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Found 6 results

  1. Friday 8:00PM EST: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics on Steam (May ask for requests, I'm only playing the games from the 5 DLC packs. Feel free to request a mod from the steam workshop!) DLC Pack 1 DLC Pack 2 DLC Pack 3 DLC Pack 4 DLC Pack 5 Saturday 8:00PM EST: Godzilla vs Goku Painting + more(?) (Hopefully I don't get sick again) See You Soon!
  2. Friday-Gaming (8:00PM EST) Knuckles Chaotix and Pokemon TCG Online (No Crashes this time) Saturday-Art (8:00PM EST) Godzilla vs Goku Painting Progress + More(?) See you soon!
  3. Looking back at Dragonball, one of my all time favorites, I can't help but compare these two characters. Goku to me represents justice, ambition, and self-improvement. He's worked his whole life training, going out and seeking to learn from others. He has proven himself on multiple occasions, and has earned every bit of respect and power that he has. The world didn't treat him like gold just because he was Goku. I've seen plenty of people describe Twilight this way, but I think this is inaccurate. How much do we see Twilight actually working or training her magic? Not very much at all. You can't learn everything just by reading, that's dumb. She claims to have worked hard, but the show clearly lets us know that most of her abilities come from "special". To me, Twilight hasn't earned the fantastically amazing life she has, it seems like the universe has everything in her favor. I can't stand these characters. Watching people work hard irl and see them get nowhere, and then watching Twilight do the opposite.
  4. Let's face it, this thread was probably going to be made at some point anyway. Anyway here we go: VS BTW, Goku will will have the power he has at the end of Battle Of the Gods, since Tirek can probably beat any pre-buu saga version of him. So Goku has Super Saiyan God and what not, but nothing from GT. So who do you think would win? I think Goku may have this. He has fought some very powerful adversaries during DBZ. While Tirek has telekinesis, Goku has broken out of a telekinesis-like technique that Frieza used against him. Of course Tirek is no pushover.
  5. Oh god when I saw this on youtube it had me laughing so hard !! Enjoy this clip of Goku & Piccolo being forced to learn how to drive. Dragonball & Dragonball Z were simply one of the best cartoons ever.
  6. Was watching alot of dragonball z clips on youtube and came across this old intro. I played this game so much as a kid if you did as well leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed seeing this again :]