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Found 1 result

  1. Or had he? A true godmodder never gives up in their goal to make everyone rage quit. And this godmodder, who had single-handedly hacked the source code of Minecraft to give himself anything he wanted, was not about to give up! No... He had another plan. A better plan. A plan that would ensure victory for the godmodding cause once and for all... But just then, A rift in time and space appeared! A hand reached through the rift. "Come with me if you want to succeed. Your 'Operator' plan is doomed to fail, but I have a better idea..." He ran through the rift just as it closed, splitting the timeline in two! "Okay, what is your so-called 'Better Idea'? It better be good, because you made me give up my totally AWESOME plan to come with you." The Godmodder said. "Oho, it's much better alright," said the voice. "We are going to troll the most easily trolled group in the multiverse... the bronies." ...And of course, that's where you all come in. Welcome to the (totally not)official sequel to the hit Minecraft Forum thread - Destroy the Godmodder! In this game, you have to destroy the Godmodder, a character whose job is to make everyone in the universe ragequit! As defined by Urban Dictionary, a godmodder is someone whose character is for all purposes, invincible. No attacks or any techniques will work against said character. The godmodder can instantly recover from anything that happens to him/her. Of course, the godmodder can do anything to any other character and the other characters aren't allowed to defend against it. This Godmodder, the most powerful godmodder in existence, has attacked Minecraft before. But this time, the Godmodder owns his own Minecraft server Has traveled to equestria with new found powers, so it will be even harder than the last game! However, there are many things that aid you in your fight. You can choose between fighting against or for the Godmodder! You can also remain neutral. But the end goal remains the same. Destroy the Godmodder, destroy his server, and save the entirety of Minecraft Equestria from destruction! Rules: 1. To damage the Godmodder, you have to use attacks that can't be godmodded. 2. The Curse of Unoriginality prevents anyone from using the same attack twice. 3. You may only post 3 times per "turn". A turn is the time in between my posts responding to all of your actions. I may edit this number later depending on how many of you actually play. 4. Do not double post, or it will not be counted. 5. Don't use spoiler tags, they may mess up the editor. 6. This is NOT A ROLEPLAY. You may make up your own "backstory" but don't expect it to be integrated into the main storyline. 7. In addition to regular attacks, you may summon characters and creatures know as Entities. Depending on how long you charge them up for, the stronger they will be! The format for summoning an entity is "I summon <Insert Entity Here> (1/Whatever you're charging them for) 8. If an entity is killed or defeated, the Curse of Unoriginality prevents it from being summoned again. This doesn't apply to generic summons, for example, a turret or a wall. 9. You can assist other player's charges in your post to increase the charge by 1. 10. You can only have a maximum of 3 charges at a time. Fully made Entities don't count towards this limit. 11. We don't have anything like Alchemy in DTG2. Sorry. Now, let the battle begin! =========================================================================== The Battlefield: The Godmodder [Godmodder] HP: 100:100 =========================================================================== External Links: Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator! - The current edition of the official Destroy the Godmodder, maintained by Twinbuilder. Destroy the Godmodder - The original, discontinued thread. Destroy the Godmodder: TVTropes Edition - TVTropes' take on a sequel to the DTG Game. TVTropes' page on Destroy the Godmodder - Tropes that are contained in the Destroy the Godmodder series.