cross the mirror. I mean, IMO I don't think Twlight may have reasons or even would want to go to human world again, and after she told what happened I'm pretty sure the rest of the ponies would feel curiosity or at least a reason to cross it will be given.
  4. There are some people who complain over how "girly" MLP:FiM seems to their tastes, from fears over Twily's royal status, a colouring book, and EqG.
  5. I'm really looking forward to the release of the 3rd Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games! I get bubbed by one thing though - what if it has a MIDNIGHT SPARKLE?
  6. Hi, to go straight to the point, I am working on a story and I have just begun to introduce my two main characters (both girls). I describe their personality and there and their eyes, hairstyle, you know, the usual stuff. I then felt like, if I really want my readers to be able to get an image of how these main characters look, how can I really do that. So being a guy that is not in to fashion and pretty much dress however I choose to, I found it hard to describe a Women´s figures. I´ve done some research and come up with that many girls follow some kind of figure shape, like Hourglass shape or triangle shape, when they describe their body and choose clothes. But does all girls do this or is it a question about if your in to fashion or not. I think that, if I can use these shapes in my story it would be a great help but I don´t wan to end up with only, you know, just perfect examples of model girls. I want it to sound realistic but still it´s very good to have some kind of scheme to work after. Thanks for taking your time to read this and a symbolic brohoof to you if you reply /) (Oh and I tried to find the right part of the forum to post this but I´m not sure I managed to, so if any admins move it, Thank you on forehand)
  7. Are females more balanced than males on their emotional behaviour control and system of thinging feelings and actions, managing systems and creating structures? I personally think that females are more closer to perfection gue to religional reasons and because males have been under the spotlight throughout the history. This tells me that females emotion and feelings were more adaptive and balanced which means more perfect on that behalf, males often are strong in one direction and weak in other whicj makes them incredibly easy to win against and it is much harder challenge to be male than female because of that. I've experianced this personally trying to maintain the balance on my emotions and feelings has shown me how unbalanced the male structure of build is, body is weak obstacle to males, if you cant control it you become an animal guided by your desires, the spirit is stronger in males it is why maintaining the balnce and becoming as one withyourself reaching the perfection is much harder task for males. Females have much stronger body, but their spirit can be weaker which makes them very adaptive on changes on enviroment and spiritual challenges but it is easier to build upon that since your body is supporting, getting on the good spirit is much easier than defeating physical obstacles in my opinion. It is why I think god has given men the Priesthood so they can defeat the nature of their filthy weak body and become more complete. Females have already that ability built in their structure since their body can defeat the devils that attack them it is essential in teram of reproduction of humans since the body has to be strong to be able to do that. To conclude this I say that all males should look up to females and see what they are missing, and build up that strength in them with priesthood and prayers because with that it is easier for us to feel whole again!
  8. I wonder, which character in MLP:FiM is the most popular (and beloved) for its own audience of young girls?
  9. Pretty much what the title says. Do you find modest girls more attractive? By which I mean, girls who wear little to no makeup, dresses or skirts instead of short shorts, and no crop tops? Asking this as a girl myself, I find it kinda gross how much skin is showing on women these days, and teenagers too. I think it's a really bad example to girls, showing them what they 'should wear'. I usually dress more modestly than most other girls my age, so I was just wondering.
  10. I did a similar topic for cartoons, now lets do it for video games. Who do you think is the most adorable female video game character? I recently stumbled upon this trio from a PS2 game called Unison from Tecmo.
  11. Ok so this isn't a surprise, but the majority of the people on here are Boys. XD I know that there are girls on here I just don't know how many. If you could do me a favor, if you are a girl just say something. I don't care what. But only if you are a girl! I'm going to tally it up. (There's no reason for this I just want to know. )
  12. Generaly, Friendship is Magic is (or was) aimed at young girls 2-11 years old. But with later seasons of the show, It seems that's changed a bit. those 2-11 year old girls who have been with the show since 2010 are now around 6-14 years old. A third of that audience is already becoming interested in more complex shows. The first season was pretty down to earth, and generally lacked characters acting cynical or snarky. Plus, it was the most SoL season of the show yet. Season 2 added a bit of snark and cynicism, granted it led to a few infamous episodes like Putting Your Hoof Down. Season 3 introduced some darker concepts like Dark magic, and Sombera's reign. As well as having Twilight ascend to Princesshood. Season 4 ramped up the show's worldbuilding and adventure aspects much more, and toyed around with some mature storytelling in a few episodes. And Season 5 looks to introduce a lot of travelling as well as more surreal elements. It seems the show is aging with its audience as the seasons go by, while still staying true to its roots and entertaining younger girls as well. This is actually similar to what ReBoot did with its later seasons. So how do you think Season 5 will grow? This is just wishful thinking, but I would like the writers to experiment with the concept of death, provided they can at least get a TV-Y7 rating.
  13. We are all pony fans and I love my brony brothers but I wanted a place to talk to all the lovely lady bronies out there. So come on by say hi and let us know more about you. This is kind of like the cutie mark crusader clubhouse friendly and fun! I am 28 almost 29 new fan of this generation of MLP. I am a G1 and G2 pony fan but I think I missed G3. I am a huge fangirl for a lot of things. Favorite pony: applejack Interesting fact: I got married at Walt Disney world Your turn ladies!
  14. Could it be? I know "battle of the bands" is a fairly common plot device in high school-ish movies, but after seeing quite a few instances in which characters, and even entire episodes had taken from g1 and carried over, with slight differences into g4, I couldn't help but wonder if the same had been done for g2. (My Little Pony Tales) Particularly, in the episode "battle of the bands". (obvious episode to take inspiration from, right?) Sypnosis: Melody and her band The Rockin' Beats prepare for "The Battle of the Bands" competition. Melody is asked to look after her younger twin sisters Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling. Unable to find another babysitter, she takes them with her to the competition. She does her best to keep the twins out of trouble but the twins appear on stage. The Rockin' Beats wins the competition. Of course, we already know that the movie won't follow the same course, other than band vs band. But moving past that, one thing I really would've liked to see come out of EQD2- (aside from an actual movie about ponies, rather than humanoid ponies) - if it HAD to be a battle of the bands, was instead of our favorite Mane 6 getting all rocker'd up (and playing....pop music ;_; no really. That saddens me) was the return of a band pulled straight from the G2 battle of the bands episode- "The Metalloids" Though this band was only shown playing for a second or two (5:34), they look pretty awesome, with long manes tails, and mohawks and kind of an 80's glam rock/metal look to them. And their band name is kinda cool. (better than the alt mane 6's rival band's name; "the Dazzlings" ;_; )
  15. If anyone wants to help me out, feel free to do so. I hate to be a whiny bitch about things like this, but this is a problem I keep having, and I want it to go away.
  16. Hey older ponies! I know there are lots of younger ponies around here so I thought I'd try and find the older ponies. I am high in the 20's age range but hey I am still in my 20's woo hoo! Come say hi and introduce yourself. I am a 28 year old lady brony I love applejack My interesting fact: the one show I liked more than MLP as a kid in the 80's was the Care Bears but this new generation of Care Bears is just not as awesome as the old school one. Who's next?
  17. In the West, a "tea party" is a girl's game, where the players talk and pretend to serve each other and the dolls tea. (Meanwhile, in Japan and Morocco, men are also involved) What are the origins of the Western tea party? British Victorian customs and times?
  18. *Thought of when replying to this topic! In the topic, a bunch of guys are talking about how they're too thin. Guys are expected to be big, strong, and bulky. (in a good way) Girls, on the other hand, have to look just like the *airbushed* magazine model. Girls have been known to overwork themselves and stp eating in order to be 'perfect.' But so have some guys. Everyone is under pressure to not become overweight, but... who do you think has it worse??
  19. What Were Some Flaws You Saw In Equestria Girls? Thread. **NOTE: THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS, SO IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE, DO NOT SCROLL ANY FURTHER.** Hello everypony, the point of this thread is to discuss some flaws you might have spotted while watching Equestria Girls. Well, I will start off with a flaw I saw. Towards the end of the movie, Sunset Shimmer threatens to break the mirror/portal to Equestria with a sledge hammer. However, pretty much anything can go through the portal, so wouldn't the sledge hammer go through the portal as well? What were some flaws you found?
  20. I hear and notice the same trend again, and again, "shake your hips!" Now even "Equestria Girls" is affected too. Why is shaking your hips a popular trend among girls, even a fashion?
  22. Other than the unusually-attractive characters, the way they (boys and girls in their high school life) are portrayed, be it stereotypical or Mary-Sue'd, can be a good place to research gender roles and norms and stereotypes. Don't you think? hopefully I don't get too caught up with the girls, though ...
  23. For example, the Mane Six accidentally show up at a 6-year-old's birthday party. They look around, and see images of themselves everywhere. In front of them are a bunch of little girls, all screaming happily at the sight of these equines. What happens next, if these characters were to think as how they typically were in the show, if they were to BE in this scenario?